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Found 24 results

  1. WHO WE ARE Paleto Brewing Company started with the idea of combining the American and Australian craft beer scenes with the hopes of delivering a superb alcoholic product to be enjoyed by the people of San Andreas. The coastal scenery of Paleto Bay under the shade of Mount Chilliad provides the perfect environment to brew a range of craft beers to perfection, with access to fresh springs and the coastal breeze of the Pacific Ocean, nothing can rival it. Besides the brewing part of it, it's also the perfect environment to enjoy an ice-cold Paleto Brew. OUR VISION We are currently located at the old Sally's Surfshop in Paleto Bay, where further renovations are in the works. Our vision is to provide citizens in Blaine County and beyond a place to unwind and relax with friends while enjoying expertly crafted beers. Further, we will aim to provide the citizens of San Andreas with a location where they can enjoy our hospitality in the very location where we brew our range. In your mind, picture enjoying our flagship Precopio Dream, a light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma in our brewery location in Paleto Bay, relaxing with friends and loved ones while you can observe us brewing beers on site while enjoying great music in great company. OUR RANGE At present, our range consists of our flagship craft beers, providing different notes, flavours and strengths. We also have begin distilling Gin, Vodka and a Single Malt Whiskey. Our range will expand and adapt with time and aim to run competitions to the people of San Andreas for suggestions, with the winners receiving a cash prize. Our range, currently consists of: PRECOPIO DREAM LAGER Made in the spirit of Precopio Beach's beautiful shores and rolling waves, this light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma. CHUMASH INDIA PALE ALE Brewed in the image of the rolling hills and cliffs of North Chumash, and it has some bite to it. Dry, bitter, and straightforward, this is a modern IPA with a subtle sweet side hiding among eaerth hints of citrus fruits, and the ever present hoppy bitterness. HAZY PAY HAZY PALE ALE Named after those beautiful hazy afternoons in Paleto Bay as the sun sets, that cool Pacific breeze in the setting sun,. This refreshingly smooth hazy pale ale is like those perfect Paleto days. Gazing out at the Pacific Ocean on the golden shores of Paleto as the waves greet you in the soft sand, you might find yourself lost in the haze as your senses become inspired with notes of tropical fruit and citrus as the sun dips slowly into the sea. RUBY SUNSET RED ALE Our heavy hitter, a different take on a traditional Irish Red, which seeks to embody the ruby sunsets on Paleto Bay. Ruby Sunset, our hoppy red ale, begins with a burst of tropical fruit aromas of blended and specialised hops all balanced with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel from a selection of roasted malts, Ruby Sunset has hints of caramel, toffee and hazelnut and finishes with a firm bitterness. MEXICAN LAGER Paleto Brewing Companies new Mexican Lager (Cerveza) brewed with malt, corn and agave makes for the perfect refreshment, any day. Pouring a clear straw-yellow with delicate fruity aromas, a touch of earthiness and a twist of lime thanks to the addition of specialist hops. This full-strength lager carries a sweet, slightly grainy taste from the corn while a clean rounded mouthfeel finishes out the beer until the next sip. PALETO BAY DRY GIN Our Paleto Bay Dry Gin has a delectable blend of ten carefully-considered sustainably foraged marine, Blaine County native and traditional botanicals distilled into a pure Paleto Bay wheat spirit. The bright, fresh flavours of the citrus, marine & juniper give way to the gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a complex lingering finish. PALETO BAY PINK GIN Inspired by the Pacific Reefs surrounding Paleto Bay and its surrounds, the aromatics of strawberry gum, hibuscus, fragrant spice of riberries & salinity of karkalla, our pink gin speaks true of a captivating Paleto seascape. WHAT NOW? We hope that at some point, each and every living, breathing person in San Andreas has a chance to enjoy a Paleto Brew, and while we continue to seek a Brewery/Bar location in the Bay, we hope you all are excited for the future to come. We will continue to refine our recipes and update you all as we continue to roll out our liquor into the wider market. Cheers to us all, Paleto Brewing Co.
  2. Devil's Den A new cocktail bar in Los Santos, we are currently hiring bar staff, you must be 21+ in order to apply. What do we offer at Devil's Den? A competitive and attractive salary Full training and clothing allowance Company bonuses & 100% of tips Flexible work pattern/rotation Leave of Absence entitlement Complimentary drinks during shift Company activities/events If you are interested please send a letter of interest to [email protected], you should expect a reply from a member of the team within 48 hours.
  3. The Bear Cave is La Mesa's number one bar, offering alcohol and amazing live music to locals at a great price. Opened by two friends, the bar strives to provide a unique and ambient experience. Come and connect with locals & outsiders at our bar, or come see a live band perform on our up-close and personal stage. Locally owned bar, by locals for locals. Proudly providing our services since May 2023. OUR LOCATION
  4. 🏚️ https://face.gta.world/pages/Himensbar ☎️ 555-3425 San Andreas 🈺️ Opening hours: ??h - ??h 📫 Hi-men cocktail bar - Roy Lowenstein Blvd, Rancho, LS, SA. 💰 Price range: $ (Cheap) 👷‍♂️ Currently hiring: No information if business is hiring, contact this place for more info
  5. About us The Mixing House is a bar and lounge located in the upper-class strip of Del Perro. Established in 2021 by Chip Cooper, it prides itself in the quality of service it offers, along with the ability to offer its guests a chic, exquisite, truly premium experience. The lounge's specialty are custom, in-house cocktails, although a larger range of alcohol and spirits are being served on the bar. The music choice, lighting and interior design all come together in a perfectly balanced manner, making The Mixing House for the most appropriate for a dose of relaxation. Our Products The Mixing House is the best choice for a fun, relaxing night in an immersive and premium environment. However, on top of our base services, we also make the absolute best pre-mixed cocktails in Los Santos. Refresh yourself with a Blueberry Mojito, a Peach Margarita, or one of the many other choices. Visit our lounge or contact us directly to order some for yourself! We are hiring bartenders! The Mixing House is always looking to expand its team! Whether you're interested in becoming a bartender and have no experience or are already a mixing-master, our doors are open. More information and training will be provided, along with a competitive salary, an amazing work environment and becoming part of the TMH family. In order to apply, click the link below and fill in the format. Good luck! Location
  6. The Hen House Paleto Bay's premier gentleman's club is now hiring for all positions! Under new management, we are hoping to provide a locally owned & operated experience for our customers to remember. Please look below for job listings, and contact information. Bartender HIRING We are currently looking to hire experienced bartenders with a passion for customer service to join our growing team. If you are a motivated, hard working individual who has what it takes to serve the best, please apply below. Must be 21 years of age. Must have reliable transportation as we are not on any transit routes. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Hourly wage + tips, potential for weekly bonuses. Security NOT HIRING We are currently seeking experienced security personnel to join our growing team. Duties will include collecting cover fees & ID at the entrance, maintaining a presence throughout the venue whilst open and ensuring the safety of all staff & patrons. If you feel you are a good fit for this job & have the relevant qualifications, please apply below. Must be 21 years of age. Must have reliable transportation as we are not on any transit routes. Valid Guard & CCW certifications preferred, but not necessary. Hourly wage + % of cover fees, potential for weekly bonuses. Exotic Dancers HIRING We are currently seeking passionate & thrilling dancers to join our growing team. If you wish to audition for a spot on our team, please apply below. Must be 18 years of age. Hourly wage + tips, % of cover fees & potential for weekly bonuses. If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please fill out the form below & submit it to [email protected] (( Forum PM )) for further review. At this time, only those chosen for an interview will be contacted to move on with the hiring process. APPLICATION FORM
  7. The Salty Clam, widely known as Vespucci Beach's hot spot for a good time. A place to go for a quick drink, a good bite and a great laugh with a barrel full of patrons of each end of the bar. In the heart of the beach, we chose to be the center of fun, creativity and with a constant source of entertainment with what our atmosphere has to offer. The ATM is only a step away The bar, the grill, no matter who and when? Our customers are happy and always laughing. Being around the beach can be a burden with competition, but that's where we stand out. To all our patrons: your safety is priority! We'll call you a cab, ensure you're safe and sound and arrive at home in the darkest of hours! Please don't be a stranger, come in and take a seat and make yourself at home! Vespucci Beach | Bay City Avenue E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Salty Clam Bar And Grill From 1:AM to 1:AM this floor is always open, it's never too early to get your legs moving, especially with the new contests, events and parties being thrown as of late! Bring your mix and poison to the floor, dance with the locals and drunks, don't forget to drink water and grab our weighted basket of ribs and fries! Every other week we plan on releasing a new contest for the customers to get in on, yes this does sometimes include a cash prize or perhaps a free bottle of beer or wine, who knows! We have everything from: Charity Night. Open Mic Night. Bar Olympics. Stand Up Comedy Night. Dance From The Past. Disco Night. Halloween Bash. Trivia Night.
  8. Detailed Description: So, as it stands, I'd like to suggest Liquor Stores being able to create their own drinks. I understand that the original intent of the script was to make it so that bars could mix drinks, but it's used as more of way to get whatever drink people want. It seems silly to me that these bars and clubs have the ability to carry whatever drink their heart desires, such as a $10,000 bottle of champagne, but liquor stores are left to basically being distributors for these generic drinks. As it stands, if I want my liquor store to sell, say, Moet & Chandon Imperial (a $50 bottle of wine in real life) I'd have to find a bar or a club that would supply ME. For immersion, it's a little upsetting that people are better off going elsewhere for their alcoholic needs. My suggestion is simply that Liquor Stores be able to create drinks like Jewelry Stores or Flower Shops can create their own merchandize. I get that breweries exist, but I've never crossed paths with a brewer and the only person I know OOCly that partakes in brewery supplies clubs and bars with very generic drinks. We don't have any classy name brand stuff. My main suggestion and complaint is that it seems weird that between Breweries, Liquor Stores, and Clubs/Bars, the only ones that AREN'T able to sell what they want are Liquor Stores. Heck, even Pawn Shops have access to /bar Relevant Commands/Items Everything required should already be implemented in the game. How will it benefit the server? I think the biggest benefit will be immersion itself. When you want alcohol, your only choice shouldn't be a club or a bar. If somebody wants a really nice bottle of champagne that stands out for their honey moon, they should get it from a liquor store. If they want a really fine bottle of wine to gift at a birthday, they should get it from a liquor store. This would also see to liquor stores opening up more frequently as they'd become more than just distilleries for bars and clubs. If they open more often, this in turn generates more Roleplay and jobs for the server. Q&A: I am leaving this section here in case people offer questions. That way people won't have to skim the whole of the forums to see what was asked and answered already. Q: Don't breweries already create alcoholic drinks? Why not get them from there? A: To a degree, but their stock, supply, and variations are limited. If somebody comes to the liquor store asking for a 24 pack of Miller, that's not something the local brewery carries since breweries make their OWN brands. Not just that, but most breweries are Beer or Whiskey. We want IPA's, Lagers, Hard Seltzer, Champagne, and more. Idea #2 (A little friendlier and works a lot better with breweries. Probably more effort to develop, however.) Detailed Description: So, after having spoken to one of the server’s brewery owners, we’ve come up with a new idea that differs from what I’ve listed above. The idea here is that rather than Liquor Stores using a general Y menu like a 24/7, they’d have a menu that acts more like a Pawn Shop. This would allow the Liquor Stores to put items they acquire from Breweries into their menu and ideally organize them into different tabs such as “Beer, Wine, Liquor”. To further this idea, I think it would be a nice, unique twist that rather than only having “Beer, Wine, Champagne”, Liquor Stores can request (whether it be through admins or a forum report method) certain named items to be carried as normal stock that gets filled as they are provided with components. This makes it so that Liquor Stores have more of a reason to open and individuals have more of a reason to visit the Liquor Stores. Relevant Commands/Items I'm unsure what exactly would be required for this. I think most everything is already in game, however. How will it benefit the server? All in all, this improves the profits of breweries which are severely lacking at the moment and have difficulties staying alive on the server. It also makes the Liquor Stores more unique from one another in that different locational stores might carry different items. As it stands, Liquor Stores are very passive in that the only people who really seem to ever need them are Bars or Clubs, and even then, Bars and Clubs are currently purchasing EXTREMELY low cost items from breweries and they simply bypass Liquor Stores as a whole. Liquor Stores really can't compete with $45 beer. I think there are several other reasons this would work really well, and unlike my first idea it shouldn't harm any businesses.
  9. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were able to produce handmade meals for business men and women within the upper-class area of Vinewood Boulevard, however, this was again a short-lived run due to financial difficulties. Today, The Pink Sandwich has been rebranded and reformed as not only a popular sandwich lounge, but also a nightclub by a couple of friends with expertise in both management and interior design. This article serves as an informative page where people are able to follow the success of the company and find out more about what it has to offer, hope you enjoy the journey and we look forward to sharing more! Daytime Menus Contact Us Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @CrisisGG and @scarlyfox )) Social Page | Station
  10. About us Situated on the western coast of Los Santos, Pacific Bluffs is the ideal spot to escape the city and experience the relaxation with the help of our staff, services and of course the scenic landscape. The private beach is just a couple steps away from the pool, thus allowing our guests to decide where they prefer to be spending their time, while ensuring that the Resort staff is still properly tending to their needs and wishes. Many other activities and points of interest are available as part of our Resort. Location Just off the west coast of Los Santos on the Great Ocean Highway, with a parking lot accessible for guests and members. Contact E-Mail: [email protected] (( @roymar@harrison@Robby )) Facebrowser Website: https://face.gta.world/pages/BeachResort Main businesses page: Pacific Bluffs - Beach Resort Hiring advertisements: Pacific Bluffs - Beach Resort - Hiring Services Down below you will find a wide variety of different services the Pacfic Bluffs Beach resort provides: Pool Bar One of the main attractions, the pool bar offers our guests the best experience anyone could get in Los Santos. The pool is large enough for X people to leisurely bathe. Also, a shallow round pool is available for those that wish to cool off and enjoy a cocktail in the sun. While the main specialization of the bar revolves around cocktails, other drinks are also available. Private Beach On the shore bordering the hotel area, a designated natural bathing area operates seasonally, depending on the weather. Several activities will be available for those enjoying a more active approach. Activities include, but are not limited to, ski jetting, enduro and quad bike tracks, seaplane tours, volleyball, contests etc. Indoor pool and spa Enjoy our indoor pool and spa area. We at the Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort also offer our wellness area for the colder months during the year. We have a massage area, alongside a relaxing and calm area for all our members and patrons during our public openings. Lounge Rest and recuperation in the middle of the facility. Plenty of seats just next to an indoor bar, for our guests to take a break and relax inside. A billiards table is available, free of charge for those willing to use it. Restaurant The best place to enjoy the ocean view along with the finest cuisine our Resort can offer. Our guests can choose between doing it outside or inside, as our restaurant is also holding a large terrace for a more direct approach to the ocean’s breeze. Outdoor Sports Along with the beach volleyball field, four tennis courts and one basketball court are available for our guests to use. Book the resort for a private event We, the Pacific Bluffs Beach resort also offer possible customers to book the resort for private events, such as weddings, cooperative events or party events. Prices are varying from season of the year, alongside multiple other factors. If you are interesting in renting the resort for your event, send an inquiry to per e-mail directly to [email protected] (( @roymar@harrison@Robby)) Important to note is that members who have acquired a membership, are permitted to stay throughout their membership period and may use the resort 24/7. Though if an event is booked, management will make sure to inform our guests of its time and date. Membership Membership at our resort offers a plethora of different opportunities! At a monthly rate of just $20,000 you will have access to everything the resort offers: Free drinks at both the outdoor bar & restaurants during your stay (public openings excluded). Free meals at the restaurant during openings (public openings excluded). No daily fee required when entering the resort. 24/7 free access to the outdoor sport area. 24/7 Pool and private beach access. Permission to bring a non-member as a guest, when it was cleared up with management (this shouldn't be the normality). For membership sign-ups, please fill up the following form and send it to [email protected] (( http://gg.gg/o6zuq )) In return, we'll send you the contract containing the terms and conditions for you to sign and become a member! Keep in mind that we reserve the right to select our customers. (( This applies on an OOC side just as much as the IC. A very poor record will most likely have your application denied. )) Rules We reserve the right to select our customers. Pet friendly. However, we'll ask our members to notify us before bringing their pets on our grounds. (Some may be denied.) Any age to access and use our facilities, but minors have to be accompanied by an adult (under 16). Must be 21+ however to access the drinks bar. A level of etiquette is required when at the resort, behave appropriately. Staff are also not to face harassment and their instructions are to be adhered to or there shall be consequences. Swimming while being intoxicated is strictly forbidden. Upon entering the property grounds, you automatically agree to these terms and may be subject to removal by security if they’re deemed to be broken. Hospitality (Members Only) When in possession of the Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort membership, you are also able to book a room right at our resort. $1.000 per night $5.000 per week $15.000 per month Send a form to [email protected] (( http://gg.gg/o6zv4 )) Members may invite a non-member to share the room, however they're directly reponsible for their actions. Hiring The Pacific Bluffs Beach resort is actively looking for employees. We are selecting only the best of the best, to provide the best service possible for our members throughout the week and our patrons during our public openings. You are being offered a regulary and well situated salary with regular bonuses if applicable for hard dedication to the resort. As an employee of the resort you will be reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officers which can be approached anytime. Fill out the following form: [email protected] (( http://gg.gg/o6zuz )) - if you are interested in becoming a part of our team. If you have any questions, feel free to send an e-mail directly to [email protected] (( @roymar@harrison@Robby)) Give us your feedback or leave a comment on our page: The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort cares very much about everyone's feedback. Please leave us a rating as well if you are happy with our services. If there is a problem, we would be happy to find out why, so we can ensure that you, or someone else will have a much better stay within our resort. Username: Rating: (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) Comment:
  11. Rum

    The Thirsty Devil

  12. [SOLD] Backside Located in the industrial La Mesa area of the city, Backside is a dive bar on Popular Street and situated underneath the Olympic Freeway. The property is being sold with all of it's stock and furnishings; ready for new ownership. Exterior: Interior: OOC: Starting Price: $250,000 Bid Increments: $5000 (Minimum) Buyout Price: $390,000 ((Trades will not be considered.))
  13. Hello my lovelies! Here is our full menu, so that you can prepare your order in advance! I hope you all show up for the grand opening! (Hopefully in a few days - our stock is being delivered!) I will be serving you all some delicious homemade food! Right from my own list of recipes. I can't wait to see all your lovely faces and see you leave with a smile on your face and a full tummy.Thank you for choosing Grandma's Doris' Last Train Diner & Bar ❤️
  14. Squeeze0ne0ut Has a bunch of drinks left: Starting Price: $450,000 Bid-Step: $10,000 (minimum) Buyout: $900,000 Trades: Accepted. (If I feel like accepting it) This business earns a lot of cash if opened at good hours, considering it's location.
  15. The witching hours grows near as you're strolling around the dark streets. A chill runs down your spine as you hear the freightening sounds of bones rattling. Scared, yet curious, you follow the source of the sound, only to find yourself in a cold, empty dark room. Shock fills your body as the lights slowly come on, for you have entered... "Just another skeleton bar" Founded in 2018, and ran by T-Bone, a self proclaimed "alcohol enthusiast", The Bone Zone is a metal-rock pub, combined with a "skeleton themed" comedy club. How did the owner get this dumb idea? Drinking, that's your answer. You want to crack a cold one with your skeletal buddies? Want to crack a cold one by yourself, you puss? Or maybe you want to crack a joke that'll rattle and shake everyone's bones. Well say less, buddy, for we can give you all that you need(except for love and affection, but hey, you never know). Also, the mops are free. You think you have the guts to come down to The Bone Zone? Jokes on you, nobody does, yet they still come in. We're located in Paleto Bay, Pyrite Ave, at the building that once was "Mojito Inn". Still can't find us? Well fuck you then. Is our beer too expensive for you filthy human needs? Guess what, buddy. Fuck you. We have a special discount for those who help maintain the atmosphere. What does that mean? Bring a skull mask or try your best "skeleton". We might offer you a 20% if you're convincing enough.
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