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  1. The way I handle money is: "Would my character realistically have this wealth after taking rent/mortgage, bills, groceries etc... into consideration? Would this job really pay that much, as-well?"
  2. "Illegal roleplayers should try to rip people off more, right now everyone delivers exactly as promised instead of bending how far they can go." This happens a lot, believe it or not.
  3. Fire R.P., keep at it! - Mo
  4. Countless ways to lay-low without interior camping. I've had a 3-month-long warrant on one of my characters, and he wall all over the place, driving slowly in different vehicles while using different aliases to interact with people, online.
  5. So THAT'S why they don't open... hmm... I was FOR Davis Highschool until I read this. EDIT: If people seriously want some serious passive R.P.? Re-open BJ Smith Park's Rec. Center to test if the mentality of Davis has changed. From there, we will determine whether the server's ready to dedicate it's resources on a high-school. BJ Smith Park's Rec. Center is already mapped out. So, let's do it.
  6. Wouldn't decrease activity, as the people that are already there will be there. However, it'd have more people inside of it.
  7. People should serve 100% of their sentences and all sentences should be doubled.
  8. NPC'd train would be great. Could be "timed teleports" if the alternative is too complicated, as-well. I.E. If you want to Teleport from the airport to Rockford, you'd have to wait 2 minutes before it teleports you there, just to avoid people abusing the script by automatically teleporting to different locations.
  9. I ran a whole Jamaican-themed restaurant with only 1 chef and 1 cashier, in Davis. We had some days where people snapped and tossed food at a crowd of customers because they kept rushing two people. Loved the R.P. It's possible to run a small restaurant and diner with two people. However, during rush hour? It can get insane.
  10. Much needed. Should be mandatory for everyone to read this.
  11. DLimit

    [SOLD] (((L&A)))

  12. DLimit

    [SOLD] (((L&A)))

    Buyer will be contacted to initiate the deal.
  13. "Gang members that interrogate you when you're in vicinity just because you dared be near them." I mean, if you're in their hood, then you'll be pressed if they're unfamiliar with you. Usually, after you state who you are and where you live? They'll either leave you alone or shake it up with you.
  14. ABOUT MAURICE Astrological Sign: Cancer Willing to Correspond Outside of the U.S.: Yes Photo Verified by WriteAPrisoner.Com: No Birth Date: 07/13/2002 (Age 19) Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black Hometown: Leiman, Germany Marital Status: Single Race/Ethnicity: African-American Religion: Atheism Interested in Furthering Education: No Seeking Prayer Partners: No Seeking Legal Help: No Sex: Male Sexual Identity/Orientation: Heterosexual INCARCERATION INFORMATION On Death Row: No Incarcerated Since: 2016 Serving Life Sentence: Yes Incarcerated For: See Crime (Second Degree Murder (x2), Poession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Evading a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, & Possession of a Controlled Substance) Official Links: This person is incarcerated in The Twin Towers Correctional Facility. BIO Wassup, I'm Maurice from South-Central (310 LHP), LS! Im in trial for a life-sentence after doing some things that I ain't really wanna talk about. Kinda waiting for trial to get done with so I can count up my days and get parole. I'm half-German and half-Haitian, but born and raised in South-Central, L.S. 310LHP. I put "Leiman, Germany" as my hometown cause I got hella family, over there, and I spent years in that area. I came back here, and look at where I am, now. I speak fluent German and English and am down to chat in both English and German. I enjoy cruising around in my Albany Emperor and chillin with the homies and homegirls. Big on Hip Hop and kinda prefer the oldschool shit. I'm big on reading about WWII and history and other stuff. With where I'm at? I mostly read, work out, and that's it. I'm down to chat with anyone. Looking for something deep and someone that I can connect with. I aint gonna discriminate, hit me up if you're of whatever race, age, sex, and all that. I'm just trying to bond with someone, at the end of the day, on a deeper level. I think human contact on the outside is gonna uplift me out of this situation that Im in. I aint got a wife or kids or nothing like that. Just me and only my mom and lil brother out here in LS, and we aint close with each other like that. Kinda need someone to build with so I can catch parole and get out of this situation that Im in. One Love.
  15. DLimit

    [SOLD] (((L&A)))

    This bid is accepted if you are still interested in the unit.
  16. DLimit

    [SOLD] (((L&A)))

    Bid will be accepted in 22 hours if zero offers are made within that time period.
  17. DLimit

    [SOLD] (((L&A)))

    Bid will be accepted in 16 hours if zero offers are made within that time period.
  18. Tons of OOC and IC mixing on this server. Your "Kill Count" isn't development, either.
  19. This. It's the cop cars causing these issues.
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