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  1. While my character isn't a criminal in the common sense, she doesn't hide the fact that she is binge smoking marijuana, she is quite open about it, given her nature and her origins. Plus she does not see anything wrong with admitting that she smokes. I am a badass I know.
  2. Imo it is usually the criminal's fault that they put themselves into a situation when someone calls 911. Just like you mentioned people openly talking about crimes or offering you drugs in your taxi. That alone may lead to poor portrayal or escalation maybe even provoking, cause they are putting themselves into a situation where you may finish your fare and then call 911. I live in cenral Europe, in here taxi drivers are bit edgy, somebody mentions something illegal whilst in their car, they pull over and ask the passengers to leave immediately.
  3. Ah yes the mentality on this server, dial 911 and eat a CK for snitching. Criminal rpers, not everyone mind you, are literally digging their own graves everytime they log in.
  4. Mexican americans who aren't criminals, I know that there are few who aren't of course. Plus on the side, a bit of spice, like descendants of the Maya for example. Someone who is american, yet does not neglect their origins. Doesn't need to wave mexican flag everywhere they go, but slide in few recognizable fragments into their culture or I don't know, daily life. Like for instance add religion to your roleplay. Who knows, popular belief is, that modern people of any country do not care about their ancestry. Many do.
  5. People were reporting bad apples. Least twice a day, which is why it was shut down.
  6. Literally nothing stops people from rping around the shop right? I guess it was removed from player businesses, because it's literally a groundzero in many conflicts. deathmatching situations or robberies.
  7. Which is why my character has short hair and dresses like a lesbian.
  8. We are at the point, where you can safely assume that every teen below 18 is a gangster, cause such characters are only allowed for gang roleplay.
  9. I know it is, despite not having a single gang in my country we have lot of old school mafiosos or retired gangsters. They are still active though.
  10. I agree with this even if I am not american, I seen this in my own city back in 90s. And to an extent it exists even now. But here it's called taxing. You wanna steal or break into cars, or sell drugs on some street? There are always some people who will notice that, then they come to you and tell you they want a share, else they will break you in half or outright kill you. Sometimes it's cops who pick you up and tell you if you wanna stay free, you either pay them monthly or snitch. My country has no gangs, cause our criminals groups don't want that. They "employ" drug addicts, teens from all walks of life for petty crimes and drug distribution.
  11. I wished people stopped arguing about real life VS game. They will never be on equal level. The game is tailored for every one to have fun and play comfortably, because it is not real life. So reasoning, it happens irl so I can do it here too, is wrong. There are many things we cannot do here, yet they happen in real life.
  12. I find this quite disturbing imo, it seems cops have no real power there. Which is directly against what they stand for.
  13. Yes I agree, but it has been said, that we are not gonna roleplay current situation in United States. Why? Cause real life situation is thousands times worse.
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