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  1. I don't know why but I feel like that this server does seem to have a problem with concepts such as African American Organized Crime Groups, Yardie Posses, and others belonging to that topic. Why? Because apparently "Black" people have never made organized crime groups and there only just gang bangers in LA and all like there have never been African American mobs in the 60s-90s They say that the concept is not actually possible or up to standards despite there being Albanians, Some Sopranos Italian crime families from East Coast or Midwest, Serbians etc alot of these groups are east coast based but somehow they're still approved as a concept pretty much probably because maybe most the admins are Europeans themselves. But, when someone starts up an African American OCG, or perhaps a Jamaican OCG or any other kinds of groups belonging to that topic is denied because it's not a "Street gang" Every black person apparently is a gang banger and there has never been a coloured OCG in America apparently must be some based thing going on. Some people are not really understanding of different groups when it comes to the USA despite there being quite a lot archived in history and can be found with enough research about many African American OCG, or Afro Carribean OCGS based in the west coast like Felix Mitchell, or Tootie Reese. There needs to be a bit more diversity, and understanding when it comes to factions rather than being based towards thing because you see it every in Sopranos, or Godfather if that was the case I'm pretty sure you would have seen some African American, or Carribean OCGS like Yardie, Snowfall, The Wire, American Gangster whichever some of the admin's understandings seems pretty based only towards one side usually when it comes to factions and don't actually realise that Black people were not just gang bangers et cetera.
  2. Might need to smooth criminal my way with this
  3. Yeah I get you same with every hood practically in the US. No every hood in every western country people get knived up, gunned down for the most bull shit reasons like arguements and brawls. But I hate how the same people in GtaW who loves starting problems by trying to brawl gang bangers, or taunt them and then complain when they get gunned down because the situation didn't go in their favour so they attempt to report you despite them usually giving reasons for gangsters to enact violence. Lots of people been reported and punished because they really Naive enough to believe brawling in an American city is all fun and games but practically anyone will pull a gun on you if tempted I feel like there'll be less cases of unrealism if maybe some of the civs stopped trying to provoke criminal roleplayers into doing something irrational I know for a fact gang bangers will not trouble unless you trouble them most of the time.
  4. Exactly the 15 year olds round the hood usually will only start acting like big men when in a group and picking on other people as a group.
  5. Like them 15 year old hood rpers that do nothing but start fights with big men twice their size.
  6. Exactly gangs in real life don't necesarilly put their hands on you unless they are provoked or suspicious of something about you.
  7. I'm partly being unserious and partly being serious there's actually truth in what I'm saying but yeah I understand it wouldn't be too fun to be ultra realistic if someone wants that experience and is stupid enough they can of course join a gang in real life and experience it from there.
  8. Also annoying how people think that everyone living in a slum or the projects are all gangsters or drug addicts when in reality most are actually hardworking people trying to get on with life. It's just media making that small minority look like the majority on the news trying their best to slander people living in low income neighbourhoods. Ironically enough the rappers that say they killers? Guess what all paid by entertainment or contracted to promote this lifestyle the rappers you see are actually just entertainers a lot lived the pampered life but they are specifically paid by media to promote a lifestyle to naive people. (NOT SAYING ALL)
  9. As someone that actually been around people like that I'm telling you right now the gang life is way too glorified in GtaW by some hyped up kids that be watching VICE or literal movies and they think that LA hoods are the actually as overexaggerated as shown in media but in reality it really ain't people keep trying to compare US hoods to the middle east, or some Latin American places. In reality the gang bangers yo usually see claiming they on violence are actually ones that stand around by the 24/7 getting drunk or high, or just slanging up dope not bursting spinners every 24/7 like it's a warzone that can be compared to a battlefield in a war torn country. I know there are some crazy younger generation out here that will do anything to show they are tough like shooting someone over a little argument it happens way too many times in GtaW for it to be properly realistic in my opinion gang banging in GtaW is usually some kids thinking that the glorified lifestyle in social media, or any form of media is the ACTUAL reality of hoods yes there are shootings, and innocents dying over loads of bullshit in the real life hoods, but not as much as in GtaW it's actually unreal how gang banger rpers be harassing people from their own neighbourhood with no particular reason. (Never shit on the place you stay.) The street gangs in GtaW are usually a glorified group rather than a realistic portrayal. In my opinion the gang banger rpers are usually spoon fed people in real life that think the reality of gang life is shooting people 24/7 and innocents but there have been cases of civilians being killed as misidentified rivals in real life they do everything based off what they see on media rather than real life however we can't just expect people to have experience in real life since it's ridiculous after all we just need people more aware of how it is living in the inner city rather than how it is in an inner city in a movie or something.
  10. Who says the child needs to directly in the RP environment? All you gotta do is totally wait 12 years and bam he comes into existence. I mean on Facebrowser there are actual mamas LMAO. So the jokes on you sir!
  11. We're gonna need a Maury show up in here!
  12. See at least someone even agrees I might as well move to this to an actual in game suggestion!
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