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  1. Username: Arrow Comment 4 What? Sayin that Im proud of ma culture and people? GTFO of here, yo! True Native Pride and we aint stand down, homie!
  2. Username: Arrow Comment: See this shit? Yall aint got no pride and aint willing 2 die 4 what u believe in... u scared of pigs? U finna admit they a big ass gang and shit, but prolly lickin they boots cause u think they gonna shoot ur ass. We lock and load, out here... my ancestors fought and died with HONOR and PRIDE against them. U niggas just suck they dick cause u scared. #NativePride #RezGang
  3. ***Andrew Rivera eyes the video, covering his mouth in a clenched fist.*** "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, them niggas fucked him up!"
  4. Pawn Shop owners shouldn't be the ones stealing vehicles and chopping them for parts. You're supposed to purchase the parts OR purchase the weapons from metal workers, before selling them for a higher price. You're the middleman.
  5. It isn't a legal business if he's selling lockpicks and melee weapons, haha... it's foundation is based on working with illegal carjackers and shady garage companies. A good chunk of those items were stolen items, as-well. I sold a laptop to a person for #2,000. A person robbed his house, sold it to me for $200, then I re-sold it for $2,000. "Sorry, friend... buying this for lower pricing because I am already selling this long time ago. This is old and used, friend. Doing this for two-hundred. Or, no dealing." One day... the Gypsies/Romanis will return. One day...
  6. I've ran a pawn shop titled as "Bad Day Goods" for around six months, at least 40-60 hours a week (Managed employees on different time zones etc...)... Of course, we sold melee weapons, lockpicks, and firearms on the side. However, our primary sales were stolen jewelry, electronics, pipes, hookahs, and all sorts of other (GOODS) items. Be creative and produce a desire to sell these type of items to people... it'll be worth it. Use to purchase a bulk amount of low-quality, inexpensive, and unsold jewelry and electronics, even nail polish, from local businesses to then upsale them for 2-3 times the price. Want to know the trick? Wait until those businesses die down... it'll increase the value of those items. It was the best experience of my life. Made over a million dollars through countless scams and developed a strong network as a middle-man for countless gangs and organized crime groups. It's supposed to be a slow-type of business. You'll hold on to a piece of $2,000 jewelry and then sell it for $6,000 in a week... it isn't supposed to be a "get rich quick" scheme. You're simply holding on to some thing and then selling it, later, just like narcotics. You're claiming that these items are never sold. But, I believe that you're not trying hard enough... I did this when the peak amount of players on the server was 200 players. Now, it's 500. Incentivize it. I've sold cat suits, used tents, dog collars, laptops, dildos, used first-aid kits, cigars, shisha, and even an unregistered and uninsured $1000 van for $2,000 dollars... it's all about roleplaying it to the best of your ability to make a sale. The R.P. was the MOST rewarding when running the shop. Buy low, and sell items at a reasonable price... it all adds up... you're practically flipping your wealth. Some items would be sitting in the store for months until they're sold. But, once it's sold? Then, you'll see that you doubled your investment on that item. What separates a pawn shop from most businesses is the idea that you HAVE to do a lot of networking to receive the best deals and sales. Once you're known as a shop that sells MORE than just the typical picks and weapons, then people will begin to identify you as "that place that has every thing".... also, the place where people can RAPIDLY get rid of any stolen items that they've attained. To this day, I still see those MacBook Pros that I sold in December... I love it. All hail Yoska Makula, the GOD.
  7. Looking good. Keep it up.
  8. Username: Arrow Comment: Then WTF u bootlickin on cops 4, yo? U out here sayin fuck a Native ally and clappin it up 4 police... u a bootlicker, on God.
  9. Username: Arrow Comment: LOL good one, dawg. Least I can show ma face, yo... U finna be bootlickin cops and shit sayin u aint finna ally up with us cause u HELLA lost with yo Django Samuel L Jackson soundin ass.
  10. Username: Arrow Comment: Got ton of black allies, nigga... aint need no traitor uncle-Tom house nigga like u.
  11. Username: Arrow Comment: Look at all these white folks tryna justify killin' a kid... fuck outta here. Yall use the Law 2 justify ur shit on Native land. Why aint we finna kill off all the white sons and daughters of COLONIZERS, nigga? On God, they did a GENOCIDE and they finna sit there complainin bout a cop. Yall aint respect the laws of the LAND since day 1 and u finna now make ur own laws 2 kill us off... fuck yall, on GOD.
  12. Username: Arrow Comment: A.C.A.B. ma niggas! They tryna find all kinda ways to kill us off... Natives, Hispanics, Blacks... we finna unite and fuck shit up, dawg!
  13. Most enjoyable R.P. in my lifetime was when Yoska Makula was running Bad Day Goods, continuously having to live with both the fears and benefits of conducting arms deals with The Conti Crew. John Capra did an amazing job with that. Another fun opportunity was when my Paisa character was chopping vehicles for Hillside Trece back in 2019, living in fear that he'd be executed by Diablo if he didn't gain their trust as a mere local, or even deported by the police if he were to ever get caught. His closest friend was a Spanish teen in Covenant, as they would often provide him with free marijuana and food during desperate times.
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