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  1. Or knocking on your door, cause they know you are inside.
  2. Mirror Park is not meant as millionaire quarter. Those houses, like many of them aren't even worth a mil or two from the outside. It's for married with children families. Millionaires should be in Richman, Vinewood hills or Chumash.
  3. Well I don't wanna be robbed everyday. Maybe that's fun for some, but not for me.
  4. My relationship with money IC and OOC is simple. I earned them through roleplay, I can use them.
  5. Well sometimes few lines are sufficient, especially during fast paced scenes, but then text roleplay is supposed to be turn based, so go figure.
  6. Oh I forgot the king of latest unrealistic escalations. MMA octagon ring sparring, not once I witnessed people getting salty over lost sparring match, escalating it further. Refusing to leave the cage to make space for another pair of fighters or even having their buddies jumping in to join the fight with reasoning: "This a gang man, we do things like that." Well don't ask for sparring if you want to gank up someone, just wait for them outside with an excuse: "Yo my char on drugs." Even better! Come back to gym with a hammer or a gun. Another thing, brawls in bars and clubs are okay imo, but why assaulting someone in a gym?
  7. Well that is rather sad. I am from small country which used to have few gangs around 90s. Then secret service took it upon itself to rid our country off them. Ofc this is like public secret, that behind many gangster executions were agents. Well at least we don't have these problems anymore. But yes, this is a game, where want we to have fun. While we try to uphold certain level of realism. Such thing as above shouldn't be standard.
  8. Tbh, I like detailed descriptions, especially when it really describes something on the character. As said I came from community which relies heavily on details, cause of game's limitations in this. Though I am glad I don't see shit like "Voice: Hugh Jackman" or "Theme song: Hammerfall Hearts on Fire" here.
  9. Maybe gangsters should put this into their attributes too, so I know I am dealing witha known murda machine before saying no to them. As they usually argument on reports "They provoked a known hardass gangster."
  10. Shoutout to the granpa who stole my bike last night at Blue Lion, was hilarious rp.
  11. Well gang concepts and their portrayal sometimes do not go hand in hand with server rules, which is what I meant. For instance PEN1 and Skinhead gangs especially are known for unprovoked attacks and random violence, yet it is not recommended to do it here often. Literally every time skins are downtown, someone dies or ends in hospital. That's just an example.
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