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  1. I would sleep the whole day and then travel back in time 24 hours to sleep again. Nothing better than some good extra sleep.
  2. Can also use /createscene You can do /createscene 30 *The car parked here, would be missing.* And that thing will disappear on its own in half an hour. Plus, it won't leave a name behind for it to be metagamed. I use that feature a lot when injured too. Cause more and more people arrive and they ask what they see.
  3. ( I posted a new reply instead of edit. Woops)
  4. It would be really nice to leave a blip behind saying the car is missing. There are many times I think my car is stolen, because it desyncs after exiting an interior and spawning on a roof. I have reported several times to check that my car is indeed stolen before I try to bring it back to the ground.
  5. SAMP NG Gaming Alice Cools I don't see many of those golden rims nowadays.
  6. I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on how to age a character properly. Let's say for example you start a character at 21 years old and after a few months you decide to grow them older by a few years to match their progression and development. Do you push their birth date back in Facebrowser and how would that reflect in official documents? Looking forward to your suggestions.
  7. If getting robed by an (M) character, should given the option to reset the phone, prior to handing it. Maybe what I suggested was indeed too extreme. But I tried to bring some attention to it, hopefully finding a common ground through discussion. I didn't expect this shit to turn into a Crusade. But well.. here we go!
  8. Not really. I had some cute pictures, more like posing, but nothing NSFW. But there was some chatting, nothing too extreme, but surely not ideal for an (M) Character. Problem is, my character was asked for the PIN of the phone, while at gunpoint, by a group of (M) characters. So basically they were asking for access. And at the point I was caught between so many rules. Lack of fear RP for not providing it, Common Courtesy etc etc. Do I actually rulebreak myself, for providing the code? I think the line is not well-defined.
  9. You are throwing some really worrying statistics. I am not going to ask.
  10. What if you are asked about the PIN while at gunpoint?
  11. Do you find the concept of a kid being tortured, but also experiencing a brutal and violent death? I don't really expect you to answer that, it's a rhetorical question.
  12. Well, well... I love how you are all so judgmental about certain concepts. But at the same time, portraying a 13-year-old that engages into smoking, drinking, substances abuse, arms dealing, robbery, manslaughter, imprisonment, gang membership and eventually lead that underage character to bleed out on a curb. I am really surprised you find all those mentioned above acceptable when we are talking about portraying literally kids. Maybe you are so detached from the real word, that you struggle to understand the concepts you engage. I mean, what's next, roleplaying school shootouts too? Just take a good assessment of what you bring to the table, before you start pointing fingers. And no... LA is not like that in 2024.. you got no clue.
  13. Would be allowed to do that mid robbery?
  14. Let me try to be adaptive. 1.Would it be better to limit people from sharing explicit images through phones? or 2. Script wipe messages when acquired through arob? Or even allow the victim to reset the phone prior to handing it over to a minor?
  15. You don't have to be underage in real life to feel uncomfortable about reading those kind of ads. +1
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