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  1. feel free to contact
  2. 92788460 you around to pick it up now?
  3. One bed apartment on the second floor located in West Vinewood. Large off-street parking area, balcony and close to shops and clubs. (( )) Asking price: $115,000
  4. I commend people wanting others to give a background story and whatnot for properties in certain areas, they are attempting to help the communities of said areas by not allowing some random rat that has a plethora of wealth because they’ve been playing X years and can’t rp wealth correctly
  5. Would be better for PM to buy the house from the seller that doesn’t care who gets it, reimburse them for the money they paid or the mp x3 + fp. And then carry out the auctions that they are currently doing with some properties right now
  6. Still offering $40,000 for the Canis Mesa Off-road. The listed price is too high for something completely stock.
  7. Jura


    If you wish to sell it at a later date, please email me 🙂 ((Forum PM))
  8. Also offering 60,000. Can pick it up in 4 hours
  9. Offering 40,000 for the Mesa Off-Road
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