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  1. .Pluto.

    Armenian Power

    cant wait to be back to rp w my boys, 🔥 content here
  2. wherever is bader, theres fun, my boys still going strong 💪
  3. I never rped a car crash, or any vehicle incident, nor I plan to roleplay that, ever. Sue me, but I just do /b wanna skip?
  4. Username: Admeen Comment: im sure the lsnn is not sexist because your director dennis sidwell is fucking all the women in ls lmfao
  5. @Adv best staff member this server ever had.
  6. Username: admeen Comment: aim it at ur own head and end ur miserable life
  7. sure bro, thats why it takes 3 hours to get an admin to approve your breaking request
  8. That is such a play 2 win mentality if you ask me, if they have alarm in the crack house lmao. I guess people don't want to lose their shit anymore.
  9. This. People are missing out on good roleplay because of the restrictions.
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