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  1. how do braclets and watches from jewlery store work then are they not additonal slots
  2. I don't think a lot of flipping happens for commercial properties, it's not worth it. It does? I mean that sounds great, I wish people were selling their commercial properties often so there was a market. Not all commercial properties activity can be measured by how often they publicly open either. So if you draw a hard line this sounds like unneeded pressure, 3 months I probably hadn't even finished mapping for a new property. Once a month can be plenty sufficient for some type of businesses too. I also think people who make a request already are serious, it's a lot of effort to begin with I think. But things change and this is a game so even if you were planning to open several times a week it might not be the case, or it might be for a period of time. It is very easy to burn out too so I totally understand some businesses seemingly being closed for long time periods, many places come back into activity though. And I think that is fine, this kind of leeway is needed to allow some sorta continuity. But sure you can have some sort of lease handler or w/e on an individual basis if there's time for that kind of overhead admin work..
  3. I think less leases, I think remove vehicle leases just have all vehicles available in game or some can be leased in game without admin intervention. Makes it easier for people to be creative and makes less overhead for admins, it seems everything in world is a big application, is it really needed to create more work for admins? I can go and buy a truck but not a lawnmower etc.. If leases can be bought after running them that's great since leases are inferior to owning, you are controlled and less free. Commercial property market is practically inexistent on the server because it's such a hassle to acquire anything making commercial properties value far exceed any number of virtual bucks. Sorry for cross over into property owning but I guess it goes hand in hand. Like @TotalDeeJay suggest some kind of faster system would be good. Preferably you should be able to acquire a small shop lease from like the city or building owners icly and ingame. But you need some guarantee of possession if you are to put any effort into your venue, like mapping for example. Which is a lot of OOC effort too. Ideally I think leases and commercial properties should be much more easily available in game, similar to how you can easily acquire an apartment. Imo it's great when there's many venues open at the same time. makes the city feel more alive, competition is healthy too i tink.
  4. I mean best if u can choose ur socks with /socks and include ALL Just like you do /fingernails for example.
  5. do you mean the clothing store ID? XD for girls: .. 104, 87 and 79 works... some better ones would be good tho they kinda meh BUT better than nothing! ID/texture ID 104/0-1 87/0-19 79/0-11
  6. 13wp list price is 10wp sell price,1200pp/100 *10= 120wp , still no gold and blip. just sayin: what you actually are saying: "just be active play 10 hours a day 5 days a week guys its easy"
  7. PP price 6wp per 100 PP 80 WP in 5 days, 80/5=16WP per day, (16/6)*100=266,7 PP per day needed, (266,7 - 10)/5 = 51 hours a day. not to mention, PP is capped at 50+10 per day no? 150 WP in 30 days, if you play 5 days a week and also for 10 hours every time to get the maximum reward. This is 20 days per month and total of 200 hours. 20*60 = 1200 PP in a month 1200 / 100*6 = 76 WP
  8. Everything that isnt that just bussiness marker on the ucp map which noone use?? it's baffling bad how things that is good for the server is locked behind pay, blips, walking styles etc make best server = more players = more cash = hire modders = have updates actually that work and are awesome = more players= more money???? IC moey have little worth ic, the blip could be paid icly like some ad fee
  9. idk i often do /me said to leprechaun /me asked leprechain. after I said something, this is just that but compressed so it's nice
  10. +1 would make the server better it's a lot of effort, too much, to open stuff without blips
  11. add more expenses more expensive fuel parking and storage fees for vehicles somehow utility costs for properties paying for 1 day of insurance really doesn't work well in our setting. clothes owning system. more like the lsrp video, i buy this hoodie I has it now or I can give it away.
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