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  1. +support im coming for you SIm
  2. LOL I've never seen someone so aggressive for nothing. I understand this for sure and I do realize as well that this is a reality for the setting. It's just that sometimes I could be not even with or around gang members and I'll walk outside - getting gunned down for even existing in the area (not resembling a typical gang member in appearance) which can be frustrating when you go on to RP. In a completely realistic setting, I could just never come out when the server hits the night time hours - unfortunately due to timezones this isn't a feasible option as I only see nighttime. Again I'd like to reiterate, I'm okay with shootings happening and understand gang beefs will escalate to people dying on each end, especially in their own hood. I just personally believe that block wipes that include methodically going through and executing anyone who lives in a neighborhood is a little much, as opposed to something more akin to a driveby. I'll continue crying (?) when I get caught in crossfire because I know that no implementation like this would happen. I just can't help but feel like I'm targeted, not for looking gang affiliated but just so I can be another kill on some 37 view GTAW DM montage.
  3. Personally (as a filthy civilian RPer who sometimes RPs as a civilian in South LS) I believe that there should be some consideration about making block wipe events an admin requested thing, similar to how you cannot disturb or rob an active business without an admin's blessing. I expect this will be an unpopular opinion, but there's a point where immersion/realism seems to falter when there's a block wipe every 1-2 nights, causing dead bodies to litter neighborhoods for hours or coroner's and police get called out and spend 1-2 hours dealing with the mess afterwards. Not to mention, civilians also live in these neighborhoods, so they unfortunately get put into the crossfire (which I do acknowledge happens in actual neighborhoods) but this can be frustrating and lead to South LS losing civilian characters, thus just turning it into a warzone. I can understand a drive-by with maybe one or two people dying, but gangs will often run through a block/neighborhood and massacre anybody in sight and this has little to no repercussions as it can be easy to start over a new character after either dying or getting a heavy sentence in prison. This is not a perfect suggestion by any means, as requesting admin permission for anything can cause a disconnect in immersion and storytelling, such as the block wipes themselves. However I think a firm hand on these kind of events would promote better instances of gang beef, such as the suggestions offered above.
  4. Not that I disagree with this suggestion but would like to add on, more consistent punishments should be considered as well. I understand that situations are dynamic and some offenses are more egregious than the others, however there is a large disparity between the severity of the punishments given by different members of staff for similar offenses.
  5. * Name: Leong Gyeong * Phone number: 884-90-620 * Email: [email protected] Comment: I have been looking for a property within the Southern Los Santos area and was very intrigued by this posting. Would love to come by and take a look if possible. Please email me so we can arrange a time and place!
  6. haha "y u no load world", me to server xP
  7. Hi everyone, I am currently looking to sell my Comet RS, the current market price for this vehicle while insured is $264,000 and $220,000 non-insured. It has several internal components upgraded from stock. Lowest acceptable offer: $200,000 Buy-out: $264,000 As per government rules, all offers must be publicly posted here. I have attached pictures of the vehicles and it's information. Photos: ((/vstats))
  8. Short description: Re-addition of glasses textures. Detailed description: Currently in-game, not all glasses textures are available. I had attempted to find an explanation through other forum posts about why these textures are unavailable in-game, but I was not able to find anything - so I apologize if this has been explained prior. For context, we'll use Xanx's clothing gallery for glasses for reference: Options 8 through 10 are not available, which are all the clear lens options. This is consistent with all other glasses types, which leads me to believe there is a genuine reason for it. Either way, I thought I would bring the suggestion forward to see. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Small Quality of Life change. Additional information: N/A
  9. Hm, I'll try it again when everything is updated with Scripthook and Menyoo. I had thought I used all three, all the furniture was there apart from walls. Thanks for the help though! 🙂
  10. When I load my file into Menyoo, it spawns the furnitures but not any of the walls/floors (custom interior). Is there something I'm missing? I copied the files mentioned in the post, I'm just wondering if anyone has similar issue.s
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