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  1. Completely agree. A few weeks back I had to bring this to the attention of PM as it was ridiculous and caused frame rate issues for myself (I have a decent PC) so can't imagine how bad it must be for others less fortunate.
  2. Username: cmc Comment: Interested in the caracara, could you email me some more details please as I’m out of town currently. email address: [email protected] (( forum pm ))
  3. Robbery always seems to favour the robber when it comes to claims of people not RP'ing fear, and it's got to the point where it's annoying. The people being robbed seem forced into RP'ing fear while the robbers don't.
  4. can confirm, i've rode a motorbike in snow and it was not enjoyable and i nearly came off three times going around 5mph
  5. where is it written what the climate zone is for Los Santos? if you're going off "LS is based on LA" it's not, you're wrong, admins have even said the server doesn't always replicate LA weather.
  6. everyone wanting it to be removed right away is forcing what they want on the majority, even though there is "realistic" weather for the rest of the year... the fuck are you talkin about is a bit of snow really that troublesome that they can't type out a few /me's and talk to their group?
  7. so they had the same issue when it was added last year, and they have the same issue when it snows in SP too?
  8. the minority want it removed this instance so they can continue to develop their character cause snow halts that 😞
  9. that's clutching at straws to get it removed lol you got any proof that it's the snow and nothing else?
  10. you're literally disregarding the people that do want it, so this is just going round in circles. its staying for 3 days, deal with it.
  11. Snow for 3 days!!! What am I going to do with my roleplay 😭😭😭 better cancel my donation to daddy nervous, grow the fuck up
  12. ah yes the mega mall... completely thriving and its something easily accessible as opposed to a damn island where you need a boat, helicopter or plane to get to. and yes, the first part is sarcasm, it's dead. also the "server isnt populated" is a very good excuse, you can already roam the streets and not see people for ages, opening up an island for players to visit willy nilly and "center" their RP around will only make this worse and add to the fact the streets are already dead.
  13. no this is not needed. focus on populating sandy and paleto this island offers nothing other then people trying to fight or cry over not getting a house/villa on that island
  14. i give extensive /me's, don't like it, leave the room 🙂
  15. no retard, i barely go down to that area, all i need to do is look at player reports and the amount of closed factions to figure that out
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