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  1. I believe that the police presence would be minimal, as it's a fairly small island. It'd probably be loaded with security companies, as-well, protecting businesses and tourist locations.
  2. I, personally, am content with either. In the end, it's only three days of the month.
  3. Treat Cayo Perico as Cayo Perico and claim that, due to it's colonial-like buildings, that it was a historical site for the Spanish settlers. Convert it to a tourist area with a residential area. Afterall, most island tourist labourers actually reside on the island of their workplace. You would also have foreign investors and wealthy members of society owning beach-houses etc... as a vacation place.
  4. Edit: Try Typing in "/pweather -1" and then /reloadprop... that should remove the snow within all interiors. Otherwise, I'm wrong.
  5. I'm in no rush to attain these updates, as I am capable of RPing without them in an enjoyable manner. However... It'd be appreciative if some of these illegal RP suggestions could be applied on to the server.
  6. Hopefully, it leans towards an interesting "Tourist" area that could be R.P.'d as such. Otherwise, I don't believe that it will suit the theme of the server.
  7. In all honesty, it doesn't concern me whether it'll be implemented in the server, or not. Either decisions has benefits and cons.
  8. Tongva Nation has a sect that functions like a street gang, as-well. West-Side Tongva Valley Rez Gang.
  9. Always wanted my own customizable overweight character.
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