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  1. Someone actually did that for a few months, it was never declared not allowed if i remember right lmao.
  2. I think the reality is there will always be edge cases on all types of RP, police, gangbanger, you name it. Any gang can cite examples of "our RL counterpart did this once!", but the reality is these things are usually the exemption, not the rule. Great case example from the 'other side' is the cop who lost a forum report when he shot someone he saw possibly committing a murder in the back even though he was unarmed. 100% happens IRL, but that's the exemption, not the rule, so it's poor escalation here on gtaw. The rules will never account for every edge case, but if we completely went balls free on "if it happened IRL", I'd be David Koresh with a cult of AR-15 equipped boys up on Mt. Chiliad.
  3. then why isn't it SanFire like @KinnyWynny suggests to give them more RP versatility than just fire marshals?
  4. MonroeLaw LLC Experience you can trust. Counsel you can depend on. ABOUTUS Monroe Law strives on years of law experience of ground-breaking civil and criminal law. The founding counsel, Millicent Monroe, comes with over a decade of experience in law, from serving as the Deputy District Attorney of Los Santos, to years in private practice, to a stint at a State Senator, including writing the Domestic Violence Act. Monroe's experience includes ground-breaking victories such as Knight v. West, netting hundreds of thousands of dollars for wronged clients. Areas of expertise include: Civil Defense Corporate law Disability/Employment law Medical Malpractice We are currently not accepting criminal cases as a general rule. CONTACTUS [email protected] ((@bartman)) 45783819
  5. A legend. I'm sorry, bud.

  6. We've tried. LFM will vehemently oocly oppose any attempt at making CCW's easier to obtain. -Republican Senator. The issue also stems from the fact that here LSPD FLD is the end-all-be-all gods of firearms licensing, when in reality even in California, if you think the issuing authority is shafting you on your license you can appeal it to the courts to get one issued. I don't think FLD (and thus LFM) would support this move either.
  7. EMS/fire is by far the most gate kept of anything public safety and it'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. I've seen /at least/ three well written, excellent presentations for private EMS in my time, all killed by LFM or just stonewalled because "join FD". Meanwhile, we have four law enforcement factions with largely overlapping areas and responsibilities.
  8. This is chicken and the egg though. I'm not going to ask anyone to properly roleplay bodies/injuries when it's so common. If we forced people to properly roleplay every interaction with violence in this server every character ought to be PTSD ridden hulks.
  9. Looking for a Paleto Bay or Grapeseed storefront business property. Prepared to pay very handsomely for it. Have a business you rarely open and looking for a quick cash boost? Now's your time! Contact via email.
  10. the problem is find literally anyone who'd want to deal full time with 12 year old murderer criminal prodigy's. It'd never work for more than a few weeks for the same reason "let's do a high school!" will never work. We all know what it'd devolve to to the point I really don't need to break it down. If they get arrested for anything major, they should be forced to age up till 16-18 because they'd never be let out of a state facility until at least that age without guardians.
  11. acktually I've never been robbed so therefore the problem doesn't exist *Insert pic of the Lakers sleeping on a plane here*
  12. the real answer is not worth the trouble. You see Andre_Andreson run up and loot a dead body. Your options are: a) /report and wait potentially 30-45 minutes in Davis with a big target painted on your back for a admin to show up. It's often so late after the incident you may get told to go the forums anyway. b) Forum report them for looting, which requires me uploading my shadowplay, writing out a report, posting it, then monitoring and replying to it. All for 3 seconds of a dude running by looting a body which really doesn't even effect me. None of this is worth my time, nor anyone elses, I imagine. I'm almost inclined to ask if the current looting system is even worth having at this point.
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