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  1. Property Management Scheme - Business Item Requests Property Management has come a long way, and if you've spoken to any of the most recent members of the team, you'll know we're all about facilitating roleplay and making new and unique concepts possible where we can. There are limitations, but we strive to find new ways to enable players to run the businesses they want. So, Property Management has designed a scheme, not unlike that of IFM's drug and gun schemes, whereby players are not forced to have a business script to create their items. Examples of this include: Foodtrucks Selling handcrafted items on a small scale (more) The purpose of this, is to remove the reliance on needing a premise for a business, when sometimes it makes no sense for a player to require an entire property. Foodtrucks for example, can either cook on the go using the on-board equipment that would be there, or cook prior in a home kitchen. So how does it work? First of all, you'll request your concept via the forum under Misc Requests: LINK HERE Use this format: There are a few things we'll expect to see. These are mini requests in themselves, so they can and will be denied for a lack of effort, information and recent administrative record. Character background Reasoning How you plan to roleplay this Stock overview and requirements This is required as an absolute minimum, the more information and thought you put into a request, the more likely you are to be approved for the scheme. Once your scheme has been approved, a member of the PM team will comment on your thread confirming the approval. You will then be able to request your "stock" from PM. You can roleplay this is imported, it is created yourself, all dependant on the concept you have been approved for. Use this format on your forum thread: Once PM has received your request, it will be reviewed and either approved or denied with changes. When you have been approved, you will be asked to /charity a set amount based on the charged component price (30-80% depending on realistic costs of manufacturing). Once evidence has been provided, you will be able to /report IG for an administrator to spawn said items for you.
  2. Oookay I'm gonna hijack and lock this topic with the following: We uphold standards across our approved businesses and if there's any concerns at all with concepts, roleplay quality or anything of that nature, open a property report and PM will investigate. We look closely at concept changes because we don't want businesses going outside of a realistic scope, plus we have to remember this is game and cannot be 1.1. Any issues, feel free to reach out for clarification. Report a business here: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/1021-property-reports/ Thanks guys, remember to keep it civil.
  3. @Tiddy Enough said. I appreciate you eternally.
  4. @Tiddy For the freaking AMAZING mapping additions over the last few weeks. Under-appreciated, you are amazing. ❤️
  5. Hi EmilyGrace, No worries. We'll process that for you. Good luck on your exam, do a /report IG when you're back and we'll give it back!
  6. I've often found a lot of the fun with business RP isn't so much when the business is open to the public, but also the stuff that goes on behind closed doors as well. Say you're a trucking company right? Sure, you make your script money with trucking. But, what kinds of RP opportunities do you have inside? Silly things in the warehouse with a leased forklift, dropping a clients pallet of goods and having to fork out to refund them. I have a couple ideas buzzing around about business roleplay, functionality and financing, so keep the discussions going!
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