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Found 8 results

  1. Here lies Michael "Sleepy" Lane, who isn't dead quite just yet. Mar. 6, 1998 - XXX. X, XXXX The Birth of a Disaster (like most disasters, accidental) Michael's life began much like most of the kids who go on to become degenerates. Born out of wedlock into a broken home; he was blessed with a PTSD-riddled alcoholic mother, and a racist, sociopathic, meth-consumed father, livin' it up in a small town called Chicago. His mother came from the Bolton side of the family, and Susan (Susie for short) was proud of it. She often told a young Michael stories of her brother, Uncle S
  2. This thread will follow the life of Irish-American teenager Wade Kelly
  3. Public Enemy No. 1 (abbreviated as PENI), also known as PENI Death Squad (or PDS) Public Enemy No.1 is a west side Los Santos prison/street gang. The history of the gang dates back to the early eighties, emerging from the hard rock scene in Vespucci Beach. PENI is a criminal skinhead element within the Vespucci Beach area that are known as foot soldiers for the Aryan Brotherhood (The Brand) within the state’s penitentiary system, as well as the streets. PENI primarily recruits from “latchkey kids,” a child who returns to an empty home after school, or a child who is often left a
  4. Above: Brock during a stint in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Kyle “Lucky” Brock is a 27-year-old Vespucci native recently released on parole from the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He’s known to have contact with various white gangs in and surrounding Vespucci Beach, mainly the white street gang known as Public Enemy No.1(PEN1, Peeneye) and to an extent, The Aryan Brotherhood. Since being released on parole, authorities assume Brock is inactive in the gang scene. After a high profile arrest, Kyle, along with his business partners, Edgar Boo
  5. Respect a G, my clique clap at you incessantly I lay back and drink alcohol excessively It ain't a rapper that's alive today that's testing me I got degrees in being ignorant and weaponry A 40 oz and Dutch Master is the recipe That's my shit there, that'll be the death of me Give me a death mask, better yet an effigy I understand the math of death and it's complexity Blaine Macdonald is a seventeen-year-old Vespucci Beach High School student. Born and raised in Sandy Shores, his family moved out to Los Santos and settled down on the beach
  6. Edgar "Cyclops" Boon is a former Hawick Satanic Skin, now a member of PEN1 (Public Enemy Number One), who was recently released from Twin Towers Correctional Facility after charges brought against him and his associates (Kyle Brock, Weston Stigers, and Ian Whitaker) were dropped. Edgar Boon is commonly seen associating with high ranking members of the various Skinhead and Peckerwood gangs found around Vespucci Beach. During his time in TTCF, Edgar Boon was a "Shotcaller" for Pod A, participating in race riots, targeted car removals, and the sale of contraband. After his release, he's
  7. This thread will follow the development of Gus Kreitzer
  8. Arthur Krause (Born April 15th, 1992) is a crime figure based within Del Perro (Northbeach), Arthur is said to have been a senior member of PENI (Public Enemy no. 1) through which he inevitably gained contacts with the Aryan Brotherhood during his extensive tenure in prison. Arthur has recently been released from prison on parole and is actively pursuing creating his own crew within Del Perro. Early Life Arthur was born to William and Louise Krause (nee. Baker) on April 15th, 1992. Arthur grew up in a lower-middle class household within Del Perro, his father worked as a
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