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  1. Yes, but that kinda walks over the blurred line of terrorism, which is something they don't wanna see here.
  2. This is pretty rare, or group of fixers. That would be awesome too. You need some pros to handle a peculiar situation? If you have enough money, you can hire a fixer or fixers.
  3. I wish people stopped using term "Mallrats". And what was meant most likely was, that people from the city driving Sultan or BF400 go out to rob people on the countryside. There is a huuuge difference between robbery that fits the narrative and situation and robbery, where couple of people are bored on discord and decide to go out and fool around with masks and guns or hammers. Also Paleto Bay is actually just slightly more developed Sandy Shores and not Mallrat vacation resort if you take a look around at those houses. What Mallrats should use is Chumash. It contains both high end expensive h
  4. Lemme put it this way. It does not matter how many characters they use. Doing a single me during scripted business roleplay is poor portrayal. It's literally in the rules. It is simple, that way a single mechanic can handle dozens of cars in few minutes racking up thousands of $$$. Which again is unrealistic and thus poor portrayal. Besides as soon as you order something or drive a car to a garage, or maybe even sit down in a tattoo parlor. It's them who leads the roleplay on the scene. When I was roleplaying a mechanic many many years ago. Someone rolled in with their car and after 3 minutes
  5. Do you often talk to a mechanic or a waiter in a restaurant? It's roleplay, you are supposed to change tires as a mechanic, not to talk to the client, who usually isn't even present irl.
  6. It all depends on situation, in some situations long and descriptive emotes are required. Especially if you are creating or making a product of any kind.
  7. I'd say F2B only, I mean why would anyone even want to describe the entire process? Even if it leaves sour taste, but so does a robbery or an assault.
  8. I beg to differ, when it comes to short and consise mes. It all depends on the situation roleplayers find themselves in. For instance, garage. A mechanic simply cannot afford doing short mes cause the descriptive roleplay is required there. Just as it is required, everywhere, where a product that's being sold is your work and effort. Especially those, that take time. Like tattooing someone, yes yes I know, it's a but a game. That is why I always try to pack several hours long process into 60 minutes or bit beyond. But that also requires descriptive emotes, cause the person on receiving en
  9. You will have your hands full as soon as the new banking system drops.
  10. I just used them as an argument. Not everyone wants to live in the city. And I don't really see the need to live in LS when you work there. Why? Cause let's say I'd want to live in Bakersfield instead of LA. It's roughly 2 hours drive without stopping, so why not? I'd personally just buy a house in Grapeseed or even Paleto and rp around the house, city rp can really get to your nerves. Besides that, Paleto Bay is actually four hours from Los Santos by car. Which is ofc not ideal, but there are houses closer to LS.
  11. Who is talking about sandy shores bro. Nobody actually working in the city and having enough money, wouldn't even go to Sandy Shores, but rather to Harmony or Grapeseed. Lemme think when I saw people rping last time...oh yeah some year ago. Since then all those spots from Paleto and around Sandy Shores, are abandoned and housing is owned by people who actually been there once. To buy it.
  12. This is honestly what I am trying to say everywhere I go. Numbers, numbers numbers. Comparing real city crime rates to our Los Santos, simply won't work with any scale. Cause most of arguments anywhere fail to mention this fact. The ratio between roleplayers and their career choices.
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