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  1. I love the Illegal Faction Management team. They can do no wrong in my eyes. They are so friendly and helpful.
  2. I love the Illegal Faction Management team. They can do no wrong in my eyes. They are so friendly and helpful.
  3. Skinhead Culture and Public Enemy Number 1 Skinheads first emerged in the Southern San Andrean region in the mid-1980s, utilising the violence associated with the punk rock culture as a catalyst for their development from the unruly youth, connected by a mutual interest in a rebellious music scene, into loosely organized gangs who regularly clashed with one another. This formation of skinhead gangs along the beachfront coincided with the encroachment of black and latino gangs into Los Santos county, specifically in the Vespucci and Del Perro area, where the punk scene thrived. Public Enemy Number 1, or PENI, established themselves as the dominant skinhead gang by the 1990s. They differed from the large number of politically orientated skinhead gangs who closely associated themselves with white supremacist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan or White Aryan Resistance, and the white supremacist non-skinhead leaders such as Tom Metzger and Richard Butler. PENI cultivated a generation of ‘white gangsters, operating as a profit-focused criminal organization and regularly blurring the lines between what is acceptable for a white supremacist by conducting business with other ethnicities for financial gain. As PENI developed into a statewide name, smaller skinhead gangs, local to a specific region, formed under their loose supervision and guidance. One such gang was the Del Perro Skinheads (DPSH), who saw PENI as a stepping-stone to the two things they coveted above all: respect and wealth. Del Perro Skinheads (DPSH) It was during the resurgence of the punk rock scene in the late 1990s that Adam ‘Hitter’ Madsen, Thomas ‘Yogi Bear’ Liston and Robert ‘Rover’ Kemper formed the Del Perro Skinheads gang, due to their regular violent clashes with Vespucci gangs such as the Fast Pace Punks and the Suicidal Surfers. These altercations were directly linked to the Vespucci punk rock scene, as it was typically before or after punk shows that the group of Del Perro teenagers would brawl with these groups, while travelling through their turf from Del Perro to Vespucci beach, or vice versa. Their mutual shared interests in punk rock, women, partying and violence are what spurred the three skinheads to form their own organization, using groups like PENI as the benchmark for what a white gangster should be. They were all fifteen years old. Hitter, Yogi Bear and Rover, with no direct mentors or supervision from other criminals, struggled for several years to advance out of petty crime and into serious profit. They participated in low level robberies, sold marijuana and stole cars until Yogi Bear was caught and arrested. He served three years and emerged from Iron Lake State Penitentiary a hardened criminal, having spent his time learning from more experienced white gangsters and becoming radicalized by their hate-fuelled vitriol. He began to practice Odinism and attempted to convert his comrades to his newfound religion upon his release, to no success. Yogi Bear pushed the gang into the methamphetamine trade, using a connection to the Vagos OMG, which he formed in prison. This newfound profit spurned the gang onwards towards more profitable and violent crimes such as armed robbery and the manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine. By the mid 2000s, a new generation of Del Perro skinheads were introduced to the gang. Most notably, there was Tyler “Action” Gresham and Matthew “Pest” Seaton, as well as Adam Madsen’s younger brother, Raymond “Napalm Ray” Madsen. A larger gang meant that the founders could direct their young soldiers for the benefit of the gang and field the numbers required to clash with other gangs. One particular summer involved three shootings at a Rolling 60s Crip gang in Morningwood, following a violent attack due to a drug-deal gone wrong. The beef fizzled out, luckily, after the Crips were arrested by Operation Safe Streets following a long term investigation. Robert “Rover” Kemper, confident from his recent financial success and their supposed victory over the Crips, agreed to speak to the media regarding the existence of skinhead gangs in Los Santos county. His face was blurred, but his signature tattoo of two dice in a skeleton’s palm was easily recognizable for his comrades. Kemper discussed skinhead gang culture and told stories in which he saved other skinheads, who he directly named, from an assault outside of a Skrewskull punk show. He discussed how he attacked another skinhead for low-balling him in a drug deal - a skinhead who was on parole at the time of the story. Kemper’s loud mouth infuriated the local skinhead gangs and tarnished the reputation of DPSH. Thomas ‘Yogi Bear’ Liston and Adam ‘Hitter’ Madsen, feeling they had no choice but to send a serious message, assaulted Kemper with knives and hammers. Hitter, content to leave Rover alive with his injuries, attempted to pull Yogi Bear away from his bleeding comrade. Yogi Bear continued relentlessly and ended Kemper’s life with a smash to the skull. It took two weeks for the gang members to be apprehended and arrested for murder. They are currently serving their sentence in North County Correctional Facility. Gang leadership fell to Tyler “Action” Gresham. He communicated with his elders in prison, who advised fast expansion in order to facilitate the gang’s criminal enterprises. Action set out to become a mentor and leader to the violent white youth in Del Perro, providing them with opportunities to make money, party, have sex with tweakers and fight for their hometown. Action brought in the latest generation of Del Perro skinheads, which includes: Corey Garrison A.K.A. Two Face Wesley Kemp A.K.A. Cursed Cody Garrison A.K.A. Bandit Thomas Sharp A.K.A. Spider Zachary Lampert A.K.A. Temper Jason Parnello A.K.A. Stretch Brooke Henderson A.K.A. Trouble
  4. with this faction i want to return to an old-school style of rping in which ooc factors and discord usage is minimized. its preferable for me, even, that you do not interact with the group on an OOC level. i have no expectations for screenshots and i couldnt care less how active our forum thread is. if you need help approaching this faction and dont want to join our Discord for all the guides, pm me and i'll send them over to you privately. we have no OOC agenda with the faction direction and will simply see how this group evolves in the del perro area. if this sounds up your alley pm me or show up in game.
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