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Found 8 results

  1. Interview with CEO of Magnolia Records Valerio Giordano BY VALERIA ANDREEVA Valerio Giordano performing (Source: Facebrowser) As Los Santos progresses as a city and the economy grows, industries are expanding and offer plenty of opportunities for the citizens; in particular, the music industry has been vastly growing and many artists are on the rise - people who bring a completely new experience and energy to the nightlife and the clubbing scene in the city. Entertaining a wide audience and lighting up the stage isn’t an easy task to pursue, and many creators lack the means to ignite that spark into a flame. By far, the most successful company for providing a working environment for future procedures, DJs and people looking to pursue a career in the music industry is Magnolia Records. They provide a mixture of Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop. After reaching out to Magnolia Records, we got in touch with their CEO; Valerio Giordano. A 22-year-old enthused man who keeps climbing up the ladder of success, with the ambition to get to the very top of the scene. He comes from Italy, Naples and has chased his dream of becoming a successful DJ, a dream that has now manifested into a reality, thanks to the many opportunities that LS provides him with. We were invited to Magnolia Records’ HQ, where we met with Valerio Giordano for this exclusive interview. Mr. Giordano greeted us with a stylish figure; he dressed casually and his demeanor was serene. He was very hospitable, welcoming and overall, radiated with positive and sincere energy. We chose the HQ because it felt like home for Valerio; a place where he could truly open up and be sincere with the audience - and of course, it was far from prying ears. After getting us cups of steaming coffee, we sat down in the lounge area and we were set to start. For this interview, our journalist will be referring to herself as VA and Mr. Giordano as VG. - VA: I personally don't know a lot about you, nor Magnolia Records -, and some of our viewers will relate. Can you introduce yourself, tell us something about yourself, and how did you find yourself in the spot of CEO of the company? VG: I'm Valerio, born and raised in Naples. And I got to this position by pure luck and dedication, I suppose. The last CEO, Daniel Jones, thought I'd be the right person to take Magnolia Records to a new level; which we're still working on. VA: Naples is a beautiful city. Let's go back to it. What was life for you back there? VG: Let's say it has its good sides and bad sides, just like Los Santos. Naples is beautiful, the people and the city itself. Just a whole different vibe down there in general. And the food? Don't get me started. But like LS, the crime was quite picking up. To the point where the nightlife ended up being affected harshly by it. LS ended up having more opportunities, so I figured why not give this city a shot. And here we are. VA: When you left the city, did that affect you in any way? Did it make you question whether you wish to pursue this career or drop it completely? VG: Like I mentioned, the nightlife got affected by certain groups of people. The usual who's got the bigger comparison type of thing. To the point where trouble was expected at each booking. That took the fun out of it for me. Luckily, I had saved up enough dough to even consider moving at all, and I knew people here in LS. One thing to another, I ended up hopping on a plane. Only downside of having moved here is that my family and some friends are still back there in Naples. Oh yeah, and the food. What I wouldn't do for a proper old school pasta. VA: Pasta is my favorite dish. I know what you're missing, trust me. Did you encounter any hardships when you moved to LS? After all, the stage is quite huge here and the standards are very high in your industry. VG: I'd kill for a good pasta alla Genovese. But yeah, new city means you're starting from scratch again. But I knew some people here, so luckily I got to pull some strings to snatch me some bookings to kick off with. Big ups to Wave Entertainment for that. My first gig ever in LS was less than a week after touching down at Dungeon Crawler. Quite stacked too. VA: Started from the scratch, and here you are now. CEO of Magnolia Records. I like the confidence you exude. You're someone that has performed in all of the clubs in the city and you've got amazing reviews. Do you think that Los Santos' nightlife and the scene is a healthy and safe atmosphere? VG: I wouldn't say all the clubs. I'm specific when it comes to accepting bookings, if I dig the place, I'll take it. Safe and healthy. The only complaints I have is the lack of cooperation between the owners slash managers of the clubs. All fun and all that there's plenty of places around, but double opening on each other is bad for business. That's something that should be improved on, and that's not just my opinion. Lotta people in my line of work share that. VA: Lack of cooperation? I think I'd rather call it competition. There's so many DJs in LS, all of them putting effort into their work. Is there a lot of competition between you all and in your opinion, what puts you ahead of them? VG: Sure, it forms some type of competition. But at the end of the day, you're still running a business, so you're basically rolling the dice on coming out the victor or not. That's just my business perspective on the whole thing. And the key to success, to standing out, is having a good personality. Sure, you can play bangers all day, but if you're just an empty shell, you might as well be an industry plant. People show up for you, and the stuff you bring. Some people got that package, some didn't. I don't say I'm better than others. I don't say I'm worse. I'm me, people book me. And I'm happy that they do. And you mentioned there being a lot of DJs, let's just say a lot of people fall in category three. VA: How do playing music here, at the HQ, and presenting it in the club compare and relate? What can be achieved through them, respectively, and what do you personally draw from both? VG: I personally put DJs into three categories. One, the players. The ones that stick to playing songs that already exist, remix them if needed. Two, the producers. The ones producing songs from scratch. Three, the fakers. Like the name makes it obvious, the ones downloading a mix from somewhere and hitting play. Not gonna name drop, but there's quite a few like that out here in the city. I see myself in category one. I barely find myself in the studio here, unless I'm remixing. Here it's more a structured, layer-by-layer type of thing, where in the club I'm just genuinely winging it, stepping into a booking with a general theme in mind, and just playing what I feel like is gonna fit. Winging it can cause some small hiccups here and there, like transitioning. That's a good reality check for me, keeping me sharp. VA: Improvising and adapting to the scene is important. And bringing a good atmosphere to the audience is all that matters. How would you describe the relationship between your choices and goals as a DJ and the expectations, desires and feedback of the audience? How does this relationship manifest itself during a performance and how do you concretely tap into it? VG: First off, the thing that keeps me enjoying this type of work is the fact I get to see people vibe to the stuff I play. So the people are on one. I usually tend to take requests too, not at every gig, but most I do. And based off the bookings coming in for myself and the other people under Magnolia Records, I must say we're doing quite well. VA: Would you say your motivation to pursue a career is a healthy mixture of creating memorable nights for the audience and growth in the industry? Or does it lean towards a specific motive? VG: Let me put it this way. I don't care about 'fame', benefits, and all that of this type of work. All I care about is giving people a fun night out. That goes smoothly? I'm satisfied. Although let's not forget it's my bread and butter, so money's second. VA: Your approach to this question is humble. It's rare that people are in it for the audience first. What advice would you give DJs, producers and anyone who's trying to get started in this industry? VG: Be yourself to get there. And don't trust everyone you come across with. Not everyone's got your best interests in mind when doing business with you. VA: Words to live by. Being yourself is key to succeeding. Let's move on from work ethics and business. Who is Valerio Giordano when he is not behind the mixer. How does he separate his personal life from work, what is he passionate about? How do his friends describe him? VG: Well, as you might have noticed, I'm passionate for good food. Hard to not be working in some type of way in my position, but usually it's just hanging out with friends, hit the gym. The usual stuff. And the last question - you’re better off asking the others. VA: Let’s talk about your relationships. Are you currently seeing someone or is your attention completely focused on the scene? VG: One thing I noticed quite quickly is how this city is like when it comes to finding people like that. Lots of cheating, and I'm not gonna put myself through that yet again. Means I'm not seeing someone at the mo', but it'll come. Eventually. Matter of finding the right person that isn't boutta play with your feelings VA: I take it you've already had your first disappointment in the city? VG: I'm gonna plead the fifth on that one out of respect to her. VA: So, one last question before we conclude. What should the audience know Valerio Giordano as? VG: I want to be known as me, just me. Not that DJ playing those sick tunes at the club, not that CEO of Magnolia Records. Me, as a person. Passionate and real. - The interview came to an end, and before we exchanged farewells, Mr. Giordano invited us to see one of his future gigs, which we surely will. It was thrilling and quite exciting to be able to speak so freely with Mr. Giordano, who just emits positive energy all around him. It was an interview that was an utmost pleasure to take; getting to know young and ambitious figures on the market is always an exhilarating experience, since we can always draw inspiration from it. Not only is he a professional in what he does, but he's a sincere, genuine and unbiased man. I’m certain that our readers will enjoy an up-close, personal and exclusive interview with a rising star. Do you think Magnolia Records will keep holding the lead in this industry, or will competition get to them? What are your experiences in clubs when Valerio Giordano was behind the mixer? Let us know in the comment section, we’d love to read your responses! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  2. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were able to produce handmade meals for business men and women within the upper-class area of Vinewood Boulevard, however, this was again a short-lived run due to financial difficulties. Today, The Pink Sandwich has been rebranded and reformed as not only a popular sandwich lounge, but also a nightclub by a couple of friends with expertise in both management and interior design. This article serves as an informative page where people are able to follow the success of the company and find out more about what it has to offer, hope you enjoy the journey and we look forward to sharing more! Daytime Menus Contact Us Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @CrisisGG and @scarlyfox )) Social Page | Station
  3. Trumavarium


    Hello, Is there anyone out there following WWE, or is keeping themselves updated on what's going on? Please refrain from bashing on wrestling in this thread. Yes, we know it's "fake" (we want to call it scripted, sounds better). What makes WWE fun to watch is the storylines, humour, promos, nostalgia and music. It's basically a neverending story, or multiple such rather — it's an infinite movie. I used to watch WWE back when I was young in 2003-2007 or so. A year ago I started watching it again though, and I still think it has the charm it had back then. Just some changes here and there. Yes, less blood and less bad words. Although the quality of the shows and the engineering is superb these days. Anywho! If someone's interested in WWE, let's ignite a discussion here. :) No Roman Reign fans allowed!
  4. KOBE

    Homicidal Records

    Homicidal records is a new movement for the Los Santos music scene and entertainment industry. Based in Vespucci this independent record label has accomplished much in its short existence by hiring new upcoming artists from the city. Homicidal Records has an electrifying roster of artists that stand out among any other artists in the city and the country. We're known for being diverse in our city with modern American Hip-Hop and R&B. Every single artist, producer, engineer and employee under our label have distinct talent that brings uniqueness to Homicidal Records and Los Santos. We pride our self on working with the best talent in the city. Together we are creating the newest movement for the CULTURE. ARTISTS One of the newest and hottest artists in the city, "GOLDIE" @Yavina Upcoming rapper, "BANGA" @TwinGlockz Award winning producer and songwriter, "EddieOnThaBeat" Contact Information
  5. CLICK HERE --- The Secret Angels Online Platform --- CLICK HERE
  6. Cobra


    Short description: Play singleplayer's/online's mini-games in the server Detailed description: When you go into a bar or club it's always nice to have a drink, talk and of course play games with your buddies. Currently you can role-play games with /me and animations but I always think, as with everything in the server, it'd be ten times more interesting if scripted in. Currently there are mini-games such as darts, golfing, pool, arm wrestling and I believe more in single-player and online, we could have these placed in business interiors. It'd be hard to script the co-ordinates but I think it may be possible (not sure as I don't script myself). Commands to add: /armwrestle /darts /golf /pool (and any other mini-games) Items to add: Perhaps a property admin or business owner could place mini-games around items in their business interior such as tables, pool tables, dart boards...etc. How would your suggestion improve the server? This would add a visual and physical element to the role-play, as well as actual competition that I believe would invite more people into business premises. Players could even use it as a way to bet, gamble and earn or lose money. And of course take screenshots for the forums! Additional information: People often come into bars and clubs for a drink and a chat and then leave, it's a bit boring when you can't physically eat food or drink from OUT of a game world (sorry Norrig ) but games can provide a real life sense of competition (you know that feeling you get when you're playing a game and you're winning, or losing - virtual or real). This would spice it up big time!
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