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  1. MURRIETA VALLEY SKINHEADS A/K/A MVSH A/K/A HATE VALLEY A/K/A DEATH VALLEY East Los' Murrieta Valley a/k/a "The Valley" to natives has always been a hotspot and breeding ground for white power gangs. From the early 2000s to present day, numerous groups have sprouted up including Death Valley Skinheads a/k/a DVS, COORS (Comrades Of Our Racial Struggle), and more recently Murrieta Valley Skin heads a/k/a MVSH. Law enforcement officials state that the high drug usage and low-income statistics in the area are the reason these groups gain a foothold in the area. Young misguided youth see the previous generations and view them as role-models and heroes. Crimes reported vary from drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, weapons trafficking, fraud and vehicle theft. Heroin and methamphetamine is rampant at the Valley, Caucasian and Hispanic families are decimated due to these narcotics. Over the course of ten years, officials state that over 100 properties in the Valley region have been raided, seizing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of narcotics from white power gang members. Typically these gang members would be identified by their tattoos, most of which were acquired while incarcerated. They wear their hateful ink with a sense of pride. Some include Swastikas, SS Lightning Bolts and other various white pride related designs. The younger generation typically don't foster any hateful ideologies but when they're placed into a prison or correctional facility, they easily become influenced by older white gang members, typically from gangs such as Public Enemy Number 1 a/k/a PEN1. PEN1's the dominant white power skinhead gang in Southern San Andreas, their influence spans from the Vespucci area all the way to East Los. Once they're inside, their drug addiction only gets worse, the prices are higher; victims become broke and more often than not they have to exchange favors in order to feed their addictions. OOC: This group will have themes of white supremacy due to the subculture that exists in the correctional system but by no means will there be allowed any OOC reflection of our character's actions. Poor portrayal will be brought up to the individual quickly, leading to a kick if improvement has not been made. The group is RPing in 2023 Los Angeles, California equivalent, so the characters will reflect that. Reach out to me on sixtyeight#8812 for any questions, otherwise join the discord. Any individual who joins the faction's script by invite hands over their CK permissions. https://discord.gg/nEWnHHemrk
  2. Kaden Jonah Kaden Jonah grew up in a small town in Bavaria, Germany, marked by the shadow of addiction and tragedy. His childhood was far from ideal. His father, a kind man, fell victim to cancer when Kaden was only 10 years old. The battle against the disease transformed the family home into a scene of despair and pain.With the death of his father, Kaden's mother, unable to cope with the loss and consumed by grief, plunged into a dark world of illicit drugs. She emotionally distanced herself from Kaden, leaving him adrift in a home marked by chaos and neglect. Formal education became a distant luxury as Kaden's life grew increasingly bleak. As his mother sank deeper into the abyss of drugs, Kaden, a vulnerable teenager, found solace in the streets of the town. Quickly, he became involved with bad company and began to experience the dangers of the illicit activities that surrounded his community. School became a secondary concern as the underworld of drugs offered a momentary escape from the cruel reality. Kaden's life took an even darker turn when he, under the influence of "friends," became involved in illicit activities. The brightness of his youth was stolen by a spiral of crime and chemical dependence. He went through arrests and rehabilitation, but the scarcity of support and opportunities seemed to push him further into the abyss. Tragedy reached its peak when his mother succumbed to addiction, leaving Kaden orphaned and lost in a world that had abandoned him. Without family, without a home, and with a stained past, he faced the cold and cruel streets in search of survival. Kaden Jonah's story is a tragic narrative of how adverse circumstances can lead to a downward spiral. His path, marked by loss, addiction, and criminality, underscores the critical importance of social support and opportunities for young people facing insurmountable difficulties.
  3. This thread will follow the development of Casey "Spaz" Holman, a twenty year old member of the Los Santos County Skinheads.
  4. The life and development of Myles "Tweety" Maynard
  5. This thread will follow the life events of Winston aka "Stomper" McPherson
  6. This thread will follow Mitchell Kennedy in trying to make something of himself in East Los Santos, a predominantly Hispanic dominated area, where a White teenager's identity may easily be lost.
  7. Kenneth Monk - Gangsters Against Society | Murrieta Valley Skinheads
  8. This will be the story about Adian AKA Slim.
  9. The NorSan Skinheads are a loosely connected network of white gangsters, based around the Paleto Bay area and the greater Northern San Andreas region. The group is involved in a plethora of criminal activities around their home area, including but not limited to; residential burglary, car theft, armed robbery, and drug as well as weapons dealing. Many members of the NorSan Skinheads are addicts themselves, being as unable to resist drugs such as methamphetamine, crack-cocaine, and heroin, as their clients. The NorSan Skinheads have their roots in the San Andreas hardcore punk scene of the late 1980s and '90s. Initially a group of punks and skinheads without ties to the more criminal or racist elements of the scene, they would veer more and more into criminality over time. As members would gradually find themselves locked up or addicted to hard drugs, they would adopt many aspects of the criminal lifestyle into their own. By the mid '00s, the group was no longer recognizable due to the many changes that had occurred over the years. What began as a group of punks interested in partying, fighting, and getting high, had become a street gang focused on making money peddling drugs, and using them. The group has managed to stay relatively small with many members either dead, behind bars, or out of the life. These days the NorSan Skinheads fund themselves entirely through their many illegal ventures, including Petty robberies, residential burglaries, and the distribution of methamphetamine. The lucrative meth industry funds many white gangs across the U.S., and the NorSan Skinheads are no different. The NorSan Skinheads promote an environment of heavy roleplay, with an emphasis on realism and accurate character portrayals and development. Please note that the NorSan Skinheads, being a skinhead group, will contain themes of white supremacy and the racist skinhead ideology, as well as rampant drug use, and violence. These views are in no way reflective of any members OOC beliefs. Any prospective members that harbor such views on an OOC basis will be promptly removed, and reported if deemed necessary. There will be NO tolerance for any racism in an OOC setting within this group. As per any other faction, the NorSan Skinheads will hold CK perms, and leadership will have the privilege of CKing members if deemed necessary.
  10. Amarillo Vista This thread follows a group of teenagers in Amarillo Vista as they develop amidst Murrieta Valley Skinheads' bid to extend their power from Fudge Lane to the rest of El Burro Heights. The characters in this neighborhood come from impoverished backgrounds, many of them affected by the realities of methamphetamine abuse, or the effects of a crumbling economy. The local factory shutting down has led to many families losing their homes, with houses in the area being foreclosed and used as squats occupied by drug addicts. This has resulted in unstable living conditions, making the youth even more susceptible to influences and willing to resort to criminal activities to satisfy their immediate needs, such as hunger or lack of shelter. This is a developing subset of MVSH that will operate on Amarillo Vista. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/88754-murrieta-valley-skinheads/
  11. It was during the resurgence of the punk rock scene in the late 1990s that Adam ‘Hitter’ Madsen, Jeremy ‘Yogi Bear’ Liston and Robert ‘Rover’ Kemper formed the Del Perro Skinheads gang, due to their regular violent clashes with Vespucci gangs such as the Fast Pace Punks and the Suicidal Surfers. These altercations were directly linked to the Vespucci punk rock scene, as it was typically before or after punk shows that the group of Del Perro teenagers would brawl with these groups, while travelling through their turf from Del Perro to Vespucci beach, or vice versa. Their mutual shared interests in punk rock, women, partying and violence are what spurred the three skinheads to form their own organization, using groups like Public Enemy Number One (PENI) as the benchmark for what a white gangster should be. They were all fifteen years old. Hitter, Yogi Bear and Rover, with no direct mentors or supervision from other criminals, struggled for several years to advance out of petty crime and into serious profit. They participated in low level robberies, sold marijuana and stole cars until Yogi Bear was caught and arrested. He served three years and emerged from Iron Lake State Penitentiary a hardened criminal, having spent his time learning from more experienced white gangsters and becoming radicalized by their hate-fuelled vitriol. He began to practice Odinism and attempted to convert his comrades to his newfound religion upon his release, to no success. Yogi Bear pushed the gang into the methamphetamine trade, using a connection to the Vagos OMG, which he formed in prison. This newfound profit spurned the gang onwards towards more profitable and violent crimes such as armed robbery and the manufacturing and sale of methamphetamine. By the mid 2000s, a new generation of Del Perro Skinheads were introduced to the gang. Most notably, there was Tyler “Action” Gresham and Matthew “Pest” Seaton, as well as Adam Madsen’s younger brother, Raymond “Napalm Ray” Madsen. A larger gang meant that the founders could direct their young soldiers for the benefit of the gang and field the numbers required to clash with other gangs. One particular summer involved three shootings at a Rolling 60s Crip gang in Morningwood, following a violent attack due to a drug-deal gone wrong. The beef fizzled out, luckily, after the Crips were arrested by Operation Safe Streets following a long term investigation. Robert “Rover” Kemper, confident from his recent financial success and their supposed victory over the Crips, agreed to speak to the media regarding the existence of skinhead gangs in Los Santos county. His face was blurred, but his signature tattoo of two dice in a skeleton’s palm was easily recognizable for his comrades. Kemper discussed skinhead gang culture and told stories in which he saved other skinheads, who he directly named, from an assault outside of a Skrewskull punk show. He discussed how he attacked another skinhead for low-balling him in a drug deal - a skinhead who was on parole at the time of the story. Kemper’s loud mouth infuriated the local skinhead gangs and tarnished the reputation of DPSH. Jeremy ‘Yogi Bear’ Liston and Adam ‘Hitter’ Madsen, feeling they had no choice but to send a serious message, assaulted Kemper with knives and hammers. Hitter, content to leave Rover alive with his injuries, attempted to pull Yogi Bear away from his bleeding comrade. Yogi Bear continued relentlessly and ended Kemper’s life with a fatal blow to the skull. It took two weeks for the gang members to be apprehended and charged for murder. They are currently serving their sentence in North County Correctional Facility. Gang leadership fell to Tyler “Action” Gresham. He communicated with his elders in prison, who advised fast expansion in order to facilitate the gang’s criminal enterprises. Action set out to become a mentor and leader to the violent white youth in Del Perro, providing them with opportunities to make money, party and fight for their hometown. Del Perro Skinheads remains an ever-present force in the locality, exerting their influence and instilling fear within the community. In the vibrant backdrop of the Spring of 2023, escalating tensions between the Skinheads and a nearby faction of Rollin 20's Crips brought the simmering conflict to a boiling point. The culmination of this bitter rivalry unfolded dramatically in a violent gunfight that erupted within the crowded parking lot of the Crown Jewels Motel. Tragically, the confrontation claimed the life of a young teenager, suspected to be associated with the Rollin 20's Crips, in a harrowing sequence of events. Following the initial impact of a collision with a speeding vehicle on Bay City Avenue, the teenager found himself subjected to a brutal act of violence, succumbing to the injuries inflicted upon him. The aftermath of this tragic incident would eventually see the tensions between the Del Perro Skinheads and the Rollin 20's Crips dissipate. First Generation: Jeremy 'Yogi Bear' Liston, Adam ‘Hitter’ Madsen, Robert 'Rover' Kemper, Tyler 'Action' Gresham', Matthew 'Pest' Seaton, Raymond 'Napalm Ray' Madsen Second Generation: Cody ' Lil Bandit' Garrison, Corey ' Two Face' Garrison, Jason 'Stretch' Parnello, Thomas 'Spider' Sharp, Wesley 'Cursed' Kemp, Zachary ‘Temper’ Lampert Third Generation: Taylor 'Ballistic' Colborn, Robert 'Crash' Zachowski, Spencer Hewitt, Ray 'Bouncer' Dewitt, Shane 'Thumper' Larsen, Wayne 'Menace' Platt, Mitchell 'Casper' Ellis, Tyler 'Mugger' Hendersen Graduation Skinheads like the aforementioned group are ideal recruits for statewide skinheads gang such as Public Enemy Number One. They were violent, zealous in their beliefs and willing to break the law in order to achieve financial gains. Corey & Cody Garrison were the first to graduate to PENI. They were chosen primarily as their loyalty would ensure that future Del Perro Skinheads would fall under the umbrella of PENI. This kind of political move is a typical example of a statewide gang absorbing local sets in order to strengthen their position. Zachary Lampert found his criminal vocation in the white-collar criminal underworld. He created fake IDs for local biker gangs which attracted the attention of Ryan "Hopper" Burhop from PENI.
  12. Clyde Harley (Clyde/Bulldog/Stitches/Tubby) Clyde is a born & raised Los Santos native from Vespucci. He grew up in Vitus street, The race politics weighed heavily on the way he grew because of how prominent the supremacy theroies was in his family. Clyde is a 3rd generation LSer, he came from a long way of domestic violence. Clyde is known in his school to be a bully when he was still at school, he gets into arguments and fights often at school, on the street and in public. In his school, he's known to rob others' lunch money and bully other students ever since he was young, elementary school days till he dropped out. This was mainly because his drunk daddy and the mother who never cares about him. Clyde is a typical latchkey kid, just like other white poor kids. One day, Clyde's mother cannot take it anymore, been experiencing mental and physical abuse from his husband for couple of years, she decided to leave the whole family and ran away. Clyde spent most of his childhood at his parent's place, without the worry of material necessities, the bread that his father brought on the table as a delivery guy for the local grocery was enough for him to be content. In his early teens, his father was shot and murdered by thugs in Jamestown while he was on a delivery — He was simply delivering eggs, his only possessions on him, a Nokia and twenty dollars, were taken by the murderers. Clyde thought it was African American who murdered his father so the neo-nazi thoughts had become a part of him. Clyde began to shave his head, dressing like a punk, learned how to skate etc... After his father's death, Clyde moved to his grandpa's place, it is hard for the low-income family to live, so Clyde chose to drop out and sell drugs with his 'friends' around Vespucci.
  13. This thread will follow the life of Donny Jones, a 20 year old Vespucci local finding his way back home and coming back to the streets to fight against modern comformity.
  14. In July 2004, Troy Whitaker was born. Life was going well for Troy, who was born in Vespucci Beach in a small apartment building that housed his mother and father, both of whom worked as construction workers, until 2006, when their father was killed in a botched robbery, leaving Troy and his older brother Marcus orphaned. Troy had a racist older brother with violent neo-Nazi sentiments, which left a psychological effect on him. Troy had left foster care and moved into his brother's home after Marcus was able to buy the two of them a house. As a result, Marcus started to act more like a father than a brother to Troy. Marcus frequently displayed his neo-Nazi beliefs to Troy as a member of the now-defunct skinhead group known as the Knights of Valhalla. However, all that changed one day when Troy woke up to the sound of knocking and was greeted by two detectives at his front door. Notifying him that his older brother Marcus was arrested for murder during a botched robbery. When the police arrested Marcus, he was charged with second-degree murder and sentenced to ten years in prison. This increased Troy's anger and Marcus's impression of him as Troy grew up in the midst of an ever-expanding skinhead culture that surrounded his community in Vespucci.
  15. This thread showcases the life of one Vespucci local named Alvin Fowler. Alvin Fowler is one of the many representatives of White youth in the Vespucci area. Prone to getting involved with hard narcotics and violence at an early age, Alvin shoots his shot at trying to survive the vicious streets of gangland "Dogtown" and make a life for himself. A troubled home, an easy access to hardcore drugs and a neighborhood full of criminally motivated racist skinheads are what dictate how his life is going to go.
  16. Here lies Michael "Sleepy" Lane, who isn't dead quite just yet. Mar. 6, 1998 - XXX. X, XXXX The Birth of a Disaster (like most disasters, accidental) Michael's life began much like most of the kids who go on to become degenerates. Born out of wedlock into a broken home; he was blessed with a PTSD-riddled alcoholic mother, and a racist, sociopathic, meth-consumed father, livin' it up in a small town called Chicago. His mother came from the Bolton side of the family, and Susan (Susie for short) was proud of it. She often told a young Michael stories of her brother, Uncle Slip, who used to always protect her as little kids. Upon reflection, Mike thinks part of his mother had always wished Slip would come and save her from her 'boyfriend'. Jonathan Lane had never wanted kids. In fact, the only reason he stuck around was because he could never afford a good divorce lawyer; and was probably convinced he'd lose the house. When Michael started on the way out to him and Susan, Jon couldn't be bothered to leave his poker game to take her to the hospital. Instead, the neighbor; Mrs. Crowley (an ex-nurse) delivered the somewhat sickly and pale young boy to his mother. When Jon got home, about 34 hours later, he had completely forgotten his woman had gone into labor, and even the baby in front of his eyes failed to produce a reaction past a sullen "congratulations." Mike grew up listening to his father's racist rhetoric, and in the 5th grade he was placed in correctional school, for punching a black student and calling her several racial slurs. The boy's father treated it like a coming of age for Mike, who finally showed promise as a son in Jon's eyes. From then on, Jon took notice of Mike, and even once brought him home his very own pack of beer; after being suspended from the correctional school after yet another incident with a black student. It was his way of impressing his father, who didn't give a rat's ass about school and grades. As far as his father was concerned, Michael Lane would be raised a good, white boy. And, so it was. His mother lost more and more sway over Mike as he went into high school. After telling his father he'd be flying straight to get that diploma, (which Jon always regretted never achieving himself,) Mike was enrolled in a public high school, Las Casas Occupational High School. The kid got into drugs, and by sophomore year had alienated all but a few close friends, who were just as racist. CASH Money, and Larger Losses. Mike's friends were what you could call a 'bad influence'. The tendency of latch-key teenagers is to get into many things they really shouldn't be into. Like, cocaine. As his father continued to skip from job to job, his mother worked day and night shifts at a laundromat and fast food shop. It hurt the kid to see his mom working so hard, so he approached his close friend, Ruble, about getting his hands on some white; to start dealing. Ruble's brothers all had ties to the Chicago Area Skin Heads, or CASH. Ruble decided to help Mike out, and introduced him to some of the people who would turn Mike on a path he'd never turn back from. Mike made good money dealing CASH's coke and herb. It was enough money for him to lie to his mother that he was a delivery driver at Burger Shot, and convince her to let him start paying some of the bills. Mike, who had been doing terribly in school, finally decided to drop out and get his GED. Shortly after things started looking up for the Lanes, Jon disappeared. He never packed any clothes, and didn't leave any notes. His joint bank account with Susan was still in order, and there was no indication of an affair or abandonment. Susan was shattered. No matter the evidence, she believed that Jon had betrayed her; and that she was invaluable. She went headfirst into the trench that is depression; and the alcoholism made it worse. On January 21st, Susan Lane died after colliding into a cement column; while driving intoxicated. And that, friends, was the beginning of the end. With an empty house, and now orphaned, Mike turned to another friend, Sabyan 'Creep' Vargas. The pair had frequently talked about moving in with each other; and recently Creep had gotten kicked out of his step-dad's house. After hearing the news, Creep told him about the plans he'd made. In about a month, they were going to move out to Las Venturas, where Creep had a cousin. His cousin could get them a good place to stay, and hell, it's the City of Sin. Without a second thought, Mike agreed. After three weeks of drinking, cocaine, and squandering a good half of his cash; Mike and Creep drove out to Las Venturas, in a janky old van with no AC. It wasn't his finest moment, but the lights when they arrived said it all. The police lights, I mean. Red and blue came up flashing behind them, as they pulled down the highway. A state trooper removed them all from the car, and after putting one of their companions into another cruiser for warrants; cuffed Mike and Creep for possession of a stolen vehicle, and suspected Grand Theft Auto. With no money, and nobody to defend him; Mike was advised by a public defender to plead no contest, and face a short stint in County rather than potential years in the big bad penitentiary. Blood in, Blood out. When he was taken into intake; Mike got the rundown of the politics in Blackfield County Jail. Things were semi-peaceful at the moment, but the Jail had just come off lockdown two weeks ago; after a trio of black inmates were caught after murdering a white inmate on the field. The Deputies had managed to arrange a ceasefire between the two groups, or so they believed. The real check in came once he was in his pod. One of the guys from the woodpile checked his papers, and then pulled him aside. The dude was a skin, Scratch from Rockwood. He told Mike what he'd already heard in intake, but explained that the ceasefire wasn't to be respected. The man with the keys, Bar from the Brand, had sent word down that they'd be making a move sometime this week, working with surenos to get revenge on the blacks. Even if he was new, Scratch said he'd need to get in on the action. Two days later, at yard, the whistle was heard, and the whites and surenos charged the blacks. Mike stuck with Scratch, and when a black inmate pinned Mike down; Scratch took a sharpened toothbrush out of his waistband. It was a blur, and then a spray of red. Mike's hands and face were covered red, and Scratch pushed the inmate off of him. A few seconds later, a warning shot was heard as guards stormed the yard, beating and pepper spraying inmates into submission as riflemen watched from the towers. During the ensuing lockdown; Mike was brought in to a room with his lawyer, and several suits. They showed him a video, of him participating in the riot, and then, as the suits put it, 'being an accessory to murder'. His lawyer, obviously frustrated, advised Mike to plead guilty; and in return she'd help negotiate down the charges. On top of his Misdemeanor Grand Theft charge, which left him with a year, he was slapped with another 6 months for Assault on an inmate. When he was returned, he was taken not to his pod, but to SHU. His new cell mate, Stinger, congratulated him. Word was, Mike had proved himself loyal to the program. Stinger was pretty good with stick and poke, and gave him his first tattoo, an unfilled swastika on his right chest. When he was done, Stinger showed him the result of his work. As Mike looked, his new brother said, "Blood in, Blood out." Rise of the Slime Lord On his release, April 5th of 2019, Mike was told by one of the guys from the woodpile to get in contact with the Blackfield Death Dogs, a street skin gang who had ties to Aryan Warriors in the county jail. Mike's sense of freedom didn't last long. He had been markedly changed after his time in county, and saw the normal society as boxed in. He ran tight with the BDD, and eventually; he made good friends, that he could call brothers. Flinch was one of those brothers. Flinch had been brought in for about a month, but had yet to be validated. And although Mike had been brought in inside; he wasn't a part of Blackfield yet. Some of the older homies had taken the gang out drinking at the local bar, and a slightly older black man came in; likely a tourist. Despite the many racist signs and imagery in the bar, the man came up to order a drink. He was berated, and then beaten. The big homies, Rash and Cane, told Mike and Flinch to drag him out back. They did. They were told to beat him, and they did. Then, they were told to stab him. They did. In late 2019, Mike had been brought in and was recognized as an associate of Blackfield DD. Him and Flinch had a rough season, after a shipment they and several other gang members had pooled cash in got stung. They decided to hit a lick, on a small 24/7 out in Rockshore East. They went in, guns up, and got a decent take. No sooner had the bag of cash reached their hands, that the shopkeeper reached for a gun of his own. They put him down, and ran outside. Less than a mile out, they heard sirens. Flinch ran off toward a drainage ditch; and Mike followed. They slid into the ditch, and Mike stumbled. He fell back-first into the pool of runoff at the bottom, and wound up covered in foul smelling slime. He and Flinch hid there for a good two hours, before making a call for pickup. When Rash and his brother showed up to get them, Rash started joking that his new name for Mike was Slimey. It stuck. Skinhead Cannibalization Not a month had passed since he and Flinch had hit the 24/7, when Slimey got a call while doing lines with his now ex-girlfriend. Flinch had been picked up by 12. He got caught up with his gun, and about two ounces of coke, plus a scale and baggies. On top of those charges, they traced the firearm back to the murder at the 24/7 alongside camera evidence. Just like that, Mike's closest, his only friend, even; was headed behind bars, probably for life. Slimey didn't click with the rest of Blackfield, after that. And, to add to that; a huge bust had gone down a week after, taking Rash, Cane, and the Shotcaller; Van, out of the picture. With the weakened state of their gang, and their leaders behind bars for life; pressure came from the Rockshore East Wood crew; who ran under Aryan Warriors as well, for DD to merge with them. Deals were struck, but Slimey didn't make it to any of them. He had come to terms with the fact that he wanted out; and he wasn't gonna pay the blood price for it either, not for some 'homies' who barely gave a fuck about him. And so, after the cannibalization of the Blackfield Death Dogs skins by the Rockshore East Peckerwoods, Mike left the name Slimey in Venturas, and made for San Andreas. After some time in Blaine, he caught word about something he'd almost forgotten, a link to another version of himself; long since dead. The Outlaws MC was in Los Santos. Michael hadn't seen or spoken to his Uncle Slip in years, but maybe, just maybe he could be around, or there might be someone who could point Mike in the right direction. It was worth a shot, at least.
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