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  1. Hlym

    Rest in peace. ❤️

  2. Name: Nathaniel Campos Contact details: 33214 Offer: $280,000
  3. Hlym

    Realism within PD?

    Misinformation. Tracing is limited to Command Staff and Detectives, and there are rules in place, as stated several times above, to dictate what can and cannot be traced. Anyone found abusing this is in breach of server rules and will be dealt accordingly. As it stands, nobody abuses it, and all trace usage is within the boundaries of our internal guidelines. Tracing is easily combatted and where any bugs come into play, situations are typically voided or rolled back.
  4. Going to respond to this directly as there’s only one Detective III in the faction. This was an issue of miscommunication by virtue of my characters age never being referenced anywhere and PD being essentially smacked through an age change every month or every other month when we receive promotions. It’s an important thing to flag up, but it was also rectified very quickly by STAFF and myself as being false and a mistake when conveying information. It wasn’t intentional nor is it acceptable faction standard - I agree. I do think it looks bad and is important to clarify, so thank you for highlighting it. Realistic portrayal is important, but genuine mistakes do happen along the line when you’re essentially sped through ranks and ages with the server around you moving at a normal pace. The best we can do is catch our slip ups if and when they happen!
  5. still treating this like an lspd issue which is inherently wrong as everyone uses the same system. i could support this being implemented for both ILLEGAL and LEGAL usage of the /breakin command, though. any parties raiding a property should have to leave a flavour text detailing the state of the property and anything missing after the fact.
  6. /breakin notifies you and /stashinfo is there so you can adequately roleplay hiding your stuff. an administrator also needs to be present for every search warrant execution. the way we execute search warrants is no different to how illegal roleplayers execute breakins. this should be less "the lspd busted into my house and didn't inform me!!!" and more "i don't agree with the /breakin system".
  7. Hlym

    Connor McMahon (WIP)

    The Boy the BeSt it look good
  8. Maple's suggestion is a good one, because when I'm RPing for like 3 hours straight (LSPD and off-duty) I get super bored of getting PM'd multiple times by admins asking if I'm AFK when I've been consistently churning out /me's, I just haven't had much need to move. I'm sure Keane and Mike especially are bored of having to constantly PM me, too. It was the same when my character was a DJ and movement was minimal, but at least then I had access to /resetafk to avoid wasting an admins time. it's not a massive issue, it's just annoying, and getting kicked for dipping for a few moments to make a coffee or whatever when i've been constantly typing away before that is trying at best. ?
  9. Big support! Can't see this being too much of an issue. FD have the various Paramedic decals, so presumably the LSPD ranks would be applied in the same manner through the decal menu? It's a small detail, but a nice way to distinguish people by rank.
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