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Found 12 results

  1. Discover the hottest nightclub trends at Singletons! While there isn’t anything better than going to a club with friends on a Friday or Saturday night, picking the right outfit for the occasion can be stressful at times. Club clothes can’t be too formal or you’ll look overdressed, and your style can’t be too casual or you may not be dressed up or fashionable enough to get in. Before heading out on your night in Los Santos, you’ll also want to take into consideration if you’ll be able to dance in your ensemble. To make your life a little easier, we are showing you some good options on what to wear to a club like Singletons. From black and white patterns which are never out of fashion, to neon colors that make your outfit pop, we are showing you the hottest options to have the best time of your life at any club. Purple and yellow sequin strapless dress ($1,200) Model: Nina Garavano Pink neon skirt ($800), black crop top ($500) - Model: Penelope Halcro Light blue skirt ($800), black crop top ($500), fanny pack ($300) - Model: Emma Bailey Bright lime green mini dress ($1,000) - Models: Calypsto Clark & Adrian Rossi Left: Black and white mini dress: ($1,000) - Model: Emily Price Right: White & Green flower blouse ($700), black skirt ($500) - Model: Akina Hashimoto Black mini dress with sleeves ($1,800) - Models: Isabella Guzman & Billy Benson Left: Black strap mini dress : ($1,000) - Model: Seo Moon Right: Black blouse ($800), Red skirt ($800) - Model: Maria Panfilova DJ: Aaron Walker ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  2. Goth music and culture come together at The Crypt, Mission Row's most singular Nightclub By Raoul DeSavio A roar comes across the road. It is nothing new to this city, but each time is less comparable to the last. An engine rumbles with each gear shift sending out waves of splendid vibrations down the nearby sidewalks. Oh! To be a pedestrian standing on the corner at this time. A fleeting moment of stimulation that’d only leave you longing for more. Some teasing flash of mechanical brilliance that would have you terrified of standing on these streets because your mind kept trying to figure out just what screamed into existence long enough to startle your sleeping ears to hear. Those of us inside the cabin of this rocketship, this Hellfire, were above such thoughts. We were campaigning with a better purpose during this time while the pulsating noises of American engineering thumped and throbbed with more force than any wall of speakers aligned in a club. In these moments you realize tearing ass down a street at max speed while hitting turns with reckless regard for life or asphalt leads to a disconnect far greater than any night on a dancefloor. This is what rattled around in my mind as we slid into a parking lot. Equilibrium would eventually catch up as I peeled myself out of the seat and set a tingling foot onto the ground. I could already hear the muffled pounding of The Crypt’s sinister playlist, and part of me wondered if I was about to go mad trying to focus on writing a fair review after all. On the other side of the parking lot sits what one could assume was a storied grocery store that had been around since before the area was known as Mission Row. An ominous red glow blankets the entrance to this club which sits in an alleyway and during my visit was currently being occupied by bikers trying to get inside. My technical advisor and owner of the black Bravado that brought us here, Larissa, shared the same same uneasy vibe as me until Lin darted out of the madness to usher us through the door. Quickly, before violence broke out. Later I learned they were too bothered to show their IDs and decided to opt on the Angel side of MC actions. On the other side of the gaping, gothic doors you’re immediately pelted with an intense industrial ambience. A far cry from the clean, modern or slick nightclubs you’d find in Vinewood. Here wire mesh and warehouse railing separates the VIP rooms from the rest (One even complete with its own arcade) and the main floor below gives way to something far more victorian. Closed caskets act as barriers and tables in the lounge where the railing that borders the dance floor looks like something stolen from 0001 Cemetery Lane itself. “Let’s drive forever, let’s drive forever…” It is here where the hypnotic dance music weaves through the crowd. Slicing through groups with a dark energy, though, the glum subject matter does little to hamper anyone’s spirits as the entirety of the room rides a confident wave. Which is easy. You have little to fear in regards to violence or horrible drama so long as The Crypt’s owner circles through her property like with hawkish precision. There is a safety here that allows for a righteously comfortable vibe. The crowd can express themselves beyond the gloomy trance and wave music that hammers your brain into a peculiar mood and it’s all a carefully crafted playlist from Eva Blackwood herself, with the likes of Boy Harsher, KMFDM, The Sisters of Mercy, Nosferatu and She Past Away. We experienced an entire subculture’s history in one night. One single, elegantly guided tour through melancholy and darkness. The freedom of expressing one’s self has always been the driving force of any subculture and the Goth scene overwhelmingly runs off with the notion, seeing it blossom as the mutant lovechild of Punk and Glam. Rebellious expression meets glam’s vaudeville and dipped in a thick black paste. Add a synthesizer, a couple of sad New Wave kids and you end up with Darkwave. Any true Goth will be quick to explain that it started with the music, despite the pioneers of the genre’s best wishes, it rushed to expand from song to fashion, lifestyle and art. You see all of this culminate spectacularly as culture and music comes together on Friday nights to spend at least a few hours free from the fear and loathings that blanket the rest of this city. A jubilant, disassociated crowd with face paint and clothing that directly counters the faces and facades one finds in a neatly packaged Vinewood club. Signing Off, Raoul DeSalvo > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  3. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were able to produce handmade meals for business men and women within the upper-class area of Vinewood Boulevard, however, this was again a short-lived run due to financial difficulties. Today, The Pink Sandwich has been rebranded and reformed as not only a popular sandwich lounge, but also a nightclub by a couple of friends with expertise in both management and interior design. This article serves as an informative page where people are able to follow the success of the company and find out more about what it has to offer, hope you enjoy the journey and we look forward to sharing more! Daytime Menus Contact Us Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @CrisisGG and @scarlyfox )) Social Page | Station
  4. Are nightclubs still appealing? Why clubs could be failing to attract new customers By Nina Garavano While club owners invest a lot of money to make their clubs look like worlds from fantasy movies, they fail to attract new visitors. Friday night, I wear the shortest miniskirt I can find in my closet and get together with my friends to visit a popular nightclub. We are here for one reason, to have the time of our lives, to flirt, to mingle with the locals. To my surprise, when we entered the club I saw a strange place, it looked more like the world of Avatar (yes, the blue aliens movie) than a nightclub. Exotic plants, illuminated by LED lights of different colors decorated a huge pool, surrounded by rocks and even petrified animals. Next to the pool, an empty bar and empty deck chairs made me feel like I was on a strange desolate planet. According to our last poll, 90% of voters claimed that nightclubs got boring already. These are shocking figures that show how much this industry is suffering lately. Why are clubs failing to attract new customers? Some people claim that DJs are the problem, this is what they say: “DJ [name that's easily forgotten in a month] at [flavor of the week nightclub]?! What a thrilling experience. Said no one ever. Boring.” “Carbon copies of each other with the same DJ spinning the same set from a month ago with minimal mixing and subpar playlist.” “Boring as fuck without a DJ that knows their shit. Been to a couple and it feels like I'm at an obscure slavic club with all the weird Euro-centric EDM.” “I can count on one hand the amount of clubs that bring a great experience and atmosphere. Rest of it is a sad place of some greedy cash grabbers who are blinding us with coloured lights.” “Nightclubs can be cool, but somehow the only clubs I run into are playing terrible music, not to shade any DJs out there, but I think clubs should be playing popular modern music, unless there's a different theme, something that everyone knows, hits etc. It gets a little tiring when every club is playing the same EDM or house! Ji-Ok passes by this rule though, the only club Ican come into and actually feel like I'm in a nightclub.” We asked DJs about their opinion, DJ Vivi said that “It’s a tough one cause most clubs (and people) want you to play edm/rave music, so it's the same shit over and over and that’s not my forte but I guess you can’t please everyone.” DJ Alana claimed “It depends on many factors like: club atmosphere, music genre and DJ skills. I don't wanna point out several people, but 90% of LS DJs using automix feature is what makes DJ's work pretty shitty. It's like the difference between sex with live person and masturbation using any sex toy. Toys may help you in some kind, but any person, depending on how good he/she is in bed - will be much better.” No matter how exotic and fancy clubs look, I believe they have no personality of their own. They all rotate the same DJs that are in the city at any given time playing the same music we’ve listened to over and over. We have a lot of clubs in Los Santos, but they end up feeling the same because they're run by the same group of people with no effort to differentiate each other. There are some exceptions to the rule, the previously mentioned Ji-Ok and the Crypt have personalities on their own. And to be fair, I’ve witnessed great parties in mainstream clubs on some particular occasions; but if you plan to be a usual club goer, I assure you that you’ll find clubs boring pretty easily. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. Latest urban trends at Hades Nightclub by Magnolia. Watch the photo gallery. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Buckle your seat-belts, fuckers. Letter from that bitch editor: As the political season reaches it's crescendo, I see the role of nightlife as crucial in keeping us sane, sexy, and unburdened by the made up drama from the chitter-chattersphere. Keep the Vixen up and running by sharing and submitting your own juicy stories below. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? https://face.gta.world/pages/LSVIXEN KISS KISS XOXO ❤️ Club Review: [LSVIXEN] Club Review: Dancing in the Dark at 'Omega' (3/5) (The pitch black dance floor at Omega!!) RATING: ???(3/5) So one of the nightclubs that I do love keeps breaking my heart! And what am I to do? Dish a full battery of kisses when the problems persist? No, my dear fornicators. I'm going to give you the truth even when it hurts. Especally when it hurts. On that note, let's dive into the review of Omega. Cover charge! You all know how I feel about cover charges, but what I'll say about Omega is that theirs is a pretty standard rate and to my knowledge I haven't seen the issues involving the VIP section draining the dance floor of people. Taking a kiss off because I'm consistent about my loathing of cover charges, but recognize it's not my big gripe. My big issue with Omega unfortunately is that I actually can't see a goddamned thing when I'm inside! We'll get to that below. (Pictured is an entire crowd of people! Can you spot them?) Dancing, drinking, and styling... in the dark! ? When I go out, I go out in style. I look for handsome men, I flirt, I cry in the bathroom, I come out looking refreshed and energetic and I stunt on all the pesky little college dweebs along the way. With Omega, I face one big issue. It's pitch fucking black. And look I get the rave scene, I totally dig the light show which shows up crisp and clean under the cover of inky darkness... but what's the point of a club if nobody can see me dancing? If I can't make eyes with a dude from across the crowd? I have to knock a kiss off for this, but let's move to the positives! VIP Experience, Perfect Staff, & Great Owners! ? So this is one of the rare nightclubs that understands that VIP includes more than just a segregated space. Regularly, I've seen them attending to frequent partiers recognizing that by rewarding frequent flyers they encourage a return on business and the posse's surrounding those hot clubbers. The staff is extremely proffesh and friendly, the drinks are reasonably priced, the aesthetic of the club is perfect when you can actually see it and finally the DJs are marvelous! It's always well attended too!! ALL IN ALL I won't stop coming to Omega because I think the owners really have a good idea of what it means to own a nightclub in the nightclub capital of San Andreas. I also wanna see the crowd. I also them to see me and my latest look! Essentially, I want to actually see Omega visually! DISCLAIMER > Comments are enabled Remember to add us on FB for live Vixen updates.
  7. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Buckle your seat-belts, fuckers. Letter from that bitch editor: Want your bar, club, or whatever reviewed? Add me on FB below and I'll consider popping in at random and seeing whether your hot-spot deserves to bask in the glow of my consideration or whether it might better serve as a spot to send that one annoying boy who won't stop texting. "Keep looking! I'm here!" Hah! Classic! Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? https://face.gta.world/pages/LSVIXEN KISS KISS XOXO ❤️ Club Review: 'XS'ive Cover Charges, a Dead Dance Floor, & Hot Beats! (Outside XS, submitted by anonymous contributorer!) RATING: ??? (3/5) Alright loves, it's time for yet another club review from your Fornicator-in-Chief, your hostess with the most-ess and your neighborly everyday gossip monger! Today's review will scrub XS to see what they offered in excess and what they were lacking. Trust me, it's a mixed bag with this one. But first and foremost, I have to say I L O V E the staff and everyone whose hard work goes into making these clubs pop and sizzle. No complaints there, loves. Now let's get spicy. Biiiiitch, I h8 COVER CHARGES!!! i wrote a whole damn article on how much Cover Charges fucking suck so I have to remain consistent here when I say that a six hundred dollar entrance fee or one thousand dollar VIP entry is a big fuckin' bummer. It's a bummer for two reasons. First of all, because I knew they had a cover I pregamed in a park while feverishly texting an ex that I was totally doing really well and wasn't even thinking about him but wanted him to know that I was doing super well and also again, not thinking of him. I got to the bar sloshed and dished out the six hundred that could have been spent on drinks at the bar and instead gave it door-woman. This knocked a kiss off for sure as in my view all cover charges are a bit 'XS'ive. My big issue with VIP entry will be below in the "Dead Dance Floor" section. HOT BEATS!! ? DJ Leah fucking rocked the cock off of everyone in XS and it was hard for me /not/ to get nasty on the dance floor. Flowing from one danceable beat to the next, only dipping into the cardinal sin of a Cha Cha Slide remix /once/ (which is excusable) I found myself vibing to a full and fire degree. Easily my favorite part of coming to XS is the talent and DJ Leah has it in motherfucking SPADES!!!!!!! DEAD DANCE FLOOR! Here we FUCKIN' GO. So. The beats were hot and there were over ten people in the fucking joint, so WHY OH WHY was the dance floor dead. Let me tip you fuckers off. When you have Up-Your-Ass VIP Entry, the men who would otherwise be prey for me on the dance-floor firmly lodge themselves up one anothers asses in the decidedly NON-DANCY VIP section where they content themselves in scowling behind sunglasses and watching what meager plebians shuffle their asses onto the actual dance floor. Nobody wants to pay one thousand fucking dollars to sheepishly walk into the public dance floor, so what you all are fucking doing with these rich-bitch VIP sections is segregating your own crowd and de-energizing everyone involved. If people want a VIP Experience, have them pay for VIP Access but just include a free bottle of something with like a sparkler like MOST LIBERTY CITY NIGHTCLUBS DO and draw people TO THE DANCE FLOOR. (Liberty City, nonsegregated nightclubs.) ALL IN ALL My final take is that it was a really fun night, but made lamer by the Cover Charge and by the Dead Dance Floor. The heat was brought by DJ Leah and kept the night fucking buuuurning!!! Disclaimer -> Comments are enabled Remember to answer the latest FB poll: "What could LS Nightlife use more of:? LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE, motherfuckers!
  8. Various posters and flyers can be found around the city held by staples, tape and adhesive.
  9. AZTEC Security Aztec Enterprises is an umbrella company for a set of businesses, as well as services. Originally started in 1955 by Augustus Scholtz, an Austrian architect that was heavily inspired by the Aztec Empire, Aztec Enterprises (back then Aztekisches Unternehmen) was meant to cover multiple businesses and provide them management support, security and top-of-the-line medical VIP support. This idea did not kick off as planned, as Augustus had been arrested only two years later after having registered the company for espionage. Only two decades later, the business plan and the model had been picked up by a Max Strauss, who quickly managed to branch the company's security services into other countries through a very aggressive but very unprofitable marketing campaign. Essentially having forced every security firm out of a contract, he hussled in and then began under-paying the guard men, who had no chance but to work for him and the companies he put him and others unto, as no other security company was able to compete with the prices - and the businesses refused anything more than what Max had offered. A change of pace had begun when the company entered American soil, and it's practises were no longer as practical as they were in Europe. However, that was not the intended start to begin with, whilst the company, IN Europe, performed at a very corrupt and undermining level, the West Coast branch, led by William Wallace, held a different approach to bureaucracy. William Wallace was a man troubled by his past, and he wanted no more than to help those around him - or working for him and with him. There have also been major changes made to the way in which Aztec Enterprises performs, at a bureaucratic level. Additions to the roster have been made, and addon divisions have been implemented. The new services - those of intelligence, rescue and medical, help Aztec Enterprises achieve a level of sophisticated well-being of business owners that it so strived for. Valeriy was another man among the top ranks, William's right hand-man, as well as someone who had plenty of experience in management and security. _______________________________ As of 2020, July 2nd, Aztec Enterprises offers these individual services: NIGHTCLUBS - Management support. - Interior and exterior security. - Installation of fire-safety equipment, such as alarms, extinguishers, sprinklers. - Safety inspection. - Bartending. - Disc Jockey services. - Transport TO and FROM. - Installation of camera equipment. - Silent panic alarms. - Advertising. SAFETY - Air, sea or ground transportation. - Rescue (air, sea or ground). - Search parties for missing individuals. - Medical inspection and basic treatment until FD arrival. - ARMED Escort to and from any destination. INTELLIGENCE - Information gathering. - Private investigations - Consultations. - Lawful reconnaissance. RESTAURANTS - Doorman. - Waiter. - Bartender. - Cook. - Advertising. BUSINESS-OWNERSHIP - Consulting. - Exterior security. - Undercover Agents (patrons) - Anti-extortion. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As of 2020 August 15th, here are the registered Aztec Enterprise divisions: Capture #1. Lynn Yueyang (pilot) checking on a company vehicle. Why choose AZTEC over any other firm? AZTEC aims to provide a service seen like no other, it does not just provide security and comfort to a business, but employees. Hard-working and dedicated, these employees work in your favor, and are heavily influenced by company policies; which dictate that a business should be secured up to the highest standard and be given the chance to earn an absolute maximum of a number. Our company men and women work very hard, tirelessly, day and night to ensure that not just the city - but the entire state is secure from any and all threats. All businesses should be allowed to freely make healthy profits, and the person - regardless of status or wealth, is provided excellence in security. AZTEC works close in hand with not just businesses - but LSPD, LSSD and LSFD too, ensuring a very healthy connection with the local and distant government agencies. Upon any disturbance, we end up calling 911 regardless of the severity. We pride on never having shot at any point - regardless of circumstances. All of our field agents are trained to evaluate and assess tactical situations beforehand. Through the use of a force matrix seen by the likes of LSPD, we aim to provide our agents with an authentic need to preserve life and safety - be it victim or suspect. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AZTEC Sleeper Guards Capture #2. Unnamed guard enjoying the resort, ready to spring into action whenever. In AZTEC-owned businesses or businesses secured/managed by AZTEC employees, there will, most of the time, be hidden patrons who are there to enjoy their free time off - however are tasked to turn to guard duty as soon as a disturbance takes place. These Agents do this on their own accord - or call 911 quietly. They are also tasked with performing passive surveillence and reporting any and all imminent dangers - likes of drug dealers, gangsters or just trouble-makers in general. This ensures a healthy environment for business owners and the guards - also often disregarding the need of any guards inside. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AZTEC Rescue Capture #3. Sam Moriarty on the outskirts of the city, performing rescue training. Working hand-in-hand with LSSD, LSPD and LSFD, AZTEC Rescue assists law enforcement in finding V.I.P's and business owners - or missing individuals. Through air, water or ground. Always paving way for law enforcement agencies first, AZTEC still attempts to help whenever necessary. Assuming the person is safe and sound, the firm will confirm this to the local authorities and with their assistance, get them back to their loved ones - or assist FD in patching them up in the event of an injury. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AZTEC Asset Protection Capture #4. Two employees performing asset protection. In the event a business owner - or event organizer requests specific protection, security officials are sent to investigate and keep check on the area. The officials STAY on the PROPERTY and do not move. They do not chase, perform law enforcement agency duties of any kind or leave their positions for even a moment. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AZTEC F.A.Q. Q. What's the standard pay? A. A variable sum, it is often 3,000 to 4,000 an hour. Last minute arrivals (if called upon) turn into 5,000 an hour. Q. Do you shoot unarmed and fleeing people of interest? A. No. We pride on never firing weapons. Q. Apart from security, what do you do? A. We manage businesses. We insert our own security team, our own bartenders and our own advertisement people. You essentially have to do nothing while under an AZTEC wing. Q. Where do you operate out of? A. Currently, a RED. E. Office. Q. What are your means of transport? A. A Buzzard, a Tropic and we currently have one Declasse Granger and two Security Rebla GTS's. Declasse Granger is used for general protection, while the Reblas are used for armed escort, protection, and arriving to an AZTEC-specifically protected building where crime is being committed. Q. What are the prequisites? A. As a person interested in recruitment, you are exepected to above the average socializing and communicative capabilities. No violent crime history, no federal charges. No visible tattoos, no FACE tattoos whatsoever of any kind. You are allowed to partake in duties regardless of your licenses - but you are heavily encouraged to apply for said licenses. TOPIC WORK IN PROGRESS OOC: The faction has been around for a very long time, now we're picking up on tons of contracts and we're working very hard and ensuring we follow a great security agency template. However, we're not limited to just security, we provide MANY services. In a year, we should hold good 50 or so employees in total, potentially having grip over many businesses inside the city, providing employment. - that's the goal. providing employment to everyone in the server, giving people work, killing the unemployment rate. RECRUITMENT PROCESS ❗ A valid ID must be provided at an interview. ❗ Over the age of 18 and up only. ❗ No major criminal charges OR any federal charges. An interview will be conducted with the recruit, where a series of random questions will be asked, usually situations in which the recruit will have to provide an answer that is befitting the correct way of dealing with said situation. For recruitment purposes, contact either of these numbers: #3939 #59575540 #1071612 #4406 or by email: [email protected] (email added here) [email protected] (email) [email protected] (email) [email protected] (email) OR join the recruitment program and ask for an interview personally at our website. (add discord here)
  10. "Even the brightest stars need a little darkness to shine." Located in Sinner Street Alley - a unique, understated venue for those with darker tastes. Featuring artists like: + many more industrial and goth rock hits.
  11. The Vault, launched in 2013 is a premium nightclub based in the heart of Los Santos. The main entrance is on Strawberry Avenue and the building occupies the western half of the block bordered by Adam's Apple Boulevard and Vespucci Boulevard on the south-eastern corner of Legion Square in Los Santos. It is based on the Old Bank building in Downtown Los Angeles. Like its counterpart, it's an early 20th century building, probably a bank, converted into nightclub use. By day, the building is unremarkable but when the club is open the building is floodlit by yellow lights and this contrasts with the blue light emitting from the windows and doorways. The Vault aims to offer a unique, premium experience for its patrons, from catered booths to a state of the art dance floor, The Vault is designed to appease most tastes of nightlife - whether you're looking for a relaxing environment to speak to your friends, or a dance floor to let yourself loose. The Vault has you covered. The Vault also has a strict security policy with highly trained security guards on the premises at all times during opening hours. This ensures the safety of our patrons and safeguards their experience against those who'd look to spoil it. We offer a range of services, whether you're looking for a private party, a booth with running alcohol - we offer it all. Contact us at the following details to discuss rates and services: Contact Details Email: [email protected] (Forum PM) Number: #3333 Vacancies: Security The Vault is always looking for experienced security guards, we pay $2,000 per opening to our security guards, which is also subject to increase as experience and service term increases with time. Bartender We always want to have a wide roster of bartenders to cover busy hours and shifts, sometimes we may even need two bartenders to manage the demand. Bartenders are given a small core wage - however our bartenders typically make $2000-3000 per night on top through tips alone. Waiters For our premium customers who wish to book a booth, we offer a catered service for drinks and other amenities. We require waiters to bring drinks, and regularly chauffeur the experience of a singular booth to offer a tailored experience. The pay is again a small core wage - however the typical tips per opening can exceed $2,000 on top of the core salary. Gallery
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