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  1. Benefactor Dubsta Sport. 1400 mileage, performance package. 115,000.
  2. For sale TUG BOAT About - Tug boat is a perfect boat for commercial fishing. Has a 2 levels deck interior so you can storage catched fish, has net for fishing. Active fishing can make you ~ 7000 - 12000 dollars per hour. (( 8-15 fish per 6 minutes)) . Has a huge storage ((100000)) so you don't need to get back and back every half an hour to empty (sell) your storage. Low Mileage - 105 Starting Bid - 55,000 Buyout - 70,000 In Boats/Ships dealership Tug Boat cost's - 105,000
  3. By the way you overpricing your car too. I saw few ad's in city that people offer this kind of Streiter from 60-80k. Also sometimes in private dealerships you can see and find this Streiter model for 70-90k often.
  4. Looking to buy one of these cars. Budget 175,000 Email me [email protected] ((forum pm)) or comment here or txt 17992258
  5. FUTO GTX SOLD Sentinel Classic still for sale!
  6. Bagacius

    (SOLD) Mule

    For sale MULE Mileage 1580 (maitanance done so you dont need to worry about and ready to drive) price 60,000 (last price) email me [email protected] ((forum pm)) or text 17992258
  7. Sentinel Classic Aftermarket parts Nice exterior tune Price 90,000 _________________________________________________________ Futo GTX Engine,Suspension Upgrades Low Mileage Price 50,000
  8. Offering for trade Sentinel Classic.
  9. Futo GTX + 15K. Let me know if you're interested.
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