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  1. People are nitpicking again? Not suprising, however what they failed to see is that this guide doesn't tell you how you SHOULD roleplay your character. It offers you ways how to spice up your roleplay adding more depth to your characters. Cause anyone can create a carbon copy gun toting gangbanger or good looking always well-dressed business owner. Nobody has to follow anything said in this guide, it's not mandatory. However it's well place guideline, if you are struggling with your concept, or if you are going to creating something else. Besides everyone knows, that by "civilian" rolepla
  2. More knives and an axe maybe? Chainsaw? Steel pipe? Piece of wood?
  3. Username: Santa Muerte Comment: Bruh you think gangstas are something? Shit's fucked. Lets see how well would they fare in military prison bro? That shit's not like your city jail. You aint hard. That fucker deserves death, end of story. See? He fucking cried when they said that. He ain't H-A-R-D.
  4. Username: Santa Muerte Comment: Man where I am from, people got killed by cops for less than what you are saying, so be glad you are living in America. Cause here....people are but sheep to slaughter. And maybe that's good.
  5. I'd say, people who want to roleplay eating or drinking, will just continue doing that as usual. Nearly everyone roleplays eating sometimes, even the most hardened badass gangstas.
  6. Yeeeeah, but unlike drugs, you don't have to eat everyday.
  7. Its drugs what did you expect? Once you are hooked, you are hooked.
  8. People are just scared they would have to actually roleplay the most mundane things before their daily dose of violence.
  9. It would yes, if done more subtly. Not outright like, you have to eat every few hours.
  10. Yes, but you don't eat every hour right? These ticks in other games happen every 60 minutes exactly, which is not really fun.
  11. I don't really find this viable. As said, been suggested and denied before. Main issue I see here is, that people hate being forced to do something. Sure it will add to realism, but then so did countless "survival" games, where you end up drinking and eating every hour. Nopes, no one wants that, I guess. Perhaps make a check each 24 hours if the need was met? Maybe add some downside to it, like slower running or something?
  12. I think people are mistaking something here. What you see on forums...is not roleplay. That's showcase. Roleplay is what happens in the game.
  13. By activity people mean brawl and flexing screens on every page and shootout or executions videos everyday? Well if you think so, you are wrong and you should go back to school to continue studying about gangs, actually. As for Violi crew, I can only speak for myself not for them or anyone. I pretty much do not engage in criminal roleplay, but people behind Violi crew are ones who are perhaps the oldest (in terms of joining) on the server and most of them already have extensive criminal roleplay portrayal behind them. So stating they add nothing to the roleplay is simply wrong. There go
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