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  1. 1322 Palomino Blvd - Floor 4 Room 1 Description Selling a great apartment located in the area of Little Soul, next to Weasel News Headquarters. The apartment is the only apartment in this entrance of the building. It includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a well furnished living room and a dining area. The bedroom includes a great dresser and a great computer setup with the latest parts. It includes a king size bed and two modern nightstands, both equipped with nightstand lamps. The bathroom includes a brand new toilet set which also includes a privacy wall. Bathroom include
  2. Is this still on sale? If yes drop me an email and we'll talk.
  3. I have a Carbon RS for sale. Performance upgrades, insured and registered. Low mileage. Contact me if you're interested through my email [email protected] (( Forum PM )) or call me at 953-777-69. We can negotiate about it.
  4. Tell me a few more information about the Bestia. Upgrades? Mileage? Insured and registered?
  5. Looking for offers higher than that. Still on sale.
  6. Selling my Elegy Retro Custom. Low Mileage, upgraded performance parts. Insured for another 6 days. Asking for $320,000. Negotiable. Contact through my phone number 953-777-69 or through my email [email protected] (( Forum PM )) (( OOC Information ))
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