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  1. Just amazed that OOC rules dictate I.C. actions. I've stood in front of businesses, for years, and have never been robbed. At least this develops some R.P., though.
  2. DLimit


    The unit has been sold. (((L&A)))
  3. DLimit


    Offer is accepted. EDIT: Person will be contacted to arrange a date to complete the transaction.
  4. Username: Esang Comment: So many lies in this website.
  5. I'd rather be robbed with a person in a surgical mask than a person wearing a helmet. People wear these masks, all the time, in down-town and south-central, prior to Covid... especially the East-Asian community.
  6. DLimit


    Minimum bid is still available.
  7. Welcome to Roleplay, where one must RP in accordance with one's environment, and flow their R.P., naturally, rather than fixating it on a "perfect idea".
  8. *** Ad is refreshed. The minimum bid has been lowered. ***
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