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  1. Wish I could agree, been to a handful where the roleplay is literally “/me pours the ingredients in a glass” followed by “/me adds mix to another glass.” Then you’d receive either no item at all or something entirely unrelated like a beer for a cocktail.
  2. Comments and reviews are enabled on this site, in order to post a comment or review please use the following format: Name: Comment: Review Rating:
  3. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were abl
  4. It's a small minority, everybody that I've spoke to before loves your mixes, and I know how much work goes into mixing and creating sets too. Nothing but appreciation for people that take time and effort out of their days to sample music and form playlists which can be mixed together and provide an enjoyable environment for people to roleplay around. Music genres are subjective and not everybody has the same taste unfortunately but to shit on somebody for not liking their sets is incredibly disrespectful. You're doing a great job.
  5. It’s funny, this is the same guy that was complaining about Omega getting taken away, while the Conti Crime Family owns multiple clubs itself, Omega was one of them. I wouldn’t listen to anything he has to say as his arguments rarely have any base, better off ignoring them and letting him whine like a kid.
  6. Username: FellowAmerican Comment: What a handsome, polite looking pair, I wish them all the best with their future endeavours.
  7. Comes down to people not paying attention to opening hours of other clubs, some of them advertise well in advance, and so owners should work around those times to ensure smoother openings. Look at Ibiza if you want to see multiple clubs open on the same block, even places like Albufeira in Portugal, the argument that “This is unrealistic, there’s never three clubs on one street!” is ridiculous and the assumption is that you’ve never went to any popular clubbing destinations in real life. The picture shown is Vinewood, Vinewood is meant to be known for Nightlife, that’s why
  8. I had posted on both #newbie-help and #game-help on the GTA:W Discord referencing your question. You're going to have a hard time playing on Integrated Graphics and a Mobile CPU from 8 Years Ago, it's simply not viable in this day and age, I'd recommend upgrading and either buying a laptop with a dedicated graphics card and recent CPU, or building / buying a Desktop with a Dedicated Card. Upgrade Possibilities: Graphics Card - Nvidia GTX 960 or above (1000 / 2000 / 3000 Series - E.G: 1060, 1070, 1080, 2060, 2070, 2080, 3060, 3070, 3080, 3090). Processor - Ryz
  9. Some of the shots that hadn't made it in yet, but Park Rangers' related, whether on the same scene as FD / SD / PD or otherwise.
  10. Big congratulations to @Pillsbury @Shvag and @Adv - Well deserved, good luck with what follows!
  11. Money means nothing
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