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  1. Inaccurate. The men in the picture are clearly not 13 yo
  2. Is this still available?
  3. *This would be a designer's profile, on a website offering various Freelance services, similar to Fiverr.com* graphic.design by William White About Placing an Order Portfolio (Click Bellow) ((Disclaimer: All the stock content used in our designs has been legally acquired, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations. It's important to note that the designs we provide during roleplay sessions are intended solely for use within the GTA World universe by the character who has made the purchase.))
  4. This post can finally be locked and archived. Thank you.
  5. That part where her dad comes and opens the door for you to reach his daughter is where you lost me. It would make a great manhwa book, but only with the right edit.
  6. SAMP: NG Gaming All about those golden rims, foo
  7. From a bit far, but I am in that picture.
  8. Government keeps sending me 500$ per hour cause I am awesome.
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