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Found 23 results

  1. About HAUS HAUS Institute originates as a creative collective dedicated to celebrating diversity and advancing inclusion across the industries of fashion, media, and beyond. Founded in 2023 by Mila Bojchenko and Faith Labelle, HAUS' umbrella unites talented individuals with shared values to empower underrepresented voices. Operating as an umbrella comprised of successful subsidiaries, HAUS provides an organization to strategically support and share resources needed to realize each brand's full creative potential. HAUS' independent subsidiaries, Vom Moda and Diversify, aims to utilize their collaborative partnership to push creative boundaries in the fashion industry. Our primary brands, Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine, exemplify HAUS' mission through their respective fields. Vom Moda establishes new standards in high fashion with avant-garde designs championing self-expression in all its forms. Whereas Diversify builds an alternative media platform representing diverse subcultures and empowering emerging talents. Beyond our subsidiaries, HAUS aims to establish an influential creative collective for its respective field. By cultivating an inclusive community and nurturing the next generation of leaders, we aspire to make a positive social impact. It is through creative expression and empowerment that lasting change can effect Los Santos' fashion industry. At HAUS Institute, diversity is our driving force. We aspire forward to connecting our subsidiaries with open-minded collaborators who share a similar vision to us. Together, through collaboration and creative freedom, we will continue challenging conventions to forge an ethical future for the fashion industry. Our Blog Here you'll discover insights and stories from the creative hearts of HAUS Institute. Through our words and photography, we strive to share our vision of an industry shaped by diverse voices and fresh perspectives. Meet the talented individuals behind Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine. Gain inspiration from their journeys as they help establish HAUS. You'll also receive an inside look at our productions, from behind-the-scenes snapshots to commentary on our latest collections and issues. We aim to provide an authentic view of our process - the moments of innovation and inspiration as well as overcoming challenges as a team. Vom Moda presents 'Alien Superstar" - May 16, 2024, 1:21 pm. Cultivating Creativity in the Great Outdoors - May 6, 2024, 5:58 pm. Introducing HAUS Institute - May 2, 2024, 9:54 am. Contact Us We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or inquiries. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days. For urgent matters, please call our main phone number during business hours. We look forward to connecting and advancing important conversations together. Business ID: 032/APR/24 | City of Los Santos www.haus.institute | Facebrowser | Discord
  2. WHO WE ARE Paleto Brewing Company started with the idea of combining the American and Australian craft beer scenes with the hopes of delivering a superb alcoholic product to be enjoyed by the people of San Andreas. The coastal scenery of Paleto Bay under the shade of Mount Chilliad provides the perfect environment to brew a range of craft beers to perfection, with access to fresh springs and the coastal breeze of the Pacific Ocean, nothing can rival it. Besides the brewing part of it, it's also the perfect environment to enjoy an ice-cold Paleto Brew. OUR VISION We are currently located at the old Sally's Surfshop in Paleto Bay, where further renovations are in the works. Our vision is to provide citizens in Blaine County and beyond a place to unwind and relax with friends while enjoying expertly crafted beers. Further, we will aim to provide the citizens of San Andreas with a location where they can enjoy our hospitality in the very location where we brew our range. In your mind, picture enjoying our flagship Precopio Dream, a light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma in our brewery location in Paleto Bay, relaxing with friends and loved ones while you can observe us brewing beers on site while enjoying great music in great company. OUR RANGE At present, our range consists of our flagship craft beers, providing different notes, flavours and strengths. We also have begin distilling Gin, Vodka and a Single Malt Whiskey. Our range will expand and adapt with time and aim to run competitions to the people of San Andreas for suggestions, with the winners receiving a cash prize. Our range, currently consists of: PRECOPIO DREAM LAGER Made in the spirit of Precopio Beach's beautiful shores and rolling waves, this light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma. CHUMASH INDIA PALE ALE Brewed in the image of the rolling hills and cliffs of North Chumash, and it has some bite to it. Dry, bitter, and straightforward, this is a modern IPA with a subtle sweet side hiding among eaerth hints of citrus fruits, and the ever present hoppy bitterness. HAZY PAY HPA Named after those beautiful hazy afternoons in Paleto Bay as the sun sets, that cool Pacific breeze in the setting sun,. This refreshingly smooth hazy pale ale is like those perfect Paleto days. Gazing out at the Pacific Ocean on the golden shores of Paleto as the waves greet you in the soft sand, you might find yourself lost in the haze as your senses become inspired with notes of tropical fruit and citrus as the sun dips slowly into the sea. RUBY SUNSET RED ALE Our heavy hitter, a different take on a traditional Irish Red, which seeks to embody the ruby sunsets on Paleto Bay. Ruby Sunset, our hoppy red ale, begins with a burst of tropical fruit aromas of blended and specialised hops all balanced with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel from a selection of roasted malts, Ruby Sunset has hints of caramel, toffee and hazelnut and finishes with a firm bitterness. MEXICAN LAGER Paleto Brewing Companies new Mexican Lager (Cerveza) brewed with malt, corn and agave makes for the perfect refreshment, any day. Pouring a clear straw-yellow with delicate fruity aromas, a touch of earthiness and a twist of lime thanks to the addition of specialist hops. This full-strength lager carries a sweet, slightly grainy taste from the corn while a clean rounded mouthfeel finishes out the beer until the next sip. PALETO BAY DRY GIN Our Paleto Bay Dry Gin has a delectable blend of ten carefully-considered sustainably foraged marine, Blaine County native and traditional botanicals distilled into a pure Paleto Bay wheat spirit. Strong juniper and lime notes provide freshness with delicate orange flower notes for complexity. Locally sourced milk thistle and pink peppercorns round out the spirit for a finish so smooth that can be drunk with or without garnish. PALETO BAY PINK GIN Inspired by the Pacific Reefs surrounding Paleto Bay and its surrounds, the aromatics of strawberry gum, hibuscus, fragrant spice of riberries & salinity of karkalla, creamy, vanilla notes reminiscent of strawberry ripple ice cream. Fresh, crisp orange flower cut through for a refreshing, long finish with a pink peppercorn tingle. our pink gin speaks true of a captivating Paleto seascape. CHILIAD SINGLE MALT WHISKEY Chiliad Single Malt is uniquely Paleto, crafted exclusively with local wine barrels from Tongva Hills for maturation resulting in a Whisky with balanced aromas of raisins, bananas and a touch of balsamic lead to clove, toffee and nougat. The palate is filled with red berries, hints of cinnamon and a variety of savoury and spice driven notes. A long, dry and tannic finish guides a strong linear reach through the palate, balancing a generous roundness and oiliness of the spirit. WHAT NOW? We hope that at some point, each and every living, breathing person in San Andreas has a chance to enjoy a Paleto Brew, and while we continue to seek a Brewery/Bar location in the Bay, we hope you all are excited for the future to come. We will continue to refine our recipes and update you all as we continue to roll out our liquor into the wider market. Cheers to us all, Paleto Brewing Co.
  3. Vinewood Pictures is a film studio based at the studio city in Los Santos, known as Richard’s Majestic. The studio produces its own original films and shows, creates commercials for clients, offers production services, and specializes in film distribution. The studio consists of an impressive collection of local film industry talents, including producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, production designers and actors. They operate from an office building at the studio lot in Los Santos, as well as a soundstage there, and are occasionally seen elsewhere filming on locations. The studio was originally founded by the successful local businesswoman Missy Oswald in 2020, under the name Doppler Studios. Oswald had previously had success as a serial entrepreneur in Los Santos, and was taking a step into the film industry with ambitions of using her business experience to bring the local film industry back to its glory days. Doppler Studios ran several subdivisions like the Doppler Cinema, and a sub-brand Torwald Pictures for original films and theatre productions spearheaded by film- and theater director and entrepreneur David Torres. The studio was headquartered at the Sam Austin Memorial Building at Richard’s Majestic – the studio city in Los Santos. Doppler Studios was both financing local film productions from other studios and creators and distributing the films at its own cinema, the Doppler Cinema on Vinewood Boulevard, and creating own original films and theatre productions under Torwald Pictures. At the beginning of 2023, after David Torres left the company, the sub-brand Torwald Pictures was discontinued and productions were put directly under Doppler Studios and the leadership of Missy Oswald. A long-time actress with the studio, Alicia Johansson, stepped up to manage the studio with Oswald, taking care of the operational aspects of the studio’s own productions. Johansson had been a contract actor with the studio since its early days, appearing in films and stage productions. She had made a name for herself as an actress since she began working for Vinewood Studios in 2018, and had worked with most film studios in the city since then. She also held prior experience as a cinema manager for Weazel Media Corporation, as an executive in the local music industry, a model for many local brands, and from running a local marketing firm. With Oswald’s business experience and capital, and Johansson’s extensive industry knowledge, the studio was reforming its organization to increase focus on producing own original content and started attracting many talents from the film industry, gathering them into a single, stronger production company. In May of 2023, after having kicked off the studio’s reforms to become a stronger producer of original content, Missy Oswald decided to finally retire after her many years in business. The natural successor to take over was Alicia Johansson who had worked alongside Oswald to reform and renew the studio. By June, Johansson had taken over ownership of the studio, as well as the position of studio head (CEO). Without the same financial muscles as before, Johansson worked to trim the company down to its core focus of producing new original content. As part of this strategy, the Doppler Cinema departed from the company, also triggering a rebranding of the studio due to losing the rights to the Doppler brand that was tied to the Downtown Vinewood-based cinema. The studio also moved to more affordable offices still within the studio lot, but expanded with a new soundstage to build film sets for its own productions. In addition to producing own original content, Vinewood Pictures offers the following services to businesses in Los Santos and San Andreas. Commercials We produce commercials to advertise brands, products or other campaigns. Our talented team can work out an idea, turn it into a script, film it, edit it, and provide you a finished ready-to-use video for your advertising needs. Contact us to talk about your video commercial needs. Production Services We offer to assist other film production companies or other businesses in need of such services, utilizing our expertise, equipment and facilities. Do you need to hire some assistance for a project you’re working on? Do you need to rent equipment or studio facilities? We all started somewhere, and we want to assist other local film makers in any way we can. Film distribution Are you or have you previously made a film that you would like to get out there? Vinewood Pictures has extensive expertise in film distribution and offer to assist you with finding a market for your film and possibly generating an income. Are you looking to get into the film industry, or do you already have talents related to filmmaking? Or perhaps you’ve been carrying around an idea, or a screenplay you would like to pitch? We are always looking for more talents to join our team. If you cannot find an open job listing that interest you, we invite you to reach out to us anyway to get to know you and talk about possible job opportunities. Not all of our available positions are listed publicly as vacancies, so don’t be afraid to get in touch. Jobs we typically hire for are producer, director, writer, cinematographer, costume designer, hair/makeup/stylist, set designer, technician, runner, driver, security, and more. Current vacancies: Costume Designer Stylist (hair & makeup) Security Driver If you are looking to become an actor, we do not offer actor positions as a full-time employment, but we cast actors for each production through specific auditions for that production. With each new film, we are looking for specific actors, with specific talents, a specific look, or someone that just comes off in the way that the creators envisioned it for their movie. When we start casting for a new movie, we typically begin by searching for people in our casting database and inviting those selected to come audition for a specific roles. If we cannot find what we’re looking for in our casting database, we will host public auditions that will be advertised. If you want to be considered for future roles and are not already in our casting database, you can contact our casting director to schedule an interview with the possibility of getting added to our casting database so that we can contact you when we have a specific role that we think you could be a fit for. Please see contact section below for contact information. Vinewood Pictures loves to work together with other local businesses. We tend to require different services during our film productions and are always interested in getting in touch with local businesses that can offer services of use to us during our productions. Typical needs could be transport, security and catering, but other specific needs will typically also arise from time to time. If you run a local business and are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Here is a list of our current public procurement offers: Invitation to tender: Transportation services Invitation to tender: On-set security services Invitation to tender: On-set catering services Alicia Johansson Mariam Makk Stella Elomaa President Senior Vice President Casting Director #896-6445 #44448 #1-331-1552 (( This faction is about providing roleplay opportunities within the film industry, making realistic portrayals of the industry and the wide range of different positions within it. We also commit a lot of OOC effort into creating actual videos in addition to roleplaying every aspect of the filmmaking. Some positions require some OOC knowledge like video recording, video editing, or script writing. Other positions are entirely for the roleplay and don’t require such OOC work. Sometimes we might roleplay film shootings (or pilots) without turning it into an actual video, just to create more roleplay, as the making of our videos typically takes months to complete. We invite everyone who finds this kind of RP interesting to take part of our faction, whether you like to make videos with us, or just RP as a position related to the film industry. Typical RP scenarios in this faction is shooting on a film set, on location or in a studio, administrative and business RP, costume or prop manufacture, styling, makeup, etc. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to get involved. You can also join our Discord. ))
  4. San Andreas Motor Racing Association also known as SAMRA was founded in 2021 by Michael Peretti, Peretti was an experienced race director who arrived in San Andreas early in 2021, to host the first-ever regional stock car championship, SASCAR. With the interest in motorsport growing and the increased knowledge of hosting professional racing events, Peretti with the help of many private and public entities, San Andreas Motor Racing Association was formed. In November 2022 Arianna DeRose took over the President Role from Michael Peretti and has been the longest sitting President of the History of SAMRA. She ensured that the State of San Andreas was still capable of hosting high-quality and safe racing events for motorsport fans. Contributing to moving illegal racing from the streets to a stable and safe environment on a track. The goal of the organization is to ensure the events are held to a certain high standard of safety and professionalism. Through time, many different leagues were hosted by SAMRA, the most known being: San Andreas Stock Car Auto Racing Regional Championship (SASCARR) Pfister Super Cup Los Santos Off-Road Association Championship and many others. The San Andreas Stock Car Auto Racing sponsored by Aurum Energy was the first-ever high-level competition in San Andreas, crowning the regional champion at the end of 2021. The association is backed by the entertainment company AutoNation Group, created by Michael Peretti to manage all the racing leagues that were currently active. Currently, there are 2 active championships in the association: San Andreas Dinka Super Cup and San Andreas Racing Series. Previously we have had leagues such as: San Andreas Stock Car Auto Racing Regional Championship (SASCARR) San Andreas Kanjo Cup (SAKC) San Andreas Touring Car Championship, (SATCC) San Andreas SportsCar Championship, (SASCC) San Andreas Pfister Super Cup. San Andreas Racing Series (SARS) San Andreas Dinka Super Cup (SADCS) San Andreas Stock Car Series (SASCS) These events form the ladder to become the all-time champion in San Andreas, with the current highest-ranked League being the San Andreas Stock Car Series. SAMRA also holds other racing events under our belt such as but not limited to: Open Series Clunker 500 SAMRA Car meets OOC ANNOUNCEMENT: This new faction was created to showcase the roleplay of our teams, staff, and members to the community. The main goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to present high roleplay within motorsport events and introduce high standards to make sure that all of our events and leagues are as realistic as possible. Being a member of this community requires respect for the server rules and extensive research on motorsport roleplay and how to portray it in Los Santos. The pictures posted here are not necessarily in chronological order but will showcase the development, struggles, and success of our teams, and drivers within the leagues we manage and take part in, along with other events we may host or otherwise take part in. Only members of the San Andreas Motor Racing Association group are allowed to post screenshots. - If you have attended our events and taken screenshots you want to showcase here please reach out to the faction leader beforehand. If you want to be part of the events, all recruitment, and registration of teams and staff are done in character without any exceptions. You will be able to send an application via our ticket system on Discord. You will find SAMRAs Discord HERE Forum PM or Disord PM me if you have any questions. Forums: @AgentQ Discord: theoriginalqueenc This thread is completely seen as Out Of Character (OOC), any pictures or posters and others posted on here shall ONLY be taken OOCly in order to showcase the work and RP done within the faction with members and other businesses. If anyone takes any of the information posted on this thread ICly they will be reported and face administrative punishment by the GTA World administrative team.
  5. This episode was broadcasted live on June 24, 2023. The logo of Icydoll’s Fashion Courtroom flashes on the screen, an upbeat song starting to play as the show begins. The cameras show the live audience clapping from different angles. As the music reaches a culminating point, the cameras transition to a pair of vertiginous high heels as two doors open on the set. Soon enough, Icydoll walks out, smiling at the audience. Icydoll is wearing a Glasier Los Santos trompe-l’oeil dry wet dress, she keeps smiling, waving at the audience as she steps up to the stage, finally sitting down on the armchair. She crosses her legs and looks up at the camera. Icydoll says: Thank you, thank you. Welcome, darlings, to the Fashion Courtroom, where style is law and fashion is put on trial! Before we start, make sure to share your thoughts online with the hashtag #FashionCourtroom! Icydoll says: Let’s not waste any time because we have a /lot/ to unpack today. Court is in session! Icydoll flashes a dazzling smile to the cameras, the audience applauding for a brief moment as the screen flashes the logo of the first segment: Party Patrol. Icydoll says: Alright, alright. We’ve seen a lot of events happening in the fashion industry during the past weeks, which brings us to our first segment: Party Patrol! Today, we’ll be focusing on one of the biggest events of the month… As you guys know -unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, which- if you have? It’s okay, you didn’t miss much… (Icydoll giggles, shaking her head and wafting her hand in front of her.) Icydoll says: I’m sorry! Jokes aside, earlier this month, Prestige Global Network threw an event: the Prestige Fashion Show and the Miss Los Santos election. (Images and clips of the fashion are displayed on the screen behind Icydoll, courtesy of PGN’s Facebrowser.) Icydoll says: Your girl attended. /Of course/. How could I miss one of the biggest fashion events? Icydoll says: So, the event happened at the Richman Hotel, where the pool was transformed into a runway. We’re all accustomed to Miss Hendricks’ peculiar taste, which transpired throughout the event. Icydoll says: I think the setting was an interesting choice by Prestige. To me, it was giving very much mid-2000s America’s Next Top Model vibes. The runway over the pool, the fake plants in the water? Shoot, I was surprised the models didn’t come out walking in some inflatable human-sized pool ball like in that one episode. Icydoll chuckles with the audience, glancing down at her cards before clasping her hands around her knee. Icydoll says: I know a lot of people think the Richman Hotel is a hot location for events. I mean, it’s in Richman… fancy right? I’m guessing this is why Miss Hendricks picked it as the venue for the show. I mean… at least Ashley is making it easier for sex workers to attend- The audience gasps, laughing out loud. Icydoll says: What? It’s true. We all know what goes on in that hotel… Hahaha! In all seriousness though, the event was MC’d by Miss Carry Saunders and was split in two parts. Icydoll says: First, the fashion show and then the election of Miss Los Santos. Before we get to my opinions on those, I would like to congratulate Miss Meryem Shirinova for winning the crown. Let’s clap it up for Miss Los Santos. Icydoll begins clapping, the audience joining in thereafter. She’d nod and settle down, smiling at the camera before continuing. Icydoll says: Yes! Congratulations to her. Miss Shirinova brought home a flashy title and a big check. $250,000 if I remember correctly. Okay Prestige! Big ballers. Miss Los Santos has taken to Facebrowser to express her joy after winning the title. I quote: “I am Miss Los Santos 2023! It does not matter where you are from, what religion you believe in or how you look, everybody is damn beautiful! I want to thank everyone who did not stop believing in me!” End quote. Icydoll says: We also secured an exclusive interview with Miss Los Santos following her election. Let’s have a look. Icydoll shifts to the side slightly, glancing at the screen behind her as the interview begins rolling. Liv Callahan is wearing an elegant white dress shirt layered with a short camel tweed dress, with her collar tied by a printed scarf; with miniature Mona Lisa paintings hanging from her ears. Meryem Shirinova wears a custom made blue dress with gold panthers on it. She combines this dress with gold jewelry and matching blue shoes that have exactly the same color of the dress. Liv says: Hello there, Miss Shirinova! First and foremost - congrats on making history as Miss Los Santos 2023! (Liv speaks with a relaxed tone, overacting at times. She flashes a wide smile at the camera before turning her attention fully to Meryem.) Meryem says: Hello, good evening! Well thank you so much for having me here tonight! You look fantastic tonight. (Meryem would have a calming voice that scratches a little when she speaks. You can hear her Azerbaijani accent and she also rolls her "R" slightly.) Liv says: Why thank you. You look amazing yourself. Now–... I have to ask, what was going through your mind when they announced your name as the winner? Did you imagine you’d wind up taking the win unanimously? Meryem says: To be honest with you, I didn't expect to win the competition. I have not been in the model industry very long and I am still learning a lot every day. Every woman who participated in the contest were all terrific, especially the three other finalists who also had great potential to be Miss Los Santos. I really appreciate that the jury saw the potential in me. When I was named as the winner, it was such a wonderful feeling, I didn't know how to react at first, but I surely know I will never forget that night! Liv stares right at her as she speaks - attentively nodding along to each of her words. Liv says: I can imagine. It was quite a win— You definitely charmed the jury! Now, Meryem— You’re on a contract as a model with Prestige. Tell us a bit about your experience working there. What has it been like collaborating with one of Los Santos' most influential fashion companies? Meryem says: That is right Liv! Working with Prestige has been absolutely fantastic! When I started in May, I received such a warm welcome from all the members. But I can only say that you have to be open to learn a lot, because you really learn new things every day, whether it's fashion tips, modeling practices, meeting new people or just simple stories of experiences, everyone helps each other. Liv says: That's right!... Actually, I'd love to ask more about that. You've been in the public eye with Prestige for just over a month. You've gone from being a new face in the industry to being crowned Miss Los Santos. What's the secret behind your meteoric rise to success? Meryem says: First of all, be self-confident, do that and wear what YOU think is right. Then there is also that you should just be yourself. I was born in Azerbaijan, and my culture is not comparable to the culture of Los Santos. I am proud to bring my culture to this industry and to be able to be who I am. And last but not least, never give up, because only people who keep getting up in a fight are true winners. Liv says: Now— As Miss Los Santos, you'll be representing the city on various platforms. In fact you’ve already made a speech at Diversify’s latest Pride event supporting donations for LGBTQ+ related associations. Meryem Shirinova keeps her posture while talking. She has a smile on her face while she talks. She moves her hands elegantly and confidently during the conversation. Liv says: What other initiatives or causes are you passionate about advocating for this year? Meryem says: I just want to make sure that no matter what you look like, what religion you believe in, what gender you love or where you come from that every single person out there is beautiful and that everyone should have the same opportunities. Liv says: Now... Since this week's theme is the latest Prestige Fashion Show and party. Any fun anecdotes on that night? A sneak peek into the party’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans, per se? Meryem Shirinova laughs for a moment at the question. Meryem says: Oh yes! The evening contained a lot of nervousness, joy, but also fear. We were all a little afraid of falling into the water to be honest. We made a bet that if someone fell in the water, they would have to color their hair pink for a whole month, and believe me that was a great motivation to give our absolute best. We kept each other motivated the whole evening and that was definitely a positive feeling, because we are one big family who supports each other. Liv says: Moving on now. What can we expect from you in the future, Miss Los Santos? Any exciting projects or collaborations coming up you’d like to announce? Meryem says: Well first of all, as a model you will see me in magazines, on catwalks, fashion events and much more! You will also see me often at Sessanta Nove in the future, because I am the assistant manager of this clothing store and together with my business partner Ines Nervetti we will make sure that the brand is in good hands. Liv says: Sessanta Nove, huh? Should we expect a new collection in the near future? Meryem says: Yes for sure, and there will be something exciting coming up for all the Prestige fans, so stay tuned! Liv says: Exciting! Will it be a new phone case? (Liv asks with a smile. She crosses her legs again.) Meryem Shirinova shrugs her shoulders and chuckles afterwards. Liv says: Well Miss Shirinova, thank you so much for joining us. Congratulations again on your big win. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future! Meryem says: Thank /you/ for having me, love! Olivia Callahan slowly turns to the camera. She cracks a wide smile. Liv says: This was Liv Callahan, back to you Icy. The clip stops rolling, cutting back to Icydoll and the set. She’d nod her head, turning to face the audience. Icydoll says: Thank you Liv. We’re all really happy for Miss Los Santos. Anyways! I do have some opinions on all of this. Of course, these are just some /suggestions/. Take it or leave it. But honestly… you should definitely take it. Icydoll says: So, the first thing I would have changed- besides the location but we’re over it now- is the attendees list and the seating attribution. Of course, the event was open to the public which is admirable, I’m always happy to see fashion being more accessible… However. Icydoll says: In any decent runway show such as in Liberty City, Paris, London or Milan… the seats are usually deliberately assigned to relevant people in the industry. That ensures that designers, editors and other fashion people get the best look at the collection. Especially in the front row. Unfortunately, Miss Hendricks went the “VIP” route, which is surely more appropriate at a club or at a bar. Once again, I attribute that decision to Ashley’s peculiar taste. (Icydoll flashes yet another smile before resuming.) Icydoll says: My first advice to Ashley… Girl. You need to scale that shit down. The seats were empty! Also, why the hell were there /stalls/? I was very confused. I couldn’t tell if these stalls were tarot readers or hot-dog stands but all I know is that it was giving county fair… Let’s keep it simple next time. You only need three things. Icydoll says: One, a good venue. Two, a guest list. Three… an actual collection? Haha! (Icydoll chuckles in her palm, side-eyeing the camera with a playful gaze before glancing back down at her cards.) Icydoll says: Overall… I have to say that I liked the idea of the event, but I was disappointed by the execution. (Clips of Prestige models walking the runway roll on the screen behind Icydoll.) But at least the lookback video was shot well, kudos to Edward Carter. Icydoll says: Anyways… I think I gave y’all enough context. I know y’all want to get to the interesting part. It’s time for our next segment: Trend Tribunal! (Icydoll claps her hand in anticipation, flashing a dazzling smile as the jingle of the next segment starts to play.) An upbeat bouncy song introduces the next segment as the audience claps. Icydoll maintains a dazzling and charismatic smile until the music ends and the audience simmers down. Icydoll says: Alright, alright. Order in the courtroom, we’re getting into what matters the most… Fashion! Just so you know, this is my favorite segment. So! Today we’re obviously gonna look at the looks of none other than the judges of Miss Los Santos. The jury was mainly composed of familiar Facebrowser faces. (Icydoll glances down at her cards.) Icydoll says: Of course, Miss Ashley Hendricks was one of the judges, along with her sister Chloe. Local icon Miss Faith Labelle was also present, along with Mister Aaron Kim and Miss… Ava Baker? (Icydoll seems perplexed for a second, before continuing to list the panel.) Another judge was… “Prestigious Model” -whatever that is- Victoria Cavalcanti… And last but not least Miss Raen DeJagger! Alright, enough talking, let’s get into the looks. The first look appears on the screen, it is a black and white picture of Ashley Hendricks and Faith Labelle posing on the event’s red carpet. Ashley is seen wearing what looks like a plain crop top along with belted chino shorts and an open trench coat. She accessorized the outfit with several layered choker necklaces and cross print fishnet tights. Icydoll says: So our first defendant is none other than Ashley Hendricks herself. Hmmmm. Let me take a closer look. (Icydoll thins her eyes out, turning to look at the screen.) Okay, so. Ashley is known for her pretty laid-back style, which is why I’m not surprised by this look. Would I go as far as saying that I /like/ it? Absolutely not. Here’s why: Icydoll pauses to pick up her “Icydoll’s Fashion Courtroom” mug. She’d take a long sip before resuming. She’d point at the mug, saying jokingly: Icydoll says: It’s Casamigos, if you were wondering… Anyways, my issue with this look, besides the fact that it’s definitely not appropriate for the occasion… The accessories. I think Miss Hendricks would have been fine rocking that crop top and these shorts, if she dressed them up. Actually? (Icydoll raises a finger, taking a couple seconds to reconsider.) No, the crop top has to go, just the shorts. Shorts are cute and comfortable for summertime, and very easy to dress up when you know what you’re doing. The cameras cut to the audience nodding and carefully listening to Icydoll as she speaks. Icydoll says: First of all, the fishnet tights gotta go. Don’t get me wrong, fishnet is still trendy -mostly on the East Coast- but cross print /and/ fishnet is a little too much information in my opinion. My advice to Ashley? Try to incorporate fishnet in different pieces. Recently we’ve seen a surge of fishnet on the runways of Liberty City, but in unusual forms. A fishnet dress, a fishnet top to layer. The world is your oyster. The screen behind Icydoll switches to some images of Liberty City streetwear looks, showcasing fishnet used as a layering piece such as an undershirt or a statement piece such as a fishnet bag and a fishnet dress. Icydoll says: Yeah, this is more like it. /I/ personally wouldn’t rock this look but I think Miss Hendricks could pull it off. (Icydoll flashes a brief smile.) And as for the trench coat… once again, let’s modernize a little. It’s summertime so there is /one/ rule to keep in mind. Short jackets, in. Long coats, out. Unless it’s a statement piece which in her case isn’t. You have multiple options, Miss Hendricks. It could be a tweed jacket a-la Proenza, it could be a blazer if you’re going for a more business core look. In that case, my personal favorites are the cinched checked jackets that we’ve recently seen A.W.A.K.E. do for Spring Summer 23. The screen showcases some examples of the suggestions Icydoll just made. Icydoll says: Yes… love those. My final suggestion is to leave the stacked chokers in 2016 and opt for something a little more mature. According to her Facebrowser page, Miss Hendricks is /thirty-eight/ years old. And I know she can afford some /real/ jewelry, so here are my alternatives: Icydoll says: One way to go which will /never/ fall out of style is “Less is more”. Don’t get me wrong, doing too much is fun sometimes, but you have to pull it off. I think Ashley's style calls for thin, barely-there bracelets or necklaces, stud earrings. Discreet jewelry. A lot of Italian brands have been releasing cute bracelets this season, Anna Rex is also one of my go-tos for quality discreet earrings. The screen flashes different Anna Rex jewelry pieces, in particular the “Bourgeon” and “Or Rose” earrings. Icydoll says: I'm actually wearing earrings by Anna Rex today. They’re really perfect for any occasion. This is more age-appropriate, for one. More elegant, for two. And it looks like real jewelry, not what my little cousin gets from Claire’s! Oh and the necklace is Glasier. (Icydoll beams a wide grin to the cameras.) Overall, I give Ashley’s look a five out of ten. It’s bad taste but it’s not /horrible/. Anyways, let’s take a look at our next defendant. The screen switches back to the red carpet photo, this time focusing more on Faith Labelle. She’d be seen wearing a red and black ball gown decorated with arabesques, along with a black standalone hood and a singular fingerless glove. Icydoll says: Oh! Let’s get into Miss Labelle’s look. Faith’s look is definitely more appropriate for the occasion, however I do have some suggestions, still. Firstly I love the effort and I especially like the finger waves she did, unfortunately she chose to cover them with a… hood. Icydoll purses her lips, perplexedly looking at the screen. She eventually looks back at the audience, lifting a finger to say: Icydoll says: Nah. (The audience begins laughing, Icydoll doesn’t pause, continuing:) No but for real, the hood has to go. There was an attempt but it didn't work in my humble opinion. As for the dress. I believe this is a bridal dress, but in red and black.. Hm-... The dress, ugh. One side of me wants to say cunt, the other side wants to say tacky. Knowing Miss Labelle, camp was her goal. I understand the idea but… Icydoll says: I really fucking hate the dress. (The audience gasps.) I know! I’m sorry! Faith, you know I love you but I can’t lie to the audience… I hate this dress. Here are my alternatives: Icydoll says: If we wanna serve camp? Then I’d head straight to Antonio Marra’s modernized rococo bridal dresses. They’re fun, they’re thoughtful, they’re camp. Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard are also great options for this vibe. (The screen behind Icydoll shows the dresses made by the designers she mentioned.) I could definitely see Miss Labelle in either one of those, if the goal is to give camp. Camp doesn’t shy away, you have to go /all out/. Faith is one of the few people that actually can pull off camp so I’d like to see her in something even bolder. Icydoll says: I give Miss Labelle’s look a six point seven out of ten. We love the effort, we want to see a little more research, better references. Moving on! The screen fades to a press picture of Aaron Kim walking towards the jury desk in a khaki tailored suit and dress shoes that are definitely a little too bulky for the cut of his pants. Icydoll turns to look at the picture, flashing a smile at the sight. Icydoll says: Okay. Mister Kim went for the traditional route, a suit! Normally I’d say it’s a boring choice but I absolutely love this suit on him. Aaron does have taste. It’s tailored, the color complements his skin very well… I don’t have a lot to say about this look. I think it’s simple but it works. Icydoll says: Actually! The shoes need to go, it’s giving daddy but not in the right way. Like it’s giving /dad/. I give Mister Kim’s look an eight out of ten. It’s appropriate for the occasion, it’s simple, it looks good… and /thank God/ it’s tailored. There’s nothing I hate more than a non tailored suit. Let’s move on. A picture of Victoria Cavalcanti fades in on the screen behind Icydoll. She’d be seen wearing a burgundy mini dress with a plunging neckline and pleat details. Icydoll says: So this is Miss… (Icydoll looks down at her cards once more, double-checking before resuming.) Victoria Cavalcanti. Hmmm. I don’t really know what to think about this look. I think it does look pretty good on her. The color is pretty bold, it contrasts well with her skin tone. This is a bit basic to me, maybe a little too much? Don’t get me wrong, I love deep necklines. However in this instance, I think the combination of the neckline, the color /and/ the length of the dress is… tacky. Icydoll says: I think Miss Cavalcanti has nice legs, so I don’t mind seeing a short dress on her. (Icydoll glances at the screen, inspecting the look once more.) Okay. Here are my recommendations though: We want to keep the hemline around the mid-thigh. To counterbalance the length, I would go for a higher neckline, maybe even some sort of bodice. I may be wrong but given her name, I’m assuming Miss Cavalcanti is Italian? I can see her in a romantic look. Icydoll says: Some details like small crystal embellishments or ruffled embroidery with a sky-high hemline would be perfect on her. That way, the legs are shown off and the eye isn’t distracted by everything going on on the upper half. (Examples of whimsical mini dresses seen on European runways roll on the screen as Icydoll gives pointers, they’d focus on fabric and material over provocative necklines.) Icydoll says: I give Miss Cavalcanti’s look a… seven out of ten. It’s okay. I mean it’s kind of cute but yeah. Not anything groundbreaking. You look good, Miss Cavalcanti, let’s try something a little more researched next time okay girl? Anyways… The screen transitions to a picture of Chloe Hendrick’s look at the event. She’s seen wearing a pink short blazer, paired with a white skirt and top. Icydoll turns around once more. Icydoll says: Ah! Miss Chloe Hendricks. Mmh. Well, it’s a pink blazer and a white skirt. (Icydoll glances at the audience.) Y’all see anything crazy about this? (She pauses with pouty lips.) The cameras cut to the quiet audience, showing their blank faces for a few seconds. Icydoll says: Exactly. I don’t have anything special to say about this, all of the advice I’ve given earlier applies to you too, Miss Hendricks. Let’s be a little more daring, we’re /soooo/ bored right now. (Icydoll feigns a yawn, flipping her bundles behind her shoulders as she plasters her media-trained smile back on her face.) Icydoll says: Baby, that outfit could put a cup of coffee to sleep. I give you a four out of ten because you wasted some screen time with this outfit. (The audience laughs.) Icydoll says: Alright my loves, I think this is enough looks for tonight. There were two more judges but I think my brain is overstimulated by all of the mistakes. I need a break. (Icydoll fake wipes her forehead dramatically before picking up her mug and taking a sip.) Icydoll says: Before we conclude tonight’s episode… guys. Y’all know I love me some drama. (She flashes a devious smile, taking yet another sip, this time with widened eyes.) I think it’s time for our last segment… Scandal Sessions! The same upbeat song introduces the final segment as the audience cheers and claps, ready for the tea. Icydoll giggles behind her palm, smiling ear to ear as she waits for the audience to settle down. Icydoll says: Alright my babies, we've reached the climax of tonight's episode and guess what? I've been saving the juiciest sip of tea for this very moment. (Icydoll's pearly whites gleam with excitement.) Today’s scandal is on theme with the rest of the episode, because it /allegedly/ happened during the Miss Los Santos election. The cameras show the anticipating faces of the live audience as Icydoll nods her head gravely. She’d then flash a quick grin before speaking again. Icydoll says: Now, let me set the stage for y'all. Picture this: the Miss Los Santos pageant, where the jury allegedly had many connections. Yup, seven folks all intertwined with Prestige in some way or another. You feeling the bias already? Cause I sure am. Now, there were twenty-five contenders vying for that Miss Los Santos crown. Miss Meryem Shirinova took home the title, as we all know. But here's the tea... Taking a dramatic pause, Icydoll takes a sip of her mug, milking the suspense as the audience leans in. Icydoll says: Rumor has it—keyword, /allegedly/—that things weren't all sunshine and stilettos. Some people are saying the election might've been rigged. Allegedly, of course. Don’t shoot the messenger, I'm just here to spill it, baby! People are side-eyeing the fact that the entire jury had a Prestige connection. Conflict of interest? I mean, if there were any non-Prestige contestants in the mix, how fair was it for them to go up against Prestige models with a Prestige-packed jury? Icydoll locks eyes with the audience, raising an eyebrow as if to say, "You feel me?" Icydoll says: Right? I mean, if I were in their place, I would also find it shady. But hey, what do I know? Out of those twenty-five beauties, Miss Los Santos was unanimously crowned by the Prestige jury. Now, I get why the public is side-eyeing this whole situation. I think Miss Hendricks could've invited some fresh faces from the fashion scene who aren't glued to her company. There are plenty of names out there, like Anna Rex for example, who could've added some spice to that jury. You feel me? Cause in any legit democratic election, you don't want just one party ruling the panel. Icydoll says: And oh, how I would've loved to hear Miss Hendricks defend herself against these allegations. I'm sure she's got a perfectly reasonable explanation... or so we hope. But alas, she was apparently unavailable to share some words. Icydoll says: Well! Whether or not this shit is actually true, we’re interested in knowing what /you guys/ think! (Icydoll looks straight into the camera, pointing at it with a wide smile.) Remember to share your thoughts with the hashtag #FashionCourtroom! Icydoll slowly puts her cards down, clasping her hands together as she concludes the segment. Icydoll says: That wraps up tonight's episode, my darlings. Thank you for joining us in the Fashion Courtroom. We'll be back in no time with another episode. (Icydoll flashes a dazzling smile.) Court is adjourned, mwah! The theme song of Icydoll’s Fashion Courtroom plays as Icydoll slowly stands up. She’d wave at the clapping audience before strutting towards the exit of the set, showcasing her Glasier dress one last time as the credits start rolling.
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    Club Vinewood

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  10. SCOOBY TRAUMA SNACKS | Roommates 1x02 Welcome to Roommates, a podcast about two friends who are totally deranged. Follow us on Facebrowser: @Faith and @Paulina [The Roommates' intro starts playing] [The two women talk through a video call, each in different rooms. They appear to be talking from their laptops.] [Faith talks with a monotone voice throughout the podcast.] [Paulina talks with a mix of an American English accent and a Spanish accent.] Paulina says: “Hello everyone~ Welcome back to Roommates!” Faith says: “And they were roommates!” Paulina says: “First of all… We want to thank everyone that watched or listened to our first episode! We weren’t expecting so many listeners on our first edition. The response has been so amazing and it motivates us to keep going with this!” Faith says: “Seriously, I want to thank everyone that has supported our podcast. The attention that it received has blown us away.” [Faith blinks, enabling Paulina to assert herself into the conversation.] Paulina says: “It was our first time doing something like this. We’ve received some comments about it being too chaotic… I honestly love that— But, I know it can be too much for some people. We’ll try making our best effort to talk about the topic but we’re two bitches with ADHD, we’ll try.” Faith says: “It’s the autism for me — not ADHD. We’re twice as much trouble together, that’s no doubt. In other news, during today’s podcast, we will be discussing a more sensitive topic — something that has personal meanin’ between the both of us.” Paulina says: “It kinda has a cold feel to it… Just like winter—” Faith says: “Speakin’ of which, I might have modeled for a Winter Collection. Have you ‘aerd of Freuler?”. Paulina says: “What is a Freuler, Faith? Tell me.” [Paulina side eyes Faith as she teases her. She fixes her hair behind her ear.] Faith says: “Paulina—I am so glad that you asked, girl! Because today’s sponsor is Freuler.” Faith says: “Freuler is a Swiss manufacturer and retailer of luxury watches, jewelry, and accessories. Widely regarded as one of the most prestigious jewelry manufacturers in the world—there’s no doubt that Freuler has stamped its mark within Los Santos’ fashion industry.” Paulina says: “I bet he stamped his mark in Los Santos and some other things too—” [Faith’s perception rolls as a reactionary force to Paulina’s allegation.] Faith says: “We've got ourselves a comedian over ‘ere. Why don’t you tell the audience more about today’s sponsor?” [Paulina talks mimicking advertisement-like tone of voice.] Paulina says: “Freuler is preparing their new Winter Collection. Featuring a wide variety of watches, and manufactured accessories. Make sure to check their online store at freuler.live as well as their Facebrowser to keep up with new product releases!” Faith says: “Yet another reminder, Freuler’s Winter Collection is coming soon to their store. We better see you at the next openin’, dears.” Paulina says: “After all this selling out, let’s move onto the topic of today’s episode. I think this is something most people will find interesting and relatable.” Faith says: “We’re goin’ to be discussin’ intergenerational trauma—and more importantly, intergenerational trauma as POC women.” Paulina says: “In other words, toxic parents… I think us two have had our fair share of experiences. I remember staying up until late and just being like… Oh my god! Same! whenever we were talking about this.” Faith says: “In the simplest words, intergenerational trauma is a concept developed to help explain the years of generational challenges within families. Paulina and I, in particular—we have dealt with our fair share of toxicity with our parents. More than enough to dedicate an entire podcast episode about it, even.” [Faith issues a singular depressing laugh into the podcasts’ microphone. Paulina laughs alongside Faith, being her usual optimist.] Paulina says: “We should take the 16 personalities test live. That would spark so much conversation about so many themes… But that’s an idea for another time! Going back to our topic, I do have a good relationship with my parents right now. But, I was a terrible teenager. I couldn’t care less about school and I brought around some terrible boys. I think I was that way just to make my parents mad because I felt I had to “stand my ground”... Whatever that means.” [Paulina does quotation marks with her fingers. She sighs.] Paulina says: “It was kind of a you treat me wrong, I treat you worse… You end up being caught in this terrible dynamic. Specially with my mom… My parents moved from Veracruz to San Diego to give my brother and I better opportunities in life and it was just a few years ago, when I graduated, that I was able to appreciate it. My brother and I were the only ones that spoke English so we had to help them sign documents and other stuff like at the doctor’s office. We felt like we were responsible for them, instead of the other way around… I guess that’s why I behaved like that when I was in my fourteens to sixteens.” Faith says: “It is an endless cycle—I had an opposite experience. You had to “stand your ground,” whereas I tried to perform an act as a perfect daughter. For context, I have not had contact with my biological mother, nor father since childhood. I was fortunate enough to be raised by my aunt. When you are rescued from an abuse household—anyone that has been in that situation recognizes that you would do anythin’ to appease your rescuers.” [Faith expresses a compassionate and understanding expression to the audience, conversing her parental struggles with Paulina.] Faith says: “Whether it be workin’ a part-time job, constantly babysittin’, parentification—I am grateful for the opportunities that my aunt blessed me with. I think that I will always view her as my mother, even. There has always been a part of me that has wanted a conventional, traditional family for these reasons—to amend these generational wounds that I experienced as an innocent child.” Paulina says: “That makes a lot of sense. I think when we grow up in households like this we are always wishing for something different. We had to grow through insecurity, instability, scarcity, constantly worrying about money… And often in these households, because of these issues, we are invalidated as people since we are the ones that have to provide in the future. You get what I mean?” Faith says: “Of course—I understand where you’re comin’ from entirely. Due to these upbringings that are unstable, I think it’s commonplace that children of emotionally unavailable parents develop substance abuse issues. It’s almost natural for a co-dependency to innately develop in their adulthood relationships—it’s unfortunate but without these nurturin’ resources, children are unable to build these necessary skill sets without parental guidance.” [Paulina nods and reassures Faith as she talks.] Paulina says: “This topic really frustrates me because you know it’s their traumas that are being imposed onto you. This came from their own parents and the way they were treated as children. In my household, mental health was never a topic that was taken seriously until my brother and I grew up. Not just in my household, but overall many latino households. There’s so much stigma with mental health and the older generations… I feel it’s because they don’t want to open any wounds they already healed— Badly, but healed.” Faith says: “And I am askin’ because I am curious—if you were given the opportunity to discuss mental health, do you think that it would’ve tied your family closer together? Do you believe that this instability would lessen, in your eyes?” [Paulina takes a few seconds for herself to reflect.] Paulina says: “Any time we tried to mention anything related to mental health, our parents would distance themselves. As if they suddenly didn’t understand what we were saying. Was it the same with your aunt?” Faith says: “When I was in preschool, I was still livin’ in Davis with my biological parents. They were reluctant in believin’ my teacher’s concerns related to my inability to play with the other children, and the fact that I would be unwilling to talk whatsoever. I was unable to have a voice with them, I think that sayin’ that they disregarded the importance of mental health would be an understatement.” [Faith’s perception averts downwards, with her entailing sentiment that indicates to the woman’s sorrows regarding the topic.] Faith says: “In many ways, I was figuratively and literally voiceless. It was not until I was rescued by my aunt that I acquired an autism diagnosis, and I could properly begin to transition into a sense of normalcy. It is not until someone— anyone in your family breaks those intergenerational trauma patterns that you as a child can begin healin’ alongside your family members.” Paulina says: “That’s something I’m very glad for. Our generation is more open to talk about these issues without sweeping them under the rug. And as time goes on, older people become aware of the importance of mental health and are willing to search for help without feeling judged by their peers. Here in the US, it’s even becoming the norm… to visit the psychologist. But on the other side of the Americas, it’s a completely different thing.” [Paulina remarks her last words with her voice.] Faith says: “Every person that we meet is either repeating a cycle of generational trauma—or carryin' the burden of breakin' cycles. It is unfortunate that in older generations, those that suffer from mental health-related issues are perceived as those that are the ‘black sheeps,’ in the household. Nowadays, it has started becomin’ the norm to seek psychiatric methods but within certain cultures and societies, it feels as if psychiatric treatments are viewed as a forbidden fruit—an objective myth of sorts.” Paulina says: “There’s another topic related to generational trauma that just— ANGERS me. The Machismo… Sexism. It’s the stereotypical situation where the men are outside, drinking beer or whatever and women are in the house taking care of it. Every time my parents invited people over, my mom and I would be the ones cleaning the house, setting the table, cleaning the dishes, asking guests if they wanted something to drink. While my brother and my dad would just be there enjoying themselves. I always asked myself why they didn’t help us with these tasks and whenever I was vocal about it my mom would just shush me and say that it’s the way it is.“ Faith says: “Machismo has inevitably affected the way that women are portrayed in society and has negatively impacted our access to healthcare—I wholeheartedly relate to your experience. Whereas my male cousins were allowed to act as regular children, I was expected to babysit, clean, cook—act as a mother figure to my older cousins, even. When you’re a woman, I think that you are perceived as an entity that develops quicker than the men in your household.” [Faith’s empathization radiates volumes during her verbalization, accompanied by her gesturing excessive hands in their wafting motions.] Faith says: “I, for example, prefer traditional feminine roles. I do not mind partakin’ in these tasks and bein’ the sole caregiver. The issue for me is that this responsibility is placed upon us, and we are not credited or thanked for our efforts. It is expected for us to act as a servant. We’re meant to be quiet, and not bashful about our efforts. That is, at least, how some household dynamics function.” Paulina says: “Not gonna lie, I thought you were going to say something very wrong at the start. But, I agree with you. I feel like people are born to be caretakers and some people like to be providers. I have had this issue with some of my relationships. They expected me to behave in some type of way, but I’m nothing close to that. I feel like I got that part of my generational trauma more than tamed.” [Paulina looks to the side and sighs. Her tone is serious.] Paulina says: “I still worry a lot over my future and providing for my family, though. I sometimes feel like I failed my parents because I didn’t go to uni. They moved miles away from our homeland for us to have a good education… In the US, what an irony. I am not working in an office making thousands, and I don’t see myself near one in the future.” Faith says: “There’s a guilt there, right? There’s that guilt when you have to witness your parents make these sacrifices and then you’re unable to live up to their standards. These standards, though—for some, they are unattainable. The fact that you’re providin’ for them right now says more than enough about you as a person, Paulina. You’ve always been able to put others first, too. Although intergenerational trauma causes these wounds to inflict, we would not be the people that we are today without these cultural ties.” [A sudden silence sets for a few seconds.] Paulina says: “Girl, you’re gonna get me teary eyed and all!” [The women laugh to alleviate tensions.] Faith says: “We ain’t cryin’ today, girl—we did our makeup for this!” Paulina says: “You’re right— Hot girls don’t cry. So, anyway, we got mail! Thank you so much to two anonymous listeners who left messages in our mailbox. If you want to leave us a message, you can send us a text at 160-606-24 or contact us through the Roommates Mailbox, link is in the description.” Faith says: “First up, we have our first mail inquiry. It says—” [Momentarily, Faith’s facial demeanor shifts into an evident expression relating to cringe. She’d mouth “What is this a reference to?” Paulina shrugs and shakes her head.] Faith says: “Ew—it’s someone flirtin’ with us! Anyways, they’re askin’ us—’Hello, I wanted to try a pickup line on your guys? Are you an ace bandage? Because I jus’ sprained my ass.’ Whatever that means!” Faith says: “Firstly—’your guys’. Secondly, I don’t get it, Paulina? What’s your thoughts on this? Who is that?” Paulina says: “I was expecting you to understand it. You’re the brains here!” Faith says: “Where is this from? 2012? But girl, don’t look at me—I am more lost than you are!” [The women laugh together. Paulina, still confused, resumes. In the meantime, Faith chortles due to Paulina’s bewilderment.] Paulina says: “We also have one voicemail… Let’s play it~” [Anonymous’ voice is devoid of emotion & monotone as they ask the question, it’d be; “Here comes the age old question. Would you rather talk like Yoda, or breathe like Darth Vader for the rest of your life?”] [Paulina laughs out of despair, still visibly confused. In opposition to Paulina’s reaction, Faith contingently emits an excessive chortle. Silence fills up the women’s rooms as they think about their answer wisely.] Faith says: “Easy answer for me—Already speak like Yoda, I do.” [Faith’s laughter beacons as her corny one-liner announces itself to the audience.] Paulina says: “Oh my god, I hate you.” Faith says: “Besides, it’s jus’ a trait that’ll either make you seem extremely wise or deluded dependin’ on the person that you’re speakin’ with!” Paulina says: “I can’t choose, both options are annoying as fuck—” Faith says: “Guess you can relate to the options—Jus’ kiddin’!” [Both women laugh.] Paulina says: “I might have to go with breathing like Vader. I can’t see myself speaking like Yoda at all— I might aswell sound as if I inhaled 50 packs of cigs every night.” [Faith issues a supportive laugh in response to Paulina’s jester. Afterwards, her words murmur a finalizing statement for the podcast.] Faith says: “As for our audience, I have a question for y’all. What are your experiences with intergenerational trauma? And what advice would you give to someone that is in the same boat as your own?” Paulina says: “If you’ve got suggestions about what we should talk about next, make sure to leave us a message through the mailbox! Thank you so much for listening to our beautiful voices if you’re hearing this~ and seeing our beautiful faces if you’re watching this. We’ll invite you again to our home soon! Until next time, dears~ Faith says: “Until next time, dears! You best come back to us, otherwise, the intergenerational trauma monster will come for you durin’ the night!” [The women set foot outside of their house after hibernation. The duo advertise the podcast by wearing Velma and Daphne outfits, promoting the show to local whiteknights, and geeks alike. This begs the question; ‘Where the Scooby Snacks at?’] (( @Sammy @Ale ))
  11. FACEBROWSER FRENZY | Roommates 1x01 Welcome to Roommates, a podcast about two friends who are totally deranged. Follow us on Facebrowser: @Faith and @Paulina [The Roommates' intro starts playing] [The two women talk through a video call, each in different rooms. They appear to be talking from their laptops.] [Faith talks with a monotone voice throughout the podcast.] [Paulina talks with a mix of an American English accent and a Spanish accent.] Faith says: “Okay— God, it’s so depressin’ outside— Good morning!” Paulina says: “Who are we?” [Paulina asks with a sultry voice.] Faith says: “We’re roommates!” Paulina says: “No, as in… Who are you?” Faith says: “Oh, I’m the rodent inspector, Faith LaBelle.” [Faith laughs.] Paulina says: “And I’m the three times chancla throwing champion, Paulina Martínez” Both say: “And we’re roommates!” Faith says: “Oh my God, they were roommates!” [Both laugh.] Paulina says: “And what are we doing here?” Faith says: “We’re trying to survive through these internet connection difficulties— And, we’re also here to introduce our podcast!” Paulina says: “Not gonna lie, I’m just here to see if we actually make money from this. We’re in our sellout era.” Faith says: “Yes— our sellout era. Followed by our Doctor Kim era.” Paulina says: “We wanna pay for some triple D’s and a BBL with this podcast. Make sure to support us to make it happen. Doctor Kim, call us.” Faith says: “Girl, you’re playin’ too much! But if you do want to reach out to Paulina, Doctor Kim— She’s always available through ‘Browser.” Paulina says: “Speaking of sellouts, Faith knows lots about the topic. Especially since this episode’s sponsor is Diversify!” Faith says: “Diversify, Paulina? What’s a Diversify?” Paulina says: “Diversify is an independent Los Santos-based alternative fashion, culture and arts magazine. Empowering the alternative, opinionated and otherly people living in Los Santos.” Faith says: “Now that you mention it, I recall seein’ their recent volume release through ‘Browser— And, they’re also openin’ their headquarters in Rockford, too.” Paulina says: “Make sure to check out Diversify’s latest release and like their page on Facebrowser to keep up with all things Diversify!” Paulina says: “Following with today's episode, we are diving into the wonderful world of Toxicity. Who hasn’t been toxic at least once in their life?” Faith says: “And we’re includin’ the themes of the social media networkin’ site known as ‘Browser, and the modellin’ industry as core themes rooted in toxicity.” Paulina says: “Social media networking site is a big title for a place like Facebrowser.” [Paulina laughs.] Faith says: “Yeah, ‘Browser crashes more than Count Von Count counts.” [Faith laughs.] Paulina sings: “The one-one-one-one one one cunt.” Faith says: “Not you referencin’ Azealia Banks on the podcast. Are you wanting for us to have an immediate cancellation?” [Faith blinks.] Paulina says: “By the way, which was album of the year for you?” Faith says: “Hannah Montana 3, the live action soundtrack. You’re really gettin’ flavor and spice, the best of both worlds, as some would say.” [Faith states sarcastically.] Paulina sings: “I CAN BUY MYSELF FLOWERRRRS—” Faith says: “Okay, Bruno Mars! Sing it out loud, girl—” Paulina sings: “WRITE MY NAME IN THE SAAAAAND—” Faith says: “Now send us away to our next topic!” Paulina says: “Yes, so... Recently I feel like everyone has noticed a drop in Facebrowser… It isn’t the same as it was, let’s say, a year ago.” Faith says: “Mhm— I mus’ agree. In recent days, ‘Browser as a platform has transformed into an even more so hostile environment. It has almost transformed into a breedin’ ground for hatred.” Paulina says: “We need the confession pages back. Where did those go! How am I supposed to flirt with my crushes if I can’t no longer make people cringe through a weird ass confession page?” Faith says: “Trus’ me, Paulina. Those confessional pages are such a relic of the past but in a sense—they brought positivity into the platform itself, somethin’ that we are missin’ in its current state. We want authentic positivity, even if cringe. Not some fabricated, toxic positivity.” Paulina says: “Facebrowser is such a sensible place for everyone. It toys with our self-image, our feelings of satisfaction, our perspective of people… How can the number of likes in a picture make us feel as if we’re less loved, less valuable than others or even make us feel lonely?” Faith says: “Truthfully, I mus’ admit that it has toyed with my self-image in the past, too. With a particular background, thoughts may blossom— Paranoid thoughts. You see these negative statuses and you begin to wonder if it is associated to you, whether you’re comin’ across a particular way, whether you’re unworthy.” [Faith pauses.] Faith says: “When I first started postin’ on ‘Browser, I recall seein’ the lack of likes I would receive, and I felt pressured to present myself in a particular way. I felt peer pressured to follow the curve, and to show more skin, too. As embarrassin’ as that is to admit, it is my authentic reality.” Paulina says: “Oh, yes. It kinda feels like you gotta show half a titty to get the attention at times. There’s like this… standard, model, way to get attention, that’s expected… I think that is the most damaging. I, myself, like to show a little skin, be a little cheeky… But, you on the other part, I feel like you’re more reserved, and you can feel pressured to show a little bit of tit. But, as I've always told you, you shouldn't be pressured to do it if you don't want to.” Faith says: “In person, I am more reserved. I can come across as ignorant or dismissive to others—Which I mus’ admit, I am not the best with first impressions, especially as someone on the spectrum, in general.” Paulina says: “BY THE WAY, we’re not saying it is BAD to show skin on Facebrowser. You do you, kings and queens. If you’re comfortable with it, you go. We’re mainly targeting the feelings of pressure these social media put on ourselves and the way we present." Faith says: “With these Browser’ images, I felt as if I had to play into the male lens to receive attention. Of course, we all have certain ways that we prefer to present ourselves. There is nothin’ wrong with showin’ a little bit of skin, I meant more so the pressure that we feel as women to follow the curve to appease the masses. Los Santos has exceptional beauty standards. Some that are simply unrealistic to uphold.” Paulina says: “Men are pressured too. Ironically, I feel they’re pressured by other men to put this “sucessful, got a lot of bitches and smoke cigars” type of image. Reminds me a lot of that incel, Andrew Tate." Faith says: “Yeah… We’ve all noticed the generic masculine stereotype across the platform. But listen, I will even be the first to admit that I prefer a dominant man. But that said, I am not the type of woman that is drawn to toxic masculinity, nor am I attracted to someone that finds callin’ women slurs to be masculinatin’...” Paulina says: “I also love dominant men, but I feel like there’s a big difference between being a dominant man and toxic masculinity. Between being dominant partner, that sets the rhythm, and being toxic.” Faith says: “That’s a clear differentiation between the natural presentation of masculinity and femininity, and then there’s the associated toxicity that some present—I have a question for you, though.” [Faith pauses.] Faith says: “Ms. Paulina, What type of toxicity have you noticed on ‘Browser, in particular? What would you change about the site? Other than the lag issues, clearly.” [Paulina pauses.] Paulina says: “I feel like there’s been more homophobic and transphobic comments lately. I have seen a lot more people from the LGBT community joining the site, so I’m guessing all the 'phobic rats are emerging from the sewers and talking trash. It reminds me a lot of when slutty pics started to be posted in Facebrowser, a lot of people started shaming women who posted those. Now it’s kind of the norm as we said, so I have hope those transphobes go away at some point.” Faith says: “Although we arose a conversational point earlier about dressin’ a specific way to fit into the curve, slutshamin’ and bein’ transphobic, and hateful is jus’ besides the point. Whenever a community has been built through ‘Browser, there’s almost a constant misdirected hatred, wherein they’re tryin’ to drag these people down to their level—I often to wonder if these people are aware that they’re bein’ hypocrites.” Paulina says: “There are some communities that can’t shake the haters off!” Faith says: “Sing it, Taylor Swift!” [Faith intentionally coughs.] Paulina says: “You are more experienced than me but— Being a model heavily relies of Facebrowser. I feel like that community, that industry, has developed into a wild jungle divided into closed groups.” Faith says: “It is easier to judge someone for bein’ apart of these particular groups from an outsider perspective. A particular agency might have its benefits—the cons may outweigh its benefits for the next person. The modellin’ industry attracts a peculiar type of person— to the point where the lackluster ethics in the industry is behind the reason that I was a freelance model for a year… You are right about the various divided groups, though. What is even more strange is that to my knowledge— they’re unwillin’ to work with each other for obvious reasons. In different areas around the world… You have these agencies, brands, and managers workin’ alongside each other to benefit the client and the overall image of the fashion industry.” [Faith nervously laughs.] Faith says: “But in Los Santos’ modellin’ industry, it is an entirely different scale, and story.” Paulina says: “I feel like in Los Santos, the modelling agencies… Modelling industry… Call it whatever— Are very focused on themselves? There’s no clear stablished work flow between businesses. Some play monopoly, and others like to develop their services in house. But, it doesn’t give businesses that the modelling industry would provide services for any clarity." [Paulina pauses.] Paulina says: "For example, agencies should be closing deals with clothing stores or brands to put their models in their product shoots. But, from what you’ve told me whenever we’ve talked about this, this is not the case at all.” Faith says: “In my experience, I have technically performed activities that are required by managers, and agencies. You might’ve noticed my latest campaigns, Freuler, Anna Rex—the others, too. Those campaigns were booked through me, as a single person. Outside of the experience that I have gained as a model, I am unsure if these models still remain underneath the industry’s monopoly illusion. Perhaps they cannot acquire campaigns themselves independently due to the expectation of the agency doin’ that for them. Basically, as a model in Los Santos… You have to learn skillsets beyond what people perceive as a model’s regular duties in the industry to even be slightly recognized.” [Faith momentarily exhales.] Faith says: “I mean, there’ll be occasions where a particular brand reaches out to your agency, and then a few models are chosen to represent the brand… But if you’re one of the models that are constantly looked over despite your potential, there’s an obvious discomfort and disconnect from your agency that develops. You begin to question yourself as a model, and even sometimes, as a person.” Paulina says: “Well, in that case I think the options are clear. You can either stay with the agency praying you get a call for a job, or you can leave for another agency or self-manage. There’s like… two modelling agencies in Los Santos. Actually, I don’t even think these businesses hiring so many models and keeping them in their rooster for their own works know that they’re just gatekeeping the industry. That’s from my point of view. You’re just collecting models… paying them a monthly salary but you’re not positioning them anywhere apart from your own products." [Paulina makes a stop.] Paulina says: “I might sound as if I’m biased and hyping my bestie up, but I think you’re the most known model in the business right now. Like, you’ve participated in so many projects in the last year in comparison to others.” Faith says: “There’s two modellin’ agencies in Los Santos and with modellin’ agencies, there are bound to be negatives, and positives.” [An abrupt halt occurs in Faith’s speech.] Faith says: “Actually, I have never publicly announced my reasonin’ for signin’ to Prestige again as a model but it is to do with reclaimin’ my time, and my efforts related to the brand. Although Prestige has its current reputation—I have never been the type of person that is interested in monetary gain. For me, self-expression is important, and although Prestige’s contracts have been known to be restrictive… The decision was simple for me as it enabled self-expression to occur. It allows for further creative opportunities to blossom, simply put. That said, I’ll say that there has been a push towards ethical conduct adherence since last year, to the point where I am beginnin’ to have faith in the modellin’ industry yet again.” Paulina says: “You have faith? Faith has faith? I’m so funny— Hahaha!” [Paulina sarcastically laughs.] Faith says: “Pun intended, girl. Not the first time I’ve heard that classic!” [Faith intentionally laughs, directing, and emitting a sarcastic deadpan expression to the laptop camera lens.] Paulina says: “Faith has faith is your version of my What if I want you to bite?. Every time I see that one phrase in my DMs I’m like…” [Paulina rolls her eyes at the camera. She chews fake gum.] Faith says: “Paulina, I’ll remind you of our Wifi password later. Jus’ so that you can remember it when you come ove—” [Paulina chortles.] Faith says: “Also, I am still not over you givin’ that man my phone number— Now that was the ultimate betrayal, I thought that the serial killer had gotten my number!” Paulina says: “Girl, I’m so sorry I did that. My problematic era— I should’ve asked first." [Both women laugh.] Paulina says: "To give everyone some context— I had this man in my DMs… I don’t know if you can relate to this, but can you feel when a guy is gonna be weird from the first text?” Faith says: “As a woman, I think that we both have that skillset, Paulina” Paulina says: “We should write it down in our curriculums at this point. Anyway— This guy just sent me some random letters and he was like…" [Paulina talks with a deeper Giga Chad voice] Paulina says: “Save that. That’s my wifi password so you don’t have to ask me when you come around." Faith says: “And you turned that absolute Chad down, Paulina? How dare you?” [Faith imitates Greta Thunberg’s voice.] Paulina says: “I just wanted to sleep, okay? It was like 3AM… He then started to say cringe shit like—" [Paulina does the Giga Chad voice] Paulina says: "Yeah, sleep with me, We can share my bed... I just wanna sleep, man. Leave me alone, I’m clearly not interested. Know your battles.” Faith says: “Listen, sir… Whoever you are, although your time was cut short, and clearly was iconic in a way— You’re no Mr. Sandman. We need a real man to hit Paulina up immediately!” Paulina says: “No biting references, please. Maybe we can talk about DMs in another episode— As for this one, we're almost close to the hour, our time's up.” Faith says: “Say it ain’t so, Paulina! But I’m sure that the audience wants more from us, and maybe they even want to send us topic suggestions for the podcast, too?” [Faith momentarily perches her index finger against her chin.] Paulina says: “If you’ve got suggestions about what we should talk about next, make sure to contact us through our DMs in Facebrowser. Thank you so much for listening to our beautiful voices if you’re hearing this~ and seeing our beautiful faces if you’re watching this. We’ll invite you again to our home soon! Hopefully we get actual equipment. Although, I do like the laptop camera concept.” [Paulina snickers.] Faith says: “But the laptop camera concept is DIY—It’s adorable. Jus’ like our listeners! But until next time, dears…” [Unfortunately, the Roommates Podcast cash didn't arrive on time. But fortunately, the bus did. The two women photogenically rode the bus to promote the show.] (( @Sammy @Ale ))
  12. NEWS • Entertainment Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • May 28th, 2022 - 7:00AM The rise and rise of the Dead End Brigade Art, Ben, and Jojo from the Dead End Brigade talk with the Daily about their new song, the process behind making it, their influences, as well as possible plans for the future. The Dead End Brigade, live at Stooges. Art on bass and vocals (left), Ben on drums (middle) and Jojo on guitar (right). - Courtesy of Art from the Dead End Brigade. The Dead End Brigade, one of Los Santos' fastest rising indie punk bands, has been making waves in the national punk scene as of recent. A few months back they concluded their tour to New York City and are now discussing plans for a possible future tour. Within Los Santos, they're often booked for grunge-themed bars such as Six Rounds and, prior to their accidental fire, Stooges. However, they've also been known to play venues in West Vinewood such as the Split Sides comedy-club. Art, the lead singer for the band, and Ben, the drummer, joined the Daily News for an exclusive interview. Mags, the bassist, could not attend the interview due to scheduling conflicts Jojo, the guitarist, took part in a one-on-one interview at a later time. "Me and Ben been tryna do something for a minute, we known each other for a long time and a couple years ago we started Dead End Brigade, it took a little minute before it started taking off though." Art shared with the Daily's Yunisa Delgadlo-Flores. "I'd say we started gaining some traction like half a year ago?" Ben also recounts one of their first gigs. "Round new years. We played that one show for an MC then went silent for a bit. Then that's when we started picking it back up, yeah." Like many other bands' beginnings, it wasn't instant success. Art briefly touched on their experience performing at one of Los Santos' many night clubs. "It was just a failure. Wasn't the venue for us. Happens though." "I met them after I caught up on their music— plus, they had been playing at the Community Center here in Vespucci." Jojo tells the Daily on how she came to be in the band. "I been playing myself for a while but I never could find a band to play in, DEB was looking for new members and I gladly joined up. And that's how the ship started to sail, dude. "I started playing guitar when I was fourteen. I was really frustrated with the whole system and what not, being stuck in a strict family or work for some a--holes." Jojo shared, telling the Daily how she used music as an escape from an oppressive household. "I have four brothers and three sisters, three of my brothers are incarcerated— my sisters are all doing whatever they are doing. Politics, doctors, you name, the whole sha-bang. I graduated in becoming a lawyer myself believe it or not, but I just don't like being stuck to something— you know? "I don't like work for some a--hole in a suit that tells me what I can and can't do." The band's style is varied, taking inspiration from a bunch of different sources. As Art described, "All our songs kinda sound different from one another too." This rings especially true when Art's solo career is taken account, where Art's much mellower solo performances contrasts heavily with the raging rock rampant at a Dead End Brigade show. The Dead End Brigade, live at Six Rounds. - Yunisa Delgado Flores. 22nd May 2022, 00:10AM, The energy behind the Dead End Brigade's live performances can be summed up as loud, violent and thrilling. The music shakes the walls, the vocals screech through the speakers, and the crowd can cause an earthquake. As is common in punk, the mosh pits are frequent at their concerts. "Yeah, I know people ain't really listening at our shows, they just wanna go crazy and have some fun.", Art tells the Daily. "We try to give them that." "I kinda envy it.", adds Ben. "We should write a song with no drums so I can go mosh for a couple minutes" The band just released their new song titled Taking the Cure. Art and Ben shares their process in creating the track and the rest of their songs. "I was just sitting in the studio and, again, the lyrics just kinda come." Art told the Daily. "I just have to work out a melody that fit em. It's usually me and Ben locked in a room and working something out. He work magic on the drums. "Sometimes it go in that order, other times it's the other way around" When asked about any future plans for tours, the noted their large fan-base over in Brazil. Ben immediately suggesting that they go to Brazil, to which Art said their next tour will be kept in the US. "Yeah, yeah, definitely gonna get a summer tour booked." Art shared. "We got some comments about Brazil but we probably gonna keep the next tour in the US, too." "I love those peeps out in Brazil, they got a whole different scene going on there" Joey talked about her experience with international fans. "We've have fans all over. Brazil, Europe, even f---ing Asia— like, Japan and all that. "We're also thinking to do a more international tour someday, but for now? We stick in the US. And I mean like— The UK, Europe, Asia, you name it, dude." Their next live performance is scheduled to be at the Six Rounds bar in Vespucci on the 3rd of June. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  13. Interview with CEO of Magnolia Records Valerio Giordano BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Valerio Giordano performing (Source: Facebrowser) As Los Santos progresses as a city and the economy grows, industries are expanding and offer plenty of opportunities for the citizens; in particular, the music industry has been vastly growing and many artists are on the rise - people who bring a completely new experience and energy to the nightlife and the clubbing scene in the city. Entertaining a wide audience and lighting up the stage isn’t an easy task to pursue, and many creators lack the means to ignite that spark into a flame. By far, the most successful company for providing a working environment for future procedures, DJs and people looking to pursue a career in the music industry is Magnolia Records. They provide a mixture of Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop. After reaching out to Magnolia Records, we got in touch with their CEO; Valerio Giordano. A 22-year-old enthused man who keeps climbing up the ladder of success, with the ambition to get to the very top of the scene. He comes from Italy, Naples and has chased his dream of becoming a successful DJ, a dream that has now manifested into a reality, thanks to the many opportunities that LS provides him with. We were invited to Magnolia Records’ HQ, where we met with Valerio Giordano for this exclusive interview. Mr. Giordano greeted us with a stylish figure; he dressed casually and his demeanor was serene. He was very hospitable, welcoming and overall, radiated with positive and sincere energy. We chose the HQ because it felt like home for Valerio; a place where he could truly open up and be sincere with the audience - and of course, it was far from prying ears. After getting us cups of steaming coffee, we sat down in the lounge area and we were set to start. For this interview, our journalist will be referring to herself as VA and Mr. Giordano as VG. - VA: I personally don't know a lot about you, nor Magnolia Records -, and some of our viewers will relate. Can you introduce yourself, tell us something about yourself, and how did you find yourself in the spot of CEO of the company? VG: I'm Valerio, born and raised in Naples. And I got to this position by pure luck and dedication, I suppose. The last CEO, Daniel Jones, thought I'd be the right person to take Magnolia Records to a new level; which we're still working on. VA: Naples is a beautiful city. Let's go back to it. What was life for you back there? VG: Let's say it has its good sides and bad sides, just like Los Santos. Naples is beautiful, the people and the city itself. Just a whole different vibe down there in general. And the food? Don't get me started. But like LS, the crime was quite picking up. To the point where the nightlife ended up being affected harshly by it. LS ended up having more opportunities, so I figured why not give this city a shot. And here we are. VA: When you left the city, did that affect you in any way? Did it make you question whether you wish to pursue this career or drop it completely? VG: Like I mentioned, the nightlife got affected by certain groups of people. The usual who's got the bigger comparison type of thing. To the point where trouble was expected at each booking. That took the fun out of it for me. Luckily, I had saved up enough dough to even consider moving at all, and I knew people here in LS. One thing to another, I ended up hopping on a plane. Only downside of having moved here is that my family and some friends are still back there in Naples. Oh yeah, and the food. What I wouldn't do for a proper old school pasta. VA: Pasta is my favorite dish. I know what you're missing, trust me. Did you encounter any hardships when you moved to LS? After all, the stage is quite huge here and the standards are very high in your industry. VG: I'd kill for a good pasta alla Genovese. But yeah, new city means you're starting from scratch again. But I knew some people here, so luckily I got to pull some strings to snatch me some bookings to kick off with. Big ups to Wave Entertainment for that. My first gig ever in LS was less than a week after touching down at Dungeon Crawler. Quite stacked too. VA: Started from the scratch, and here you are now. CEO of Magnolia Records. I like the confidence you exude. You're someone that has performed in all of the clubs in the city and you've got amazing reviews. Do you think that Los Santos' nightlife and the scene is a healthy and safe atmosphere? VG: I wouldn't say all the clubs. I'm specific when it comes to accepting bookings, if I dig the place, I'll take it. Safe and healthy. The only complaints I have is the lack of cooperation between the owners slash managers of the clubs. All fun and all that there's plenty of places around, but double opening on each other is bad for business. That's something that should be improved on, and that's not just my opinion. Lotta people in my line of work share that. VA: Lack of cooperation? I think I'd rather call it competition. There's so many DJs in LS, all of them putting effort into their work. Is there a lot of competition between you all and in your opinion, what puts you ahead of them? VG: Sure, it forms some type of competition. But at the end of the day, you're still running a business, so you're basically rolling the dice on coming out the victor or not. That's just my business perspective on the whole thing. And the key to success, to standing out, is having a good personality. Sure, you can play bangers all day, but if you're just an empty shell, you might as well be an industry plant. People show up for you, and the stuff you bring. Some people got that package, some didn't. I don't say I'm better than others. I don't say I'm worse. I'm me, people book me. And I'm happy that they do. And you mentioned there being a lot of DJs, let's just say a lot of people fall in category three. VA: How do playing music here, at the HQ, and presenting it in the club compare and relate? What can be achieved through them, respectively, and what do you personally draw from both? VG: I personally put DJs into three categories. One, the players. The ones that stick to playing songs that already exist, remix them if needed. Two, the producers. The ones producing songs from scratch. Three, the fakers. Like the name makes it obvious, the ones downloading a mix from somewhere and hitting play. Not gonna name drop, but there's quite a few like that out here in the city. I see myself in category one. I barely find myself in the studio here, unless I'm remixing. Here it's more a structured, layer-by-layer type of thing, where in the club I'm just genuinely winging it, stepping into a booking with a general theme in mind, and just playing what I feel like is gonna fit. Winging it can cause some small hiccups here and there, like transitioning. That's a good reality check for me, keeping me sharp. VA: Improvising and adapting to the scene is important. And bringing a good atmosphere to the audience is all that matters. How would you describe the relationship between your choices and goals as a DJ and the expectations, desires and feedback of the audience? How does this relationship manifest itself during a performance and how do you concretely tap into it? VG: First off, the thing that keeps me enjoying this type of work is the fact I get to see people vibe to the stuff I play. So the people are on one. I usually tend to take requests too, not at every gig, but most I do. And based off the bookings coming in for myself and the other people under Magnolia Records, I must say we're doing quite well. VA: Would you say your motivation to pursue a career is a healthy mixture of creating memorable nights for the audience and growth in the industry? Or does it lean towards a specific motive? VG: Let me put it this way. I don't care about 'fame', benefits, and all that of this type of work. All I care about is giving people a fun night out. That goes smoothly? I'm satisfied. Although let's not forget it's my bread and butter, so money's second. VA: Your approach to this question is humble. It's rare that people are in it for the audience first. What advice would you give DJs, producers and anyone who's trying to get started in this industry? VG: Be yourself to get there. And don't trust everyone you come across with. Not everyone's got your best interests in mind when doing business with you. VA: Words to live by. Being yourself is key to succeeding. Let's move on from work ethics and business. Who is Valerio Giordano when he is not behind the mixer. How does he separate his personal life from work, what is he passionate about? How do his friends describe him? VG: Well, as you might have noticed, I'm passionate for good food. Hard to not be working in some type of way in my position, but usually it's just hanging out with friends, hit the gym. The usual stuff. And the last question - you’re better off asking the others. VA: Let’s talk about your relationships. Are you currently seeing someone or is your attention completely focused on the scene? VG: One thing I noticed quite quickly is how this city is like when it comes to finding people like that. Lots of cheating, and I'm not gonna put myself through that yet again. Means I'm not seeing someone at the mo', but it'll come. Eventually. Matter of finding the right person that isn't boutta play with your feelings VA: I take it you've already had your first disappointment in the city? VG: I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one out of respect to her. VA: So, one last question before we conclude. What should the audience know Valerio Giordano as? VG: I want to be known as me, just me. Not that DJ playing those sick tunes at the club, not that CEO of Magnolia Records. Me, as a person. Passionate and real. - The interview came to an end, and before we exchanged farewells, Mr. Giordano invited us to see one of his future gigs, which we surely will. It was thrilling and quite exciting to be able to speak so freely with Mr. Giordano, who just emits positive energy all around him. It was an interview that was an utmost pleasure to take; getting to know young and ambitious figures on the market is always an exhilarating experience, since we can always draw inspiration from it. Not only is he a professional in what he does, but he's a sincere, genuine and unbiased man. I’m certain that our readers will enjoy an up-close, personal and exclusive interview with a rising star. Do you think Magnolia Records will keep holding the lead in this industry, or will competition get to them? What are your experiences in clubs when Valerio Giordano was behind the mixer? Let us know in the comment section, we’d love to read your responses! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  14. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were able to produce handmade meals for business men and women within the upper-class area of Vinewood Boulevard, however, this was again a short-lived run due to financial difficulties. Today, The Pink Sandwich has been rebranded and reformed as not only a popular sandwich lounge, but also a nightclub by a couple of friends with expertise in both management and interior design. This article serves as an informative page where people are able to follow the success of the company and find out more about what it has to offer, hope you enjoy the journey and we look forward to sharing more! Daytime Menus Contact Us Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @CrisisGG and @scarlyfox )) Social Page | Station
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    Hello, Is there anyone out there following WWE, or is keeping themselves updated on what's going on? Please refrain from bashing on wrestling in this thread. Yes, we know it's "fake" (we want to call it scripted, sounds better). What makes WWE fun to watch is the storylines, humour, promos, nostalgia and music. It's basically a neverending story, or multiple such rather — it's an infinite movie. I used to watch WWE back when I was young in 2003-2007 or so. A year ago I started watching it again though, and I still think it has the charm it had back then. Just some changes here and there. Yes, less blood and less bad words. Although the quality of the shows and the engineering is superb these days. Anywho! If someone's interested in WWE, let's ignite a discussion here. :) No Roman Reign fans allowed!
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    Homicidal Records

    Homicidal records is a new movement for the Los Santos music scene and entertainment industry. Based in Vespucci this independent record label has accomplished much in its short existence by hiring new upcoming artists from the city. Homicidal Records has an electrifying roster of artists that stand out among any other artists in the city and the country. We're known for being diverse in our city with modern American Hip-Hop and R&B. Every single artist, producer, engineer and employee under our label have distinct talent that brings uniqueness to Homicidal Records and Los Santos. We pride our self on working with the best talent in the city. Together we are creating the newest movement for the CULTURE. ARTISTS One of the newest and hottest artists in the city, "GOLDIE" @Yavina Upcoming rapper, "BANGA" @TwinGlockz Award winning producer and songwriter, "EddieOnThaBeat" Contact Information
  17. CLICK HERE --- The Secret Angels Online Platform --- CLICK HERE
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    Short description: Play singleplayer's/online's mini-games in the server Detailed description: When you go into a bar or club it's always nice to have a drink, talk and of course play games with your buddies. Currently you can role-play games with /me and animations but I always think, as with everything in the server, it'd be ten times more interesting if scripted in. Currently there are mini-games such as darts, golfing, pool, arm wrestling and I believe more in single-player and online, we could have these placed in business interiors. It'd be hard to script the co-ordinates but I think it may be possible (not sure as I don't script myself). Commands to add: /armwrestle /darts /golf /pool (and any other mini-games) Items to add: Perhaps a property admin or business owner could place mini-games around items in their business interior such as tables, pool tables, dart boards...etc. How would your suggestion improve the server? This would add a visual and physical element to the role-play, as well as actual competition that I believe would invite more people into business premises. Players could even use it as a way to bet, gamble and earn or lose money. And of course take screenshots for the forums! Additional information: People often come into bars and clubs for a drink and a chat and then leave, it's a bit boring when you can't physically eat food or drink from OUT of a game world (sorry Norrig ) but games can provide a real life sense of competition (you know that feeling you get when you're playing a game and you're winning, or losing - virtual or real). This would spice it up big time!
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