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  1. I don't get why everyone is thinking it would pause development as a whole. This suggestion is literally just about not posting the screenshot, no-where was mentioned to pause development as a whole. Posting screenshots =/= development. Roleplay = development.
  2. Yet they contribute nothing if the CK appeal is accepted and the same person who is CKed walks around again, making them actually portraying a false and incorrect development story.
  3. Can you tell me how it is any good to later have the person walking around again undoing weeks or months of development into his/her death?
  4. Does it do any good to reverse development that comes after a CK by deleting screenshots? It does more damage than simply not uploading a RP screen. Lets talk about the exemple. What if Idania’s CK appeal is approved? Then what. To MS13 shes dead and they already posted it publicly making it damaging to development if she walks around again. Using RP screenshots people completely undermine the CK appeal system this way.
  5. Wrong. I simply suggest not to post the CK publicly for 24 hours and during a CK appeal. This also answers @honey.’s concern.
  6. At the moment people are allowed to appeal a Character Kill, but the people who executed the CK can still display it on their development threads and factions threads. Once this is displayed it basicly renders the death of the CKed character irreversible, as people can clearly see he or she is dead. Reversing it would complicate things even more, rendering it useless to appeal the CK at this point. Just yesterday, three CKs were executed in the Mara Salvatrucha 13 faction ( @IrCam ), of which two were appearntly a direct result of the first one on Idania Ceres who appea
  7. To also go further on the illegal factions part; I really do think this also brings more realism to lets say extortion. A maritime company isn’t just any random business, it provides a vital infrastructure that is of great value to anyone that can use its services. Illegal activities could go rampant on sea as there is a low risk involved. I only hope criminal organisations will be that smart and actually blackmail a captain into doing stuff, rathet than the usual “break a window and force to pay XXXX money”
  8. I can assure its safe to walk in Little Seoul, I actually RP walking my dog!
  9. You could use the WP feature of exterior furnishing, yes.
  10. I know what coil whine is and it gets higher pitched with such a lag spike, tyvm.
  11. Maritime Discussion Mega Thread --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! This is a discussion topic I've made for the Maritime RP in the server. Any input from the entire server is appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, with the summer coming, there will be a fair bit of players going into the maritime sector again like last summer. However, with the new 1.1 version of RageMP and the 1.1 update of GTA:World, the sync on the water
  12. Short description: Show age ranges we have in /attributes and /examine in a person’s nametag. Detailed description: Recently a lot of people defend in their reports “uh, he/she uses dusters against a kid?? He/she shoots a kid!”. My question is, why do people think we take the time to write /examine in an escalating situation? GTA’s limit is unfortunately that we can’t see people their age from their character appearance. If we add the age range in the nametags, like “Viviana Cruz (18/20)”, we’d be able to make well-informed decisions based on the age a lot quicker and a lot more often.
  13. I had this even before 1.1, GPU makes a high pitched tone when it happens. Never really bothered me so idk a fix.
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