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  1. hey man please keep it PG I know some people are turning this thread into a war zone but no need for that kind of language
  2. @Thimble miss you bro one day you will return
  3. always the best from liam. as for the people talking about DOC its more suited for a general discussion instead of here.
  4. as for these claims the owners of threads have always been able to report to have posts removed from threads. it’s not ifm specific or the first time it’s happened.
  5. well i can see that you feel strongly about this have you asked anyone involved in the agani crime ring about what’s going on with their process or if they’ve even applied to be a faction?
  6. hello are you involved in the agani crime ring or involved in their forum pm with ifm regarding their faction becoming official?
  7. arkan

    Crazy White Boys

    glad to see it
  8. Username: SpiritOf1988 Comment: Who the Fuck wants a tour guide to pull them over out in the county? If the State wasn't giving all the money away in WELFARE we'd still have the Department of FIsh and Wildlife instead of people playing dressup and pretending to be sheriffs when really they're just there to tell kids not to litter in our parks.
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