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  1. Nice to see my former sponsor being on here too
  2. Bro what? What do you mean CCWs are too easily given out? I've been denied countless of times being a government worker who's car is being stolen on a daily bases and who has his pockets run every two days... I just get told to store my PF weapon in said car.
  3. It would pretty much kill gang RP tho. Fact of the matter is, most gangs have a shit ton of minors in them.
  4. Honestly, I'd be totally down to sit on my computer, head IG to sit at another computer, in order to look at some digits and fuck over some people who weren't all that careful with their transactions. However, IRS should get a shit ton of money for the amount of boring stuff they have to do.
  5. To be honest, I’m quite surprised no one here mentioned the fact that RICO cases are completely unheard of on this server. As someone who came over from LSRP, where they had a whole system in place concerning RICO cases, I was honestly really disappointed to find out that this wasn’t the case here. I’d really appreciate harder collective IC punishments for factions if they’re not careful enough. A whole faction shutdown case if there’s enough evidence on them and so forth.
  6. SOLD Leave me your contact details in an email at [email protected]
  7. Bid has been acknowledged, 23 hours until the auction closes.
  8. I'm selling an apartment located in the heart of Little Seoul, completed by the tight knit community of the neighborhood itself! The apartment itself is fully furnished, however it may not be very big but it's very cozy and a beauty for its size. EXTERIOR INTERIOR: ((OOC - /PINFO STATS)) Starting bid: $120,000 BUYOUT: $260,000
  9. Trucking is still very much active. The only problem Is that usually, the only trucking routes people choose are the ones that pay a little extra on top of the 250 OR the ones where the route is fairly short, so they can drive a bigger truck faster.
  10. Noch ein paar deutsche mehr und GTA World wird zu GTA Reich.
  11. *The following picture would be spammed on several websites* ((Emails go to my forum account))
  12. Yes, I need to see more "COME TO BRAZIL" comments on Internet posts
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