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  1. $600,000 Sold. 1110 Grapseed Main Street. Charming single story house on the outskirts of rural Grapeseed. Excellent views of Mt Chiliad to the north and the Alamo Sea to the south. Two bed, one bath with a warm and homely decor throughout. This is a rare opportunity to purchase one of the oldest and characterful properties in the area. To register your interest in a viewing, please fill out and submit the attached form. Living and Dining Kitchen Master Bedroom Second bedroom Bathroom Basement ((Alright, you've read the fluff and looked at the pictures now here's some important info about the sale and what to expect. I'm looking to pass this house onto somebody that roleplays in the county. Somebody that will treasure and make use of this place. Therefore, the highest bidder won't necessarily be the one who wins this house. You can expect to be invited for an in character viewing of the house. In line with the rules of property advertisements, please post your offer in the thread, then fill out and submit the form of interest to me by forum PM. Oh and the basement was given PM approval under the condition that it be a single room, smaller than the footprint of the house so if you've got grand dreams of rural underground indoor swimming pools, this probably isn't the place for you. It's just a place to store junk. Okay thanks for reading and happy bidding.)) ((pinfo))
  2. FOR RENT Weekly: $30.700 ($25.700 if paid cash) Monthly: $120.700 (No cash) A recently renovated standalone house is now available for rent in Vespucci. The spacious and modern design of the finishes is complimented by timeless furniture and great views all around. The property comes with a fenced backyard and two gates. Both the front and back door have a porch. In short: - Spacious interior design, fully furnished - Two bedrooms, one bath - Fenced backyard with double access - Backdoor with porch - Large (private) parking around the back and side of the property - Walking distance from Vespucci Beach and nearby shops (( Preference for long term tenancy agreement for landlord-tenant role play opportunities, furniture changes/requests are discussable with monthly tenancy agreements and longer )) Interested? Send an email to [email protected] (( Forum PM ))
  3. Selling a spacious, one story house in the heart of Mirror Park. Comes with a detached garage and a ((PM approved)) basement. 2BR/1BA - Open Concept Gallery Starting Bid: $1,000,000 Buyout: $2,500,000 Minimum Bid Increment: $50,000 Sale will not be finalized until at least December 8th.
  4. Greetings to everyone who's reading this. I'm willing to trade my two-story house with it's very own garage, which is located in La Puerta, for another one. Preferable areas would be Vespucci Canals or Mirror Park, but all the other districts will be reviewed as well. Along with this trade, i'm willing to add funds (cash) from my side, which would be discussed privately with every person who'd like to offer a trade. I'm seeking for a new house because i want to raise my own mini studio for myself there and my own house would be more comfortable for couples who're willing to live in peace, not like me with my hobby, which turned into my job several years ago. Talking about my house's pluses: This house will be a perfect choice for couples and single persons. Walk distance to the beach! (less then one minute of walking, cycling road nearby) Two balconies! You can see the beach from one of them! Your very own garage. You can fit one vehicle and a motorbike with a bicycle inside! Large living room area, combined with kitchen area. Perfect for TV series and movies lovers persons (you know why 😉). Two bedrooms on the second floor, so you can invite anyone over and have a free spot for them to stay! Cozy bathroom with a bath and everything else. Wardrobe room for all your clothing needs! A small gallery of thus house's pictures: This place is for a trade only. I won't accept any offers to sell it, because i'm willing to trade it for another house and not to stay on the streets. You can reach out to me with your offers via my e-mail (( Forum PMs )): [email protected] or post them here and i'll contact you directly by myself! (( OOC details ))
  5. Buying an apartment or a house, preferably in Vespucci or Mirror Park area. Open for offers though. My contact number is 6845022 or send me an email.
  6. For sale this one of a kind house in the heart of Paleto Bay. This house was the residence of a little family of three that now moved out to the city. I have attached a album with pictures of the house, any serious buyer can have a tour in person as well. Have fun bidding. Starting bid: $1,000,000.- No buyout, I'll reach out if I see a bid that satisfy me. Bids are only accepted using this format; Name: Number: Bid: FULL ALBUM
  7. I'm interested in buying following types of businesses; Bar, lounge, nightclub, restaurant. If you have any feel free to contact me via email which will be at the bottom, or leave your offer here. I'm also interested in buying a house around Vespucci, Mirror Park or Paleto Bay area! Email information: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  8. **A neatly formatted ad can be seen to rent a place.** If anyone up in Blaine County, Sandy Shores, or Paleto Bay has a trailer, home, or apartment that's available for rent – please contact me! I've just moved from the city with my boyfriend and we're looking for a place that we can call home. With that in mind, we'll be a long-term tenants. Sotti Arnadottir Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) PH: #22377016
  9. Single family home with separated garage for sale in Mirror Park. Seller reserves the right to deny buy out offers at their discretion. Until the sale is confirmed, all offers will be considered. Starting Bid: $1,000,000. Buyout: $2,000,000. Any bids with less than a $50,000 increase from the prior will not be considered. (( Marketplace Value: 207,000 - Furniture price: $0 / N/A - Empty interior. )) (( OOC Pinfo AS REQUESTED: ))
  10. Apartment 204 for rent at Palomino Avenue, located in Little Seoul. I am looking for someone to rent the other bedroom situated in this apartment. You will have access to the following: Bedroom Bathroom Living room (TV, Computer) Kitchen Car parking The apartment has been recently refurnished and is located in a great area in the city. Weekly Rent: $7,000 For any questions or if you wish to arrange a viewing, please reply to this advertisement or contact me via email ((PM)). Interior Exterior
  11. Prefer a house/apartment on grove street or the nearest on that side. Leave offers with the price.
  12. Good morning! I am looking for a house with a total budget of 1 million. If you have what I'm looking for, please email me on [email protected] (( Forum PM )) or feel free to send me a message or call through: 448-9-725! Waiting for you to contact me!
  13. 2332 Jamestown Street Looking to trade for another house, but I'm willing to listen other interesting offers as well. Property comes with 3 garages and a large yard. Feel free to email me if you need more information. ((PM)) (( Market Price: $75,000 // Furniture Worth: $54,246 ))
  14. Hello, I'm looking for a small house in the Mirror Park area as I feel done living in the middle of the city. Time has come and I'm searching for a cozy place to settle down. I'm mainly looking for a small house with one bedroom as I live alone and small renovation projects are not an issue. I'd place my budget for this house around 700 000$ but I'm willing to discuss it if I find the right project. Feel free to give me a call or send an email to discuss this further if you have anything that could be in my interest. Leah Snow [email protected] (( Forum PM )) 1912
  15. Looking to trade my recently furbished house for a house in El Burro Heights. E-Mail me for pictures or info. Or house in Grove Street must be furnished. NOT SELLING.
  16. Looking to purchase a house or industrial building in the area of Vespucci, Vespucci Beach, or Del Perro. No apartments please. Industrial space considered. Contact: EMAIL ((Forum PM))
  17. As the title of my ad suggests, I'm looking for a house or apartment in one of the above areas, My maximum budget is 400.000 Criteria for houses: Must be stand-alone. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Criteria for Apartments: Stand-alone preferred. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Please include links to sales pages & pictures of interior and exterior. Contact: EMAIL ((PM))
  18. I'm looking to purchase any: High-end Penthouse Houses - Any location Please let me know if you are interested in selling yours. Contact information: Michael Beck [email protected] ((Forum PM)) 7739544
  19. Click Image to get access to company website.
  20. Rarely available standalone house in the middle of Los Santos. Parking for two cars with a balcony and back yard. Please click below for images Market Price: $105,000 Furniture Price: $262,536 Total: $367,536 Starting Bid: $400,000 Buyout: $577,000
  21. Exterior Interior (( STATS )) Market Price: $150,000 Furnitures: $90,549 Starting Price: $400,000 Buyout: $540,000 Bid step: $25,000.
  22. Lucia

    [BUYING] House

    Hello there, I'm looking to purchase a house anywhere in the state, preferably in an affluent neighborhood. Ideally with a garage. CONTACT DETAILS Full Name: Lucia Weber Email: [email protected] (( Discord: Lucia#1093 )) Phone: 1981
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