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  1. OOC Information: We are portraying a fictional and naturally developed gang of white criminals in Blaine County. The faction's focus is on developing realistic narratives, using crime as a platform for our individual character and faction development. All recruitment is conducted ICly. If you have any questions, contact @Mellowhype or MN#2838 on Discord.
  2. 24/7 (also written as 24-7) is a chain of convenience stores in San Andreas. First 24/7 in San Andreas was founded in October of 2004. Paleto Bay 24/7 was founded in 2013. Our mission - is to provide BEST quality food, drinks & other goods to our locals and HIGH quality customer services! Also we are always looking to support local business - so if you own bakery shop and want to sell your deserts or if you are local brewer, and want to sell your drinks here - you are welcome! Paleto Bay 24/7 is always looking for a partnerships, projects to work-help on! Paleto Bay 24/7 offers a wide variety of products - here you can find frozen & fresh food. We sell - fresh vegetables, fruits, local homemade deserts and drinks. We also offering fresh all type of meat (Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken) we are also friendly to vegetarian/vegan meat - come and try it! YES - you can find also, all kind of other goods here as well from bags to high quality cigarettes! Visit your local cozy general store - Paleto Bay 24/7!
  3. WHO WE ARE Paleto Brewing Company started with the idea of combining the American and Australian craft beer scenes with the hopes of delivering a superb alcoholic product to be enjoyed by the people of San Andreas. The coastal scenery of Paleto Bay under the shade of Mount Chilliad provides the perfect environment to brew a range of craft beers to perfection, with access to fresh springs and the coastal breeze of the Pacific Ocean, nothing can rival it. Besides the brewing part of it, it's also the perfect environment to enjoy an ice-cold Paleto Brew. OUR VISION We are currently located at the old Sally's Surfshop in Paleto Bay, where further renovations are in the works. Our vision is to provide citizens in Blaine County and beyond a place to unwind and relax with friends while enjoying expertly crafted beers. Further, we will aim to provide the citizens of San Andreas with a location where they can enjoy our hospitality in the very location where we brew our range. In your mind, picture enjoying our flagship Precopio Dream, a light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma in our brewery location in Paleto Bay, relaxing with friends and loved ones while you can observe us brewing beers on site while enjoying great music in great company. OUR RANGE At present, our range consists of our flagship craft beers, providing different notes, flavours and strengths. We also have begin distilling Gin, Vodka and a Single Malt Whiskey. Our range will expand and adapt with time and aim to run competitions to the people of San Andreas for suggestions, with the winners receiving a cash prize. Our range, currently consists of: PRECOPIO DREAM LAGER Made in the spirit of Precopio Beach's beautiful shores and rolling waves, this light, refreshing lager with a light doughy yeast character, mild malt flavours and a soft floral aroma. CHUMASH INDIA PALE ALE Brewed in the image of the rolling hills and cliffs of North Chumash, and it has some bite to it. Dry, bitter, and straightforward, this is a modern IPA with a subtle sweet side hiding among eaerth hints of citrus fruits, and the ever present hoppy bitterness. HAZY PAY HAZY PALE ALE Named after those beautiful hazy afternoons in Paleto Bay as the sun sets, that cool Pacific breeze in the setting sun,. This refreshingly smooth hazy pale ale is like those perfect Paleto days. Gazing out at the Pacific Ocean on the golden shores of Paleto as the waves greet you in the soft sand, you might find yourself lost in the haze as your senses become inspired with notes of tropical fruit and citrus as the sun dips slowly into the sea. RUBY SUNSET RED ALE Our heavy hitter, a different take on a traditional Irish Red, which seeks to embody the ruby sunsets on Paleto Bay. Ruby Sunset, our hoppy red ale, begins with a burst of tropical fruit aromas of blended and specialised hops all balanced with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel from a selection of roasted malts, Ruby Sunset has hints of caramel, toffee and hazelnut and finishes with a firm bitterness. MEXICAN LAGER Paleto Brewing Companies new Mexican Lager (Cerveza) brewed with malt, corn and agave makes for the perfect refreshment, any day. Pouring a clear straw-yellow with delicate fruity aromas, a touch of earthiness and a twist of lime thanks to the addition of specialist hops. This full-strength lager carries a sweet, slightly grainy taste from the corn while a clean rounded mouthfeel finishes out the beer until the next sip. PALETO BAY DRY GIN Our Paleto Bay Dry Gin has a delectable blend of ten carefully-considered sustainably foraged marine, Blaine County native and traditional botanicals distilled into a pure Paleto Bay wheat spirit. The bright, fresh flavours of the citrus, marine & juniper give way to the gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a complex lingering finish. PALETO BAY PINK GIN Inspired by the Pacific Reefs surrounding Paleto Bay and its surrounds, the aromatics of strawberry gum, hibuscus, fragrant spice of riberries & salinity of karkalla, our pink gin speaks true of a captivating Paleto seascape. WHAT NOW? We hope that at some point, each and every living, breathing person in San Andreas has a chance to enjoy a Paleto Brew, and while we continue to seek a Brewery/Bar location in the Bay, we hope you all are excited for the future to come. We will continue to refine our recipes and update you all as we continue to roll out our liquor into the wider market. Cheers to us all, Paleto Brewing Co.
  4. The Pizza Bar is a classic dine-in restaurant located in the heart of small-town Paleto Bay. Specializing in pizzas, hoagies and other classic American fare, the Pizza Bar is truly one of the last old-school experiences in upstate San Andreas. EXTERIOR OF THE PIZZA BAR, c. 1983 OUR HISTORY The building currently inhabited by the Pizza Bar was constructed c. 1918 by entrepreneur James Allison, son of Andrew L. Allison (d. 1901), a decorated Confederate general from the state of Mississippi. In the early 1900s, much of Paleto Bay's economy was centered around the gold mining industry. James' building soon inhabited Allison's General Store, which served the citizens of Paleto Bay with provisions, horse tack and other basic supplies for nearly half a century. In 1961, the building came under the ownership of the Leigh Family, a prominent legal family active in the Flint County Circuit Court. The Leighs, who themselves were cousins to the Allisons, sold the building and the general store was transformed into Leigh's Pool Hall, a pub-style establishment. The roots of the Pizza Bar were planted in the early 1970s, when the pool hall began to offer pizzas and other snacks to the after-school crowd. The business was such a success that the pool hall was later rebranded to the Pizza Bar in 1972. Throughout the 1970s, the Pizza Bar gathered a local following and had the reputation for being a hot-spot for dining in rural Blaine County. In December 1980, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) as the "Allison Building", and officially became a part of Paleto Bay's history. Into the modern era, the Pizza Bar has continued to prosper as a popular hangout spot for hungry workers and after-school students of Paleto Bay High School. Though under new ownership of a firm from Los Santos, the roots and heritage of the company have been preserved... and the classic eating experience Blaine County has come to love is still there in the heart of Paleto Bay. MENU EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Those interested in working at the Pizza Bar as chefs, waiters/waitresses, janitors and more can inquire at: [email protected] (( forum PM @subway244 ))
  5. Short intro to the story: Many moons ago, in a vast and untamed land, lived a young Native American named Wemutu Imala. He grew up in the heart of his tribe, surrounded by the rich culture and traditions of his people. From an early age, he learned to respect nature and cherish the bonds of his community. Yet, Wemulu's heart yearned for adventure and exploration. He gazed at the horizon and dreamed of the vast world beyond his tribe's borders. One day, his father, a wise elder of the tribe, saw the restlessness in his eyes and knew it was time to depart. Wemulu's family, consisting of his parents and younger siblings, was known as the "Wind Nomads." Together, they decided to leave the safety of the tribe in search of new horizons and, perhaps, the fortune that awaited them beyond familiar lands. The path of the Wind Nomads was long and arduous. They traversed vast deserts, crossed rushing rivers, and faced sandstorms that seemed to test their resolve. In each challenge, Kai and his family found an inner strength they never knew they possessed. Finally, one day, as they beheld the grand state of San Andreas, they felt a mixture of fascination and trepidation. The towering structures and the bustle of the streets, bast woods were an entirely new world to them. Yet, Wemulu knew that this was the opportunity they had been waiting for. As time went by, Imala's family found their place in this new land. They adapted, learned new trades, and gradually built a "new" wooden caraban in County of San Andreas. Wemulu, the young brave who dared to dream beyond the borders of his tribe, found not only fortune but also a new definition of home. His heart remained connected to the traditions of his youth, but now he also carried with him the courage to explore the world and gratitude for having found a new home for his family. Thus, the journey of the Wind Nomads continued, marking each step with the story of a young brave who followed his heart in pursuit of a broader destiny. Basic Information about Wenutu Imala. Here you can see some basic details and trivia about Wenutu. Tattoo Reference. Tattoos Wenutu has. Currently server models or not applied on the server. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Story about Imala's family and their legacy. A short story about Imala's family. ((OOC NOTE: I am open to inviting new characters to join my journey if you are interested in participating in this style of RolePlay. I'm currently simulating through an NPC that my family has moved to San Andreas (Paleto/Sandy Shores) together with me, which involves: 1 Mother 1 Father 2 Brothers 1 Sister 1 Grandmother 1 Aunts 2 Cousins I may include some "friends" from the old tribe my character formed before moving to San Andreas, and I may include someone else if the vacancies are filled. If you're interested in joining me and creating a different kind of roleplay, one that's more passive, fun and focused on survival, exploration and family atmosphere, then you're in the right place. You can send me a message by PM to this forum account.))
  6. Muffincake


    Selling my two bedroom apartment at Paleto Bay Apartment is located middle of the Paleto Bay Starting bid: 100,000 Bid increase: 10,000 Buyout price: 314,000
  7. (THIS IS MY VERY FIRST ATTEMPT AT A FULL ON STORY FOR A CHARACTER WITH A VERY, VERY THOUGHT OUT BACKGROUND AND THAT'S BEEN FLESHED OUT. ANY FEEDBACK ON THIS ROLEPLAY PLEASE PM ME WITH ANYTHING THAT CAN BE IMPROVED UPON AND PLEASE ENJOY THE ROLEPLAY. YOU ARE MORE THAN FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS IN HERE OF COURSE BUT ANY NEGATIVITY OR JUST BANTER PLEASE KEEP IT OUT OF HERE) The family tree Buckley Spuckler as a child, 1984 Buckley Houston was born in Logansport Memorial Hospital on March 27th, 1981 by his two parents, Tucker Houston and April White. After the birth of their 2nd son, Buckley, the couple decided to tie the knot. Growing up, the family lived on a large farm in Logansport. They grew corn and sold their bunch at the local farmer's market. Tucker Houston worked hard to provide for his family and April mended to the family inside the kitchen and home. This is where Buckley learned a lot about hard work and appreciation for nature. Being from a rural town, Buckley grew up going on hayrides and going to small local fairs. He grew up going down the old rocky roads barefoot and shooting BB guns. He grew up where you got your water from a well. He grew up a country boy. Everyone in town knew each other for the most part. But whenever Buckley found himself in a tight spot, whether it be because he got stuck in a tree, or somebody was bullying him, his older brother Marshall had his back. Marshall was a great older brother who taught him many things, such as how to shoot, with a BB gun, and other not so good things like how to steal from the corner store without being caught. Around when Buckley turned 4, April gave birth to her 3rd child, John Houston. This is very upsetting to April because she's always wanted a girl. Buckley was ecstatic because now he can be the big brother that Marshall always was to him. He couldn't wait to pass on what Marshall taught him to his younger sibling. At about the age of 6, Buckley finally got to go fishing with his father Tucker, and Marshall. This excited him very much because he was always jealous of his older brother Marshall, who always got to go fishing with his father. Now being six years old, his father decided it was time for him to start learning how to fish and later down the line how to hunt, as this was instilled into his mind that to become a man, you must be a good fisherman and a good hunter. As they fished Buckley got to spend some quality time with his father and they talked and he learned very valuable things about becoming a man, and he even got to take a sip of his dads Budweiser. The same year, April gives birth again to a final member of the family, Debra Houston. April is excited to have a daughter, she's been wanting one for a very, very long time. Buckley and Marshall have vowed that they will protect their sister from anything and anyone, to be her protector from the world. They also vowed to teach her how to fish and hunt, as they think she will be into that stuff even though she's a girl. This is the morals they were raised on by their father. To protect family and the people who can't protect themselves. Their father instilled into them what it means to be a real man at an early age. Buckley during highschool, 1996 As Buckley gets older he eventually starts high school at Logansport Community Highschool. He was one of the coolest kids in his class. Women wanted him and men wanted to be him. He was popular around school. Marshall was now a senior in high school. Marshall was planning on joining the Navy since he was a sophomore and a recruiter went to talk to him about the benefits. At this point, Marshall was focused more on his future than his brothers. This did not take away from the brotherhood between Buckley and John. The two would continue a strong bond and Buckley worked day by day to ensure that John was on path to becoming the man he needed to become, not only for himself but for Debra as he will be the only one left to watch after her once the other two brothers left home. Buckley was not a trouble-maker in school, but at the same time he wasn't exactly a goody-two-shoes either. He was more focused on the school football team where he was a varsity linebacker and women. He didn't get into many fights, until his first fight at school, where a kid tried to fight him over a girl he liked named Rachel Spencer. The kid fighting him was Jason Freeman. Jason and they met up in the front of the school where Jason snuck in a couple of punches. Buckley ate the punches, and was no stranger to fighting growing up with two brother. He landed a couple of hooks that would lead to knocking Jason on his ass. This was enough to impress Rachel and he scored a date with her to a drive-in theatre. The two would grow closer to one another and the ladies' man that Buckley once was, is now settling down with the love of his life. Rachel became pregnant with Buckley's child at the age of 17. Buckley was 18 and ready to go to the US army and follow in his brothers' footsteps. This devastated Rachel as she would be alone to take care of the child as Buckley enlisted, but Buckley ensured he will stay there with her as at the time there was no sign of war. Buckley Houston pictured with other members of his battalion, 2001 Everything had changed in 2001. After 2 years of being enlisted in the US army, on Sept. 11th, 2001, the twin towers were struck by two hijacked planes. Buckley remembers very vividly that he was heading to go pick up his son from daycare when he heard the news. He immediately pulled over and cried for his country. Not long after the United States had concluded that a terrorist group named Al-Qaeda was behind this horrific attack on US soil, and he was soon after deployed into Iraq. This was scary news for him and his family, as he is now being sent to a completely foreign land. He quickly befriends some of his squad-mates, such as Maurice Johnson and Robert Polinka, as they become close. The battalion was called to an IED in Erbil. The group was to defend the position as they were the closest to the designation. As they were defending the bomb squad from a safe distance, Buckley saw a flashing light from a distance. He wasn't sure what the light was as he paused a moment. Robert and Maurice saw Buckley freeze and started to look out into the distance. Within seconds, you'd hear the fire of a gunshot, and shortly after Robert lay dead by the feet of Buckley. Buckley stood there, he couldn't believe what he saw. Maurice had to pull him into cover. Everything else that happened that day was a blur to Buckley. He blames himself to this day for the death of Robert as he froze and he didn't say anything. And to add to the drama, he didn't even get to avenge Robert's death. He carries Robert's dog tags with him every day to remember his brother, who has been lost but never forgotten. A year later, as the group was heading to Baghdad in '02 as some allies were under direct fire and needed immediate backup. This led to the battalion moving faster than normal and made them exposed to any surprise attacks. About halfway there between Baghdad and Samarra, the group would trigger a hidden IED in the street. Everything was going great until the random explosion which led to their Humvee being destroyed from the blast. Maurice died from the explosion and Buckley was one of the few survivors of the blast. Unfortunately, the blast had destroyed his right leg and led to medics having to amputate his leg and give him a prosthetic one. Shortly after this unfortunate event, Buckley was discharged back home. He was given a purple heart for his service from President Bush, but at what cost? Mentally the war took everything from Buckley and physically crippled him. Buckley with his wife Rachel, 2004 Buckley returns home and he is blessed to be able to hug and kiss his wife and see his son again. He was sad his son had to see a paralyzed father, but regardless glad he was able to see his father at all unlike his military brother Robert. But, everything that glitters is not gold. After years of serving in the military, Buckley struggled to find a job as a disabled war veteran. He also obtained a very severe form of PTSD, he would wake up in the middle of the night in a fit of screams, he'd have very visual flashbacks of the war, of the IED explosion, of his friend who died right in front of his eyes. He was not the same man he was before and he was too ashamed to admit he had a problem. The life he planned to build after his service had started to crumble right in front of his eyes. Due to Buckley's unsuccess in life as well as the settling depression, he started to lean towards alcohol abuse. You see, the bottle helped relieve him of his pain. It helped him forget the past and his unfortunate present. However, it made him cold and bitter. Rachel saw his anger as a serious issue, and Buckley saw it as the only option to fix his issues. His anger would be undoubted as he'd get into loud fights with his wife. Yelling insults and throwing things across the room was commonplace. Cayden was scared and would always hide from his parents. Knowing what he's doing hurt him but only made him even more hateful and made the situation worse. The worst of all of his outbursts came out in 2008. In 2008 his PTSD started to delve into his alcoholic state and it led to very violent, uncontrollable fits of rage. One said fit led to him slapping Rachel across his face. This is when Rachel took Cayden and they moved in with her mother. Eventually Rachel would file for divorce from Buckley and during the court proceedings he lost full custody of his son due to him being mentally incapable of taking care of him. This led Buckley to a very extreme state of depression. He finally picked up a job. The only one he could do as a disabled man, he'd work at an office faxing papers out. He became a shell of the man he once was. On the bright side, he started to go to therapy which helped him get his anger issues some of his PTSD under control. He feels like it's time to speak on his issues, not for him, but for his son who he let down. Buckley fishing in the Alamo Sea, 2020 Buckley will move to Los Santos in 2020. His depression was starting to get under control but it was still pretty bad, so he moved somewhere where he felt like hunting and fishing would be a lot more enjoyable. He started to get his alcohol abuse under control, through hunting and fishing. The one thing that has brought enjoyment in his life since he was child. Los Santos was the new start he needed to take back control of his life and turn everything around. Buckley would still attempt to write to his family to check in on them, and every month or so he'd be greeted with a return letter. Marshall(currently 42) is also in San Andreas, where he was with Alice Houston until they had a falling off and she left him because he couldn't hold a job. As for John(35), he'd be at home taking care of the farm that their family had built, as Tucker was far too old to do this on his own anymore. As for Debra(32), she'd meet a man and they'd be living happily ever after in New York. She'd live the modern life now. He'd also write a letter to his son Cayden(21) nearly 3 times a week. He was obsessed with writing to his son. He's vowed to continue to write to him until he received a response because that's all he's ever wanted and to date Buckley has never received a return letter from him. Cayden only knows his father as an abusive drunk. He looks at Buckley as a dark spot in his life. That does not stop Buckley from writing to him as his son means the most to him. The thought of doing what was best for his son is what got him through the darkest times of his life. He'd do anything to see him again. He doesn't want to die never seeing his son again.
  8. Recycling really old memes aside, I did want to kick up another discussion for this. It's no secret that RP on the server is pretty one-sided. The vast, vast majority of the player base is concentrated in LS. That's never really going to change, most people here come sold on the idea of roleplaying pseudo-Los Angeles. From the high class civilians who drive around in sports cars and frequent clubs to the lower class workers who work at the docks or shops. Same goes for less than legal RP, organized crime tends to take vast inspiration from the syndicates and gangs that've gained near mythical status in LA. This is gonna focus on the county, though. RP for the county is wholly concentrated in Sandy Shores and Harmony. The RP in these towns revolves almost completely around low-income rural lifestyles. Sandy's a run down forgotten town, Stab City is a trailer park, and Harmony has a few hotels, some mechanics and even more trailers. But because of this, county RP has become almost exclusively this breed of roleplay. To the point where it feels like anyone from the County (Regardless of which town in the county) may as well be from Dixieland. People in Sandy and Harmony, for the most part, like the status quo. They're having fun, and they don't want sweeping changes that will turn their RP hubs into something totally different. They've got every right to feel this way, and changing their fun isn't right. But with the discussion of the Cayo Perico mod, I came to the realization that there really isn't any option for middle class RP in the county. As someone who grew up in a rural area of the US that both absolutely ate shit during the 2008 recession and recovered from said recession from tripling down on tourism, I'm going to pull from real life experience. Because I've believed for a while now that Paleto has an absurd amount of potential that can generate interest and a dedicated player base for RPers of all cloths and colors. It's a coastal town that has access to a pristine beach, a huge mountain area for hunting/skiing/hiking, and space to build. There's a ton of business opportunities here, both legal and illegal. Anyone who's ever been to places like Myrtle Beach or Ocean City knows that these places can be both extremely beautiful and exceptionally sleazy at the same time. Because what better place to sell LSD than a place where a thousand college kids show up for Spring/Summer break? Or charge them exhorbant prices for hotels, food and attractions. And the best part is we could do this while not changing the RP scene in Sandy or Harmony. It could create three different 'poles' on the map, each one with a different overall culture for the characters who focus there. Does anyone else agree? I know this is pretty optimistic, but I think it's worth giving a shot if enough resources can be mustered.
  9. THE PIZZA BAR | Est. 1972 HISTORY: The Pizza Bar is a Paleto Bay sandwich/pizza shop, renowned state-wide across northwest San Andreas for their "Hot Ham n' Cheese" sandwich and hand-rolled pizzas. It features a classic, simple menu consisting of authentic Sicilian and Italian dishes, as well as traditional American fare. Originally founded as a pool hall in the 1960s by Neapolitan immigrant Carlo Furillo, it was purchased in 1972 by Blaine County Circuit clerk James Leigh and his wife Lucille. Turning it into a sandwich shop, the Pizza Bar became a staple of Blaine County, catering primarily to Paleto High's afterschool crowd. Following Lucille's death in 2014, the restaurant began to sink into decline. In December 2022, the Pizza Bar filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and all assets were sold to Los Santos entrepreneur Vincent J. Torelli in March 2023. Under the Torelli family's ownership, the interior was repaired and the menu was revitalized, consisting primarily of traditional American fare and authentic Italian and Sicilian recipes from Vincent's grandmother, who originally hailed from Agrigento, Western Sicily. MENU: EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: ONLINE APPLICATION - CLICK HERE
  10. Vincent Torelli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vincent Torelli (born November 19, 1987) is an American reputed mobster, and an associate of the Alderney-based Torelli crime family, currently active in southern San Andreas. Vincent's father James Torelli, Jr. is the reputed boss of the Torelli crime family in Alderney City. Allegedly, Vincent worked closely with the Los Santos-based Martorano crime family. He was associated with captain John "Apples" Aparo in Downtown Los Santos during 2022. Prior to his association to the mafia, Vincent also worked as a business analyst for Faraday Securities Corporation, a stockbroking company on Wall Street in Liberty City, from 2005 until 2014. Vincent currently resides in Paleto Bay, San Andreas with his fiancée and their two children. Biography Vincent James Torelli was born on November 19, 1987 at the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Alderney City. His father James was the acting boss of the Torelli crime family, and is of Sicilian descent with ancestry in Messina, Eastern Sicily. His mother Rosalie (née Sferra) was a homemaker also of Sicilian descent, with relatives in the commune of Ribera, in Agrigento, Western Sicily. Vincent also has a paternal relation to Western Sicily through his fifth cousin Samuel Cantavespre, who's family came from Bisacquino (only 82 kilometers from Agrigento). Samuel's mother Francesca Longo shared a cousin relation with Liberty City mobster Joe N. Gallo of the Amato crime family. Samuel is also a made member of the Liberty City-based Lombardo crime family, and is currently active in Birmingham, Alabama. Vincent was raised in the affluent Montclair neighborhood in Essex County, and attended Immaculate Conception High School. He graduated with a diploma in 2005, and later attended Vespucci University in Liberty City. He graduated in 2011 with a Master's Degree in Business Analytics. Career From 2005 until 2014, Vincent was employed as a business analyst for Faraday Securities Corporation in Liberty City. He was allegedly terminated in November 2014 due to job outsourcing. Vincent was unemployed from 2014 until July 2021. By mid-2021, he began living in Los Santos, San Andreas. He was employed by the Los Santos Waste Department as a driver and fleet manager until August 2022. According to organized crime researchers, Vincent was also employed as a laborer at Horizon Construction, a mafia-operated firm in Los Santos. According to public records, Vincent was also employed by several Martorano-connected bars and restaurants in Los Santos in 2022. As of July 2023, Vincent owns and operates the Pizza Bar, a restaurant in Paleto Bay, San Andreas. Organized crime history Organized crime researchers believe Vincent's initial involvement with the Italian-American mafia began in 2005, when he was hired by Faraday Securities Corporation. His father James Torelli reputedly used his connections to Wall Street businessmen in Algonquin, Liberty City to secure the position for Vincent. He also could've used extortionary tactics against then-executive Sylvester McCollough, who later died of natural causes in 2010. By 2021, Vincent was active in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. It is believed that during much of 2021 and early 2022, Vincent was associated with Melody Frey, a noted criminal figure and political anarchist active in southern San Andreas. It is believed that Frey was responsible for the importation and distribution of large amounts of fentanyl and cocaine via an importer with ties to the San Andreas government, and that Vincent worked as an enforcer for Frey's organized criminal ring on behalf of the Torelli crime family. By the summer of 2022, Vincent allegedly gained a connection to the locally dominant Martorano crime family, and worked primarily as a drug trafficker for the organization. He was associated to the Downtown crew, through captain John "Apples" Aparo (d. 2023). According to witness testimony, Vincent was also an associate of Rocco DiFiore (d. 2022), Ronald DiFiore (d. 2022), and Dominic Civella, the latter of which was indicted in April 2023 for racketeering and embezzlement. As of July 2023, Vincent maintains a loose connection to the mafia presence in southern San Andreas, reputedly working as a representative of the Alderney mafia. He conducts business from the Pizza Bar, a restaurant in rural Paleto Bay. References 1. ^ Black Hand Forum (needs citation) 2. ^ u/Wdstrvx (June 19, 2023). "James Torelli blood relatives c. 2023 ". reddit.com/r/mafia 3. ^ Capeci, Jerry (January 12, 2021). "The Torelli Crime Family - Is It Dead?". Gangland News. 4. ^ Stevens, Garry (November 4, 2004). "The Liberty Mafia - 50 Years After Its Heyday". The Empire Times. 5. ^ (August 27, 2013). "The Sopranos In Real Life - The True Story of the Alderney Mafia". Stonefield Productions. 6. ^ (December 11, 2022). "Bio: James Torelli, Jr.". lcnbios.blogspot.com 7. ^ [23GJCR00173] People of the State of San Andreas v. Dominic Civella
  11. The NorSan Skinheads are a loosely connected network of white gangsters, based around the Paleto Bay area and the greater Northern San Andreas region. The group is involved in a plethora of criminal activities around their home area, including but not limited to; residential burglary, car theft, armed robbery, and drug as well as weapons dealing. Many members of the NorSan Skinheads are addicts themselves, being as unable to resist drugs such as methamphetamine, crack-cocaine, and heroin, as their clients. The NorSan Skinheads have their roots in the San Andreas hardcore punk scene of the late 1980s and '90s. Initially a group of punks and skinheads without ties to the more criminal or racist elements of the scene, they would veer more and more into criminality over time. As members would gradually find themselves locked up or addicted to hard drugs, they would adopt many aspects of the criminal lifestyle into their own. By the mid '00s, the group was no longer recognizable due to the many changes that had occurred over the years. What began as a group of punks interested in partying, fighting, and getting high, had become a street gang focused on making money peddling drugs, and using them. The group has managed to stay relatively small with many members either dead, behind bars, or out of the life. These days the NorSan Skinheads fund themselves entirely through their many illegal ventures, including Petty robberies, residential burglaries, and the distribution of methamphetamine. The lucrative meth industry funds many white gangs across the U.S., and the NorSan Skinheads are no different. The NorSan Skinheads promote an environment of heavy roleplay, with an emphasis on realism and accurate character portrayals and development. Please note that the NorSan Skinheads, being a skinhead group, will contain themes of white supremacy and the racist skinhead ideology, as well as rampant drug use, and violence. These views are in no way reflective of any members OOC beliefs. Any prospective members that harbor such views on an OOC basis will be promptly removed, and reported if deemed necessary. There will be NO tolerance for any racism in an OOC setting within this group. As per any other faction, the NorSan Skinheads will hold CK perms, and leadership will have the privilege of CKing members if deemed necessary.
  12. "You are the way and the wayfarers. And when one of you falls down, he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. Aye, and he falls for those ahead of him, who, though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone." - Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet THE STORY SO FAR... "Birth." Alderney City. 1987. Vincent James Torelli was born into a household wrought with moral decay, veiled under secrecy and fear. His family's involvement in the North Alderney cosa nostra was kept hidden during Vince's early years. He was a child of the nineties, and the RICO predicates had delivered a clear and blistering blow to his grandfather James. It was obvious to those who experienced it that the golden years of the American mafia were over; shot dead suddenly and buried shallow, in the event that one day it could be dug up once more to produce forth its stink upon those who come upon its rotted cadaver. It wasn't brought up at the dinner table. It wasn't ever mentioned directly. The mafia was like an inherited, genetic disease for many in the Torelli household. Like a diagnosis of cancer, it was more a solemn, pitiful truth than the status of pride and arrogance it was less than ten years prior. Vince wasn't lied to when he was curious. He knew his grandfather was in prison on RICO indictments. He knew his father was connected. However, he never asked directly. He never took it as a thing of pride, yet he never took it as a thing to be fearful of. It was part of him, and as he aged he simply lived with it. "College." Columbia University, Liberty City. 2005. Vince ascended into the Ivy League, no doubt thanks to his father's many "friends" in Liberty City. Life was looking up for the young Vince, despite it not going in the direction he had hoped. Dreaming his entire life of being an astronomer, he dared not challenge his father's wishes for him to eventually work among the many millionaires of Wall Street. Come what may, Vince knew that with his girlfriend Abigail by his side, nothing could stop him from success. By late-2005 Vince was secured a full time position at Faraday Securities Corporation, located high up within 100 Wall Street. As he progressed through university, so did his portfolio. Married in 2007. A father to a daughter and a son in 2008. A Master of Business Analytics in 2011. Torelli's family thrived in North Caldwell. He drove an Albany V-STR. He was successful, but he was unhappy. He wasn't an astronomer. "Security." Wall Street. 2014. Rumors swirled in early 2014 about outsourcing. Faraday Securities Corporation was in turbulence. Vince started developing alcoholism, brought on in part by his hereditary double-genetic tendency for it. He'd spend many lonely nights zoned out in the Carpe Diem bar in Berchem. His wife was less concerned with wealth and more concerned with his happiness. He didn't belong where he was. He wanted to move to North Yankton. He never did. By August, Vince's position was targeted in the outsourcing layoffs. Cheaper analytical staff could be found overseas. By November, Vince was bleeding money. His wife was disgusted with him. He knew he was about to lose everything, as he sat within a house he could no longer afford. "Loss." Alderney City. 2016. Vince had sold most of his assets to afford those he actually kept. However, after a night of arguing with Abigail, the act of throwing a wine glass at her was justification enough for her to file for divorce and win with flying colors. Alcoholism. Domestic abuse. Marijuana usage. To the jury, Vince was a bad husband and an even worse father. A danger to himself and obviously to his own children. By 2017, all that was left in Vince's life was a Kanjo SJ and enough willpower to work odd jobs to satisfy his lust for whiskey. "Freelancer." Alcoholics Anonymous. 2021. A wealthy sponsor in Vince's AA group signed him up for a two-month long furlough in a rehab facility in the sunny city of Los Santos. On a bus bound for the land of milk and honey, he arrived one late summer's night in 2021 and immediately went to work as a garbage hauler for a company based out of El Burro. Many lonely nights were spent as the sole driver of a route from El Burro to Del Perro, idolizing the rich and successful members of Los Santos' high society. Clad in a polyester weatherproof poncho and beaten up jeans, Vince swore to himself that one day he would be like them. After several cases of harassment on the job, Vince acquired a gun from a man named Tyrone during a chance encounter at the Pacific Standard bank. Vince was robbed of the gun shortly after. Knowing he couldn't turn to the police, Vince embraced, in his small pathetic way, his status as a criminal. As the weeks rolled on, Vince became less concerned with sobriety and more concerned with survival. He eventually stopped showing up to the AA meetings altogether, instead opting to drive up to Paleto Bay. In Paleto, Vince met a mysterious figure by the name of 'David', who showed Vince how to grow marijuana in several public growing spots up north. Vince also met a lady named Charlie Bankshot, who would go on to show him the gang politics of the county. Many times, he was robbed at gunpoint by redneck gangsters. Vince later added to his trade the art of car theft, breaking into the parking lot of a mechanic shop in Paleto Bay and stealing cars right from under their noses. This is how he first wound up in Twin Towers. Vince knew the risk far outweighed the reward, and if he were to make any money he'd need to join an organization. By chance, he met a man named Christoph Wellerman. A suit-donning and clean shaven fellow, Wellerman had an aura of leadership about him as he rambled on subtly about crime. Vince was determined to work for Wellerman. "The Underground." Del Perro Pier. October 2021. In early October 2021, a cancer awareness gala was held on the Del Perro pier. Vince picked up a random hitchhiker and the two set off to the event. Upon arrival, it was filled to the brim with individuals wearing pink. On the far side of the pier was Wellerman, Charlie and a mysterious lady in pink camouflage. This lady would come to be known as Melody Frey, the leader of an anarchist organization known simply as The Underground. Seeking employment, Vince began to work for this group, which identified itself with pink clothes and cars. Vince's first murder committed for The Underground was that of a clown on the eve of Halloween. As he sat on the sands of Vespucci Beach cutting up the clown with a bowie knife, Torelli knew that his choice to enter into this life was permanent. Later that month, Vince and David were mugged in Paleto. Vince was shot at three times with a .50 pistol. The rounds were deflected by the car's metal, which sent shrapnels of lead, glass and metal deep into Vince's skull. By the time the doctors removed it from his frontal lobe, they concluded that enough had already seeped into Vince's blood to blind him. They also said that what couldn't be removed would lead to his own death from lead poisoning in a maximum of three years. Torelli's next few weeks were spent committing petty crimes, or chasing after the daughters of Misha McQueen with his friend and co-member, Sean O'Malley. Misha was actually the woman who inspired Vince to initially leave The Underground, as she told him of the moral corruption of Melody and her apathy towards her own members. Vincent left The Underground a few weeks later. Initially wanting to join Marcus Falcone's crew of Italian-American heist men from Liberty City, he opted instead to join a loose crew of Mexicans from Jamestown Street. They robbed stores, chopped cars and eventually targeted Melody. By mid-December the crew was in tatters, and it was obvious to Vince that he made the wrong choice. He sold them out to Melody, in exchange for forgiveness. "Grace." Del Perro. January 2022. Vince's life was back on track. He was earning regularly with The Underground. He still lacked a basic human component to survival - companionship. Vince encountered Grace Adams, who joined The Underground during Vince's hiatus. By chance, the two fell for each other during a night of sightseeing at the Kortz Center on a chilly winter's night, January 28th. For the next several weeks, the couple lived together in Del Perro. They'd spend their days fishing at the pier, getting high from hippie kush. Grace was a 27-year old widow from Arizona, who worked as a car mechanic in Los Santos. Eventually, an FBI investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a prison guard by The Underground forced Vince and Grace to leave the group. Instead of laying low, Vince was contacted by his father James Jr., and tasked with establishing a crew of Italian-American burglars based on Bay City Avenue, on behalf of Alderney City. He did this, recruiting mob associates Benjamin Benito and his brother Joseph, as well as Vincent Bozzi. Other associates included Misha McQueen, Diego Gonzel and Samuel Spade. In mid-March, as the Torelli Crew prospered, Vince proposed to Grace on the Chumash pier. The short-lived crew was eventually disbanded for unknown reasons, with several members absorbed back into The Underground, including Vince and Grace. Even within The Underground, Vince wasn't making enough money to support himself and his habits. Grace was making far more money working as an executive mechanic, and she repeatedly bought him cars and fancy clothes, leading to ridicule from members of The Underground. The pair moved into a condo in Eclipse Towers. Vince was still a lowly street thug, barely making enough to pay for the week's food. On April 11th, the couple separated and Vince was kicked out of the apartment. Alone again, Vince was broken and without a tribe. He couldn't stay in The Underground for as long as Grace was there. He had to find a new home. "Benny Diamonds." Mission Row. May 2022. Vince's initial time directly after the breakup was either spent in bars, or in the Richman Hotel as he stalked Grace online. Fate would blow in Vince's favor when he entered into Damiani's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry one late-May afternoon, the 7th. He had a chance encounter with a man named Benjamin Ruggieri, who quickly inducted him into a shadowy Italian-American community. He was introduced to a man named Samuel Villione and was tasked with chopping cars. The next few months were spent slowly working his way up the borgata's food chain. Members of the family would come and go. Benny Diamonds was shot twice in the head, as John Aparo came to take his place. Death became an accepted part of his new lifestyle... the Tarano crew... the DiFiore brothers... even a random bloke named Raymond Cirillo, whom Vince murdered with Brandon Conradina and Rocco DiFiore, one starry July night. "Chloe." Pillbox Hill. July 2022. Vince received a call late one night from a girl he happened to meet outside the Pharaoh beauty shop. Her name was Chloe Hill. She was out of friends and she wanted one. The two soon bonded, before they found themselves in love. Much like Grace, the two became closest when sharing their troubles with life. However, unlike Grace, Vince and Chloe shared solidarity in the fact that they were ill. Chloe - a PHMC-diagnosed schizophrenic with early-onset Parkinson's who had been in Pillbox's psych ward countless times... and Vince - a depressive, sociopathic loner with lead poisoning and frequent strokes. Vince and Chloe's affection for each other was unconditional. The two became engaged on July 31st. Vince stole Chloe's engagement ring from Damiani's. It was around this time they also went on a week-long trip to Liberty City on a sightseeing tour. During the trip, Vincent also made contact with an old Faraday associate who could help him with a phantom billing scheme in LS. "On Record." Mission Row. August 2022. Vince was put on record into the Martorano crime family by John Aparo on August 6th. Chloe was impregnated by Vince that same day. On August 7th, Chloe was taken from Vince's life in the middle of the night by men in white jumpsuits. She was taken to a psychiatric facility in upstate Flint County, San Andreas. Vince was once again alone in his day to day life. His thirty-fifth birthday approached quickly. He was broke, and he needed to make money. He continued to work with the Martorano crime family for the next several months, primarily as a bartender at Goldie's or making an attempt at a phantom billing scam through Horizon Construction, LLC. "Chloe, Part II." Flint County. September 2022. The days dragged on for Vince as he maintained his role in the Mission Row borgata. Regular weekly trips were made to the Flint County Psychiatric Facility, where he would visit Chloe and witness the abuse she would sustain at the hands of the orderlies. It wasn't her first time in a psych ward, having spent long months in Pillbox Hill and Mount Zonah. However, Chloe's unique illness of claiming to recall "past lives" attracted the attention of a Eurasian organized crime group who's leader, Nikolai Kalinov, shared the same disease. Together with a cabal of elite arms-dealers known only as "La Fuente Blanca", they kept Chloe prisoner in the ward, eventually attempting to murder Vince when he got too close. He survived a nearly-fatal stabbing from Kalinov himself, ending up in the San Fierro Medical Center. "The Maccaviti." San Fierro. October 2022. As Vince laid either in a comatose state, or so paralyzed that he required assistance to take a shit, he longed for his days on Mission Row. It was evident the first week that he was stripped from his whole life he built for himself and Chloe in Los Santos... he was stuck in the small, cramped hospital due to Nikolai Kalinov's attack. However, while Vince rotted away in the hospital, Chloe had found new friends in an equally powerful and secretive organization of private counter-terrorists with a focus on extra-sensory perception (ESP), of which they believed Chloe to be a possessor. This group was known as "The Maccaviti." They had the resources to not only bust Chloe out of the hospital, but also her daughter Layla who was trapped in a foster home in Los Santos. They also rescued Vince from San Fierro, taking the family to a shelter in the Queens district. In return, Chloe would be recruited into The Maccaviti to hunt Kalinov. On October 30th, the plan was set into motion. Simultaneously, and initiated by shortwave radio signal, three teams converged on the psychiatric hospital, the foster home and the San Fierro Medical Center, freeing Chloe, Layla and Vince. Originally wanting to go to Liberty City, their plans changed... their new identities would be in Paleto Bay. "The Maccaviti, Part II." Paleto Bay. November 2022. In November 2022, The Maccaviti "disappeared" Vince, Chloe and Layla to a small apartment in Paleto Bay, giving them new identities, clothes, cars and livelihoods. It's as if the answer to every gangster's proverbial prayer - the ability to walk away - had struck Vince and his family in an incredible display of luck. However, with the rebirth of the Martorano crime family in Los Santos, as well as Vince's close contact with an old Cuban-Mexican friend of his, how long Vince and Chloe could maintain their act was uncertain... though several altercations happened with John Aparo's men, Vince and his family remained untouched in Paleto. Their daughter, Olivia Marie Hill, was born on January 3rd, 2023. "A Quiet Life." Paleto Bay. April 2023. Today, Vincent, Chloe, Layla and Olivia live outside of a two-bedroom apartment unit in Paleto Bay. Chloe works as a stay-at-home mom, spending her days attempting to improve her own mental health, all the while making an attempt to be a mother to Layla and Olivia. Vincent works odd jobs, often moonlighting in the service industry and making extra cash selling small amounts of pot to his close associate network. Long gone are the glorious days of life in the American Mafia as he lives a quiet existence in the county, spending most of his free time with his family. Despite the otherwise normal and stable condition of the Torelli household, the threat of Kalinov and the return of The Maccaviti lingers over their heads. It's like a muffled, ever-present tension that refuses to release itself. With each passing day, life grows more comfortable... something potentially detrimental if those unseen forces ever came back into their lives.
  13. PALETO BAY SAWMILL The Paleto Bay Sawmill, nestled in the heart of Paleto Forest, was once a thriving hub of activity for the local community. However, in recent years, it fell into a state of disrepair and abandonment, leaving many jobless and without hope. That was until the Department of Labor, under the visionary leadership of the Wade administration, struck a deal with the private owners to lease the sawmill and breathe new life into it. Now, thanks to this agreement, the sawmill is set to once again become a beacon of hope and opportunity for Paleto Bay and the surrounding areas. The agreement between the government agencies and the sawmill's owners aims to not only bring jobs back to the county, but also to ensure that the sawmill operates in a safe and efficient manner. With the Department of Labor and the Office of Planning and Special Projects overseeing the project, the community can rest assured that the revitalization of the sawmill will be executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Like many other government-sponsored fields, the Paleto Bay Sawmill has an ongoing recruitment process to meet the need for workers. To apply for a job, you can either visit the Paleto Bay Sawmill Office or submit your application online. The following are the current job opening(s) available: MILL WORKER / LOGGER SALARY INFORMATION: $30,000+ weekly MILL WORKER / LOGGER JOB REQUIREMENTS: Perform labor work, including frequently pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting in excess of 50 lbs, and occasionally exerting in excess of 100 lbs. Must be able to adhere to a standby schedule which includes day and night scheduling, overtime, weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak basic English. Must have the ability to function effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Must have the ability to work independently with limited supervision and strong initiative. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees. Must have the ability to think logically, follow procedures, comply with OSHA regulations and relevant state laws, instructions and make sound decisions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Feed conveyors, hoppers, saws and drying machines. Sort, pile and transport wood products. Remove scrap lumber and wood chips for reprocessing. Clean machines and work areas. Operate cranes, saws, forklifts and dump trucks. Drive long haul flatbeds and trucks. Heavy lifting using timber carriers. Package finished timber products such as firewood and woodchips. RECRUITMENT, INFORMATION AND CONTACT LINES: Due to its recent reopening, the Paleto Bay Sawmill is currently looking to fill various and necessary roles in order to begin the pipeline. If you have past experience in similar fields, and you believe yourself to be a good fit for supervisory positions, refer to the list of names below: This project is a part of the San Andreas State Government faction. Much like Port Authority, this also falls under the semi-legal category as we allow individuals with illegal affiliations to join. Our goal is to promote more blue collar roleplay around the county, and to offer engaging roleplay opportunities to those who enjoy the area, regardless of your affiliations (business, criminal, or ordinary citizen). Our aim is to encourage and reward quality roleplay and character growth through impactful roleplay experiences. If you have any inquiries, issues, or are interested in joining our faction, please don't hesitate to contact us. USEFUL LINKS - Paleto Bay Sawmill - San Andreas Govt.
  14. OOC INFORMATION The Tainted Souls Motorcycle Club's mission is to portray a 1%er motorcyce club. We do not portay any real or supporting motorcycle club. Our faction prides itself with strictly IC-driven roleplay and character development. We encourage unique roleplay as long as it meets the community’s standards. RECRUITMENT Is held exclusively In Character. We’re happily available to assist other players in adapting to our roleplay. We expect a strong commitment to our portrayal goals. Any sort of OOC toxicty will not be tolerated. For additional information, contact @Mobb Skit and @hispanic187 Design and topic @munnezza
  15. In a joint partnership with Auto Exotic, we decided to make it as easier as possible to purchase vehicles in 2023. Big Shoutout to Auto Exotic for making this possible. Link
  16. ((Showroom of Albert Lannaghan and Michael Fields))
  17. A brief backstory Robert "Bobby" Colton, some people call him Colt, was born in Jefferson, Texas. Not the brightest nor the talented type, he was just a random nobody. Born to the underachieving members of a large family of elites, he was usually treated as an outsider. When most of his cousins enjoyed a decent or luxurious life, his family struggled to survive each day. Combining that with the rejection from his own kin, made him hate the elite class of the society. The guy he looked up to Jesse "JV" Vaughan was the eldest of his bunch of cousins. Born to another set of underachievers in the family, JV was 10 years older than Bobby. Both of them grew up together, helping each other in their struggles. JV was the only one among the cousins who truly cared for Bobby and inturn Bobby had great respect for him. But after some drama in his life JV decided to leave the state and moved to San Andreas. Feeling left alone Bobby started to get more and more antisocial. After spending a few more years in Jefferson, he eventually got a call from Jesse, who asked him to move into San Anne. Maybe this is the turn he was looking for in his life.
  18. This topic will showcase the sinister life of Jaime "Jay" Alvarado, a youngster born in Paleto Bay. Jay lost his only half-dependent parent at the age of eighteen to a rival Sureno clique, his father left him with nothing. He decided to turn to the life of crime, selling hard drugs from his residence within the South Seas complex purchased online, until he was setup by the detectives bureau in a sting operation. Jay's residence was raided and large quantities of heroin & methamphetamine were seized. He was taken to jail, Jay made a friend whilst in jail who went by the name "F50" who was an affiliate of the Norteño gang, FATBOYZ 14 which Jay was aware of and which was based in Paleto Bay. Members of the FATBOYZ 14 attributed themselves with the Nuestra Familia whilst in prison. F50, Jay and a few other affiliates met in jail served their lengthy sentences in the correctional facility involving themselves in prison riots, fights and drug trafficking. "They had decided enough was enough and released themselves from the grips of the sphere of influence of the Norteño gang and had released ALL ties becoming San Andreas first Bulldogs gang. Gang skirmishes still happen to this day between the two rivaling gang out-side and within prison walls. These Bayside Bulldogs members are easy to distinguish out of the two knowing that they both fly the colours red. Active gang-members of the Bayside Bulldog members are most easily represented by sporting merchandise of the Fresno State Bulldogs team along-side the tattoos that they carry on themselves which may occur to have abbreviations of BDS of such, dog-paws, four dots (a tattoo known to be also worn by the Norteños) as-well as a Fresno State Bulldog casted on themselves. Due to it being such an independent set this gang has no real infrastructure to it despite it's militant ways, a-lot of the influence over the Bayside Bulldogs gang varies between the gang itself in regards to locations due to broken down "cliques" of the gang due to the sheer membership that is held proving difficult for prosecutors to be able to crack down on any form of leadership because there simply isn't one making the gang some-what bulletproof to gang-injunctions."
  19. 96.9 FM ((/setstation 128)) | Listen Online About Paleto Bay Radio (FM Frequency 96.9, FCC identifier KPBR) is a FCC licensed low power FM radio station based in Paleto Bay, San Andreas, founded in the late 1990s by Tyler Boyce, who operates the company to this day. PBR remains one of the few radio stations in San Andreas that hasn't been absorbed by a larger corporation; remaining fiercely independent at the cost of ad revenues and sponsorships. PBR strives to retain a community connection and markets itself as Paleto Bay's Radio Station. Genre While the station's advertising doesn't focus on genre, PBR typically focuses on an mix of indie, punk, and folk music in a departure from country music stations popular for the region. Most attribute this to the cultural distinction of Paleto Bay from the rest of northern Los Santos County - primarily Grapeseed and Sandy Shores, as Paleto Bay more closely represents the Pacific Northwest of the United States than the inner desert settlements of San Andreas. Specific DJ's, all volunteers except Boyce himself, occasionally 'take over' the station for their specific choice of music. Reach As PBR is licensed as a low power FM transmitter, reach can be limited particularly as the imposing Mt. Chiliad blocks PBR's main transmitter from the rest of Los Santos County. Most will rate the signal as fantastic in Paleto Bay itself, as well as up Mt. Chiliad. The station remains tolerable down through Sandy Shores, but many without more advanced listening equipment will notice the signal rapidly deteriorates by the Chumash area. The frequency is all static by Los Santos city limits, except for those with advanced equipment or those lucky enough to catch the signal on some cloudy nights where the range is extended by the climate. Placing a transmitter on top of Mt. Chilliad was long discussed, which would effectively give the station reach into Los Santos proper, but the mountain being declared a state park all but made these efforts impractical. Obviously people electing to stream online can listen globally. Funding Paleto Bay Radio as an independent radio staton relies on donations and advertisers to stay on-air. Donations are welcome to be wired to Tyler Boyce, and can include a request to be read on-air during the next live broadcast. Advertisers can pay for advertising on-air at the following rates: $2,500/week for a 15 second advertisement slot $5,000/week for a 30 second advertisement slot Advertisements will be played at least once every 2 hours for the duration of the agreement. Interesting advertisers can email [email protected] for advertising information. At this time it is the responsibility of the advertiser alone to generate the audio advertisement (.mp3 file preferred) that is to be played on air. Advertisements must meet FCC content rules on profanity and decency.
  20. 10/1/2020 - Cell Block B - Edgar "Jail Bird" Salinas
  21. JAVIER "POPSHOT" YAVIERO This thread will showcase the development and life of 27 year old, Javier "Popshot" Yaviero.
  22. BAY AREA NEWS Broad day shootout at Paleto Boulevard gas station captured on camera By BAN Staff Sunday, May 22nd 2022 PALETO BAY (BAN) - Los Santos Sheriffs Department are hoping you can identify four suspects who were caught on camera committing a homicide at the Xero gas station on Paleto Boulevard. Surveillance cameras captured a light brown primo pulling into the gas station, shortly after it passes the large group of people and moves off camera the suspects began firing into the crowd, injuring six and killing one. One of the victims is seen firing back at the primo before it pulled out from the gas station and fled west down Paleto Boulevard. It happened on Friday, 19th, at 11:45 a.m. at the Xero gas station located in the 7200 block of Paleto Boulevard. gas station.mp4 (Gas station CCTV footage) Deputies said an adult male victim was shot by the suspects while sitting in a white 4-door Dodge Charger. The victim was shot five times and was transported to Sandy Shores Medical Center but was pronounced dead upon arrival. Two of the six injured were also transported to Shandy Shores Medical Center where they are now listed in stable condition the other four were treated for minor injuries on scene. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Paleto Bay Crime Stoppers at 510-910-TIPS (8477). (For any questions regarding the faction PM @stain or @Caught Up In The Field)
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