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  1. "broad daylight" is braindead mallrat phraseology from people who genuinely think that you should wait until 2am irl to log into a videogame and do crimes.
  2. if there is some context that would make it okay for a cat girl to eject a handgun from her vagina, take out a criminal in close quarters combat and then notify the police using videogame terminology, people would love to hear it
  3. What the fuck is happening? Why are Second Life characters roaming Los Santos and taking out criminals in firefights? This roleplay fucking sucks. I cannot think of a single instance where a cat girl showing up in an alleyway to Mozambique Drill somebody with a concealed-carry would improve the scene. People's characters clearly need more scrutiny before they are issued with these licenses so that we can stop any more of this goofiness. Not every civilian should be armed 24/7. Stop giving people who are just playing really weird videogame avatars of themselves easy access to guns.
  4. ThisDanishPerson says the response of this faction to the recent highway traffic was completely unrealistic. cops beeping their horns and telling people to reroute? SHOUTING even? to me it is crazy that people would roleplay this level of corruption in America and I think that LFM should step in.
  5. with full respect to you, stop being such a po-faced fucking bore. someone who does better roleplay when they're screwing around than you do at any time made something light-hearted to entertain jail rpers. what is it you do for jail rp? yeah exactly.
  6. i think it's lame that people were allowed to invest huge amounts of time in writing and roleplaying around this issue, only for it to be vetoed OOC - if the intention was always to veto, let people know before they waste their time. staff interference will drag this scene the way of lsrp's, where you can legislate anything as long as it doesn't actually matter.
  7. Cortes Aryan Skin Heads / PEN1 (https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/37799-public-enemy-number-1/page/31/) produce significantly better roleplay than you do. You're lecturing people on skinhead gangs while at the same time admitting that you don't know the difference between 'peckerwoods', 'skinheads' and 'white supremacists'. It's obvious to anyone even vaguely familiar with the scene that you don't know what you're talking about. If people need help with e-sexing their brains out or building a Second Life penthouse, I'm sure you'll be full of good advice. But on the topic of whit
  8. it's a jail 😞 implementing an afk timer won't improve jail rp. forcing people to be online will increase jail activity, but it won't improve standards of criminal rp necessarily. we need people with criminal characters to recognise that going to jail is a fundamental part of their characters story, not a pause in it.
  9. I keep seeing this cliché of a phrase being shit into the player reports of people who're upset that their boring characters were killed. But recently, I've also seen some people (including administrators) nodding along to the argument about how silly it is for X or Y to happen 'in broad daylight'. Most people have real lives to plan their game time around. They can't log in at 3am in the morning to rob houses, which means that they might need to rob houses when it's only 6pm in-game. The alternative is that they just don't roleplay burglaries until they're prepared to stay up through th
  10. I spent 40 hours roleplaying in jail last month as a deputy and there was plenty of activity. Only yesterday, there were about 20 inmates and six deputies on. It obviously fluctuates, but to insinuate that it's never actually active is stupid. It's also frustrating because lots of inmate roleplayers are doing a good job of keeping the jail active, and all your (inaccurate, cynical, self-pitying) post will do is discourage further participation. I think you buried the lede in your conclusion about not necessarily knowing what you're talking about.
  11. it's a jail for fucks sake how many more times And having two agencies in the same area increases the risk of conflict which drives character and story development, creating good roleplay. It's also realistic. Your stubborn refusal to research anything before you make these criticisms is so obnoxious.
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