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  1. I am looking to rent any type of property, preferably a house or a standalone apartment, in Paleto Bay. I'm willing to have (or be) a roommate as well. I am a serious tenant and I am looking for a long-term contract. Please contact me by email at [email protected] (( click )).
  2. The biggest problem here is that the playerbase has greatly expanded while the staff team hasn't. There are too many issues for too few people to handle. Let's say that, hypothetically, we had five times as many admins and support members - would there still be such long waiting times in-game and on the forums? Probably not. That and also because the punishments are too light. If someone breaks a rule and ruins ten people's role-play, for example, then after three weeks receive a warning or a 15-minute admin jail, why would such people even fear or care about it and at the same time, why would anyone even report it? I do appreciate the suggestion, I think it wouldn't hurt but the way to fix this issue is to address the root issues.
  3. my fake yeezy facebroswer scheme is being extorted by the entire italian mafia
  4. I don't think this is a good idea, honestly. It is very possible to turn around and shoot people through the rear windshield of a car. If anything, any smart person who's put in such a situation would rather shoot through than leave their vehicle and be exposed to whoever's behind the car and posing a theat to them. However, I do think that we could do something about this. We have the recoil functionality now. Make it so that the first few such shots have a higher recoil, since no one would be able to perfetly aim over their shoulder, or half-twisted in their seats. Once the first few shots are shot, though, it can be considered that the person adopted a more appropriate stance that wouldn't modify their recoil (or even improve it, if they were to prop their weapons up on the seats. I don't know whether this is possible, though, and I don't think it's that big of an issue to warrant spending time on.
  5. I don't think that can be considered to be metagaming. Whoever joins a faction gets the information from an OOC medium, creates a character according to a set of rules members of said faction follow and go to a specific area or business in order to role-play with these people. The whole process takes place OOCly as much as it does ICly, and that's not a bad thing at all. There would be no other way for anyone to join a faction, especially an illegal one - think of a group of people from Hong Kong who live in Hawick and run a small bar there. The chance of someone creating a Hong Kong native or child of, in a specific social class, with specific interests, who would somehow find this exact area or business and role-play with the right people is basically 0. A "looking for RP" topic or sub-section would actually be a pretty cool thing. If anything, it would create more role-play. I imagine that unless you know enough people, creating some new and unique role-play is pretty hard to do.
  6. My bad, confused it with the reply regarding the issues with ped skins.
  7. Nervous actually recently responded to a reply regarding adding snow that interiors can be fixed through some developer-y loophole they found, or something of the sorts, so it's possible!
  8. It's a simple suggestion - add another column with the routing number of each account in the bank logs, so that you don't have to keep your own list and be able to make recurring payments more easily.
  9. If the bugs from last year can be avoided and it can be done properly, I don't see why not. On one hand we have the argument that San Andreas is not California, so following the exact meteorological patterns of CA wouldn't make sense but on the other hand, seeing snowy beaches, palm trees and the desert isn't exactly realistic nor immersive.
  10. OOC The Mixing House aims to portray a realistic business, specifically a bar & lounge, founded and operating in Los Santos, San Andreas. We are setting ourselves apart by putting a special emphasis on character development and priding ourselves with a one-of-a-kind attention to detail. Our goal is to create a social hub for legal and illegal role-players alike, whether they are employees or customers. If you would like to join us and develop your character as a bartender, please do so. As we expand, our plan is to open up a much wider range of positions for both employees, contractors and other businesses in order for us to portray a realistic business as we are constantly dealing with the everyday, sometimes mundane, tasks, chores and issues. We are not looking to portray a business that falls on either side extreme, but rather a normal business you would find in modern-day Los Angeles. For any questions, I am available on Discord at Mahitto#3748.
  11. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Mixing House is proud to announce the beginning of its employment and training program. Our aim is to employ both experienced staff as well as people beginning their journey in the professional world by providing them with a stable work environment, a competive salary, on-the-job training as well as other benefits. If you are interested in a career with our organization, please read on. Bartenders - currently hiring Do you love alcohol? Interacting with people? Mixing drinks? If so, this position is right for you! As a bartender for The Mixing House, you will be responsible with serving alcohol, processing payments, mixing drinks and cocktails and making our guests feel at home! The job is easy but in order to streamline the process, we will provide you with the appropriate training and a booklet containing all of the required information so that you can go on shift with peace of mind, confident in your own abilities. → APPLY: If you are interested in applying, please copy-paste the format below and send it by email at [email protected] (( CLICK )). → APPLICATION FORMAT:
  12. About us The Mixing House is a bar and lounge located in the upper-class strip of Del Perro. Established in 2021 by Chip Cooper, it prides itself in the quality of service it offers, along with the ability to offer its guests a chic, exquisite, truly premium experience. The lounge's specialty are custom, in-house cocktails, although a larger range of alcohol and spirits are being served on the bar. The music choice, lighting and interior design all come together in a perfectly balanced manner, making The Mixing House for the most appropriate for a dose of relaxation. Our Products The Mixing House is the best choice for a fun, relaxing night in an immersive and premium environment. However, on top of our base services, we also make the absolute best pre-mixed cocktails in Los Santos. Refresh yourself with a Blueberry Mojito, a Peach Margarita, or one of the many other choices. Visit our lounge or contact us directly to order some for yourself! We are hiring bartenders! The Mixing House is always looking to expand its team! Whether you're interested in becoming a bartender and have no experience or are already a mixing-master, our doors are open. More information and training will be provided, along with a competitive salary, an amazing work environment and becoming part of the TMH family. In order to apply, click the link below and fill in the format. Good luck! Location
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