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Found 5 results

  1. Sooo yeah let's about it. Just recently I took a closer look at clothing added to stores and I was like.....Okay? I can roll with this. Yes I have an issue with something, as usual. Namely, we paying 100$ to set up outfits that contain Jordans which are not exactly cheap. Balenciaga bags, Balmain sweaters or my favorite Off-White hoodies (in EU one such hoodie is usually around 425-450eur). While I am happy we have access to such brands, is it okay? It kinda loses it's value in game, that way.
  2. Short description: Add ability to hide/show the accessory1 part of clothing. Detailed description: Add ability to hide/show accessory1 selected things in the same way as /hat on/off and shirt on /off so as to hide the item from view when appropriate. Commands to add: /accessory1 [on/off] Items to add: Nothing. How would your suggestion improve the server? Mainly it would mean Detective's can show and hide their badge physically as and when appropriate, which is currently difficult to do. This command would make this simple and easily doable. Additional information: Would be a great benefit to the PD.
  3. Short description: Implement a cool down period when a player is changing clothes to prevent the rapid changing of outfits. Detailed description: As the system currently sits players can freely change clothes on the fly simply by entering a property or going to the rear of an unlocked vehicle. When a player changes an outfit and confirms it the character should be immobilize for a set amount of time (10 seconds) to simulate the player taking off his/her clothes and changing them. This will reduce the amount of people rapidly changing outfits in an unrealistic manor. Commands to add: none Items to add: none How would your suggestion improve the server? This is one method to reduce the quick changing of outfits as many players do not properly RP this interaction. Additional information: I believe this should also apply to the police/swat with a longer cool down as they switch to tactical/swat gear. I've personally seen an officer disappear around a corner of a neighborhood to only re-appear with a completely different outfit or lack of uniform in mire minutes.
  4. Short description: Generally just adding the original GTA:O DLC clothing that has logos on them back in like they were there before and more clothes. Detailed description: Currently at the moment there's only a few clothing options that have logos from GTA:O with most of the rest being removed for an unknown reason, and there's also a lot of clothes that aren't added in yet from GTA:O. There's a lot of designer t-shirts (not luxurious just general) that're available as undershirts but not shirts for some odd reason. For shirts there's also none of the arena wars baseball jerseys which aren't unrealistic, the sprunk ones and whatnot. And from what I've see, the in-game lore version of the Nike Airmax 90s aren't added for females from GTA:O either aka the lowrider DLC running shoes. I'm p positive there's a shit ton more clothes that're realistically usable but just aren't added in yet. Since we can't add modded clothing in yet due to obvious reasons that Nervous has said I'm pretty sure, this would be a way around it for now, and would give people more of a variety. Commands to add: N/A. Items to add: Clothes. How would your suggestion improve the server? Because it adds a variety and adds more realistic clothing items that should be in-game. Additional information: N/A.
  5. Fully customise your emergency service and public service uniform with this mod (I'd strongly recommend you play with this mod in single-player so you understand why I think this is a great mod!) Short description: Introduce the Emergency Uniform Pack (EUP) Menu mod from: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13245-eup-menu/ and supporting packs for law and order: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8151-emergency-uniforms-pack-law-order/ and serve and rescue: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16256-emergency-uniforms-pack-serve-rescue/ Detailed description: So Paleto Bay, being the close community it is, I often bump into the Sheriff Deputies. Now you have to role-play they've got a SD uniform on, but often you could mistake them for a security guard, with this mod you can fully customise your character with any type of emergency service uniform. These are not vanilla ped models, they're police and emergency clothing items that can be fitted onto ANY character (including your custom character) just like you could in the clothing stores in GTA World, but so much more. This mod would benefit Sheriffs, Police Officers, Firefighters, Medics, Military, Detectives, Federal Agents, Construction Workers, Security Guards, Mountain Rescue, Coastguard, Special Units and pretty much any other service you can think of. In the image you see below, Alex Von Shep's a customised character created using EUP's custom character menu which is similar to that of GT-MPs and GTA Onlines. You can choose a standard uniform (as seen in the spoiler below) but then furthermore he's used the outfit creator to customise his Sheriff uniform so its unique to Alex, this fella looks like a Sheriff as oppose to a security guard! Click the spoiler to see how the EUP menu can be used for a variety of police, sheriff, fire, EMS, rescue, construction worker, security characters...etc. all in different types of gear. Law and Order pack: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8151-emergency-uniforms-pack-law-order/ Serve and Rescue pack: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/16256-emergency-uniforms-pack-serve-rescue/ Here's some of my completely custom uniforms: Commands to add: At a location such as a faction headquarters and the rear of vehicles: /eupmenu or something similar Items to add: The EUP Menu mod (it's a RAGE plugin) and the two packs (it's a full package auto installer) How would your suggestion improve the server?: It would allow for folks of a variety of areas in public service to wear different and customised uniforms to suit their role. - When you see a Sheriff, you know they're a Sheriff. - When you see LSPD on a bicycle, they're actually wearing appropriate clothing. - Detectives show up at scenes and put their POLICE/SHERIFF marked body armor on because they don't want to die when they're shot by some crazy drive-by. - Security guards can look like security guards with their marked clothing! - It just adds general realism and customisation to the server through such a simple and effective mod Additional information: The EUP Menu comes as a RAGE plugin. The EUP packs come as skin and model pack auto-installers (or manual) that can be installed using OpenIV. Yes these are mods, but I'm sure there's a way to adapt these into the server. The EUP Menu itself uses vanilla public service uniform items, the packs add more detail with skin mods. Neither mods use up much processing power or memory space. Check out the video: (I am obviously not suggesting this MUST be implemented now. Suggestions are for the future)
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