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Found 17 results

  1. Looking to purchase a house or apartment or Paleto Pay. Willing to offer up to $400,000. Preferably coming with furniture. If looking to sell, please see attached email ((Forum PM)) ((I am looking to purchase a house in Paleto Bay to roleplay out of. I have made a character intending on roleplaying in the area. I cannot stress enough I am not looking to roleplay in the city with this character, and am hoping to find someone selling one. After a month of waiting on a house request, I ended with my previous character being CKed before Property Management responded. I am hoping to have more luck searching for someone willing to sell their property.))
  2. "What ever happened to the woman I knew?" This thread has been created to follow the development of Maura Lyne, after the abandonment of the Mannix Family and her late husband's death. Maura Lyne was born into an Irish lineage, as a second generation immigrant in West Virginia. Raised as an only child with a rare acceptance of an absent mother throughout her years, her father was left to make ends meet to keep the two comfortable. She developed a sense of independence and responsibility at a young age, gaining her passion for working with plants and serving others within the family-owned bar. A simple childhood to a poor family. Her parents eventually filed for divorce, leaving her mother to pass away around her late teen years. Heartbroken and unsure on how to deal with his daughter, he sent her to Los Santos around the age of nineteen with a minimal amount of money. Maura found her way to Paleto Bay and started a job at the Mojito Inn, serving as a waitress and bartender for the family running the Inn. She became close to Harvey Mannix, joining the family and working alongside others in legal and illegal terms. The duo went steady falling in love for a little over three years, leaving Harvey to propose; and Maura accepted. Mannix treated her well, but eventually his harsh life and ways caught up to the pair, and Maura was left as a young widow at twenty six years old. Left to guide her own late husband's legacy and help out her straining brother in law, she was forced to change. [ Please do not metagame the information posted in this thread. ]
  3. For sale this one of a kind house in the heart of Paleto Bay. This house was the residence of a little family of three that now moved out to the city. I have attached a album with pictures of the house, any serious buyer can have a tour in person as well. Have fun bidding. Starting bid: $1,000,000.- No buyout, I'll reach out if I see a bid that satisfy me. Bids are only accepted using this format; Name: Number: Bid: FULL ALBUM
  4. 56th Duluoz Avenue 56th Duluoz Avenue.. The avenue? It consists of a few members.. five-six street guys, seven-eight hangarounds. These hangarounds? Nothing but wannabe's drinking outside a social club. Your occasional street guy.. you can tell the difference but hey.. you shouldn't. Nowadays? Guy's like them shouldn't have anybody raise an eyebrow. None a' them dress fancy, they all look like your average joe.. none of them are celebrity gangsters. Noteably, Bobby Fattore.. a old timer, street guy.. wannabe wiseguy. The street guys mostly consisted of Angelo Donato, Bobby Fattore, Ralph Margana.. Philly Pro. Most of these guys knew OF eachother but weren't real tightknit.. they stayed on the same avenue but that's about it. Bobby Fattore and Ralph Margana is the top two guys around that Avenue.. both of them are known throughout the neighborhood. Bobby Fattore? Freckles, he was an old timer. He's around fifty two.. Ralph? He's a young stocky kid, twenty nine or something along those lines. Both of them been close for ten years. Bobby? Bobby seen something in the guy, took him under his wings after a few years of knowing him. But, Bobby never vouched for the guy.. he wasn't a stupid guy.. he had to feel him out beforehand. Anyways, Bobby's life was good.. He was a hit guy and a racket guy.. a hybrid they called him. Rumour is around eight guys he's trunked. He doesn't boast about it.. he's smart, real smart. Eventually.. Bobby had a guy under his wing who turned informant.. that's why he always was cautious with Ralph. The guy apparently spilt a lot of things out. ROBERT FATTORE & CO. INFORMANT, FRANK BRUZANTI. 12/09/2011 - 19:03:20 Q. - You said you knew Bobby Fattore? A. - Bobby? Christ.. I knew him, good guy.. real street guy too.. So yeah, I knew him personally. Q. - Right, with that in account.. you knew also of any close family of his? A. - Family? Everybody from the fucking neighborhood was family. Q. - Did you know about any of his uhh -- "rackets?" A. - Right.. I forgot I fucking took this deal -- Yeah, Bobby used to run a few illegal gambling joints.. also? He participated in some arms dealing, nothing big time. Q. - Did you ever work with him on anything? Or.. did you ever know anybody who could have? A. - Right.. yeah, I did a bit of work for Bobby.. the usual, but they was one kid -- what's his name, Ralphie.. Ralphie Eyes. He wore some obnoxious fucking glasses.. he was real tough. Q. - Ralphie Eyes.. tell me more about him? He got a surname? A. - Ralphie Eyes.. yeah, Ralph Margana.. that's his name, I think anyways.. he was Bobby's Enforcer.. Bobby treats him like the son he never had.. he's real close with him. Q. - What else do you know about Ralph Margana? A. - You got that coffee for me yet? Anyways, Ralphie.. yeah you wanna know something? Ralphie is a man of honor.. one time? Ralphie beat the shit out of a guy for stepping on Bobby's shoes. You know why? it was outta respect for the man who raised him. Q - That's all I have for you Mister Bruzanti.. see your way out with Officer Sheperd over there. Bobby wasn't from these guys neighbourhoods.. he was from the East Coast.. real Bronx kid, was a tough kid too. He was around in the seventy-eighties era.. Just a little bit after Joe Gallo tried to whack a boss.. you can imagine shit was everywhere. Anyways, Bobby's father: Benjamin Fattore was an inducted guy in the Gambino's. Bobby got treated like a celebrities kid.. he'd go to the social clubs and would be allowed to play with the soda guns, nobody gave a fuck. He was a made guys son. ROBERT FATTORE. INFORMANT, CHARLIE PROVENZANO. 8/02/1994 - 12:08:47 Q - Robert Fattore, who is he? A. - Bobby Ear, right. Little Bobby from eighty third? He's the son of Benny Bumps an inducted guy from the family. Q. - Tell me more about him, was he ever involved with his father's activities? A. - Course he was, that's the new thing.. Bobby? He'd be the getaway driver if his fatha tried to mug a guy. Not literally, but they were real tight. You'd think they was brothers or something. Q. - Mr Provenzano.. I gotta ask, did Bobby ever kill somebody? A. - This wasn't in the deal, officer. It wasn't.. you better take that up with my lawyer. Q. - Very well, Mister. A. - Right. Q. - Give me a bit more about some of the activities these father and son got into. A. - Bobby was a tough kid, real tough.. but he was mostly a ball breaker, around seventeen? He hung around the social club and broke balls day, he'd sell some pistols off to the neighbourhood wannabe's just to keep his father happy. Q. - Is Bobby an inducted guy with the "Gambinos?" A. - No he ain't, he ain't far from it though.. his father and a few of his uncles proposed him but it never went far.. books was put off due to the whole ordeal back then. Q. - That's all my questions, Mr Provenzano. Thank you from your time, I'll show you to your lawyer now. ROBERT FATTORE & RALPHIE MARGANA. SURVELLIANCE CAMERA 08 - 14/06/2021 Bobby was the type of guys to remain in the shadows.. as he should. But it certainly didn't put the paranoia in him, the guy was a regular street guy. You didn't meet your monthly? Fuck it.. pay me. You hadda kick up to somebody else? I don't care, pay me. He was a hustler, he knew where his money was. Story is? Bobby Freckles walked into a bar with a .38 and killed a guy as he drank from the pint. It was the eighties.. he was a kid, got scolded for it -- but he was royalty.
  5. Roger Hanley commonly known as HanleyTV, is an American interviewer, journalist. He is the CEO of video and news website www.hanleytv.com Roger Hanley commonly interviews and posts news about current events in urban communities all over San Andreas, especially those based in Los Santos. HanleyTV may collect non-personally identifiable information regarding your visit to the Website. HanleyTV may utilize third party software to collect this information and reserves the right to change its data collection methods, providers and/or software, at any time in its sole discretion. What Personal Information We Collect. HanleyTV may also collect Personal Information about you. By “Personal Information”, we mean information that can be used to identify a specific individual. This may include “cookies”. Cookies are collected through our “Tracking Technologies” described below. Other Personal Information is what you provide to us when registering for a service or purchasing a product. By using the Website and providing any information to us, you are acknowledging that the Website is not a secure site and that data transmissions via email, upload through a network or on Website forms are inherently insecure. We will not intentionally disclose your Personal Information, but we cannot control and will not be liable interference by third-parties. You agree not to provide any information through the Website or email that you would not want shared with others. How We Use Personal Information. Cookie data use is addressed below under “Tracking Technologies”. We will use your Personal Information to enable us to provide the service or product indicated when you provided the information. We may also use your Personal Information to identify you when you visit our Website, to improve the operation and usefulness of our Website, to enable us to improve our services and products, and comply with applicable laws and law enforcement. Looking to contact HanleyTV for an interview? Simply send an email to [email protected] ((Forum PM)) with you inquiry.
  6. Looking to buy a property in Blaine County (Sandy Shores, Paleto, etc.) / Vinewood area. Will take regardless if it's a house, apartment or a trailer. Leave the property information below or contact me privately via email.
  7. DESIREE VALDUEZA THEME SONG This thread will showcase the life of Bulldogs affiliated 19 year old Desiree Valdueza.
  8. (Thread development showcasing Lavon "Flame50/FlameFiddy" Cortez)
  9. Looking for a house in Paleto Bay. If you have one for sale, contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  10. [SOLD] 605 Cascabel Ave Newly renovated apartment in Paleto area Lots of parking spaces Great view towards Paleto from the windows and towards the sea from outside Everything you need around is super close so you don't need to drive anywhere you can walk there by foot Outside pool area Tenshun Alarm system installed inside((Market price: $60.000.))((Furniture: ~$21.000, 100 slots used.)) Price: Current offer: BuyoutBuyout: $150.000 Pictures: For more information contact me via e-mail [email protected]((Forum PM)) or through phone #6921.
  11. Starting Bid: 55000 ((Property Value)) Bid Increment: 2500 Buyout: 125000 No furniture outside of what's in the picture. ((Unit is a standalone so re-mapping the interior is possible.))
  12. Howdy, looking for a nice property in Paleto Bay. If you got any offers/tips let me know. You can contact me on 430-71 730. ((You could also reply to this thread or send me a PM)).
  13. 932 Paleto Bldv ((Fully Custom Built Home)) Property: Three Bedroom House Address: 932 Paleto Bldv Location: Paleto Bay Description: A luxurious home in Paleto Bay with plenty of space inside and out. The ground floor includes a master bedroom with en suite, double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen diner and living room. Below the ground floor is a newly renovated basement with more than enough space to entertain guests. The basement level includes an additional double bedroom and bathroom. This home is well suited to residents who wish to live in a tight-knit and picturesque neighborhood. The property has a large driveway with ample room for multiple vehicles. Starting Bid: $500,000 Minimum Bid Raise: $10,000 Buyout: $650,000 Exterior: Interior:
  14. REDWOOD - $10 PER PACK DEBONAIRE - $12.50 PER PACK 69 BRAND CIGARS - $20 PER 2 Licensed by the city of Los Santos. Business Account ID: 210/2019-04. COMMENTS DISABLED
  15. PM me here if you have one for sale!
  16. First Name: Charles. Middle Name: Moses. Last Name: Oakley. Hobby's: Off-roading, hunting, passion for old weapons and vehicles, and he likes hanging out with his friends. Addictions: Camel Cigarettes, Alcohol & Drugs every now and then. Character's Background. Charles grew up in a small town called Bisbee in Arizona, he grew up poor and physically abused by his parents, both violent and addicted to alcohol and drugs. After finishing his school at the age of 18 he bought himself a small trailer in the same village as his parents, Bisbee. Not long and he found himself a job as accountant for a Ammunation. It didn't took very long before he met his first wife Amanda, they met at Ammunation, both with a very strong passion for old weapons. After several dates and wild nights they moved in together, and got married after several months. Now we're three years further, Charles turned 30 and his wife Amanda is pregnant. Great his first kid is on its way, wait did I say first kid? There's two of them actually, she got fuckin' twins! After several hospital visits its official.. Amanda is going to give birth to two twin boys, Charles was really happy about it that he started reconstructing his own Trailer, adding an extra bedroom, bathroom and even expanding the garden. So far so good, he tought. We're now one year further, Amanda gave birth to the babies, and they're now six months old. Charles couldn't stand the crying of the babies, and started to drink. Since he got really bad hangovers from drinking he didn't show up at his work several times, leading to getting fired. Now Charles is 36, his children 6 years old and he got really fucked.. Drinking all day, and cocaine was no problem at all. Hanging in the bar with his friends day & night, not looking after his family. If he was home he abused his wife, and children physically. The Sherrif knew by now even the size of my underwear, thats how often he had to show up and put Charles behind bars. When he got out of jail the last time and got home he found that both his wife and children are gone, and took everything with them. The only thing he had left was his old Declasse Junker that he got as a present from his god Father and a eviction warrant on his front door of his trailer. A few days later he got a letter from the Courts that he had a court case. He seeked for a lawyer as fast as he could and went to the court. Long story short, after alot of crying the conclusion is that Charles now completely alone, he can not even see his children anymore. As angry as Charles was, he grabbed all of his shit together and drove off to the airport where he had his vehicle shipped to Los Santos, along with a one-way ticket for himself, leaving everything behind. Once arrived at the airport in Los Santos, he drove straight to Sandy Shores and bought himself a beautiful small red trailer, love at first sight. The first few days he was quiet, getting to know the neighboorhood and all bars. We're now a few days later and Charles is trying to settle down, and with succes. Charles goal in Sandy is to get Sober from his alcoholic and drugs problems, trying to start a carreer and fight the lawsuit so he can see his children again. First chapter ends, when a new one opens, so the story goes on.. The end. Characters Flaws: Charles is becuase of his past abusive sometimes, has a big mouth and is having alot of problems getting sober. Song thats fits into Charles Situation with his Wife ?
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