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  1. Not to be that guy, but gang rpers don't really connect well with normal fucking people. 9/10 times its either a robbery or IC harrassment.
  2. No rulebreaking? Using an LSNN building, just because it was opened is not rulebreaking? It's powergaming.
  3. Regarding the scam, idea is not bad. But it wasn't as brilliant as looks like. It wasn't good at all in first place.
  4. You aware, that school as it is, is funded by state money, teachers are not gangsters? Given the reputation Davis actually has, being called many names IG from Afganistan to Hell...you think people would actually be willing to send their characters there to try their luck on school roleplay? If you want a ground to stage brawls and shootouts, you don't need a school. Besides I did gang rp before and I lived in Vespucci during the peak of gang violence, so don't go that way if you don't know what you are talking about.
  5. This is exactly why it will be denied most likely.
  6. Think about what you just posted, really. PF/CCW as part of mandatory existential right within Los Santos? Cause it's not only truckers, everyone is targetted daily. What is this? Purge; State of Anarchy Los Santos edition? I said many fucking times and I will say many fucking times again, high crime rate is OOC issues, cause people are competing who is more badass, just take a look at gang threads. By now, nearly everyone in the city has been a victim of a violent crime.
  7. Real life accurancy should never have been a thing anyway. Most of new factions don't even bother adapting wikipedia copy pastes to Los Santos.
  8. That's technically metagaming, knowing that people are paid cash. I had this too, Someone waited for me near the bank once, where I go to deposit money. "Somehow" they knew, that I was stacked.
  9. I like how people are trying to pull out real life, when 1 - we have smaller city and not as much people and 2 - literally everyone around there is either a gangbanger or a hangaround. Honestly stop comparing uncomparable. Davis had some businesses, bars, even fast food and LTD before. Daily shootings, murders and robberies drove everyone who wasn't willing to rp a gangster, away.
  10. I just said why, or shall I bring up Davis LTD? Reason why it was locked away from player ownership, is precisely the same. Gang warzone.
  11. This was an idea long time ago, I guess nobody wanted to roleplay teachers in Davis. Everyone was worried school would turn into gang warzone, which it would.
  12. Username: SantaMuerte664 Comment: There is nothing special about it.
  13. Are you kidding me? I cannot tell a light bulb from tire screw ir, I don't need to. That's why mechanics actually exist irl. To do stuff people know nothing about. And no, rather than looking it up on YT and spend hours trying, I park my car in a garage leave it there, go have a lunch and come back for it. That's how it works. And believe it or not. I am one of the few who actually use garage for maintenance and repairs in the game.
  14. Let me rephrase that. People rush to garages immediately after they buy a new car. Now how many people irl you know, who actually own a car with full perf. upgrade. Or better yet how many strippers drive a fully modded BMW? That's why modding shouldn't be as common as it is. Not to mention, that I drive a maxed Gauntlet Hellfire, yes...but my character is an enthusiast and I did mod the car over the course of months as you said. One mod at a time.
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