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Found 2 results

  1. **A neatly formatted ad can be seen to rent a place.** If anyone up in Blaine County, Sandy Shores, or Paleto Bay has a trailer, home, or apartment that's available for rent – please contact me! I've just moved from the city with my boyfriend and we're looking for a place that we can call home. With that in mind, we'll be a long-term tenants. Sotti Arnadottir Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) PH: #22377016
  2. Short description: With a brief summary of this suggestion as a whole, while providing some essentials to the suggestion - I personally feel personal properties such as homes, industrial buildings, businesses, and any others I may have left out should be applicable without much limitation or restrictions preventing the player to acquiring an asset that would be used by them. The process should be straightforward and easy but also be debatable, should property management see something concerning with a player's request. Secluded properties should still be an exception, but be more expensive as they give no incentive to a growing environment regarding the playerbase. That's not to say it wouldn't be beneficial in a RP sense because that could entirely be false. Prices should be lower around neighborhoods or in public districts and or towns to advocate and persuade players to want to live around an area where it's likely to ran into a player or two. Detailed description: Inspired by Jam's thread "need more houses in vespucci!!!" I wanted to go about suggesting something that "I feel" would be necessary to have in our community. The idea of requesting personal properties. Some of you might be thinking or even concerned about how this can't be done due to the fact that we either don't have a bigger playerbase or that most of the houses should be used up, well I disagree. And I think we shouldn't be thinking like that. To backup as to why, first the playerbase is already spread across the whole map, from Los Santos to Paleto Bay. I've seen players RP around the country, and obviously around the city. Mirror Park may be one of the "spots" to run into some roleplay but let's be honest here. Why are we being restricted on housing when the housing itself has spread via a specific branch in GTA World's staff hierarchy or staff as a whole as I don't know who made the overall decision. That being said, I think it's more than necessary to go about allowing property request for personal uses such as houses. Businesses as well, but only to an extent with the final say obviously being from property management. Now, I personally think businesses need a bit more restriction than houses being requested because a business obviously draws in traffic, and that traffic is players. Which the roleplay then becomes organic from said traffic. A lot should go into requesting a business from an individual. Let me also quickly say, when I talk about personal properties and businesses, I specifically mean individuals or players without a faction under their wing, should be able to own said business within reason. Prices should be taken into consideration of the area, if the house itself iconic, is it unique apart from other homes? Is it in a secluded location? What kind of property is it? Iconic homes should obviously be priced more because of the self explanatory remark I just made. Secluded homes should also be costly due to the fact they're well...secluded and will probably be away from civilization. Why should it be? Well, the house is away from civilization. That's about it. Your likelihood to "randomly" stumble onto RP in a secluded location are really slim oppose to getting one in a neighborhood. On the other hand, homes in neighborhoods shouldn't be as costly. This would persuade a majority of players looking for housing in the server, which in return increases the likelihood of running into some roleplay activity. If a player wants a home in the Vespucci? Let them request it, Vinewood Hills? If they have the means to live there with a reason to live there and as to how they'd obtain the house, sure! So pretty much here's the key factors that need to go into requesting a property. The price. Property type. The area. Yearly income. Description as to why you would live there. Screenshots? Items to add: I don't think there needs to be script implementations unless I'm wrong, just mainly some planing on how this would work accordingly with some assistance. How would your suggestion improve the server? Like a vehicle could be an essential to a player or their roleplay, a house could be seen as the same. It's a player's personal hub, perhaps it even makes up part of who they are. Maybe it's an asset a player desires or maybe it's their end goal for their In-Character retirement. There's various reasoning behind this suggestion. Everyone doesn't wanna live in Davis, everyone doesn't wanna live in Mirror Park, because they just don't see their character fitting the bill to live in either of these areas. By doing this, you're opening doors and breaking the chains off some of the restrictions regarding properties. You're trusting players with the freedom to desire over a property they wish to sink their time into.
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