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  1. I normally see the cash amount on my top right screen as the currency that’ll help shape my roleplay whether im in a gang, OCG, or just a person living in a low income neighborhood.
  2. Trading should be banned tbh you have people that would trade a home at a low income gang infested neighborhood or around the county such as Sandy Shores or Paleto for nearly high end homes in Los Santos.
  3. Its weird and cringey on how many times people that rp kids try so hard getting into strip clubs then try to argue with the bouncer when being asked for their ID.
  4. Learning to try new character concepts, give them pros and cons with a personality and not some 100% serious gangbanger/mobster or starting as a rich 18 yr old character driving sports cars. Doing research on certain things is very important to do when creating a character being from a certain environment or ethnic/nationality
  5. ^ As MJ2002 said I came up with an idea (as a first timer roleplaying in the county) where anyone within the community whether legal or illegal would post their screenshots around the Sandy or County area without being within the faction and allowing others to develop their characters to which road they take. Resulting in creating the Sandy Shores Community thread. There were pretty much mixed results with some toxic comments but there were some that came by and became apart of the project and even some helping to combine those three communities together to bring roleplay in the county we wanted to support businesses within the county, we brought up an idea of creating a RV neighborhood due to the lack of housing available in the county. As stated people are free to post their screens there with an open door. So far I'm thankful of the support from the following people that roleplayed around us first before shooting any judgement. Creating neighborhood rp would create events, maybe more businesses that'll pop around that neighborhood, or even more rp.
  6. Wait car saleswomen? I thought it would be female club owners and strippers with the addition of multiple mallrats.
  7. Current bid, 140k its ready to be picked up if needed
  8. People are free to roleplay whatever they please but I've never seen anyone roleplay any process for US Citizenship/Green Card when first coming to LS from another country.
  9. Driving expensive sports cars through the countryside and sand.
  10. In my experience both sides have their pros and cons. A mob with a poor portrayal? You'll just have people try and rip things out of godfather or something. A gang with a poor portrayal? Just people ready to up a gun at you over a small thing.
  11. Current bid: 120k will sell it rn if the buyer is ready
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