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Found 15 results

  1. Jesse "Wingnut" Dunbar, a skinhead lifer...
  2. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/73137-north-valley-skinheads/
  3. Hate Valley Hardcore a/k/a Death Valley Hardcore a/k/a HVHC a/k/a DVHC The Los Santos City Attorney’s office announced civil actions against members apart of a white supremacist gang within the El Burro Valley this Tuesday, saying the filings could result in evictions, officials said. Fred Feuer said he filed nuisance abatement orders against several members and associates of the El Burro Valley Peckerwoods, a known white supremacist gang that has been accused of involvement in drug and weapons trafficking, identity theft and other crimes. According to the complaints, the properties in El Burro and Saint Lewis Park were known havens for drug and gang activity. Feuer said Los Santos police officers have recovered stolen vehicles and credit cards, heroin and methamphetamine on multiple occasions at the El Burro home of Tommy Reed, a Peckerwood gang member who is also accused of having ties to the local extinct gang, Death Valley Skinheads, a white supremacist prison gang. Investigators have been monitoring the properties for months, but Feuer said it was especially important to take action against racist criminal organizations at a time when hate crimes are perceived to be rising. "January 2009: Police officers in El Burro, San Andreas, arrested two members for their suspected roles in a possibly racially-motivated murder attempt. Authorities charged Robert Pickersgill 31 and Kyle Wagner, 29, with attempted murder and gang membership, among other charges. A third individual, Tyler Corbett, 22, was also arrested for witness intimidation and gang membership. The suspects are accused of beating a 19-year-old Hispanic man in November 2008 at a mobile home park in Hemet in the El Burro Valley. The perpetrators allegedly knocked the victim unconscious and then stomped and kicked him in the head. He now resides in a long-term care facility with permanent brain damage. Authorities suspect that the attack was racially motivated, possibly even a reaction of the elections. These suspicions stem from comments reportedly posted to the group's Web site, expressing anger over the results of the election, as well as the proximity in time between the attack and the election. The Web site has since been taken down. Tyler was arrested in November, Robert and Kyle in December in January 2009. Local authorities suspect that the gang may have been involved with four other possibly racially-motivated attacks which were also committed in the area around the same time." The Fight against White Supremacist Gangs El Burro Valley, Los Santos “We’re now fighting to prevent white supremacist gangs from infesting our neighborhoods, and they bring with them, of course, this toxic mix of violence and crime and hate,” one local deputy said. Each home that was subject to an abatement complaint is located near a high school or middle school, Feuer said. Photos from inside one of the homes showed swastikas and Confederate flags adorning the walls, as well as the Peckerwoods’ gang crest, National Socialist swastikas and other radical right-wing imagery of white supremacist enigma and propaganda. But that’s very different from how officials have fought black and Latino gangs across L.S. For 25 years, the city’s anti-gang policies have provoked criticism from civil rights groups for sweeping up young minority men who are in some cases not associated with gangs at all. In many cases, the city’s gang injunctions allow police officers the ability to essentially decide who they think are gang members and arrest them for violations as small as loitering in public. The policy has spurred multiple lawsuits over the years. In March of 2016, the city agreed to pay $30 million to settle a lawsuit over the injunctions, and now the American Civil Liberties Union is separately suing the city over the policy, arguing it violates the rights of thousands of young minority men. “These injunctions are put in place with a total lack of due process,” says Melanie Ochoa, an ACLU lawyer. “Black and Latino young men bear the brunt of this policy.” L.S.’s actions against the Peckerwoods highlight the wide difference in how the city treats white and minority gangs: When black and brown gang members cause violence in a neighborhood, officials crack down with blanket actions that affect thousands of young men who in many cases aren’t involved with a gang at all. When white gang members do the same, there’s a small-scale, targeted response. The white supremacy factor is there for recruitment purposes, to tell young whites that they are already part of the movement because of their ethnicity. Gangbangers that end up hitting the slammer get clicked up with their race, regardless of their affiliations. Once they get back on the streets, they use that same mindset as they have on the yard and use ethnicity as a tool to recruit. Authorities believe that Death Valley Skinheads gang members may also have been behind other unsolved murders that involved punishing members believed to have betrayed the group’s trust. Law enforcement officers discovered the dead body of John Lynch, a DVSH member, in an alley behind a housing complex in March 2002. Authorities suspect Lynch had been punished for participating in a revealing television interview about the gang in February 2001 and because other PENI members suspected he was stealing drug money from the gang. White Supremacist gangs' grooming & recruitment • Since their birth, peckerwood gangs have moved through three phases which are characterized by different organizational emphases (social, political, and economic). These phases are dynamic and complex making them difficult to describe. On one hand, peckerwood gangs noticeably changed through the successive phases that I describe. On the other hand, not all gangs followed the same pattern in the same way. Some clearly shifted to the next organizational phase, others retained much of the prior organizational focus, and others moved back and forth between the two. • These phases are neither neat nor homogeneous developments that result from subcultural consensus. Instead, internal struggle among participants, conflicts with social control agents, and sometimes cooperation with other deviant subcultures characterize the processes that shape these phases of development. "It is a conceptual mistake to view skinheads, peckerwoods as street gangs and instead urges that we view them as an “international terrorist youth subculture” The majority of the members are local white teenagers and young adults who originate from the lower social class all the way to the thriving middle class. The gang is noted for drug trafficking, especially methamphetamine. Affiliates of the Death Valley Skinheads have also been previously charged for burglary, aggravated robbery, firearms offenses and car theft. Legacy still lingers the area of the local white supremacist gangs and their vicious rule over the North East. After the swift and effective gang sweep of the white supremacist threat, the majority of the organisation has been transported to different facilities around the state, ultimatetly bringing an end to the old generation, neglecting the power vacuum it had left behind as the younger members of the organisations brought to an end to their existance, some out of hunger or greed for their social standing within the criminal syndicate, others because their protection suddenly disappeared, and many were claimed by addiction to Methamphetamine. The newest generation of young troubled caucasian youth has been known for also accepting members of other ethnicity, specifically southern hispanics. At a time when white supremacist groups are gathering strength around the country, other cities could learn lessons from how L.S. is efficiently and fairly handling the Peckerwoods. At the same time, the city’s treatment of young minority men is a cautionary tale for how not to fight gangs. You might think that white supremacist groups are predominantly in the Deep South, but San Andreas actually has the largest population of “racist skinheads” in the country, mostly concentrated in Southern San Andreas, says Joanna Mendelson, a San Andreas researcher who studies hate groups for the Anti-Defamation League. The Hate Valley Peckerwoods are a loosely organized group with multiple cliques surrounding areas such as Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights a/k/a The Valley, and even in Mirror Park where the oldest of all cliques predates before it's extinction took place. The terminilogy 'peckerwoods' was originally a derogatory term for white people developed in the prison system that has since been adopted by white supremacist groups themselves. Groups tend to organize themselves geographically, identifying with an area like the Hate Valley Valley and, in some cases, tattooing their zip codes onto their skin, Medina says. Among white nationalists, “there’s a kind of a continuum that ranges in ideological sophistication and criminal enterprise,” Medina says. While the Peckerwoods support white nationalist ideas and use symbols like the burning swastika in its logos and tattoos, it doesn’t focus on the ideological strain of white nationalism. Instead, that ideology is more of a backdrop to criminal activities: The group’s involved in drug sales, meth production, gun running, and theft, just like any other street gang. “Essentially the Hate Valley Peckerwoods are straight thugs,” Medina says. “Their ideology is tangential to their criminal activities.” He estimated that the group’s membership was about 100 people or less, with the majority facing time in county jails or penitentiaries throughout the state. It is estimated that less than a dozen people have been charged in connection with it over the years.
  4. This thread will be following the development and growth of Malcolm Andrews, a growing member of the Cortes Aryan Skin Heads. Malcolm Andrews also known as "Mally" or "Junior" (was born July 3rd, 2003, East-west Los Santos, Vespucci Boulevard, San Andreas) is a newfound associate of the infamous Cortes Aryan Skin Heads or otherwise known as "C-A-S-H" - the group is widely known for their practice in hate-speech, theft, drug abuse, and violent tendencies. Malcolm was raised in a rough, abusive household with his older sister Melanie; who left when she finished her Freshman year of High school... His parents "Richard Andrews" and "Bethany Andrews" split due to his fathers alcoholic issues becoming more troublesome over the years, resulting in beating his son most nights to relieve the guilt and stress. Malcolm's childhood was anything but pleasant. He continued to watch his fathers life spiral down as he continued to consume his life in a plethora of liquor. Malcolm spent most of his nights out on the streets, not wanting to go home, not wanting to feel another belt across his face. Exhausted and hungry he often found his home around the other degenerates that around Vespucci, most of those who praised the rules of hate and greed. Into his late teenage years, he continued to visit the beach, bringing his BMX to the boardwalk and the skate-park, most often could be found with his new friend "Boozer", a sickly looking individual that was consistently trying to assure Malcolm that there were better means of life around the corner - family, money, power, and respect. Malcolm started to grasp back at reality, living with his own set of rules, left the motel that his father was staying in, and started to hang closer to the scum around the beach. Eventually Malcolm was shown some ways on how to make some money on his own, by any means. Malcolm realized that there was some serious money involved, already slapping palms up with some of his newly found brothers, going to parties, and finding himself talking with various criminals, taking drugs, drinking and further being intrigued by the environment. Malcolm was always interested in furthering himself, trying to test his boundaries, knowing how easy it was to get money only made his ambitions heightened, darker and more dangerous for a youthful mind. No school, no father, no mother, and no sister. Family to him was the Beach. Money to him was everything. Fathers to him were a hold-back. Mothers to him were a lie.
  5. Ali

    Arthur Krause

    Arthur Krause (Born April 15th, 1992) is a crime figure based within Del Perro (Northbeach), Arthur is said to have been a senior member of PENI (Public Enemy no. 1) through which he inevitably gained contacts with the Aryan Brotherhood during his extensive tenure in prison. Arthur has recently been released from prison on parole and is actively pursuing creating his own crew within Del Perro. Early Life Arthur was born to William and Louise Krause (nee. Baker) on April 15th, 1992. Arthur grew up in a lower-middle class household within Del Perro, his father worked as a mechanic and his mother was a part-time cleaner. Arthur’s childhood life was turbulent as he had witnessed a lot of domestic abuse by the hands of his father who frequently used to assault his mother physically and commonly under the influence of alcohol. This lead to Arthur being careful with his words and began becoming more and more introverted as time passed as he would fear the ire of his Father. Arthur was always quite large in comparison to his peers, he had a large build and was quite tall - similar to his Father. Arthur showed promise in academics during his early years and was thought to be quite intelligent from his teachers, however academia was not a path he wished to pursue. Coupled this with the bullying he encountered whilst at school demotivated Arthur to be at school. This, supplemented by what Arthur endured at home lead to him looking to belong elsewhere, which alienated him from the norm and lead to him being indoctrinated into gang culture. During his youth, Arthur befriended James Patton and together they’d frequently devise plans to make money. It was also around this time, at the age of sixteen that Arthur was jumped into ‘PENI’ (Public Enemy no. 1) and began to sell drugs for the gang. Shortly after this, Arthur and James were caught breaking into a home and were charged with burglary which landed them both two years in ‘Youth Authority’ nicknamed ‘Gladiator School’ for its nonstop brawling. Gladiator School The infamous California Youth Authority (CYA) was commonly referred to as ‘Gladiator School’ due to the frequenting brawling that took place. It was in YA where Arthur got into his stride and truly began on the path which he’s on now. In YA Arthur quickly established himself as a solid individual by frequently engaging in fights and not backing down. It was through this attitude and mindset that renowned individuals already within the YA and on their way to the penitentiary took note of Arthur and began to take him under his wing. A significant figure during this time who played a crucial part in Arthur’s development into a man was Adam Wagner who acted as a mentor to Arthur and by extension to James. Adam was senior to the two and also by that time a prominent member of PEN1. Adam, despite also being of the same ilk was a learned individual and a respected member of the gang who knew the politics that took place inside. As the bond between Arthur and Adam grew - Adam put Arthur to the test and nearing the time of his release ordered him to brutally attack a rival gang member, Arthur being eager to impress quickly accepted the task and on the eve of the 16th of July, 2008 Arthur jumped and beat an enemy gangster to near death before he was pulled off by guards. This act lead to Arthur’s reputation growing, however landed him extra time in the YA for assault. Arthur was slowly on his way to becoming a fully institutionalized member of the PEN1 as well as that of the YA. As time passed, Arthur had racked up extra time for various assaults which landed him in San Quentin State Prison (SQ). James however was released and returned back to the streets. San Quentin State Prison In SQ Arthur came in with the reputation he had built throughout his time in the YA as well as his connection with Adam who was also housed in SQ. Adam and Arthur reunited, however in SQ the hierarchy and prison politics were different than they were in the SA. White stayed with white, black with black, brown with brown. This was made apparent and clear to Arthur as soon as he had set foot inside the prison. Adam was quick to educate Arthur on the way things were done in prison, and Arthur was quick to understand. The whites in the prison were under the Aryan Brotherhood - and as such Arthur now had to prove himself yet again to a newer batch of people. Arthur initially got his hands dirty straight off the bat by getting involved in a prison stabbing of a fellow inmate who was suspected of ratting - both Arthur and other associates of the AB within the prison cornered the inmate and shanked him repeatedly. Arthur did not get caught for this, and thus his time was not extended. However he would later be given six additional years for assault with a deadly weapon on another inmate where he used a dumbbell to assault someone which landed him into ‘Yard 3’ where the politics of the prison enhanced and got stricter as well as certain rules altered. As time passed within SQ, Arthur quickly understood the economics that took place in prison and as time passed was introduced to key members within SQ of the Aryan Brotherhood. Arthur had become a key figure of the PEN1 within SQ and was released from prison at the age of 27. Present Day September 1st, 2019 - Arthur Krause is released from prison and is on parole. Arthur is an institutionalized member of the PEN1 and is operating within Del Perro, Los Santos attempting to build a crew of his own with the respect he has gained during his time within the YA as well as PQ and also by utilising the contacts made within prison and outwith prison. As Arthur had been in prison since his teenage years to now being an adult, he has yet to experience day-to-day normal life and is struggling to reintegrate into society. OOC: Big thank you to @mother_superior @Caporegime @Thimble and @Ethanol for ideas and tips w/the character as well as useful information.
  7. This thread follows the life of Drew "Triple D" Porter.
  8. Jermaine Gabriel Born and raised in Strawberry, Los Santos, Jermaine Gabriel fell in love with punk rock, motorcycles, and Afro-centric, socialist ideals at a young age. He did badly in school, often instigating fights with other students. He dropped out at sixteen and by the age of seventeen was living alone on the streets of San Fierro having hitch-hiked his way there. Now, at 21, Jermaine has returned to LS. He has no place to call home other than the Strawberry underpass, and nothing to his name but his Hexer. Regardless, his convictions fuel him and he plans to survive with a positive mental attitude and malice against no one who does not bring it to him.
  9. Here lies Michael "Sleepy" Lane, who isn't dead quite just yet. Mar. 6, 1998 - XXX. X, XXXX The Birth of a Disaster (like most disasters, accidental) Michael's life began much like most of the kids who go on to become degenerates. Born out of wedlock into a broken home; he was blessed with a PTSD-riddled alcoholic mother, and a racist, sociopathic, meth-consumed father, livin' it up in a small town called Chicago. His mother came from the Bolton side of the family, and Susan (Susie for short) was proud of it. She often told a young Michael stories of her brother, Uncle Slip, who used to always protect her as little kids. Upon reflection, Mike thinks part of his mother had always wished Slip would come and save her from her 'boyfriend'. Jonathan Lane had never wanted kids. In fact, the only reason he stuck around was because he could never afford a good divorce lawyer; and was probably convinced he'd lose the house. When Michael started on the way out to him and Susan, Jon couldn't be bothered to leave his poker game to take her to the hospital. Instead, the neighbor; Mrs. Crowley (an ex-nurse) delivered the somewhat sickly and pale young boy to his mother. When Jon got home, about 34 hours later, he had completely forgotten his woman had gone into labor, and even the baby in front of his eyes failed to produce a reaction past a sullen "congratulations." Mike grew up listening to his father's racist rhetoric, and in the 5th grade he was placed in correctional school, for punching a black student and calling her several racial slurs. The boy's father treated it like a coming of age for Mike, who finally showed promise as a son in Jon's eyes. From then on, Jon took notice of Mike, and even once brought him home his very own pack of beer; after being suspended from the correctional school after yet another incident with a black student. It was his way of impressing his father, who didn't give a rat's ass about school and grades. As far as his father was concerned, Michael Lane would be raised a good, white boy. And, so it was. His mother lost more and more sway over Mike as he went into high school. After telling his father he'd be flying straight to get that diploma, (which Jon always regretted never achieving himself,) Mike was enrolled in a public high school, Las Casas Occupational High School. The kid got into drugs, and by sophomore year had alienated all but a few close friends, who were just as racist. CASH Money, and Larger Losses. Mike's friends were what you could call a 'bad influence'. The tendency of latch-key teenagers is to get into many things they really shouldn't be into. Like, cocaine. As his father continued to skip from job to job, his mother worked day and night shifts at a laundromat and fast food shop. It hurt the kid to see his mom working so hard, so he approached his close friend, Ruble, about getting his hands on some white; to start dealing. Ruble's brothers all had ties to the Chicago Area Skin Heads, or CASH. Ruble decided to help Mike out, and introduced him to some of the people who would turn Mike on a path he'd never turn back from. Mike made good money dealing CASH's coke and herb. It was enough money for him to lie to his mother that he was a delivery driver at Burger Shot, and convince her to let him start paying some of the bills. Mike, who had been doing terribly in school, finally decided to drop out and get his GED. Shortly after things started looking up for the Lanes, Jon disappeared. He never packed any clothes, and didn't leave any notes. His joint bank account with Susan was still in order, and there was no indication of an affair or abandonment. Susan was shattered. No matter the evidence, she believed that Jon had betrayed her; and that she was invaluable. She went headfirst into the trench that is depression; and the alcoholism made it worse. On January 21st, Susan Lane died after colliding into a cement column; while driving intoxicated. And that, friends, was the beginning of the end. With an empty house, and now orphaned, Mike turned to another friend, Sabyan 'Creep' Vargas. The pair had frequently talked about moving in with each other; and recently Creep had gotten kicked out of his step-dad's house. After hearing the news, Creep told him about the plans he'd made. In about a month, they were going to move out to Las Venturas, where Creep had a cousin. His cousin could get them a good place to stay, and hell, it's the City of Sin. Without a second thought, Mike agreed. After three weeks of drinking, cocaine, and squandering a good half of his cash; Mike and Creep drove out to Las Venturas, in a janky old van with no AC. It wasn't his finest moment, but the lights when they arrived said it all. The police lights, I mean. Red and blue came up flashing behind them, as they pulled down the highway. A state trooper removed them all from the car, and after putting one of their companions into another cruiser for warrants; cuffed Mike and Creep for possession of a stolen vehicle, and suspected Grand Theft Auto. With no money, and nobody to defend him; Mike was advised by a public defender to plead no contest, and face a short stint in County rather than potential years in the big bad penitentiary. Blood in, Blood out. When he was taken into intake; Mike got the rundown of the politics in Blackfield County Jail. Things were semi-peaceful at the moment, but the Jail had just come off lockdown two weeks ago; after a trio of black inmates were caught after murdering a white inmate on the field. The Deputies had managed to arrange a ceasefire between the two groups, or so they believed. The real check in came once he was in his pod. One of the guys from the woodpile checked his papers, and then pulled him aside. The dude was a skin, Scratch from Rockwood. He told Mike what he'd already heard in intake, but explained that the ceasefire wasn't to be respected. The man with the keys, Bar from the Brand, had sent word down that they'd be making a move sometime this week, working with surenos to get revenge on the blacks. Even if he was new, Scratch said he'd need to get in on the action. Two days later, at yard, the whistle was heard, and the whites and surenos charged the blacks. Mike stuck with Scratch, and when a black inmate pinned Mike down; Scratch took a sharpened toothbrush out of his waistband. It was a blur, and then a spray of red. Mike's hands and face were covered red, and Scratch pushed the inmate off of him. A few seconds later, a warning shot was heard as guards stormed the yard, beating and pepper spraying inmates into submission as riflemen watched from the towers. During the ensuing lockdown; Mike was brought in to a room with his lawyer, and several suits. They showed him a video, of him participating in the riot, and then, as the suits put it, 'being an accessory to murder'. His lawyer, obviously frustrated, advised Mike to plead guilty; and in return she'd help negotiate down the charges. On top of his Misdemeanor Grand Theft charge, which left him with a year, he was slapped with another 6 months for Assault on an inmate. When he was returned, he was taken not to his pod, but to SHU. His new cell mate, Stinger, congratulated him. Word was, Mike had proved himself loyal to the program. Stinger was pretty good with stick and poke, and gave him his first tattoo, an unfilled swastika on his right chest. When he was done, Stinger showed him the result of his work. As Mike looked, his new brother said, "Blood in, Blood out." Rise of the Slime Lord On his release, April 5th of 2019, Mike was told by one of the guys from the woodpile to get in contact with the Blackfield Death Dogs, a street skin gang who had ties to Aryan Warriors in the county jail. Mike's sense of freedom didn't last long. He had been markedly changed after his time in county, and saw the normal society as boxed in. He ran tight with the BDD, and eventually; he made good friends, that he could call brothers. Flinch was one of those brothers. Flinch had been brought in for about a month, but had yet to be validated. And although Mike had been brought in inside; he wasn't a part of Blackfield yet. Some of the older homies had taken the gang out drinking at the local bar, and a slightly older black man came in; likely a tourist. Despite the many racist signs and imagery in the bar, the man came up to order a drink. He was berated, and then beaten. The big homies, Rash and Cane, told Mike and Flinch to drag him out back. They did. They were told to beat him, and they did. Then, they were told to stab him. They did. In late 2019, Mike had been brought in and was recognized as an associate of Blackfield DD. Him and Flinch had a rough season, after a shipment they and several other gang members had pooled cash in got stung. They decided to hit a lick, on a small 24/7 out in Rockshore East. They went in, guns up, and got a decent take. No sooner had the bag of cash reached their hands, that the shopkeeper reached for a gun of his own. They put him down, and ran outside. Less than a mile out, they heard sirens. Flinch ran off toward a drainage ditch; and Mike followed. They slid into the ditch, and Mike stumbled. He fell back-first into the pool of runoff at the bottom, and wound up covered in foul smelling slime. He and Flinch hid there for a good two hours, before making a call for pickup. When Rash and his brother showed up to get them, Rash started joking that his new name for Mike was Slimey. It stuck. Skinhead Cannibalization Not a month had passed since he and Flinch had hit the 24/7, when Slimey got a call while doing lines with his now ex-girlfriend. Flinch had been picked up by 12. He got caught up with his gun, and about two ounces of coke, plus a scale and baggies. On top of those charges, they traced the firearm back to the murder at the 24/7 alongside camera evidence. Just like that, Mike's closest, his only friend, even; was headed behind bars, probably for life. Slimey didn't click with the rest of Blackfield, after that. And, to add to that; a huge bust had gone down a week after, taking Rash, Cane, and the Shotcaller; Van, out of the picture. With the weakened state of their gang, and their leaders behind bars for life; pressure came from the Rockshore East Wood crew; who ran under Aryan Warriors as well, for DD to merge with them. Deals were struck, but Slimey didn't make it to any of them. He had come to terms with the fact that he wanted out; and he wasn't gonna pay the blood price for it either, not for some 'homies' who barely gave a fuck about him. And so, after the cannibalization of the Blackfield Death Dogs skins by the Rockshore East Peckerwoods, Mike left the name Slimey in Venturas, and made for San Andreas. After some time in Blaine, he caught word about something he'd almost forgotten, a link to another version of himself; long since dead. The Outlaws MC was in Los Santos. Michael hadn't seen or spoken to his Uncle Slip in years, but maybe, just maybe he could be around, or there might be someone who could point Mike in the right direction. It was worth a shot, at least.
  10. This thread will follow the life of Irish-American teenager Wade Kelly
  11. Public Enemy No. 1 (abbreviated as PENI), also known as PENI Death Squad (or PDS) Public Enemy No.1 is a west side Los Santos prison/street gang. The history of the gang dates back to the early eighties, emerging from the hard rock scene in Vespucci Beach. PENI is a criminal skinhead element within the Vespucci Beach area that are known as foot soldiers for the Aryan Brotherhood (The Brand) within the state’s penitentiary system, as well as the streets. PENI primarily recruits from “latchkey kids,” a child who returns to an empty home after school, or a child who is often left at home with no supervision, because their parents are away at work. Who are left to their own devices. Above: PENI Skins personal group photo The origins of PENI lie at the margins of South San Andreas youth culture. By the mid-1980s skinhead gangs were forming across the region, all influenced by hardcore punk rock. PENI was a small number of youths living in Vespucci, active in the punk scene, adopted the name PENI, after British punk rock band, Rudimentary PENI. The formation of this gang came from the youths' shared interest in the music. Soon enough, the phrase “PENI” was being tagged on various spots across Los Santos County. PENI’s goal was relatively simple, to develop a reputation on the street, and provide white youths with defense from other gangs encroaching on the Vespucci area. At the same time PENI was forming, there were various other political skinhead movements forming in the Los Santos area. However, PENI typically avoided the political aspects, focusing on street orientation. The gang was never involved in the political aspects of skinhead culture, though, they were welcomed by their political counterparts. Despite the lack of political activism, the gang was centered around explicit racism with a belief in white supremacy. Despite encouragement from other skinhead groups, PENI remained largely focused on local issues, eg. conflict with other local punk and street gangs, petty theft, and drug distribution. During the late 1980s, various members of the gang were facing charges and getting arrested for various crimes, to include: drug charges, burglary, and robbery. Once incarcerated, PENI members began creating a relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood, the most powerful white prison gang in the United States, who display racial pride with the use of shamrocks, swastikas and “Aryan battle warriors.” As The Brand was removed from the mainline, they expanded their inmate workforce by aligning PENI underneath the white umbrella; as The Brand saw PENI as useful due to their mutual interest in white supremacy, and using them as middlemen to continue running their criminal enterprise within and outside the prison system’s walls. PENI’s street origins prevent them from being classified as a prison gang by SADCR, thus minimizing the level of confinement available to prison officials. PENI’s connections to The Brand have helped them strengthen their own gang leadership. Learning from The Brand and modeling their gang after theirs, thus making them more organized and effective. This led to PENI’s development into a hybrid gang, operating under the auspices of The Brand on both the yards of the state penitentiary system and the streets of Los Santos. While traditional skinheads have often held an anti-drug stance, PENI is completely opposite. Members have been known to use methamphetamine and heroin. This leads to the gang’s crimes being violent in nature due to the introduction of hard drugs. PENI’s involvement in the drug trade only expanded after developing ties with The Brand. The use and small-scale distribution of meth that characterized the gang’s early formation had gradually developed into a central role in the methamphetamine trade. The involvement in the meth trade also allowed PENI to branch out to further clientele to include motorcycle gangs. Above: Members of PENI during a meth crazed house party. In modern history, PENI continues to have a close relationship with The Brand. Allegedly being a part of a large pipeline throughout the state. The modern day gang stays close to their roots, however they continue to focus on money as motive, engaging in armed robberies, extortion, drug dealing, arms trafficking, murder for hire, and credit card scams. The gang has been involved in various conflicts throughout the last year, primarily with Jamestown Mafia and Gravedwellers Motorcycle Club. (GDMC) The conflict with GDMC was spurred due to the allegations from members of PENI that the MC refused to pay protection money for their members in the state prison system. Due to growing tensions and disputes from sharing such a close proximity to another, coupled with the lack of protection being paid, The Brand ordered PENI to take action. This resulted in a months long, city wide conflict with GDMC. This left various members of the MC dead and members of PENI incarcerated. PENI has been known to “annex” smaller white and punk gangs and bring them into the fold. “White Boyz 88,” a now defunct El Burro Heights-based white supremacist gang fell victim to this in mid-2019. PENI dismantled the gang and forced members into their own organization, only solidifying their position as a powerhouse for The Brand. The Hawick “Satanic Skins” fell under the purview of PENI quickly after. Females are an integral part of PENI, passing messages between members and running the gang’s credit fraud operations while members of the hybrid gang are incarcerated. These members are colloquially known as “Skynbirds,” usually a member’s significant other. It is unknown who “calls the shots” for the gang, as high ranking members (Shot Callers), Francis Kilgore (Inmate #89474) and Harold Hudson (Inmate #03148) are imprisoned at Bolingbroke State Penitentiary with life sentences. Authorities have noticed a resurgence in the hybrid prison-street gang in the last few months near the Vespucci Beach area and within Twin Towers Correctional Facility. This faction intends to realistically portray the prison-street gang, Public Enemy No.1. While the gang is racist in nature, OOC racism will not be tolerated in this faction. Portrayal is our priority, only second to roleplay quality. Members of this faction are expected to act within the purview of the server’s rules. Play your character realistically and you won’t have any issues. Please reference this guide to brush up the cultures surrounding the faction: (credits to @Bospy) For any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM @mother_superior Credit for the artwork goes to @Netsrac
  12. Above: Brock during a stint in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Kyle “Lucky” Brock is a 27-year-old Vespucci native recently released on parole from the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He’s known to have contact with various white gangs in and surrounding Vespucci Beach, mainly the white street gang known as Public Enemy No.1(PEN1, Peeneye) and to an extent, The Aryan Brotherhood. Since being released on parole, authorities assume Brock is inactive in the gang scene. After a high profile arrest, Kyle, along with his business partners, Edgar Boon and Weston Stigers, were sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility for eight months awaiting trial. During this time in TTCF, Kyle continued to operated under the auspices of his gang, Public Enemy No.1; Kyle continued to program on the mainline, getting involved in various race riots and altercations. Soon enough, the trio was given their court papers, only to find out that the State was dropping all charges against them. The three were then promptly released from TTCF. Brock was able to return to his home, Vespucci Beach; where's lived his whole life. He continues to program while off the mainline, getting back into the swing of things and adjusting back to his place as a menace to society.
  13. Respect a G, my clique clap at you incessantly I lay back and drink alcohol excessively It ain't a rapper that's alive today that's testing me I got degrees in being ignorant and weaponry A 40 oz and Dutch Master is the recipe That's my shit there, that'll be the death of me Give me a death mask, better yet an effigy I understand the math of death and it's complexity Blaine Macdonald is a seventeen-year-old Vespucci Beach High School student. Born and raised in Sandy Shores, his family moved out to Los Santos and settled down on the beach after his father pissed hot and lost his job in the oil field. Blaine spent most of his early years in Vespucci Beach defending himself from other whites who saw him as an outsider. Blaine rarely avoided scraps due to the "locals only" mentality, eventually leading to him being absorbed into Dogtown's surf & skate scene. Blaine did a complete 180 in this regard, before moving to Vespucci Beach from Sandy Shores, he was your typical kid. He went to church on Sunday with his family, even attending mass as an altar boy. The Catholic church that Blaine frequently served as an altar boy had a Catholic priest charged with seven counts of child molestation in 2012. Due to privacy laws, it cannot be confirmed whether Blaine was one of the children affected by this. What's for sure is, Blaine displays extreme disdain towards older men that hold positions of power. Blaine's walk down the path of violence culminated in the July stabbing of an elderly man in front of his workplace. Blaine discovered the older man speaking to a younger teen, Luke Campbell, who informed Blaine of the prior trying to get him to get into the car. Blaine stabbed the 80 year old man to death, taking out on him the frustration from potential past abuses. Older friends Evan "Stomper" Ward and Kyle "Lucky" Brock helped Blaine dispose of evidence after the murder, earning Blaine's loyalty. He continues on a crash course with destiny by way of violence and narcotics trafficking, with a bit of extreme sports in between.
  14. Edgar "Cyclops" Boon is a former Hawick Satanic Skin, now a member of PEN1 (Public Enemy Number One), who was recently released from Twin Towers Correctional Facility after charges brought against him and his associates (Kyle Brock, Weston Stigers, and Ian Whitaker) were dropped. Edgar Boon is commonly seen associating with high ranking members of the various Skinhead and Peckerwood gangs found around Vespucci Beach. During his time in TTCF, Edgar Boon was a "Shotcaller" for Pod A, participating in race riots, targeted car removals, and the sale of contraband. After his release, he's moved up in the hierarchy, with the Satanic Skins falling under the purview of PEN1, expanding the abilities for recruitment into one of Los Santos' most prevalent and dangerous prison/street gangs.
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