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  1. take a step back and think about what the server would look like if the police had facial recognition and 'video cameras everywhere'
  2. gtaw should just double down and advertise themselves as a server which primarily supports legal/civilian roleplayers and let those who wish to rp illegal go elsewhere. most of the rule changes and administrative decisions are in favor of the civilian characters, so stringing on criminal roleplayers with promises of improvement is a waste of everyone's time. roleplaying in the illegal scene on this server feels like you're just a thorn in the side of all those players who primarily want relationship roleplay. ive never felt like any of the administration team, bar the IFM admins, have any real interest in keeping us around. most seem like they would prefer if there was no criminal charatcers whatsoever.
  3. perfect example of someone speaking with incorrect vernacular (Tom Hanks' son speaking Patois) and EVERYONE COLLECTIVELY AGREEING that hes fuckin weird for it on topic, a woman saying dude isn't weird at all lol.
  4. u are too emotional to engage in this topic. OT: expecting people to use correct vernacular is a big ask when most of them cant even pick the right nationality
  5. u shouldnt be allowed to RP a british criminal unless u consent to being deported
  6. i am proposing that we make it easier to recognize british characters so that they can be avoided and we can maintain a realistic LA-inspired atmosphere for those who prefer it. this kind of identification means that these players will eventually gravitate towards eachother due to being ignored by the large number of GTAW players who are tired of seeing these characters on the streets. please be civil and do not flame others for their opinion as i just want to see the server improve thank you. now that it has been made clear that we will not outright ban british characters, the optimal solution is that they are forced underground due to being neglected by the rest of the server. perhaps we can revamp the Los Santos sewers into Little London so that these people can roleplay underground, in peace, without ruining my immersion it could look like this:
  7. which supremacist factions are politically active? it’s a common misconception that skinhead gang members are the same as politically motivated skinheads. For the most part, skinheads with strong political views dislike the sort of skinheads you see on rp servers, because they are motivated primarily by money - not the race.
  8. stop joining faction discords, stop telling people who u are, stop talking in /b and pms and you'll have a lot more fun
  9. what does being a unique ethnicity add to your character story? would walter white be a better character if he was a Kenyan living in New Mexico? too many people think a character is interesting because you've mashed in a thousand weird character traits or nationalities into the mix. ur military vet/antifa member yugoslavian-japanese character with a metal leg and a stutter is NOT FUN to rolepaly with for you to form a connection to a character and therefore properly appreciate them they must be RELATABLE. people RELATE to tony soprano because he's a masculine individual struggling with mental health. its something that we, as the viewer/reader, can have some sort of connection with. people cant relate to him being a mob boss. and yes we need to have a serious conversation about stopping the british invasion, my last thread was closed 😞
  10. I love the Illegal Faction Management team. They can do no wrong in my eyes. They are so friendly and helpful.
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