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  1. Russia is a "mafia state" that works closely with organized crime networks to extort business, persecute rivals, rig elections, and traffic weapons. The Roots of Organized Crime Corruption in the Soviet Union was bred largely by a state-run economy that left citizens lacking basic goods. Small groups of entrepreneurs emerged to provide items otherwise not available -- and the black market was born. During the transitional period to the Russian Federation, however, organized crime was called upon to facilitate reform in the region -- and the line between business and the crimin
  2. ' B/O 52k Ph.Nr: 443322 ((OOC STATS ))
  3. B/O: 65k Ph.nr: 443322 ((OOC STATS ))
  4. SB: 110k BO: 112,5k Ph.nr: 443322 ((OOC STATS ))
  5. We’re currently looking for unique characters to join our faction as white-collar criminals. Insurance frauds, Ponzi schemes, Money laundering, Identity theft, etc. If you are interested, contact me on forum @Basko or discord(Basko#2078).
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