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  1. Looking to purchase property anywhere within Los Santos, my budget is $150,000. Please email me ((PM)) if you have any available properties within that budget, thank you!
  2. Looking to buy an Obey 8f Drafter. Please leave offers below!
  3. As the title suggests, looking to rent a medium sized diner or food space. Will listen to all offers.
  4. I'm looking for Rebla, If anyone selling it so feel free to drop your offers here
  5. Email me the Price and information about the bike. (Forum pm)
  6. Buying an apartment or a house, preferably in Vespucci or Mirror Park area. Open for offers though. My contact number is 6845022 or send me an email.
  7. Looking for property on Calafia Road, hmu @ [email protected]
  8. Looking to purchase an house or apartment at the Paleto Bay area. Name: Milly Phone: 55236716 E-Mail: [email protected] WhatsApp: (( Discord - Richard Blonski#5200 ))
  9. I’m looking for a cheap house/apartment that I can buy or ren furnished or not. Area does not matter. lmk
  10. Prefer a house/apartment on grove street or the nearest on that side. Leave offers with the price.
  11. Looking to buy a property out in Blaine County. Please E-mail all offers to [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Regards Elwood Murphy
  12. Hiya ☺️, I am looking to buy one of the following vehicles: Gallivanter Baller LE Rebla GTS 8F Drafter Performance package is not necessary though I have no issue with the car having one. I would prefer if the vehicle was low mileage. If you are willing to sell me one of the vehicles list, please privately message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Kind regards, Khadija 🦋
  13. Looking to buy Übermacht Rebla GTS on finance a Rebla GTS over 10 days, will pay regularly and on-time. Ideally in good specification although not mandatory. For example: Rebla GTS total cost is $220,000 220,000 divided by 10 days = $22,000 per day. I will pay this amount everyday for 10 days. Please contact me if you own said vehicle and would be happy to let me buy it on finance. This is a vehicle I have been wanting for some time, it's a dream vehicle though I cannot buy it in full instantly at the moment. You can contact me via forum private messages. Additionally, you can call me on 3944032. Thank you.
  14. Need a place I can rent or purchase for storage. Location not important. Please contact me at [email protected] ((PM me on forums)).
  15. Good morning! I am looking for a house with a total budget of 1 million. If you have what I'm looking for, please email me on [email protected] (( Forum PM )) or feel free to send me a message or call through: 448-9-725! Waiting for you to contact me!
  16. Contact via Email ((FORUM PM))
  17. Looking to purchase a Schafter 2010, drop offers below.
  18. Looking to buy a Karin Futo, miles and insurance don't matter, would be nice if it had no exterior mods and only the performance package.
  19. BUYING Sentinel Classic I'm currently in search of a Sentinel Classic, any miles and condition but I would prefer it to have the Übermacht Performance package. Photo for reference If you have the vehicle, or know any person that currently owns one, please don't hesitate to contact my phone number, 4857760, or email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  20. Looking to purchase a Vapid Scout Cash or Bravado Gresley + Cash on top Contact info 7739544 [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  21. I'm looking to buy a 8F Drafter. If you have one for sale, please get in contact with me! Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  22. Send me the kind of business, the location and the price and we will talk.
  23. As the title of my ad suggests, I'm looking for a house or apartment in one of the above areas, My maximum budget is 400.000 Criteria for houses: Must be stand-alone. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Criteria for Apartments: Stand-alone preferred. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Please include links to sales pages & pictures of interior and exterior. Contact: EMAIL ((PM))
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