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  1. I'm usually an advocate for less PG'ness on the server, but this seems like the only solution. Anyone who even CARRIES a weapon near the school should already be punished.
  2. God, that server was dogshit.
  3. I don't care what the admins say man, they tell us to stop faction bashing? HELL NO! Give me a command to do /mask and /hairtie hat together. There, I said it.
  4. Swear to god, this guy has been around for ages
  5. Yes. One includes murdering kids and the other one includes pixelated titties being sold to people who literally pay for it.
  6. Why is this cesspool of a thread not locked yet?
  7. Wasloos


    Offering buy-out. Contact me in DMs
  8. I am currently hiring a graphic designer for the creation of a company logo, business card, social media profile picture AND if possible, a website. Budget isn't a problem. Contact me on my email: [email protected] or on my phone: 3408. ((Or via forum pms))
  9. There's a big difference. Back then the rules didn't cater to younger players. Everyone was treated like an adult and that was that. Now we have rules SPECIFICALLY made for minors, which is SO dumb, considering this is an 18+ game to begin with. Of course minors play this game and are in our community, however they shouldn't be... Just like most of us SHOULDN'T have been in those communities back then, but we still were and no one catered to us. This isn't a kids game so we shouldn't modify rules to cater to players that don't belong here in the first place.
  10. Well, that was just an example, however it has been stated before that adding mods to make it more realistic will not happen due to minors on the server and them not wanting to encourage nudity. (Or something along those lines)
  11. This server SHOULD NOT cater to minors. The fact we got the blue nipple censor just because we know that minors play on this server is dumb as fuck. This is an 18+ game literally everywhere, why should we cater to players who are minors?
  12. So, I recently had this memory bubble up, where I thought about the first character I ever RP'd with on LSRP. Then I noticed I never actually got to stay in contact with that person OOC even though I've seen that character a BUNCH of times... So this is the thread for that. Whether you crashed and the player logged, the server crashed and one of you decided to stay offline or you just didn't think of it... Give us a character name of a person you wished you would've got to talk to OOC but never did. I'll start, same person I talked about, Kate Blackwood. Literally the first character I ever RP'd with on LSRP back in 2014.
  13. I feel like 1RL Dollar = 10 GTA W Dollars is perfectly translated in the game. Sometimes I just look at prices of things and think to myself: "Yeah, that would make sense."
  14. Major illegal factions basically have nothing to fear right now. The only ways I see a faction get shut down is because of OOC conflict, lack of interest or (rarely) a faction coming to a chosen stop. Not once was a faction shut down because too many people went to prison or whatever (If you don't count really small unofficial groups). A RICO system would essentially give the criminals a reason to not go cowboy throughout LS and actually have them do stuff underground. The absolute disregard for consequences is something I've seen way too many times within large factions, where an arrest basically just led to a change in leadership which essentially changed absolutely nothing, nor did it cripple their business. All in all, small factions would be too insignificant to get RICO'd anyways, so this basically just concerns well established and wide reaching factions. Keeping all that in mind and doing a few adjustments to the bug/tracker/wire then no one should complain.
  15. My character is a Security Officer for SAGOV, lives in Vespucci and gets frequently robbed and his car stolen. I've literally said that in my "good reasoning" and I got told to put my PF weapon into my glovebox... OF THE CAR THAT GETS FREQUENTLY STOLEN?!
  16. Nice to see my former sponsor being on here too
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