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Found 17 results

  1. This thread will serve the purpose of showcasing Juliana's struggle in Charleston.
  2. CASE FILE: #854-12-2154 CASE NUMBER: #A412 Kapo Nakao β–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ, β–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆp Kapo Nakao also known as "Capo" or "Speed" (was born December 16th, 1999, Davis, Los Santos, San Andreas) is a well known gang member that was involved in a various criminal activities in the past few years such as kidnapping, armed robbery, vandalism, disturbance of public order and failure to comply with the instructions of police officers. Biography: He's considered to be a "light-skinned Malay Mongoloid" or "light skinned Austronesian Malay". His biological father is a Caucasian (L.S. native), whilst his mother is originally from Polynesia, Tonga region. His birth parents are named Ailine Nakao and Joshua Goldsmith. His parents divorced while Kapo was a newborn. Kapo never saw his father. After divorce Ailine Nakao started to consume a lot of alcohol and light drugs. Kapo inherited his mother surname since his mother changed it while he was a kid. All of his childhood Kapo saw various men walk in and walk out of his home. Ailine Nakao was mostly focusing herself of finding a new husband and fixing her life issues while Kapo was literally living on his own at that time. Kapo never agreed with any of the new "dad's" that his mom was trying to propose for him. In Kapo's early teens everything got even worse. His mom, Ailine Nakao, managed to find out a new "potential husband" who introduced her to new drugs like crystal meth. In the meantime she started to consume some harder drugs. She wasn't taking care of Kapo anymore. Kapo, naturally, got in touch with the local guys from the neighborhood who showed him a few ways how to easily earn money on "his own". He realized that he can get a lot of "easy" cash on his own and that he can "live on his own". Influenced by various local gang members and "wannabe" gangsters he managed to start working for local gangs and build his early career and reputation all around South Central area. Kapo Nakao never seen a good example of a normal family and proper relationships. Due to a fact he barely imagines what a normal "family life means" itself. He was growing with a heavy drug addict on the side and with a bunch of random men who were changing quite a lot in his eyes. Many of those men were using a strong violence against him or his mom. Because of that he never managed to develop a proper understanding about feelings and love to other people. He doesn't really know what it means to love and have a family. From his point of view his family is the gang since the local gang members managed to grow him since he was a child. Since Kapo childhood, the guy was strongly influenced by a well known local gangster Dwayne "Wizz" Thompson who was like a father to him. Kapo Nakao never was a good student. He never really cared about the school. He was always at the lower mid tier since he was able to do whenever he wants with his life and nobody was making any kind of guidelines to him. Later on he started to run away from school and skip lessons on daily basis. Instead of that he was spending his time with his friends while selling drugs or doing graffiti's on the streets. At his youngster age he got kind of a strong addiction to video games so instead of going to school he was playing various video games in front of his TV at home. One of the biggest problems that Kapo is fighting constantly - his drug addictions. He never managed to get rid of it completely. Influenced by a bunch of locals drug addicts and constant being around the drugs made him a passive addict. He is starting to use them from time to time on a heavy basis. He is closely tied with "Tongan Crip Gang" better known as "TCG". Kapo Nakao mostly operates in southern district, Davis. SPECIAL ABILITIES AND SKILLS: Trapstar Kapo Nakao focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics. The guy knows very well where to get the drugs in wholesale for a good price and how to distribute them all around the streets. All Talk Kapo Nakao has a very loud mouth. This guy is talking the talk, and may or may not be able to walk the walk. He wants to be seen and wanna talk his shit to any and everybody. 9 to 5 Kapo Nakao has a legal job that makes some money (or covers the illegal cash flow). He owns a local "Bad Day Goods" pawn shop in Strawberry street, Davis. OG Kapo Nakao has a very strong reputation and a lot of respect on the streets. While not being a very old or a "long-time" member of the gang, he managed to earn a lot of respect with his works. It managed to earn him this title in the meantime. At the moment he is living a more reserved lifestyle after a life of constant gang-banging and crime. PERSONAL INFORMATION: TITLE: MR. FORENAME: KAPO; SURNAME: NAKAO; FULL NAME: KAPO NAKAO; OTHER NAMES: NICKNAME: CAPO (COMMONLY USED BETWEEN CLOSE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES); STREET NAME: SPEED (COMMONLY USED BY HIS INNER CIRCLE); EDIT: THIS NAME IS OLD AND FORGOTTEN, NOT USABLE IN THE MEANTIME! SSN: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ-β–ˆβ–ˆ-β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ. GENERAL INFO: GENDER: MALE; DATE OF BIRTH: DECEMBER 16, 1999. CURRENT AGE: 21 Y/O. TROPICAL ZODIAC: SCORPIO. PLACE OF BIRTH: GROVE ST. β–ˆβ–ˆ, LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS. CURRENT ADDRESS: GROVE ST. β–ˆβ–ˆ; DISTRICT: DAVIS; CITY: LOS SANTOS; STATE: SAN ANDREAS; PARENTS: AILINE NAKAO - MOM; STATUS: ALIVE; JOSHUA GOLDSMITH - DAD; STATUS: DEAD; RELATIVES: AVOCA NAKAO - GRANDMOTHER; STATUS: ALIVE; LANGUAGES: ENGLISH. CONTACT INFO: PHONE: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ-β–ˆβ–ˆ-β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ. COUNTRY CODE: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ E-MAIL: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ FINANCE: VISA: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ EXPIRES: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ CVV2: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ MASTER CARD: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ EXPIRES: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ CVV2: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ EMPLOYMENT: COMPANY: N/A; LOCATION OF THE COMPANY: N/A; OCCUPATION: N/A. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: HEIGHT: 6' 36" (194 centimeters) WEIGHT: 202.8 pounds (92.2 kilograms) BLOOD TYPE: O+ OTHER: FAVORITE COLOR: BLACK; VEHICLE: N/A. TRACKING NUMBER: f5a4b6f9-75d2-4380-b2ea-80914d9fcf68 PICTURES: LSPD/LSSD ARCHIVE:
  3. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  4. This thread will be following the development and growth of Malcolm Andrews, a growing member of the Cortes Aryan Skin Heads. Malcolm Andrews also known as "Mally" or "Junior" (was born July 3rd, 2003, East-west Los Santos, Vespucci Boulevard, San Andreas) is a newfound associate of the infamous Cortes Aryan Skin Heads or otherwise known as "C-A-S-H" - the group is widely known for their practice in hate-speech, theft, drug abuse, and violent tendencies. Malcolm was raised in a rough, abusive household with his older sister Melanie; who left when she finished her Freshman year of High school... His parents "Richard Andrews" and "Bethany Andrews" split due to his fathers alcoholic issues becoming more troublesome over the years, resulting in beating his son most nights to relieve the guilt and stress. Malcolm's childhood was anything but pleasant. He continued to watch his fathers life spiral down as he continued to consume his life in a plethora of liquor. Malcolm spent most of his nights out on the streets, not wanting to go home, not wanting to feel another belt across his face. Exhausted and hungry he often found his home around the other degenerates that around Vespucci, most of those who praised the rules of hate and greed. Into his late teenage years, he continued to visit the beach, bringing his BMX to the boardwalk and the skate-park, most often could be found with his new friend "Boozer", a sickly looking individual that was consistently trying to assure Malcolm that there were better means of life around the corner - family, money, power, and respect. Malcolm started to grasp back at reality, living with his own set of rules, left the motel that his father was staying in, and started to hang closer to the scum around the beach. Eventually Malcolm was shown some ways on how to make some money on his own, by any means. Malcolm realized that there was some serious money involved, already slapping palms up with some of his newly found brothers, going to parties, and finding himself talking with various criminals, taking drugs, drinking and further being intrigued by the environment. Malcolm was always interested in furthering himself, trying to test his boundaries, knowing how easy it was to get money only made his ambitions heightened, darker and more dangerous for a youthful mind. No school, no father, no mother, and no sister. Family to him was the Beach. Money to him was everything. Fathers to him were a hold-back. Mothers to him were a lie.
  5. Short description: Create an agency that handles all things related to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Detailed description: The ATF would locate brewers or brew sites and stake them out to see if they are selling their brew without a brewing license. ATF agents would do the investigation work and only execute a sting operation with the help of local law enforcement only when they've uncovered enough evidence of an illegal operation. Most raids would have to be approved by a judge after the ATF or ATF Agent has provided enough evidence. Operations could range from a brew kit in the woods to a full-blown brewing operation in a barn. ATF would also locate the cache of illegal firearms through undercover sting operations to turning confidential informants. The ATF agent can execute undercover operations to arrest a low-level arms peddler and press them for more information to get them to turn on their suppliers for reducing sentences and fines. Use the CI (confidential informant) to go undercover to gather more evidence until the entire organization is taken down piece by piece. Commands to add: /knockATF /Placewire /Panicbutton Items to add: ATF vest, or coat, or something agency-related. A wire you can place on a person will transmit conversations in the proximity of the person wearing it remotely. The panic button option is used for who ever is wearing the undercover wire to use in case if they're in trouble and want law enforcement to intervene. How would your suggestion improve the server? The ATF will add more balance to some of the crime that goes on in the server. An ATF agency will bring a new host of RP opportunities to law enforcement and criminals alike. An agency like this will start to shape more of the judicial process and law enforcement roles. Having another task force capable of doing joint operations with other agencies will create more dynamic situations only possible with such a specific focus on criminal activates. ATF will be a rich opportunity to be on both sides of a stakeout, investigation, integrations, manhunts, informants, undercover agents, sting operations, and more. Additional information: If we can keep it ATF, that would be great since it would be an agency, especially for these three things that way, it slims other agencies' focus and doesn't overstep jurisdictions/roles.
  6. Frederick Dowell is a man in his fifties. Once a young, idealistic college graduate, Dowell enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after encouragement from his family. He worked his way up to become a sergeant in his weapons platoon. Upon separation from the military, Dowell entered the workforce in the public sector. Forced to work with little resources in a complex environment where no one seems to care, Dowell kept his skeptical and aloof views on the world, but at the same time rediscovered his old values. Despite adversity, Dowell finds a way to last in places where many people were, but few remain. This is his story. Real waste. Intense sanitation. Severe consequences.
  7. Now I know I am mostly using the forums to rant, but where else should I possibly say it if not here? I seen countless of videos of this and I imagine it is possible, but is it really realistic, when gangster treats pistol like a a sniper rifle? Or better yet, I know animations are like that and not the other way around and it is quite easy to learn to shoot properly today, but do you think it is good to have every gangster acting like trained SWAT officer? Cause that's what I see when someone discharges a gun in the game. You know we all can kill a man from a roof or from any other point as long as we only see the silhouette with just a pistol. Yeah but that is not realistic right?
  8. 3d printed guns Short description: You can 3d print guns with a 3d printer. Detailed description: Buy a 3d printer in a hardware store, and place it in your house or apartment, and press y to print, you can print multiple guns. Normal 3d printer can only print plastic guns and extended magazines, the metal 3 printer can print suppresors, extended magazines, and all guns. Guns printed from metal printer all take 6h print. Supresores would take 1h to print no matter the printer. Commands to add: None Items to add: 3d printer Price: 1000$ Metal 3d printer Price: 50 000$ Plastic pistol Time to print 1h Damage: 26 Fire rate: 40 Accuracy: 20 Clip size: 10 Plastic SMG Time to print 3h Damage: 22 Fire rate: 55 Accuracy: 20 Clip size: 40 Plastic SMG Time to print 3h Damage: 22 Fire rate: 55 Accuracy: 20 Clip size: 40 Plastic Carbine Time to print 4h Damage: 32 Fire rate: 65 Accuracy: 22 Clip size: 40 Plastic Heavy shotgun Time to print 5h Damage: 85 Fire rate: 40 Accuracy: 30 Range: 25 Clip size: 8 Plastic sniper rifle Time to print 8h Damage: 96 Fire rate: 25 Accuracy: 50 Range: 80 Clip size: 10 How would your suggestion improve the server? It would add more realism and improve the gun market add things like supresores, extended magizines and more guns. Edit: this isnt a fiction its realty. https://defcad.com/ http://deterrencedispensed.com/ Additional information: none
  9. Common Questions Answered! Current Thread as of Version: 1.8.6+ Last Revision: 05/09/2020 Welcome to GTA:World!! First and foremost I would like to give you the member reading this a warm welcome to the community if you are a newcomer or even a good hello if you have already been an active member within the community! If you just recently received an acceptance for your application to join the server, Congratulations! If you weren't accepted on the first try, don't be discouraged, because most aren't due to the high expectations required to be a role-player here! You'll soon find out that after the consistent retries that you had to do, it paid off! Nervous started this community to give himself a place to role-play that fit his wants and it turned out that a lot of players desired the same thing, Quality over Quantity, and with time came a high quantity with high quality! Let's get started! I am writing this thread to fill in any gaps that could need filling for new players, returning players, or even extremely active players. I am always happy to answer questions and will still answer them after the writing of this thread, because I'm sure you've noticed or will notice that almost every member/staff member (Even Nervous the Community Owner/Founder himself) are very friendly and open to answer anything! The only stupid question is the question that was never asked, I promise. Beware you will read the two words character and develop(ment) frequently! Okay... For real this time... Let's get started! Table of Contents Q1. Application Taking forever Q2. Fixing Double Cursor Q3. Game Crashes on Connection Q4. Getting Donator Tags Q5. Becoming a staff member. Q6. Obtaining Guns Q7. Making Money Q8. Issues Applying Clothes Q9. Not seeing other players. Question 1: "Why hasn't my application been reviewed? When will it be done?" GTA: World’s staff team is extremely busy, because after all the community is large, and applications pour in constantly. With applications not being the only task the staff team has, they also have to make sure every application is legitimate, meets quality standards, and etc. Applications can be picked up within an hour or two, but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours. Bear with the staff team, because they are working around the clock to support everyone, and do care. Question 2: "How do I fix double cursors?" You will need to open your GTA V settings and under the graphics tab you need to turn "pause game on focus loss" OFF. Question 3: "My game crashes on connection/Won't fully download all the files, how do I fix it?" Okay so you've connected to the server.. You see this bald dude standing and at the bottom right corner you see packages downloading and stops all of a sudden.. Restart RageMP and try again.. You shouldn't have to download them again and should successfully connect! If your client crashes near completion of the downloading, just restart RageMP, and you’ll typically have a successful connection after that. Did you crash again? If the message "RageMP : Connection Lost. Reconnecting..." appears, you will have to redownload the files after you delete them. The files are located in your RageMP’s installation file. The file path is usually C:/ragemp/client_resources/play.gta.world_22005 Once the file has been deleted. Try again! -- If you're still having issues you might have to uninstall RageMP and reinstall it. Here is an idea of what it looks like once you get to the folder that needs to be deleted. (Click Image to view a larger version if needed.) Question 4: "How do I get my donator tags on Discord/Forums?" You will have to follow the process via the User Control Panel (UCP) its pretty simple. There is a guide by @Everett running through the process step by step if you CLICK HERE! Question 5: "How do I become an Admin?/How do I join Staff?" It's actually admirable that you wish to contribute your personal time to help the community! Every month management opens up a time frame allowing members to submit applications for review. The review goes all the way from the bottom to top. If you meet the requirements you'll be offered to start with the support team. If they like your application, but you just lack a few minor details they might put you on a "Reserved" list. The thread linked below is in general discussions for players that want to explore the option to join the team. Be sure to read the thread thoroughly though, so that you are positive you meet all of the requirements. After you've read that, below should be another post with a template, so copy and paste that according to the directions @KV stated in a PM and cross your fingers! It is typically towards the end of the month when they OPEN applications, but check back every now and then just to be sure. They also announce it in the community Discord and give everyone a heads up before the CLOSE. Good Luck! You can check that thread out here! Question 6: "Where do I get a gun? How hard they are to find is unrealistic, because they're easy to get IRL." You may or may not be surprised by how often it is asked, and I'll get to the answer shortly, but at the end of the day the reasons for your character needing a gun could simply be unrealistic. Guns are quite difficult to find for new players and even most seasoned players. The flow of guns are heavily regulated on the server to not only limit the amount of DM, but to make it even more realistic for the characters that actually need them. A. Common scenarios: - > Why does your character need a gun? (Common Response by the members being asked) A large majority of characters do not need a gun, because their story/background just doesn't have the need, and there are even players that have never held a gun on the server. I'll briefly summarize, If your character is from a dangerous part of Los Santos, they should already have the knowledge to survive without it, or the background to be surrounded by people that have them or just because they were a police officer in Liberty City does not justify the reason, because they are not an officer with Los Santos Police Department. - > "I need it to protect myself and my property." That is fine. Maybe your character is residing in a dangerous area and because they recently moved to Los Santos, they didn't know that when moving to the city, but they can't just move to a safer area. There are ways to handle that IC'ly. - > "I need it for character development because of his personality." If your character has a violent personality or is the type of person that wants to ensure others around them fear; A gun would do the trick, but given the difficulty to obtain one there are many ways to go around needing a gun. B. If your character's career path, story, or development may involve a gun. Lets point you in the right direction! -> Legal Roleplay **Please NOTE: When signing up for IC government forums your username must be the character's First Name Last Name. Example - John Doe** -- 1. Become an officer with LSPD. (If recruitment is open) --Click here to start your application!-- 2. Obtain your (PF) Personal Protection Permit. (To legally carry your weapon beyond your home, you must have this permit first, and then apply for the Conceal Carry (CCW) later.) --Click here to study the manual and start the process!-- 3. Work as a Security Guard (Guard Card Required, however, PF Permit is a prerequisite) --Click here to study the manual and start the process!-- --> Illegal Roleplay Character development by role-playing with others on the server is basically the way to do it. **REMEMBER: There is no rule protecting players with limits to robbing/scamming with weapons and drugs.** 1. Get involved and dedicated with illegal factions who might be involved in weapon trafficking. You'll have to learn IC'ly and become trusted. --Factions Here!-- 2. Get lucky and score one from the right person on the street or at a nightclub, but are they undercover detectives or scammers? It's a risk. Are you too pretty for prison? 3. Find one while boosting cars, ransacking a house, or searching a corpse. PRISON TIME IF CAUGHT! 4. Just have fun by finding out IC'ly! C. If having a gun is super important to you. It might sound harsh and I apologize for it sounding this way, but you may not be in the right place. Guns are important in so many ways, but honestly the realism of the role-play here at GTAW is comparable to real society. Carrying a firearm illegally and even discharging a firearm for the wrong reasons can cause your character to suffer pretty extreme consequences. Death on this server is not taken with a grain of salt. Role-play. Develop. Have Fun! You'll get one eventually if your character's developed and on a path that needs one. ** Question 7: " What is the best way to make money?" & "What is the best job to do to make money? " Grinding..... It is just a habit we all have in every Role-Playing game, but that is just a mindset you might want to deter yourself from. There are characters who sell kebabs, coffee, drugs, ects. There is no dire reason to be rich at the end of the day. Sounds crazy right? Each character created is given $5,000 per hour until they reach 40 hours of playing time OR have a total net worth totaling $200,000. *Whichever Happens First* That starting bonus is plenty to develop your character, set them up with a permanent home, and even a car. GTA:World's (Super Complex) economy is structured to allow that without inflation and prevent players from stressing about necessary needs to establish their characters. There is no need for grinding. It allows you to focus on RP and developing your character. If! your character stumbles into a job that pays well through RP or a scripted job then that was their destiny. Below are a few examples of how some people made bank throughout character development. A few examples of those whom became did well for themselves: - Successful Business Owners via Mechanic System, Delivery Truck System, Clubs, Stores, Etc. - Successful Real Estate and/or Car Businesses. - Completely Role-Played Hustling. - Developed their character's story over time and grew to be the shot-caller within their faction. - and more.... But what if you're a grinder? As the server has grown, each scripted job (for the most part) plays a vital role within the server's economy, so even those who enjoy grinding to make their goal at fortune will still contribute to player-owned businesses. For the most of them you can RP employment with Player-Owned businesses for more pay and character development. I will also add a link to each of them, so you guys can get more information if you want it to see; Just click the name of each job. Scripted Jobs that allow grinders to grind! It is highly recommended that you try to avoid grinding, because it will limit your role-play and typically causes burnout. Remember you must role-play at all times.. Even if you think nobody is around/watching.... There might be.. - Scripted Delivery Driver - Restocks Supplies for Businesses and Parts for Auto Garages. - Brewery Job - Restocks Alcoholic Beverages around the Server. - Taxi Driver - Government Job with the option to rent a taxi or buy your own. Contributes by ensuring other players get to where they need. - Garbage Job - Pick up trash that citizens leave out! _________________________________________________________________________ **These pages that are being linked can be accessed in-game also by doing /help.** _________________________________________________________________________ Through character development, role-play, and time the money will find you if that is the path your character's development goes, but I assure you that if you focus on development you will. Question 8: "My clothes are showing random holes. How do I fix it?" When I first started playing on GT:MP and even RageMP I would find both of these issues frustrating. I enjoy having multiple outfits for my characters and most people do, but I found myself having just one, because there never was a guide on how to fix it. I finally had a friend teach me how to get my clothes perfect, but lucky for you I can take you straight to the issue. Before 1. You want to start with your shirt and Undershirt: Set the Drawable Var to 15. (Yes you're starting to see through your character, but watch the magic happen) 2. Now let's set the torso to 13. (Your character’s body should be completely invisible now) 3. Now select your shirt and then your undershirt. (Or vice versa if needed) 4. Select your torso to fit what parts of the arms/hands need to show based on the type of shirt and sleeves being worn. 5. Now you'll have to figure out which you want to do first, but for the sake of the guide.. Try starting with shirt and then undershirt. Boom! Perfect Clothing! Pretty Easy Right? A more in depth guide created by @JoeWarner specifically for this issue can be viewed HERE! Question 9: "There are over 600 players in-game. Why do I hardly see anyone?" "I played SAMP (or MTA) and you could always find people. Why can't I find anyone? Well GTAV’s map of San Andreas is extremely larger than the older model. There are other GTAV clients that still have active NPCs and traffic, but the player count is now greater than the maximum amount of GTA:O. 1. Within time you will notice the amount of players in-game, I promise. Most players RP in what is known as β€œhotspots.” These places can be certain sections of the map, clubs, garages, businesses, and more. LSPD/LSFD is always very active as well, so a portion of players are working within those factions. 2. The map might seem fuller on another multiplayer client, GTA:Online, or singleplayer, because of traffic/pedestrians (NPCs) and to allow 1000+ players on a server NPCs have to be (almost) completely disabled to allocate more resources to the active player-base Fun Fact: The amount of active players throughout the day is so high that Blaine County actually has ACTIVE ROLEPLAY! You might find loads of players out there also. Please Note: This thread could change at any moment. If any details need altered or more questions are recommended, please PM me on discord. Bash#2230
  10. Short description: Add more guns (specifically pistols) for legal license holders. Detailed description: Currently, there is a large, large list of pistols available in the "approved firearms" list on the LSPD forums. They are below. Yet, at Ammunations, you get a choice of one pistol. I'm not suggesting adding machine pistols here, but all other semi-automatic pistols excluding the .50 caliber and heavy revolvers should be added. Here's the list of authorized firearms. Commands to add: None. Items to add: Pistol, Pistol Mk II, SNS Pistol, SNS Pistol Mk II, Vintage Pistol, Heavy Pistol How would your suggestion improve the server? It will help improve immersion by letting legal license holders actually choose the gun they want. And it allows license holders to potentially pick a weapon they are more comfortable with. I simply don't see a reason not to add it. Additionnal information:
  11. lamberto29


    Smuggling Detailed description:Smuggling, a prequest for Gun/Drug importing, the system would work alongside or replace the current method of importing Guns/Drugs. Rather than Guns/Drugs appearing in warehouses through an act of god, They would be fractionally or entirely dependant on imports, less so for some things than others. I.E you are not gonna grow cocoa (cocaine) in Los Santos that can only be imported/smuggled. Weed, guns and other similar things would have a element of it being smuggled in, however their will always be a home presence for this stuff (Home growers, stolen weapons with numbers removed). What we would suggest is having a system similar to the current weapon/drug import system Requiring people to apply on the forums to be a β€œSmuggler” giving rp reason and story behind them being this. These smugglers would evidently need to have vehicles and connections to make the logistics work, planes or boats as an example and connections both in county and foreign to be able to import/smuggle this stuff in and get rid of it. The IC/IG way this would work is that you would have smuggling factions similar to gang factions however rather than trying to own turf and become involved in gang based illegal activities they would be focused on keeping their heads below the radar and shipping in illegal goods for profit. Import goods could be broke down into two varieties. Street: Weed, Pistol, Sns Pistol, .50 Pistol, Vintage Pistol, Machine Pistol, A.P Pistol, MicroSMG Mini SMG, Shotgun, Sawn-off Import:Coke, Heroin, Smg, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, vests, cuban cigars, Bullshark Tesosteron The Street ones would be attainable directly for gangs, meaning they do not need it smuggled in by a 3rd party but would be able to get it potentially at a lower price in bulk from smugglers. The Imports would only be attainable via smugglers, these smugglers would get the goods when ordered by 3rd party (i.e street gang) and get rid of them ASAP The mechanics of this would be simple, have certain locations be β€œspawnable points” for the package, both for the Smugglers and street gangs. The Smugglers locations would be remote islands/at sea and need bringing back to the island and then getting to the final party (person who ordered it) The street gangs who get their goods via β€œstreet” means would potentially have remote locations on island as pickup points for them to collect said goods from. In both cases the containers would be sealed and you would get no use from them until getting them to their final destination. Commands to add: /CP (/CollectPackage) /LP (/LoadPackage) /UP (/UnloadPackage) Items to add: β€œPackages” box to be collected with goods in. ,Boat trailer for cars/vans, allowing smugglers to take their boats to the most logical place to sail from. How would your suggestion improve the server? These suggestions would add a level of realism to the weapons and drugs on the streets being difficult to get. The opportunities for roleplay would be greatly expanded as it would give county Sheriff’s work in the remoter locations, the city police would be able to try running checkpoints etc. to try prevent them getting into the city, SEB/FIB could have operations and investigations to try and catch these smugglers/gangs in the act. All of these allowing for more meaningful and impactful roleplay rewards for good policing. This would also give the air units of LEO more reasons to take out helicopters and potentially even reason for naval trained units with boats. As for the gangs and none LEO’s, the basic civilian won’t be affected apart from occasionally seeing a checkpoint or something. The gangs that currently exist would have far more realistic roleplay for obtaining illegal goods that involves active gang interaction and a realistic risk of being caught red handed. The smugglers who bring in the β€œforeign” import goods would be the most affected as this would give them an ability to do work of some kind that makes sense RP wise and would also create interaction opportunities. This would allow for effective law enforcement to affect the criminal economy of the world. This would also allow for more meaningful intergang interactions of a violent nature, i.e Mexicans trying to jack the Russians as they are bringing back a van load of gear. Additional information: The crates would only be loadable in appropriate vehicles, i.e you wouldn’t be trying to sneak guns into the hood with a supercar. The smugglers would have to remain independent from gangs and should not be associated with them in any way other than selling them goods. A potential discount for smugglers who get approved for certain vehicles (Boats and certain planes) As good smugglers keep a low profile this might see an increase in bribery attempts and the use of Hush money, Both of which are criminally underused currently. On this map are some rough ideas for placements of some β€œpackage” pickup points Yellow: Street/gang based pickup points. Blue: Smuggler pickup points. (for the smugglers points anywhere in the sea could work too. This is an idea from Horratio Totsen and myself.
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