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  1. Please provide some decent points on why the road-rage speeders deserve admin enforcement to counter it, but a gang occupying the /ONLY SCRIPTED/ sportsfield is totally kudo's? It's basicly the same situation.
  2. Then lets abolish admin supervision over the road ragers too. This is the exact same problem. Players, unknownly IC or OOC, ruining it for others and eventually got admin supervision. Should happen here too.
  3. If you read the entirety of my thread, you can actually see that Im fine with both of either options. Add more sportsfields is one of those, but thanks for jumping to conclusions based on one sentence in this entire suggestion. Sure, lets treat everything IC. Those road ragers everywhere? IC, write your councilman. Truckers being maniac robots? Pft, write their company ICly. Lets abolish admin supervision over these things too, lets go!
  4. Perhaps that wasn't clear in my original post. I have added now that I am pro for any of two options.
  5. Right, Im not here to discuss the finer prints of a gang injunction nor to open a debate about roleplaying fear or about how politicians are already failing with Davis / Vespucci, so let alone adding an other problem on their plate which is an OOC issue in the first place. It's simply put a terrible dick move OOCly because you know every player in the server likes to use the only scripted sportsfield in the game. Again, either implement a rule against claiming the soccer field, OR script more sportsfields inside LS and Blaine County.
  6. When the cops show up they just hide. A gang injunction doesn't do anything meaningfull apart from the government saying ''hey you cant hangout here''. Its ICly when playing soccer, true. But this is an OOC issue because it is the only scripted soccer in the game. Thats why I'd also be satisfied with more scripted sports- and sportsfields.
  7. This is merely a temporary fix before trouble start again. At this rate, legal roleplayers are yet again victim of illegal roleplay OOCly. We just want to enjoy a game of actual scripted soccer without being beaten up for ''being on a turf''. An other solution I'd be satisfied with is the addition of more scripted sports- and sportsfields.
  8. This is not a call for a greenzone! So today I went on to play some soccer at the only scripted soccer field in the state, and I got approached by two dudes (Jacob Ward and Cody Mink). All fine and dandy, had a nice chat. Then when I refused to promote their weed dealings to any ''smoking friends'', they said ''you realize this is our field right?'' How are factions/gangs even allowed to claim ownership over this field? This soccerfield was implemented for everyone to enjoy but appearntly a skinhead faction laid down a claim on it, and intimidates/sends people away that they don't like. How are we supposed to enjoy a nice game of soccer that way. DO NOTE: If there were more soccerfields scripted in LS, or more scripted sports even, I wouldn't have this issue. I'd pack my bags and go elsewhere. But the soccer field in East Vinewood / Mirror Park is the only playable scripted sport in the server. So how is it allowed for factions to claim it and treat it as their turf like it's Davis or Vespucci? What am I suggesting? Option 1: Make the soccer field not claimable by any gang / faction. Option 2: Implement more sportsfields, perhaps with other sports, so legal roleplayers can still actually go somewhere.
  9. Game didnt start anymore so had to do a clean reinstall. Took this vanilla screenshot.
  10. By this comment, I conclude that you know nothing about democracy and that you probably live in a very restrictive country.
  11. It brings the voice away from individuals who mean nothing but complain and put it in the hands of people who actually want to see this community thrive. Don't agree with what the person you voted for decided? Vote him/her out!
  12. We should get a player council of around 25 to 50 players, elected, to help the staff team with matters like this. So we can finally get some progress in place fair and square without everyone screaming bloody murder and fire. #ProPlayerCouncil
  13. Dude, removing the snow right now is causing the server to shit itself right now, at prime time club hours. GG.
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