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  1. I'm of the same opinion. I miss the old LSRP back in '15-'16 when you could go to the mall one evening and hang out with other mallrats, some idiot comes up with a bat and starts a massive brawl, police and paramedics come etc. It was chaos but it was fun. Realistic? Not at all. But who cares when the alternative is driving around an empty map for 5 hours to then spend the next 3 in the same /anim in a bar, talking pointless and realistic nonesense with a stranger you'll never meet again?
  2. Because there's a big difference in the meaning of "dumb criminal". In real life you have people who don't properly appreciate either the reward or the risks, or both. You might get someone sticking up a homeless person for $5, another trying to break into an ATM under the CCTV camera, or like those two who had a weed drive-through in broad daylight (and it worked until it didn't). On GTAW, though? Dumb is something else. We don't get any of the more realistic stuff. A dumb criminal on GTAW will shoot someone dead in the middle of the street, with cameras around. Will go on robbery sprees for little to no reward. Unlike real life, we have an "out of character" medium, which encompases trolling and various rules to keep the gameplay as realistica s possible. Being dumb on GTAW is is always an excuse for convenience, not properly portraying a criminal who is just stupid. It's always taken to the extreme in super unrealistic ways. I'm yet to see a dumb criminal accidentally pay twice as much for a gun shipment. Oh no, not that kind of dumb. Because our criminals are great at math. They just have no idea shooting a cop dead over a traffic ticket would put them in jail for the rest of their lives. They're only dumb when it's convenient. It's not an unpopular opinion, I'd say.
  3. Now that's something I'm interested in Only made onion rings 3-4 times because it takes forever to make them and they never turn out like the fast food ones 😞
  4. That's... unlikely? What are the chances you need a timer in-game in the first place? And what are the chances that in that exact moment your phone is at 0% battery, charging, in a different room, and you can't take 5 seconds to fetch it? Why couldn't you just use your computer's timer or one online? Or your wristwatch. Or literally any clock. Or even better, do /timestamp and you'll literally have the exact moment you say "[10:15:16] X says: Start" and "[10:15:48] X says: Stop". It can't get easier or more exact than that. I don't think this is needed, honestly. I wouldn't mind it being implemented either, but it'll probably be used by 2 people every 6 months, like the calculator is.
  5. Absolutely. Rule 0 is basically a "we have no rules". Imagine going to court and facing a 10-year sentence but you get the death sentence because of judge discretion. What's the point in having rules if there's one big rule that overturns all rules, that's usable by all of those who enforce said rules?
  6. After spending close to 1000 hours here and over 10.000 hours on RP communities in general over the past 10 years, it's just the conclusion I got to. It's not really a choice as something that happens naturally. Truth is, even if you have 100 perfectly realistic and complex characters, interacting with 10 that aren't that, for me anyway, just makes me doubt all other characters - how do I know this character I'm interacting with isn't just a troll, a rulebreaker getting banned in a week, a shitty character or whatever else? It doesn't REALLY affect me but it's always in the back of my mind, definitely less enjoyable than it would be if standards and heavy rp was truly enforced, not just wrote in the title.
  7. Yes, because most gang role-players are either kids OOCly or are just looking for reasons to troll/get into shootouts, fights and pursuits. That's why almost literally every other forum report is related to gangs (despite there being so many other factions), they all start with "we were beefin" and end with "they've been banned for unrelated reasons". When that's the kind of people you deal with, it's hard to even tell the good ones apart and to admire their actual character development. It's a problem, a big one. And it happens for other types of role-play too, not just gangs. I personally have a hard time taking each character as a unique, complex entity that's well though-out and being given attention to after way too many instances of doing it only to then see the person poof from the world for breaking rules, the character being unrealistic as hell, trolling and such. Hard to look at a character properly when there's a huge chance it's not actually what it looks like. And on the other hand you have the OOC stigma of not acting super tough and hard, of portraying flaws. In most cases, portraying a flawed character will bring more or less serious OOC consequences, which makes people portray perfect whatevers with barely any (significant) flaws. By flaws I don't mean "doesn't like fish" or "smokes", but more serious, more hardcore realistic stuff that has actual repercussions.
  8. Exactly. All of the try-harders and elitists complain about people not failing or having weaknesses, but whenever someone does? They're marginalized, mocked, or just taken advantage of (ICly and OOCly as well).
  9. That's something I found very problematic in my time role-playing a cop. Despite the faction promoting "realistic" characters and mistakes, portraying them often got your character to be publicly chewed out, humiliated, then investigated, punished, or even straight up discharged. Not having the "proper" reaction was encouraged, but then people suffered from it. Corruption was one aspect of this, but it happened in all areas. Clear-cut example - a guy panicked on his FTP during a shooting and had someone get shot - on purpose, he could've easily headshotted the guy if he wanted to. As a result, he was mocked and put behind, later resigned due to having a stained record and the nagging. Another example was someone who got heated on-duty after seeing domestic abuse and exchanged words, similar story. Another character was heavily affected by an incident and began drinking, guy got kicked out of the faction (ICly, but OOCly too). All in all, this is all realistic. Better, more believable characters. They could've easily played robocops and they'd be high ranks by now, but they didn't. And they were punished for it, indirectly. And yeah, it's realistic and it's fun to go through stuff like this every now and then, but it's absolutely pathetic to do it every single time you log in. Hence people just resort to never making any mistakes and portraying perfect robots - nothing to complain about. Everyone wants to see this kind of weak, imperfect RP so they can make fun of it or abuse it.
  10. Except that on GTA World, unlike real life, barely anyone acts like a human being. Everyone has an extremely fucked up and traumatic past and is able to whitstand any and every thing life throws at them. From seeing a bleeding, cut-up corpse in the middle of the street to being pointed a gun at and killing innocents in cold blood. It's almost impossible to make out anyone for a realistic human being. More often than not, it feels like you're interacting with an NPC/robot - with the exceptions that NPCs are often times sketched out to look somewhat realistic. It's hard to look at all characters you interact with as complex, long-standing, thought through. Sure, some are, but they're majorly shadowned by the vast majority who don't. I sometimes find myself looking at other players, thinking how cool it is that everyone has their own friends, connections and complex development behind them. But then I realize how many people are just rulebreakers, how many characters are just trolls or mallrats, how many of them don't have any history besides "log in, shoot opps" or "log in, pursuit shootout arrest i'm a cop". The vast majority are just hollow excuses and that, for me, makes it very hard to look at the few proper characters in the light they deserve.
  11. You'll find that the vast majority of people are like this, not just illegal role-players. Applies for PD/SD, for FD, even your regular civilians. Everyone's "seen it all", is a "trained MMA fighter" (as if that's the only fighting style in existance), has weapon knowledge and can put up a fight. Showing vulnerability is probably one of the most rare things here. Everyone wants to be seen either as the boss of the underworld, rich, famous, fearless, as a big-time billionaire CEO with 25 security cars following at all times, or just a regular who has it all. And on the other side you have people who overdo it to the point where everything causes a major drama reaction, who always lose all interactions and such. Which is even more cringe.
  12. yeah I'm probably gonna get one, just a bit lost since I don't know anyone to have one lol found an "xxl" one that apparently cooks for 4, a little over $100, although it's pretty big but i can make room for it since my bigger oven is kinda broken what can you cook in it tho? does it come out crispy? better than a normal oven? is it more like an oven or a deep fryer? 🤔
  13. i was thinking about getting one actually is it really as hype as they say?
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