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  1. I'm a paid crisis actor and I approve of this thread.
  3. Short description: Shotspotter is a system used by many cities in the U.S (and internationally) that automatically detects and dispatches police to audibly detected gunshots in high-crime communities. Detailed description: The server already tracks gunfire (see the shell casings system). This script would only be enabled in certain areas, obviously, the middle of the Desert or Paleto isn't going to have shot detectors. In these areas (Usually high-crime areas, but for server balance I would suggest focusing on areas where crime should be discouraged, i.e, Downtown and more touristy areas). Rather than OOCly regulating crime, this system would passively ICly deter gun-crime in these areas, because any gunfire would automatically trigger a police response. That doesn't prohibit crime; it just means criminals have to be more cautious and when they do shoot, they have to move quickly. So as an example, Jimbob robs Hannah in Vespucci. Hannah gets frisky and Jimbob ends up shooting her three times. There would be say, a 30 second delay, before this message (or something like it) is broadcasted to police 30-60 seconds later: [Shot Detection] Sensor detected 3-5 rounds fired. Location: Vespucci Boulevard Simple alert. To the point. Doesn't give too much information, but it substitutes people trying to claim large crowds would call 911 in situations like these. It passively deters crime in areas with the system installed without outright prohibiting criminal roleplay. Jimbob now knows that he's just shot someone and the police are likely coming. It deters poor looting roleplay where someone sits there for 3-4 minutes trying to loot people like it's DayZ. If you fire your weapon, you should expect someone knows about it and be heading in another direction. But this accomplishes that without admin intervention or OOCly regulating crime; it's a passive deterrent. Silenced weapons could hopefully be implemented and have a new value for hit jobs since they wouldn't trip the sensor. This system also encourages crime where guns aren't involved, i.e, blunt weapons, brawls, etc, because no sensor is tripped. Commands to add: n/a Items to add: n/a How would your suggestion improve the server? Additional information: I believe this would be a balance between the interests of legal roleplayers that want a "safer" city and illegal roleplayers who don't want constrained OOCly. The system can work to deter gun crime in areas management or the city or whoever wants to deter it, without any OOC blocks to any kind of roleplay. Frankly I personally think it's a best case solution to both sides. To keep things balanced I could see a reason to keep this out of i.e Davis, but i think it should definitively be prioritized in areas where the city would want to discourage gun crime, especially Downtown and the more touristy areas of the city.
  4. You just admitted the problem without realizing it. The apparently staff accepted lore (based on the multiple rant-sized discussions on it) is the population in game is the population you get; you can't NPC areas being populated or NPC the city being bigger than it is. So why is a considerable server population able to RP being wandering unaccounted for teenagers with absent or no parents? In a city with the crime rate of Night City? It just doesn't make sense, IC or OOC. They /should/ be picked up the first opportunity and dumped into foster care, but being as evidently no one wants to RP running foster care (can't say I blame them), we're stuck with the situation we have now. If I can't roleplay having a NPC wife or husband and say they were driving when I get pulled over drunk, why can these kids NPC having parents? Not trying to be an ass, just a thought experiment. I'm sorry but the "just report people breaking the rules" argument doesn't work anymore. Not on a server with 800 population where at peak times a kid being dumb isn't worth waiting an hour in game for a report to be handled, or waiting upwards of a week for a forum report to be handled. We need to stop dumping problems on staff and handle problems at the root, serverwide. It's not economical to rely on admins to fix every problem individually on a server with 800 players and (if you're lucky) 5% of that population being staff members. So you have to evaluate it from a logical point of view; you like playing teenage characters, I respect that. Maybe you're very good at it, I'm not going to judge. But let's evaluate this logically. A risk vs reward analysis that takes the personal element out of it so no one feels like they're being attacked. What serious roleplay as a community do teenage characters offer to the community compared to the problems that group, systematically, brings?
  5. 1. Correct, but the difference is adult characters don't get special dispositions that make it much harder to deal with them because basically any borderline trollish behavior can be justified with "I'm rping a teenager!" https://gov.gta.world/viewforum.php?f=466 The person posting the job postings for social work isn't in GOV anymore, there is 1 application from over a month ago for social worker that never got a response. If there are active social workers that exist, I've never seen them. GOV definitively needs to pick this sector up, but I don't know how many people on GTAW would even want to RP a social worker who gets paid to deal with "ay shorty" comments all day. As for 'npc parent' excuses, I'm not sure how this actually falls into the rules - are minor characters allowed to do that, or can you presume they're homeless unless the parents are real characters?
  6. Underage characters exist to either bend the rules, bend the laws (since being underage makes it a lot easier to get away with shit as a general rule), or a combination of the two. I've met maybe half a dozen underage characters with any thought or development beyond "haha im a teenager" in my time. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but 'properly developed' kid characters are definitively the exception, not the rule. I especially love when 15-16 year olds do go to jail for major felonies then pop out still RPing 15-16 because "you can't control how I RP my character". The system has no way to deal with them anyway, since a homeless 15 year old would quickly become a ward of the state IRL.
  7. Can we make thanos snap the official lore? Explains a lot, really. The Dystopian crime rates, no one roleplaying anything involving a family, Zimbabwe economy, etc.
  8. with 700 players on most days there's 0 reason 911 calltaker can't be a script job or faction so a actual human answers and it only goes to the script dispatch if nones available.
  9. Username: Todd Comment: if you actually read the article you'd see the company knew he was a felon when hiring him. It was a choice. Nothing was unknown.
  10. Username: Todd Comment: If he isn't carrying a gun who cares? Let the man work!
  11. Username: todd Comment: >We should rehabilitate felons back into society >Felon is reintegrated into society, finds meaningful employment. Gets doxxed by the media purely for existing. Shameful, slanderous excuse for an article. If he isn't carrying a firearm he's not doing anything illegal, and props to Holland for giving rehabilitated criminals a second chance.
  12. Ccw warriors about to not think twice in gunning down a new thief who paid 8k for a switchblade Ccws are abused to make random legal characters Chris Kyle and they never think about the people they kill because "the crime rate". Side rant from the main thread but point is shitty portrayal goes both ways.
  13. I still think a reasonable trade off is a ShotSpotter (Google it) type automated 911 for gunfire. Obviously only in certain areas.
  14. Jail rp is only "dead" on the female side, and there's nothing the SD can do to fix that. There's 10-20 male inmates on during peak hours and plenty of guards. B pod being dead is simply a byproduct of the fact 92-95% of criminal characters are males. Gender mixing will never happen for obvious reasons.
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