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  1. Given the heavy amount of moderation needed on this topic, I think its best to lock it at this point. I'm rather disappointed by the immaturity that I find here, but I guess thats just the nature of some people. A good thing that did come out of this was the correction of my naming of our internal security. I thank you for that. If you feel like still participating in the discussion, or giving constructive feedback, there is a public channel (#community-feedback) found in the discord server of Seo-Hee Min's Maritime. LFM is also present in the server, for those that like to know that for assurance. This topic can be locked. https://discord.gg/Xy3xPfCCRX
  2. Username: Seo-Hee Min Comment: So two random civillians get arrested infront of Bobcat, wow, so much unprofessionalism. Ohwell, reading this poorly written and designed article still beats being harassed by G6 employees out to shoot 15 year old kids near my ships!
  3. Far from. For the outside world (anyone not employed or partnerred with the company) this will hardly be noticable. What we do provide is an expirience that balances the delicate fine line that we are currently walking. The militairy aspects that we enforce internally are mostly found in the below things; Behaviour and Customs (saluting a superior, sir/ma'am, radio jargon, and uniform) Trainings - Our Sailors are being held to a high standard. Physical trainings are ICly very demanding. Physical Education trainings are also used to determine the roleplay skills of our new Sailor Cadets. A common thing found in the Navy is that when in 1 group, 1 person does something wrong, the entire group is punished. This is what we also do. It is meant to indicate you function as a team, and not induvidually. Furthermore, we hold maritime specific theory lessons that arent realted to any militairy training at all. But the physical education certainly demands a lot from our Sailor Cadets. Radio Jargon, we speak using the militairy alphabet over the radio, thats about it with the jargon. As for duties, those do not portray a militairy at all, or any law enforcement agency. If you're talking about Sea Marshals (now: Fleet Safety Service), its a service exclusive to our own fleet, and only responds to minor incidents of our own fleet. We don't receive 911 calls (thank god), we don't receive distress calls from ''outsiders'', and I have no idea how we'd even get those. If your question is if we basicly portray soldiers, the answer is no.
  4. As of recently it came to light that the term Sea Marshals is actually a federal term. The hours I did on research appearntly didn't go really well and the name caused a lot of confusion. In the coming hours, their name will be adjusted accordingly. Thanks to LFM and others for bringing this to my attention! EDIT: The term has now been amended to Fleet Safety Service throughout all our medium.
  5. The Sea Marshals are one of the first projects we started off with. We've had the issue multiple times where 911 factions didn't respond to sea-bound issues at all or responded very late. This was a problem for obvious reasons. To mitigate this issue without ''demanding'' activity from LEO / Medical factions, we first introduced an Incident Response Team (IRT). These people would respond to minor issues (like ships that ran out of fuel) and make sure it gets resolved as soon as possible. For cases that require an obvious 911 response, the authorities are still called and this team doesn't roll out. However, we do not need to call 991 or 911 anymore for minor issues which don't neccesary require such a response. Recently, we started running into more and more security concerns, but a full security branch and/or outsourcing would be too expensive (we don't turn a lot of profit, at all). So a few days ago it was decided to absorb the current IRT into a Sea Marshal branch; these Sea Marshals are incharge of both our internal security (Heaquarters and on our ships during tours) and are our current incident responders. At the moment, they are mainly volunteers, but are offered a $5000 per incident compensation. Sea Marshals are in no way law enforcement or rescue staff, and is not a replacement. They are exclusive to our own business and should be regarded as security like G6 or Bobcat. For emergencies, you, and our ship captains, should still call 911. I hope that answers your comment! @Jorgensen is currently heading these people, maybe he has something to add.
  6. Hello everyone, Many of you already know, but a lot also don't, so I'll go ahead and introduce myself first. My character in the server is Seo-Hee Min, and I own/lead Seo-Hee Min's Maritime as a recreational civillian marine service / maritime company. It's a project I've started in September 2021 and since then I've constantly been looking for new ways to contribute to our own roleplay, aswell as to that of the community as a whole. Together with @Jorgensen, we've been doing our best to improve the company and to get our internal projects up to standard. Some of these projects include our headquarters (mapping), the Fleet Safety Service (internal security and incident response), fishing expeditions (roleplay event), and ofcourse our daily fleet operations. Together with both Property Management and Legal Faction Management I am also discussing a shipyards project; people can bring their boat in and have it serviced just like a car with a mechanic garage! One of the things that we were founded on, was the constant question towards Legal Faction Management to establish a militairy faction within the server. This got turned down several times, and is in no way going to be added anytime soon if we believe recent decisionmaking. Min's Maritime wishes to give the roleplayers involved in these disucssions a ''home'', so to speak. It is infact one of our goals to be able to incorporate as many militairy and naval charactaristics into the company, while we still maintain the status of a civillian organisation. These things range from our uniforms, ranks, titles, and we even introduced some militairy customs as of late (like saluting a superior). The Maritime Academy that started off last week with 4 cadets is also a result of this. However, we have come to a point where I am comfortable to start asking for feedback. Me and Jorgensen are on top of the chain, and like with the LSPD feedback thread not long ago, can't always see everything that is going on around the business itself. So I'd love to get true and honest feedback from everyone that has been interacting with us, and from everyone that has seen us operate. Ofcourse, everyone is open to give their feedback, and we'll happily engage in a discussion for this! A clear disclaimer that might need to be said; even though we might not agree with everything, we do value each and every opinion and it will not make them less valued. We intend to bring everything into an agenda for our next OOC meeting together. In addition, if you have any questions, I'll be answering these to the best of my abillity! FAQ What are the Fleet Safety Service? So you're trying to make a privatized military on the server?
  7. I agree its rather stupid to wear these for a crime. Someone is easily recognizable when needing to be identified and its plain abuse if they use it to have their nametag masked. I already contribute to counter this issue. Unless someone can show my character a medical document signed by a doctor showing they need it, masks of any kind aren't allowed on my property or on my vehicles.
  8. As of today, we have a new recruitment platform and e-Procurement section. Apply to become a sailor today!
  9. Apologies Sailor! This website is currently under maintenance. We will be back soon.
  10. Username: DefinitelyNotKayleighPrescott Comment: I rather have hot models in the government than incompenent conspiracy idiots. Just my two cents that Rockefeller has nothing to with the communist manifest.
  11. Username: SeoHee-Min-Official Comment: We should start making collectibles out of these sketches, like pokemon cards. I got all three so far!!
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