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  1. This happened to me once, actually.
  2. I, personally, I'm fine with whatever. Mundane screens, though, are mundane... the typical drug deal screenshot is good, but it's always great to see more "behind the scenes" activity.
  3. *** Ad is refreshed. Unit is still occupied until June 13, 2023 ***
  4. *** Ad is refreshed as the unit is AVAILABLE. ***
  5. They may have lost $200,000, but they're eventually raking in more to cover their losses.
  6. ((( This case will be paused as the defendant NC'd his character while a court case is against him )))
  7. R.P. opportunities, within the illegal community, were endless without script, back in 2019-2020. I will say this again, nothing really restricts criminals from RPing criminal activities. We use to RP crimes without the need of a dozen scripts, and it exceeded beyond just narcotics deals, robberies, brawls, and shoot-outs. Script can boost illegal RP activity, but now a days, people are TOO dependent on scripts to R.P. that they actually put "script" over actual R.P. in 2019-2020, storylines seemed more in-depth since people relied on R.P. more than just scripts to create content. Currently, on a general level, people rely more on scripts than the actual R.P. That, in my opinion, is the real problem. The mentality. P.S. I am not stating "abolish scripts", but mentioning that people shouldn't rely on scripts to R.P. crime.
  8. 5 Bri'ish Pounds
  9. Admire everything, my only concern is trolls just setting vehicles on fire for the pettiest of things. Other than that, everything looks great.
  10. UCP --> Characters ->> Select the character --> Settings --> Name Change
  11. Username: Hotsauce_310 Comment: Holy shit yall r retarded as fuck rn it aint a charity its a MFing investment firm dealing with trades n shit... ma ass made $50,000 off of these niggas lol yall r so fucking retarded.
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