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Found 11 results

  1. Looking for a new alcohol supplier? Look no further, Green Isles Brewery has you covered! Located in La Mesa, right on Popular Street. Visit our website and order today! Check us out on Facebrowser View our Customer Panel ((Discord)) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- View our Menu: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need to contact us? Send us an email: O'[email protected] ((Forum PM))
  2. The story of a degenerate alcoholic and small time thief: Ralph Anderson
  3. We are specialized in making of all premium Japanese; liquors, whiskies, wines, beers and else spirits. Dedicated team is focused on maintaining and building long term relations with our local bars/clubs/restaurants and other business/clients around San Andreas. We will offer finest, high-quality spirits for your place in any amount you need! Small "Secret" bigger orders gets discount. 1. Akusho Beer 0.5L [5% ABV] - 5,500$ for 100 bottles ( 55$ per bottle) 2. Japan Heart 0.56L [6% ABV] - 6,250$ for 100 bottles ( 62$ per bottle) 3. Akusho Vodka 0.7L [40% ABV] - 8.500$ for 100 bottles (85$ per bottle) 4. Akusho Whiskey 0.7L [40% ABV] - 12.000$ for 100 bottles (120$ per bottle) 5. Akusho Brandy 0.7L [38% ABV] 10.000 for 100 bottles (100$ per bottle) 6. Akusho Bonjour Champagne 0.7L [12% ABV] 18.000 for 100 bottles (180$ per bottle) 7. Akusho Honey Moonshine 0.7L [55% ABV] 14.000 for 100 bottles (140$ per bottle) 8. Nikka Whiskey 0.7L [40% ABV] 38.000 for 100 bottles (380$ per bottle) Full list soon. Phone: 6526563 E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Bagacius )) You or your business looking for a supplier, looking for a high quality spirits?
  4. Detailed Description: So, as it stands, I'd like to suggest Liquor Stores being able to create their own drinks. I understand that the original intent of the script was to make it so that bars could mix drinks, but it's used as more of way to get whatever drink people want. It seems silly to me that these bars and clubs have the ability to carry whatever drink their heart desires, such as a $10,000 bottle of champagne, but liquor stores are left to basically being distributors for these generic drinks. As it stands, if I want my liquor store to sell, say, Moet & Chandon Imperial (a $50 bottle of wine in real life) I'd have to find a bar or a club that would supply ME. For immersion, it's a little upsetting that people are better off going elsewhere for their alcoholic needs. My suggestion is simply that Liquor Stores be able to create drinks like Jewelry Stores or Flower Shops can create their own merchandize. I get that breweries exist, but I've never crossed paths with a brewer and the only person I know OOCly that partakes in brewery supplies clubs and bars with very generic drinks. We don't have any classy name brand stuff. My main suggestion and complaint is that it seems weird that between Breweries, Liquor Stores, and Clubs/Bars, the only ones that AREN'T able to sell what they want are Liquor Stores. Heck, even Pawn Shops have access to /bar Relevant Commands/Items Everything required should already be implemented in the game. How will it benefit the server? I think the biggest benefit will be immersion itself. When you want alcohol, your only choice shouldn't be a club or a bar. If somebody wants a really nice bottle of champagne that stands out for their honey moon, they should get it from a liquor store. If they want a really fine bottle of wine to gift at a birthday, they should get it from a liquor store. This would also see to liquor stores opening up more frequently as they'd become more than just distilleries for bars and clubs. If they open more often, this in turn generates more Roleplay and jobs for the server. Q&A: I am leaving this section here in case people offer questions. That way people won't have to skim the whole of the forums to see what was asked and answered already. Q: Don't breweries already create alcoholic drinks? Why not get them from there? A: To a degree, but their stock, supply, and variations are limited. If somebody comes to the liquor store asking for a 24 pack of Miller, that's not something the local brewery carries since breweries make their OWN brands. Not just that, but most breweries are Beer or Whiskey. We want IPA's, Lagers, Hard Seltzer, Champagne, and more. Idea #2 (A little friendlier and works a lot better with breweries. Probably more effort to develop, however.) Detailed Description: So, after having spoken to one of the server’s brewery owners, we’ve come up with a new idea that differs from what I’ve listed above. The idea here is that rather than Liquor Stores using a general Y menu like a 24/7, they’d have a menu that acts more like a Pawn Shop. This would allow the Liquor Stores to put items they acquire from Breweries into their menu and ideally organize them into different tabs such as “Beer, Wine, Liquor”. To further this idea, I think it would be a nice, unique twist that rather than only having “Beer, Wine, Champagne”, Liquor Stores can request (whether it be through admins or a forum report method) certain named items to be carried as normal stock that gets filled as they are provided with components. This makes it so that Liquor Stores have more of a reason to open and individuals have more of a reason to visit the Liquor Stores. Relevant Commands/Items I'm unsure what exactly would be required for this. I think most everything is already in game, however. How will it benefit the server? All in all, this improves the profits of breweries which are severely lacking at the moment and have difficulties staying alive on the server. It also makes the Liquor Stores more unique from one another in that different locational stores might carry different items. As it stands, Liquor Stores are very passive in that the only people who really seem to ever need them are Bars or Clubs, and even then, Bars and Clubs are currently purchasing EXTREMELY low cost items from breweries and they simply bypass Liquor Stores as a whole. Liquor Stores really can't compete with $45 beer. I think there are several other reasons this would work really well, and unlike my first idea it shouldn't harm any businesses.
  5. Short description: Create an agency that handles all things related to Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Detailed description: The ATF would locate brewers or brew sites and stake them out to see if they are selling their brew without a brewing license. ATF agents would do the investigation work and only execute a sting operation with the help of local law enforcement only when they've uncovered enough evidence of an illegal operation. Most raids would have to be approved by a judge after the ATF or ATF Agent has provided enough evidence. Operations could range from a brew kit in the woods to a full-blown brewing operation in a barn. ATF would also locate the cache of illegal firearms through undercover sting operations to turning confidential informants. The ATF agent can execute undercover operations to arrest a low-level arms peddler and press them for more information to get them to turn on their suppliers for reducing sentences and fines. Use the CI (confidential informant) to go undercover to gather more evidence until the entire organization is taken down piece by piece. Commands to add: /knockATF /Placewire /Panicbutton Items to add: ATF vest, or coat, or something agency-related. A wire you can place on a person will transmit conversations in the proximity of the person wearing it remotely. The panic button option is used for who ever is wearing the undercover wire to use in case if they're in trouble and want law enforcement to intervene. How would your suggestion improve the server? The ATF will add more balance to some of the crime that goes on in the server. An ATF agency will bring a new host of RP opportunities to law enforcement and criminals alike. An agency like this will start to shape more of the judicial process and law enforcement roles. Having another task force capable of doing joint operations with other agencies will create more dynamic situations only possible with such a specific focus on criminal activates. ATF will be a rich opportunity to be on both sides of a stakeout, investigation, integrations, manhunts, informants, undercover agents, sting operations, and more. Additional information: If we can keep it ATF, that would be great since it would be an agency, especially for these three things that way, it slims other agencies' focus and doesn't overstep jurisdictions/roles.
  6. WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION ((Everything below this point is only visible to those with Administrative rights on the website.))
  7. Trying to define craft beer is a difficult task, as beer can be very subjective and a personal experience. However, at Warehouse Craft Beer we might have achieved it. WAREHOUSE CRAFT BEER COMPANY We are a family company at Warehouse Craft Beer, located in Strawberry, City of Los Santos, San Andreas equipped with a highly sophisticated & automated brewery from the United Kingdom supplying a pub brewery serving beer or craft brewery with beverage bottling and keg filling. ABOUT THE BEER Our craft beer is one of a kind Hops– CHINOOK IBU – 50 Aroma – piney, spicy Flavor – piney, herbal, almost smokey Alpha Acids – 12.0 – 14.0% Beta Acids – 3.0 – 4.0% Beer Style – Pale Ale Retailers can contact us for business offers Email: [email protected] ((@HectorMorpheus)) Phone: 999-06020 Business Registration No: 858-2020-06
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