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  1. The main problem with Quickdate is it's primarily designed to be an OOC moneytrap rather than serve as something useful and beneficial in terms of roleplay. If anything, it's far more detrimental than Facebrowser is. There were a few characters who were roleplaying gate guards at the airport until they got banned for not getting proper approval, an awful shame considering it was one of the more exciting and innovative roleplay projects in a while that could've been easily approved but was unfortunately trashed. Anything can be done with the right mindset, IMO. Besides this, how much different, if not worse, is typical LEO forum work anyway? If anything, handling Facebrowser could be far more interesting investigative work. This gets brought up a lot on discussions surrounding Facebrowser and people tend to come to the conclusion that producing Menyoos are bad, some even going as far as saying Facebrowser should be flat out removed. I'd argue the opposite, while there are plenty of low-effort thirst trap characters who simply make pics to farm reacts, there's also several exceptionally good roleplayers who use Menyoo to their advantage to create or enhance roleplay through social media. Characters like Elvira Ngo portrayed social media, promiscuity, attraction, dependency, intimacy, and the mental health surrounding that + BPD supremely well. All of this involved producing plenty of "photos of their tits" but also led to consistently great roleplay scenes in-game that created plenty of development and conflicts for many other characters. Besides thotposting, many characters on FB use Menyoo well to add interesting details to their characters, e.g. Besides all this, there's one thing I want people reading this thread to consider. While it's possible to say Facebrowser moderation is OOC, does it even function the same compared to other forms of moderation like forum/faction reports? Social media is an entirely different scale. With "normal" OOC moderation for IG rules/forum stuff, all the involved parties can be informed if a scene has been voided, if someone's been punished, or whatever the outcome is. With Facebrowser content, photos can be seen by 100s of people and spread around, and players have no way of discerning whether a Facebrowser moderator has deleted their post or if the user has self-deleted their post. Characters may post something on Facebrowser, people could see it near when it gets posted, and then those characters may never notice it's been deleted say, 43 minutes later. Each of these characters could then bring up that Facebrowser content IG or in FB DMs and if it has been OOCly moderated, it would technically create a constant need to re-communicate that to potentially many players. In the case of forum reports or faction situations, these can be quickly and easily communicated to the involved parties. With Facebrowser moderation, it cannot, and due to this alongside other reasons, it should remain as largely in character as possible in order to improve the process.
  2. This is ultimately a consequence of excessive post deletion still being an issue on Facebrowser. Mods really should step back and consider whether things are worth deleting. Most of the time the content is fairly harmless, and a lot of the content that gets posted is extremely commonplace in real-world social media, especially on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, and I'd say Facebrowser behaves more inline with Twitter style content than it does with Facebook. Besides this, many of these deletions are barely worth considering under rule 19. There's been pictures of people at pool parties in swimwear deleted, and what they've been wearing is barely even revealing. I do not think this is an administrative issue where moderators need to step in and deal with this as frequently as they do now. If anything, users can self moderate, like @Law said in the above-linked thread. Don't like the sort of content someone's posting? Simple. Block them. While you might say this is too much effort to do with new FB accounts constantly popping up, it really isn't. I don't block anyone particularly but I accept a ton of gang roleplayers and simply unfollow them if they don't have much of a personality, but keep them if they post interesting content. Your own wall is incredibly easy to self-regulate, it only takes less than a few seconds of hovering over someone's name. It wouldn't be necessarily too hard with a bit of know-how. Many IC gang members on FB constantly post their affiliations, an IC division that monitored social media could easily work through a lot of these posts with little effort if they dedicated some time towards those sort of divisions. Similarly, IMO illegal gun/drug content should be considered an IC issue, not an OOCly moderated one.
  3. Quite a few people have brought up on the forums they're experiencing a lot of FPS, performance issues and crashes since the EAC update. From speaking to people on Discord this seems to be happening to a lot of people and several of our games are running like this: I've gone ahead and made a suggestion to make EAC opt-in on the RAGE:MP forums, so server owners can decide whether they want it. Bans for hacking do not appear frequently when in-game, and GTAW already has various server-side anti cheat systems scripted (such as weapon checks), so I believe it would be good to make the RAGE:MP EAC opt-in. If you have a RAGE:MP forum account, please help out this suggestion and share your experiences with EAC: https://rage.mp/forums/topic/11255-make-eac-an-opt-in-confjson-setting-and-have-it-optionally-launch-similar-to-how-the-11-037-launcher-system-worked/
  4. good stuff keep it up @sage...
  5. @Crusade Quest complete. You may collect your gold from under the bridge due East of the Imperial City. @Ropeman Looks like Christmas at my place is back on the menu, Carnal. @glitterandheels Please come home, Dark Queen.
  6. 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢
  7. DEVON PLEASE COME BACK BABY WE CAN GET RICH AND MOVE TO TOUSSAINT TOGETHER @Crusade A new quest has been added to your journal.
  8. MISSING MY DARK QUEEN DEARLY never got to go on the wine date or share Christmas with Blanco 😔 dark queen departs.mp4
  9. Over the course of the past few months, there has been a lot of trigger happy deletion of Facebrowser posts and at times, full FB account bans for content posted on Facebrowser. This is a platform-wide thing, and while deletions/a ban has not happened to my account, it frequently happens to users across Facebrowser. From various discussions between active FB users across different Discords and DMs, there's a consensus that it's detracting from the overall experience and making the site overall more boring. Mainly, there are two demographics that get impacted frequently by this, 1) humour/funny/troll accounts and 2) gang characters. In the first case, sometimes FB shitposts are seen as too inappropriate/offensive/whatever else for the platform, and the posts get deleted, or in some cases, lead to the FB account being banned. In the case of gang characters, they can sometimes post images of guns/drugs and end up getting platform banned for doing so. While it can be justified for a social media platform to want to remove illegal content from their platform, these sort of posts do happen a lot IRL (e.g. social media is heavily used for drug dealing nowadays), and social media companies are not always good at effectively moderating their content. Besides this, leaving these posts up ICly being the norm would mean that gang characters who end up self-snitching on social media end up seeing IC consequences for it - whatever they post online can be used in both police investigtions and in court, just like what happens in reality. As an example of what has warranted FB accounts being banned recently: 1) One user posted a picture of a SAMP model saying they found a picture of themselves when they were younger, leading to a ban: 2) An FB user who's existed for months posted a picture of a monkey without censoring what is censored below, leading to an immediate ban: 3) A recurring troll account, Womanhater, frequently has to remake accounts because they end up getting banned after a few days of making a new account. For the most part what they post seems like a fairly tame parody of sexism which is done by an IC female character hiding behind the account: Besides types of users who get moderated, drama is not always allowed to play out ICly on Facebrowser. At times when users argue over statuses, their statuses end up being deleted and whatever argument was happening isn't allowed to go down. This combined with above leads to FB becoming pretty uneventful, ending up with mostly just photos and fairly "safe" content. Moderation usually ends up being fairly inconsistent, too. At times users can repost something nearly a dozen times and only receive deletions, and at other times a user posting something once or twice can lead to them being banned off the platform. Users who are banned can lose accounts that are several months old and the process of appealing is also fairly unclear. In cases where bans are warranted, it may be beneficial to apply temp bans, and if this is not supported in the site itself, using something like Google Sheets to keep track of bans, like how Property Management/other admin teams keep track of things with similar tools. In general, FB moderation at times feels too excessive and unnecessary. It would be nice to allow a lot more content to play out ICly and not moderate it as much at an OOC level. TL;DR: reduce frequency of post deletion for 1) shitposts and 2) IC illegal activity + moderate drama/arguments less frequently + ban Facebrowser accounts less often.
  10. A huge shame to see an interesting project like this go. I hope LFM change their mind on the recent ruling. Ultimately, it's far too easy to play a throwaway civilian character, own sports cars, nightclubs, and expensive properties then it is to do anything meaningful. A project that harmed no one should not be met with these rulings, but should be provided with support instead. Many of the systems on the server are setup in a well-meaning way, but miss the mark when things like this happen and players who can provide well portrayed roleplay are dismissed, but roleplayers who provide the most sub-par roleplay continue to thrive, and can roleplay the way they so effortlessly, with near zero admin intervention or bureaucracy.
  11. help my computer was seized by the rp police

  12. When we initially rolled out the Multi-Interiors update 2 years ago, we were responding to an earlier wave of the housing crisis similar to the one the server is facing today. We were running out of properties map-wide, and we needed to respond ASAP in a bid to limit server-wide property inflation by introducing a huge wave of new properties to provide supply for the playerbase which was doubling/tripling at that time period. IIRC the original interior we used for this was the Max Renda WIP construction site interior, which while good enough for back in 2018, only had about 3 or 4 apartment doors mapped inside of it from what I remember. As you can see from most of the menu apartments we spawned, these have a lot more rooms per individual floor, so it was not suitable for the rollout and we skipped using it. We also had some early experiments with other stairways we found across the GTA V map however we still felt they were too small to capture the number of rooms we really needed for the rollout. As such, we devised a plan to organise how we would distribute new properties (both menu apartments and standard residential houses) as quickly as possible between several property team members. This allowed us to futureproof map distribution, figure out where missing properties were, and set the groundwork for future improvements to residential properties: When I initially designed this apartment system it was intended as a placeholder, and our next focuses were to be working with mappers to gradually roll out fully fleshed apartment blocks with interiors. We were intending to use the above planning systems as a foundation to gradually go through each apartment block and rollout improvements to apartments with a handful of mappers as time progressed. It is definitely still possible to implement these sort of apartment interiors, although the logistics and the workload is a massive consideration. It would take considerable coordination between mappers and PM to do this, as you would need to devise interior plans for each interior (unless making new generic interiors and re-using them), and then work to manually move the original multi-interiors out into traditional properties. It does not help that the demand placed on Property Management nowadays is even more insane than it was back then (and it was bad then too), as more focus is needed in improving internal tooling to help things move more efficiently. TL;DR: we discontinued using the smaller apartment interiors as they were too small to meet demand. Apartments with menus were put in instead to quickly introduce massive supply to offset property inflation and respond to a housing crisis. It still is possible to move to interiors/lobbies for all apartments, however it would be a fairly demanding project to pull off and require a fair bit of coordination between PM/mappers/devs/others.

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