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Found 6 results

  1. Name: Derek TseungAlias: ShadeAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 22-23Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Tattoo artist
  2. Symka

    Ray "DK" Wong

    Name: Ray WongAlias: DKAffiliations: Oceanside Wah ChingAge: 21Nationality: AmericanHeritage: American-ChineseOccupation: Car mechanic Character backstory: Ray Wong is an 21 years old American-Chinese male, who was born in Los Santos and was raised in Vespucci. Ray's childhood wasn't that bad, but everything turned around when he started to go to collage. His father died in his work space when a heavy metal object fell onto him. Ray's mom wasn't able to keep the family financially stable so Ray turned his life around and joined an Oceanside gang named Wah Ching. Ray was seduced into the street-life, desiring the money and respect that came with it. But Ray didn't stop hustling and ended his electrician mechanic college with good grades. Ray now works at the garage on top of that earns some money in illegal ways. He steals cars, scraps them for cash, helps his gang members sell drugs and rob other people. On top of that he spends a lot of time around cars and spends all of the cash that is left from his hustling on his own vehicles.
  3. Insane Dragons affiliated. This is the story of Sunny Woo. Early Ages. Sunny Woo was born in Weifang, China in Weifang People's Hospital at 3:53 A.M by mother Mi Woo and with father Jackie Woo. As Sunny Woo was growing up he had a very fine but bumpy childhood, his father would come in late from work everyday and his mother would be at home watching over Sunny as he was growing. In school Sunny was very smart and had a very imaginative brain and would be drawing random things on his school papers such as cartoon characters, skulls, dragons, and other things. Sunny had a few friends in school such as Skippy Chow and Kimmy Chung which would hang out with him during school and after school. The two would get into a lot of trouble in school but would have a blast with each other. Sadly, Kimmy Chung would go into the next grade in another school in Jiaozhou City, which is a city near Weifang outskirts. Skippy Chow and Sunny Woo would continue into middle school, as they would begin to start a lot of problems with school teachers and community members. Sunny Woo's mother would get onto both the boys about their behavior and discipline them such as working the Woo's family business and cleaning other public buildings. Jackie Woo would come home late at night and hear about Sunny's actions at school and would take his anger out on Sunny. A few years past and Sunny is starting his seventh year in school, Sunny would still be getting in trouble here and there but for the most part he has been keeping up in his classes and has started to make newer friends. These friends would later show Sunny a more darker side of life as they would hang out at Peter So's house. Peter So would have a very bad record in school starting from his bad grades and ending with his criminal record. Peter and Sunny got pretty close together as they were going through their seventh year in school. Peter would show Sunny a green substance that smelled pretty bad and could roll it up and smoke it, this would be called marijuana also known as weed. Peter would get his supply of weed from his fathers stash which was stuffed under his dads bed hidden inside a case. Sunny would smoke with Peter and his other friends in Peters house. One night they were smoking a lot of weed and Peters dad comes storming in yelling and shouting at the group of young kids. Peters father would grab Peter and start to beat him with his belt, Sunny didn't know what to do and said nothing as he was watching his friend get beat. The next day Peter wanted to seek revenge on his father and took his dad's stash of weed and also found his dads QSZ-92 semi automatic pistol. Sunny didn't really care about the pistol and didn't think Peter would use it at all. Sunny and Peter would be hanging out with just the two of them and Peter got an idea for paper chasing. Peter with his fathers marijuana and pistol, felt invincible as he would walk around the neighborhood. Peter would approach young teens and ask them if they are wanting to buy any of Peters father marijuana. Sunny would watch Peter take the cash in exchange for some of the weed, in amazement Sunny would want to get into the action and would sell along side Peter. The two would finish up at the end of the day with around 1,000¥ (yuan) which would be around $153 (dollars). As the two were walking home with their money, 2 men in a black ski mask came from around the corner with knives. The two men came up to Peter and Sunny and pointed their knives at them threatening them, demanding the kids to give them the money. Peter who still had his fathers QSZ-92 pistol immediately revealed the gun as he started to blindly open fire in the two men general direction. The pistol started to click and Peter opened his eyes and looked at the gun and then at the two men direction, Peter shot and killed two men. Both shocked, Peter and Sunny immediately booked it as they realized at what just happened. The two stopped after running through alleys and residential gardens looking at each other in shock. The two disgusted what they would tell authorities if they ever questioned them. The authorities never showed up at Sunny's house but would bust into Peter So's family apartment, later finding out that Peter opened fire and the police open fired and killed Peter So, Gerald So and Kim So. Teen Ages. Sunny Woo would be in his ninth year of school, still getting in trouble as he usually was. Sunny has made a few trouble making friends but nothing as memorable or meaningful as Peter So. Sunny getting into his teenage years his father Jackie Woo would be sending Sunny off to work at the family business which is a medium sized coffee shop called "The Grey Serpent" which was managed and owned by Jackie Woo himself, but Jackie did most of his business with very well dressed men who would go into the back room and talk. One day Sunny was curious of what his father was doing and would peak his head through the door without being noticed as he watch his father work business. Sunny would over hear the conversation talking about a poker game that would be held at The Grey Serpent on a Saturday which would be invite only. Sunny quickly stopped snooping as he heads back into the kitchen and continues his job doing the dishes. Later that night Sunny would lay in his bed thinking what his dad was up to as he would wait for the poker game to be held in a couple days. A couple days past and its Saturday, Sunny would be at work doing the dishes like he was suppose to be doing. When his shift was over he noticed a group of well dressed men with notable tattoos on their bodies, which later would be affiliated with Wo Shing Wo (WSW) which is a organized crime group mostly located in Hong Kong. Sunny would act like he would end his shift as he grabs his bookbag and his belongings and head out of the shop making sure to say goodbye to his father. Sunny would wait for a few hours as he would head back towards The Grey Serpent. When Sunny was walking down the sidewalk he saw a black SUV pull up in front of the coffee shop fairly quick, he watches the SUV as a group of four men hop out of the vehicle with various automatic weapons and would open fire on "The Grey Serpent" coffee shop. Sunny watched the bullets pierce the walls as he screamed knowing his father was inside the shop. After a few minutes of unloaded gun fire Sunny would notice the men would quickly hop inside the SUV and drive off quickly. Sunny quickly ran over towards the shop as he notices multiple dead bodies in the front of the shop. He carefully maneuvers around the dead bodies as he would open the backroom door noticing a massacre, around ten to fifteen dead bodies were crowded around the floor, tables, walls, chairs, literally everywhere. Sunny spots a body sitting on a fine leather chair with blood covering it entirely, Sunny saddened and terrified realizes who it is. Jackie Woo would be found dead by his son Sunny Woo. Sunny quickly ran off with tears in his eyes as he ran home to his mother. After he got home he hugged his mother and told her everything and they cried with each other in their arms as they watched the new about the tragedy. Later to find out the four men in the black SUV were Wo Shing Wo rivals Sun Yee On (SYO) affiliates. After Jackie Woos death, Sunny and Mi Woo would begin to apply for citizenship in United States of America. They take a trip to Los Santos, USA and Mi Woo fell in love with it for some reason, Sunny on the other hand had another idea about it and didn't really care and wanted to be around his Chinese friends. Mi figures out that Little Seoul, LS is a hot spot for multiple Asian ethnicities such as Korean, Japanese and even Chinese. Sunny later has hopes as he visits for a while, during their visitation their citizenship gets accepted. Sunny and Mi Woo are now legal citizens of United States of America. After becoming legal they begin to move into Little Seoul apartments located on Palomino Ave which is a more Chinese local section of Little Seoul. After Sunny becomes a local he doesn't really know anyone and would casually ride around on his bike and would keep quiet as he is fresh off the boat. Sunny begins to go to school and would do his thing in High School. One night Sunny had a few dollar bills ready and would walk towards his local clothing store in Little Seoul, as he was approaching the store he noticed a bunch of Chinese teenagers and young adults. Sunny still new to the city wouldn't say anything but instead would walk inside the store and buy his new sets of clothes and would stuff his old clothes in his backpack. As Sunny was walking out a young Tiffany and Alvin Tan would be leaned up against a car as they were talking to each other and noticed Sunny. Alvin would confront Sunny as he walked out as they noticed that Sunny was Chinese and were fairly friendly towards Sunny. Sunny still new and quiet would hang around the two as they would walk towards the big group of Chinese teens. Sunny misplaced it seems would begin to greet himself towards the group and meet everyone such as Tee, Ice, Carz, Dumbo, and other notorious names. As he was meeting everyone it seemed like Alvin was leading the group, leading them towards the local Wigwam, a few went inside got food and drink and would be outside conversating. Out of no where the weather just flipped and it started pouring, the group immediately started heading into the alley to hide from the rain, this is where they would begin to talk with each other and Sunny would just stay there to fit in. After a few hours everyone headed off to sleep but Sunny would begin to belong in Little Seoul. Sunny finally fitting in America had to tested. Alvin and Sunny would begin to talk with each other and Sunny would realize that he is beginning to affiliate himself with Palomino Side 23 (PS23), a Wah Ching set that is based in Little Seoul on Palomino Ave. and Sunny was placed in while being in a beef with rival gang called Suicide Town Crips (STC). Alvin approached Sunny in need of an extra shooter, Alvin offers Sunny a SNS pistol with a fifty round clip ready for use. Sunny wanting to fit in and doesn't have any other option accepts the pistol. Alvin "Stacks" Tan, Calvin "C Dub" Xi, and Sunny Woo would hop inside Alvin's vehicle and would start to head in enemy territory with a pack of allied Asian gang and fellow Wah Ching PS23 gang members. As they pulled up to STC's turf, everyone would get out of their vehicle and open fire upon the rival gang. Sunny filled with adrenaline would quickly start open fire immediately and would chase down the running STC members down, killing them in their spots. Sunny Woo is now an official affiliate of Palomino Side 23. Young Adult Ages. Few years go by and Sunny Woo is still banging Palomino Side 23, at the age of eighteen Brandon "Ace" Yip, Alvin "Stacks" Tan, Terrence "Tee" Lee, and Daniel "Danny" Pan would lead Sunny into a alley behind a Palomino Ave. alley way. Brandon would tell the two ragged members to beat up on Daniel Pan, Sunny would jump in as well. After 23 seconds of non-stop punches Daniel would get up and would be ragged up by Brandon and Alvin. After a few minutes Sunny Woo would begin to get jumped, Sunny would be defending himself but would also send out hail mary shots with his fists. After 23 seconds, Sunny Woo was officially ragged into Palomino Side 23 along with Daniel Pan. As an official rag in Sunny would begin to have responsibilities of keeping the young kids safe from any danger in the streets and would guide them in the right direction. One evening Brandon, Alvin, Daniel, Tiffany, and Sunny would bring Diontre "Dookie" Ng into Trickshots which was owned by Brandon as a safe space for Wah Ching members to hang around at. The group would lead Diontre into the basement of Trickshots as they would start to discuss about internal affairs such as business with new drugs, plans on the future, and a so called snitch inside PS23 after jumping in Diontre to Palomino Side. After the meeting ended Sunny immediately headed out of Trickshots and walked off towards his mothers place. While he was inside his apartment he began to hear multiple gun shots of different guns coming from Trickshots. Sunny quickly ran out to go see what has happened and Brandon "Ace" Yip, Tiffany "Tiff" Tan, Diontre "Dookie" Ng, were murdered and were being taken out in body bags. Alvin Tan has now became the new Street Boss of Palomino Side 23, and has a lost sister who was fatally killed. Rest in Dub. After Sunny figure out what has happened and what actually occurred he began to think to himself and would section himself off for a bit from the rest of the gang. One night he heard a loud bang come from the living room as if a body dropped, Sunny immediately ran into the other room and noticed his mother laying on the floor having a seizure, Sunny confused and scared begins to call 911 and is asking for emergency services. Sunny starts crying as he is scared, Mi Woo would begin to feel cold and would stop seizing. Sunny Woos mother Mi Woo has died from natural causes. Sunny Woo lost and confused begins to feel emotionless as he thinks about his parents and his fellow dub who have died and Sunny not being able do anything about it. Sunnys whole personality began to morph into nothing, the sadness he keeps inside of him turned into hunger for vengeance and would later turn Sunny into a fearless and careless human. Sunny Woo is left with no beloved parents, and has turned to the streets with his only remaining family he has left, Palomino Side 23. Ragged Age. As Sunny Woo is an official ragged member of PS-23 he starts to look at things differently as his mother passing effects him. The closes family he has now is his beloved friends and his Chinese community located in Little Seoul. While Sunny deals with his own demons he begins to have a close relationship with Sonny Huang, another official ragged member of PS-23. Sonny Huang has a greed for money and drugs, which gave him the name Red Money. Sonny Huang has a very significant love for business, as Sonny thinks of new ideas for business opportunities. The two brainstorm ideas every time they meet up with each other, the two heads just fit together like two suns aligning. One night Woo had his phone ring from Ceci Kau, Alvin Tan's little cousin. Woo gets a call talking about the kids got pulled over and were having troubles. Woo immediately got into his vehicle and headed off towards the pinged location he received. Once Sunny pulled up to the location he noticed that the officer was harassing young Damien Wei who was only sixteen years old. The officer started to reach for his pistol, Woo immediately took out his pistol, still not having a care for his own life, fearless. Woo starts to aim the pistol against the officers head, as he tells the young Chinese kids to get back into the car and leave. The kids listen as they leave Woo with his gun aimed at an on duty officer. Woo understanding that if he ends the officers life the cops would never stop their search for him, he just kept the gun trained at the officers head and began to back pedal off towards his vehicle, quickly driving off into the Vinewood Hills. Being cautious he called up Ceci Kau who was with the other kids to tell them to stay inside their room and to stay low, telling them to make sure they don't go out or anything that could get them caught. After a few minutes he heads back home as he quickly locked the door behind him and hid from Los Santos Police Department. Sunny Woo began to get called up from Ceci Kau, he answers with fear in her voice. Woo confused on what's happening starts to question her. Ceci Kau begin to explain that they went out to Little Seoul LTD to get some ice cream and would head back home, until the entire SWAT team raided the store and aimed rifles and other heavy weaponry at Damien Wei, arresting him. Woo lowkey disappointed begins to blame them for their own faults and ended the call, sitting back continuing to watch his TV show. After Damien Wei's arrest, Woo begins to hide away from the LSPD for a few days as he pops head out onto the streets for only a few minutes to hang around his beloved gang. After a while Woo got the idea to hide up onto rooftops to watch over the young ones incase anything happens. Sunny Woo was given the nick name 'Batman' from Alvin Tan as he was hiding on rooftops all day and began to stick around during his entire hiding. During Woo's hiding he came in contact with Sonny Huang, asking him what kind of new business he has gotten himself into. Sonny Huang begins to show Sunny his counterfeit driver licenses that look very authentic. Sonny explains that he's been selling them around Los Santos for about $6,000, making a really good profit. Sunny thought this was a perfect chance to get out onto the streets quicker as he asked Sonny to make him a fake. Sonny agreed and didn't charge Sunny a dime, Sunny Woo became a new identity known as 'Tucker Ho' a Chinese man who lived in Little Seoul. Few weeks past and Woo started to walk the streets causally, one night a police cruiser stopped in front of Woo and didn't even bat an eye at him, at that moment he knew he was in the clear. Woo began to walk the streets of Los Santos without any worries of Los Santos Police Department coming to take him to jail. While Woo was hiding the young kids started to beef with a local Mexican gang called '18th Street Decker Park Loco' which were telling the young ones to kick rocks out of the local skatepark that was claimed by PS-23. The two gangs began to rival each other as they would fight each other with fists, bats, and brass knuckles, each of them would clown each other. During the rivalry '18DPL' was also beefing with a newer gang known as 'Tiny Rascal Gang' (TRG). The two would fight with fists and blunt objects, would even shoot at each other, the rivalry between the two were thick. Palomino-Side 23 and Tiny Rascal Gang made a strong alliance with each other as they would help with their battles against 'Decker' and another rival that both shared 'Culver City Boy 13' (CCB). Sunny Woo and Haneul Lee, Han being a Korean boy who affiliated with PS-23, assist Tiny Rascal Gang with their rivalry with 'CCB'. Sonny Huang and Sunny Woo would link up with each other one night as Sonny would have a great plan with a new drug. Sonny Huang wanted to make angel dust being known as, Phencyclidine or phenylcyclohexyl piperidine, is a drug used for its mind-altering effects. Sonny Huang and Sunny Woo would be accompanied by a Tiny Rascal known as Laszlo 'Jumper' Rao, who was close with Ceci Kau, to a factory out in the countryside of Los Santos. Sonny Huang and the group would run into the factory take a barrel of the needed chemicals to make Angel Dust from scratch. Sonny Huang and Sunny Woo would successfully make angel dust and would prepare to field-test it with Alvin Tan's approval. One night Sunny Woo, Alvin Tan, Leviathan Cao, and Terrence Lee would be working a shift out at Hwan's Cafe which was a known hot spot for Wah Ching members to associate with. During a hectic night, Sunny would be manning the kitchen as orders would be yelled out at him left and right as he quickly would cook up dishes. After their shift finished the group of Chinese youth would conversate with each other at a table, while the Chinese elders were at their own table talking in Chinese native tongue, Mandarin. As both groups got up and closed shop the youth made their way to Palm Terrace apartment complex which is located on Palomino Ave. main road. As they approach the entrance Alvin Tan began to walk towards the back, Terrence would tell the group to held back with him. As they head back Alvin Tan and Terrence Lee would have a very serious conversation with Sunny Woo. This conversation would lead Sunny Woo into an official soldier under Palomino-Side 23. A soldier is a trusted member that has received recognition from all the ranks above. They are the frontliners who maintain a good example of how activities are run. These members are typically in the age range from 17 to 19 years old and they actively protect the establishments/areas that Wah Ching operates in. Current Age. Sunny Woo has just become a Soldier under Palomino-Side 23 Asian street gang, as he would start to flow thru the ranks. Sunny Woo would begin to use his power to making small operations to make money with the assistance of Sonny Huang another ragged member of PS-23. The two would make their drug empire as they make other small projects along the way. Sunny Woo would be tasked to protect stomping grounds for Wah Ching and the young Chinese youth, being a role-model to them. This thread will be contain the story of Sunny Woo, an official soldier of Palomino Side 23 and will be updated frequently with screens and main story edits.
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