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  1. Imo ooc channels do not even belong to purely roleplaying instances as GTA World is. Cause once you are in the game, you are roleplaying. It isn't an mmorpg, where you can wander off doing ooc stuff if you are bored with rp. But other than that...it does not really matter as long as people keep it all civil.
  2. Engelbert


    You know it's quite debatable who can own such car and who cannot. For instance high-end cars are usually owned by younger brokers, who made those money and want to show them off, yes such people would normally go for a Porsche or a Mercedes AMG or whatever. But then it is also possible for a casino clerk to have a Nissan 350z or Toyota Supra. For instance I personally know few people who have standard jobs and are driving cars like BMW X5 or Mercedes G or even Ford Mustang. And given the GTA World economy, even a strip club dancer can earn enough money for a Banshee if they want to. Altough I agree, that Jester Classic, which is based on mentioned Supra is quite common, compared to real life where Supra is something, that kinda stands out. I personally don't think, that much is gonna change. They have cars on lease and then some which might need their pricing redone.
  3. Engelbert

    Favorite bands?

    Oh dear I have many. As of present I could name few. Let's start with Cane Hill and Tetrarch, then continue with...say something soft like Cutting Crew or Huey Lewis and the News.
  4. I did not find them, they found me.
  5. I am not saying, you need years. I am saying you need years to do it on moment's notice. That does not apply to people from war-torn countries cause they are raised among weapons and bloodshed. They come out as someone who know their tools and how to use them properly as that is usually mandatory for their survival. Most of these people live by a strict code however. So technically you can consider that as training as well. I am mostly saying that hits like "Me hops out of the car and quickly puts two bullets into someone's head and then hop back in." now that requires some training prior to the hit. Besides most of gangsters won't even leave the car, they will just pull down the window and shoot as they pass around, cause they don't wanna spend much time on the scene, mind you, not cause they afraid of cops, but cause such hit usually happens on enemy turf. Here's an example of actually planned hit, which is realistic as it happened already many times in real life. "You watch your target, you do some research on it, you pinpoint exact location where they are most vulnerable and you hit them there. That could be anywhere. On a traffic stop, park your van next to their car, slide the side door open. Smg spray, close the door. Go away." Happened many times in real life. And believe, I am not sure how's it in US, but organized crime hits in EU are, well organized. A bolt-action rifle in hands of a discharged soldier or an ex-cop is lot more effective than a drive-by.
  6. I understand that, you know the main reason why people usually wanna stay away from prison is, that roleplay in Twin Towers may come as either boring or dangerous, or both. And that's IF you even get there, cause there is a chance you will end up in a cell at PD station for 48 hours, which is hell. Been there. I think not everything should revolve around roleplay. Yes sentences will be longer for people who are not willing to roleplay their stay in prison maybe? And faster for those who invest their time to roleplay it. I think it's fair. Also the CK rule is only for people who decide to defy logic or whatever and run against a police line with clear intention to avoid jail time by PK. There are flaws on both sides. But then nothing is perfect which is why forums exist right? :)
  7. On one side people yell "moar realism" on the other "it's a game." So which is it? I seen gangsters doing the navy seals approach, move pop pop headshot, move pop pop headshot and again. Now that's not really realistic right? I'd believe it if cops were doing that as they are actually trained to do it. Yes yes nowadays anyone can copy such training from TV, but thing is...you have to train. Getting all those movements and focus into your muscle memory takes long time. Also I believe that criminals are usually ck'd if they choose "me going out with a bang" option over complying. Really? That's movies, in real life everyone is afraid of dying. Everyone. They will take the time, they will not talk, cause you know it is pretty hard to make a seasoned gangbanger talk, but they will not choose dying over doing time. Why? Cause if they belong to a gang, their life does not end in prison, but continues. Now last bit? People complain about prison and sentences cause their main focus isn't their own story. They wanna be out there doing licks and hanging out. I know, I know, that my opinion is not really popular cause I tend to go to extremes, like not logging in for an entire month once my character had an accident and had to spend time in hospital. I am not telling people to do that. Next thing however I wanna point out is, that same goes for LSPD. They are not without flaws, yes there are limitations. Let us begin with, why they sometimes drive alone, that's never good. They always should come in pairs. Especially when patrolling areas being know for higher crime rates. Always call backup, even if it's routine check. Cause you never know who is around the corner and who has a gun. And WAIT for that backup before doing anything. Yes your suspect or suspects might get away, but is it worth risking your life over immediate dispense of justice? Answer is NO. And every instructor in Police academy will tell you that.
  8. IC issue IC issue. Yes and no. But you know that already. Life of a gangster is in reality quite boring. They spend more time just hanging around and dealing with their daily struggles than hitting licks or doing drive-bys. But of course that part of life is boring enough to be left out from roleplay, which is why we have daily shootouts and multiple robberies on the same street per day. You may argue that it does happen in real life too, yes it does. But in a city with millions of people. We have roughly what 600? People only seem to focus on the action part of criminal life.
  9. I think the problem isn't whether or not there should be gangs there, but the crime rate. You know I am a dedicated roleplayer, but if someone bags me everytime I leave my house...I just say "Err no." and Alt+f4 the game.
  10. But...I wanna rp a predator who sneaks into farms and steal chickens.
  11. Buckshots used on rabbits and ducks. Game? Always hunted with a bolt-action for me. Not that I hunt often, I only did it few times, cause I see no need to kill an animal for sport.
  12. Traits :) Nice addition, very nice ?
  13. Yeah I know, I also know, that people are painting the picture darker than it actually is. We have ARs on server, are they abused? I don't think so, simply cause as stated they are expensive. Who would risk losing it over a simple argument? ARs are used in planned hits and only in properly planned hits. Now I may not be versed in gang rp, that well. But I know if people put lot of thought into rping a solid hit, fucking it up with some deathmatch style approach would ruin it for everyone. And then ARs are not something you can just carry around. A duffle bag technically raises a suspicion, does it not?People should be more afraid of legal chars not having place and time to let loose their "me kill kill kill" mood. Yes shooting ranges. Cause trust me. 99% of time someone pulling out a gun, outside criminal rp is just a player wanting to have the last laugh. In robbery situation, even if you have a gun. If you are held at knife point or gun point, don't pull it out. People are not that fast as they think they are. Like never. If someone trails a gun at your head, it takes 1 second to pull the trigger, compared to your 10 to pull it out and level the barrel into correct height.
  14. Can I have an SVD, I have this crazy cold war rp going on.
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