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  1. Something something file a report something something Roleplay Quality Management. Something something cult something something Hail the Panda.
  2. It's still the highest in the U.S., and should be taken into consideration. People don't get shamed for consuming marijuana, in public, in California, regardless of legalization... California has a strong marijuana culture, even homosexual culture, which is why the state shouldn't be compared to regions like N.Y., even: EDIT: But, if you want to argue that this is Los Santos instead of Los Angeles? Well, that doesn't help your case, as every one smokes marijuana in Los Santos... look at how Los Santos is portrayed in GTA.
  3. Something something illegal RPers something something BF400 something something robocop something something cat-eared Lesbiens.
  4. Los Santos is it's own city, but it's THEME is based on Los Angeles, which is why factions are denied if they don't follow with the continuity of the "west-coast". Regardless as to whether it is illegal or legal, California has been known for it's massive weed consumption. Regardless as to whether it's Los Santos or Los Angeles, both cities have a high level of weed consumption. I've known real-life teachers that were addicted to cocaine, real-life police officers that would steal marijuana for their own personal consumption (back when it was illegal), and real-life professors that are addi
  5. The mechanics aren't an issue, it's the portrayal that's an issue. If people portrayed their characters, properly, then this wouldn't be an issue. Report those that poorly portray their characters. Easy as that. I can R.P. as homeless with 10 million dollars in the bank, easily. Just simply ignore the box on the top-right corner.
  7. Heavily supported, it's a great idea for concepts to be showcased before they are accepted. I've seen SOME factions (Maybe 1 out of 10?) that literally became D.M. squads for a month before being removed.
  8. The R.P. in K-Town is solid, same with Chinatown. Just still find that there's too many Asians, in general. Something's wrong when I see more Asians and Eastern-Europeans than Hispanics.
  9. I enjoyed it and plan to continue that path, in the future. Only discontinued because the faction disbanded, and his whole story was around owing them money for being smuggled into the U.S.
  10. Bourgeois-looking lounges, every where. Too many "up-scale" businesses and too minimal low-scale businesses that appeal to the average person. I have NEVER entered a coffee shop that looks like 90% of the coffee shops on this server. EDIT: Most coffee shops look like something you'd find in Europe, not the U.S.
  11. Casinos that don't limit the amount of chips that a person can use at a table.
  12. Another overplayed form of roleplay... being a person, in Los Santos (representing Los Angeles), that doesn't smoke marijuana.
  13. Oversized EDM Nightclubs with neon-lights, consisting of customers that dance all day without sipping a single alcoholic beverage.
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