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  1. Don't see why not, but I think this was suggested before +1 anyway
  2. Full Name: Matt Graham Signature: Comment (optional):
  3. In terms of Properties? That subject is overdone, we all know how bad it is and it sucks. In terms of roleplay opportunities, a point regarding the general area that we've always wanted as the locals in general was things like the Sawmill being opened, places like that. That'd give more realistic jobs to rely on for middle-class individuals that do not want to rely on illegal to just gain currency. But quite frankly, after roleplaying only in the county for about nine months now, at times it feels dead because the city has more things to rely on to make roleplay happen. There should be a chance for someone to take up the sawmill, or a properly developed group to come back into the fort such as the Tongvan Natives did. Generally, so much is unused, that could be amazing opportunities to create something fun and enjoyable for everyone. Overall, seems like county is a bit forgotten at times, and it truly disappoints because the county provided the best roleplay I've ever had in this server. (Still does!) Edit: Absolute +1 for the topic at hand. Things need to finally change #makecountygreatagain ^^
  4. TONGVAN RESERVATION CLOSURE Rangers officially closing the gates of the Tongvan Reservation In an operation authorized by Eliana Calvani, Chief of Staff for the Office of the Secretary of State, San Andreas State Parks Rangers and descended upon the Tongva Reservation on Saturday Night in order to verify its state of occupation and structural integrity. The Tongva Reservation, built by the Tongva tribal nation in the 1920s and occupied by the tribe until last year, has stood abandoned for much of this year. Local reports indicate that the reservation was being used by non-tribal squatters as an unauthorized residence and site for illegal activities, as well as rumor of the village being home to a local association of unidentified individuals responsible for multiple acts of animal mutilation and vandalism within State Park land. In the interest of preserving the historic site from further misuse and misallocation of land granted by treaty to the Tongva tribal nation, a team of State Parks Rangers gained access to and thoroughly searched each building on the reservation on the evening of Saturday the 11th of December, 2021. They found the buildings in a poor state of condition, many being structurally unsound and heavily vandalized. Any belongings or persons not authorized to reside in the reservation were removed from the premises and State officials secured each building before posting notices outside. The reservation’s main gate was then closed and secured shut with boards and padlocked chains, and police barriers were established along with a clearly-written sign. It is the hope of the State Office that closure of the abandoned Tongva reservation will help curtail unlawful activities in and around San Andreas State Parks in the northern San Andreas region, as well as preserve the historic buildings contained wherein from further abuse and vandalism from non-native squatters. Additionally, it is believed that these actions will help reduce the activities of the locally unpopular group known for constructing ‘scarecrows’ in the Paleto Bay area. The closed gates of the Tongvan Reservation
  5. First Official San Andreas State Parks Educational Trip Thank you to everyone who attended and had fun! ❤️
  6. TAILORING COMPANY WANTED! The San Andreas Park Rangers are looking to acquire new designs for the uniforms that our Park Rangers are wearing every single day. The San Andreas Park Rangers are looking for a tailoring company that is willing and able to assist in introducing new modifications to our uniforms, and manufacturing them in bulk. For inquiries and interest, all tailoring companies are requested to seek contact with Superintendent David Lawson. Superintendent David Lawson can be reached on the following E-Mail; [email protected] ((PM David Lawson on sapr.gta.world))
  7. SAN ANDREAS PARK RANGERS PRESS RELEASE #12 CADET RECRUITMENT POSITIONS OPENING Today, we are glad to announce yet another recruitment wave opening on the October 1st, 2021 We are looking for individuals that are willing to go above and beyond to protect and serve our community, those that are willing to make the call, those that are motivated enough and wish to push themselves to the limit. As so, those wishing to go through it will have to face a tough and challenging six month long academy process, where you will learn all about the job, and what you will be doing within the department. You will learn from some of the greatest rangers this fine state has seen. Though your journey does not end here, you will take on an additional three month training period about learning about the wildlife, and being within the nature of our state parks. Smokey the Bear wants YOU. Do you think you have what it takes to be the change? Apply today at sapr.sa.gov ((sapr.gta.world)) for a chance at a experience like no other.
  8. Let's Clean Up Our Parks! Have you ever thought about the environment? Has the amount of litter and pollution left behind by us for mother nature to deal with start to worry you? Are you a locally owned business looking to help our environment? Do you specialize in cleanup crews? The San Andreas Park Rangers wants to team-up with you!The San Andreas Park Rangers are looking for contractors to help us in improving the quality of our environment by assisting in the clean-up of our oceans, rivers and State Parks. If you are interested and have a team willing to work towards a cleaner nature together with the San Andreas Park Rangers, come join us, as this is your shot at shaping a better future for all of us to enjoy!Interested in helping our planet breathe a little easier? You could make a difference.For further inquires,Contact: Commander David Lawson at [email protected]((sapr.gta.world - Forum PM Jeffery Wood))
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