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  1. it's IC until it's voided, then after that people can easily delete their post. no.
  2. Sadly, LFM members refused to be our guests, they don't want to have their voice recorded. Sill, praise the curia.
  3. those are only the rumors, my friend. "You're not funny, you're not cleaver, and you won't be here much longer if you don't adopt a team mentality." . A.O.
  4. It's just new things. We'll get used to it soon.
  5. I can talk only to my faction members through /F, I don't need to bother everyone with /b, and/or sending everyone a PM. Any particular reason why are you not using /toggle faction if it bothers you that much?
  6. Hell no. Admins have accesses and logs of every faction chat, metagaming is being looked at. You can use /toggle faction if it bothers you.
  7. .Pluto.

    Hye Mafia

    i only see 🔥 content here
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