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  1. /toggle and see what are all the options. You can toggle PMs fully I think.
  2. Do you understand what's purpose of /do command? I think not. This. Someone overusing /b? /report. Simple as that.
  3. .Pluto.

    The West OPG

    Finally, looks fire, good luck Basko.
  4. you apply, get accepted or get denied, simple as that
  5. Yeah, just another valid point, why would we want to discuss Rules of Engagement with civilian roleplayers? Just one topic out of many that's not your concern, it's concern of illegal factions, and illegal community.
  6. I think you are against it because you would be first person on the blacklist of that section. But it's good to know that truth hurts. Yes, that's why we have YOU derailing this discussion because once upon the time Wak9 members ruined DJ Kayleigh's reputation ICly. Having everyone participating innit brings up toxicity and shit fiesta you started making on this topic. That's the main reason why's there a need for the private section. Yes, he's that guy. Thread went offtopic, and we all know the reason why. Dutch, you want to continue it? Feel free to
  7. That's exactly my point that you're missing. That discord has 300+ members inside, and that's why it's toxic. Forum section can be easily handled, and people would be picked, who can participate and who can't. Toxicity? Removed, banned. It can be easily monitored on the forums. Simple as that. Can you please now start providing us with some valid arguments, instead of hating on illegal Roleplayers because Wak9 shut your reputation down, and you got triggered OOCly by IC things?
  8. This is not a player report section. I will be glad to hand you the invite to illegal community discord, join the most toxic discord you have ever seen. And it's a discord server, do you think that anyone can be assed with scrolling up million messages to check if the suggestion was good or not? I doubt it. No, you wouldn't have access, you'd have to be picked from faction leaders/fm to have the access.
  9. I assure you that Wak9 members don't give a single fuck about Kayleigh Prescott, you're tripping. Yet again, IC issue.
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