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  1. * Name: Leong Gyeong * Phone number: 884-90-620 * Email: [email protected] Comment: I have been looking for a property within the Southern Los Santos area and was very intrigued by this posting. Would love to come by and take a look if possible. Please email me so we can arrange a time and place!
  2. haha "y u no load world", me to server xP
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently looking to sell my Comet RS, the current market price for this vehicle while insured is $264,000 and $220,000 non-insured. It has several internal components upgraded from stock. Lowest acceptable offer: $200,000 Buy-out: $264,000 As per government rules, all offers must be publicly posted here. I have attached pictures of the vehicles and it's information. Photos: ((/vstats))
  4. Hm, I'll try it again when everything is updated with Scripthook and Menyoo. I had thought I used all three, all the furniture was there apart from walls. Thanks for the help though! 🙂
  5. When I load my file into Menyoo, it spawns the furnitures but not any of the walls/floors (custom interior). Is there something I'm missing? I copied the files mentioned in the post, I'm just wondering if anyone has similar issue.s
  6. best of luck lady and gentleman!
  7. baechi

    Relationship RP

    that's the best part ?
  8. For what it's worth, or at least in the mean time - I think it's available in the mask shop. ?
  9. I am looking to sell my Comet RS. The current dealership price for the vehicle is $264,000 registered. It has a modified engine with turbo, black aftermarket rims with a jet black painted body. Due to the non-aesthetic upgrades included, I am selling the vehicle for $234,000. If interested, please email me at [email protected] Photo of vehicle
  10. I once stole a 5 cent candy from a convenience store and didn't ever go back.
  11. SUBJECT: [APPLICATION] Firstname Lastname 1. Full name: 2. Date of Birth: 3. Phone number: 4. Gender: 5. Which position are you applying for?: 6. Which shifts are you available to work regularly? (DAY|MID|NIGHT): 7. Additional information (include past experience if appropriate):
  12. POLISHED Nail Salon is currently seeking to expand it's staffing for the following positions and shifts: FRONT DESK ASSOCIATE ($4,500/hour) JOB DESCRIPTION: Front desk associates are responsible for welcoming and greeting clients as they enter the salon. They are often times the first point of contact for a client as they enter the establishment and as such, they are required to hold a vibrant smile and a welcoming attitude, assisting the client with booking in an appointment with a nail technician. There are no past requirements for this position.
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