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  1. The whole basis of your request relies on the fact this could spawn into a sick cult on the server, something else that is not permitted. Your second point is that it happens IRL, well so does rape and other acts we don't permit on the server, big no.
  2. Most Laptops don't have a secondary GPU, his onboard is a 1050, these are integrated to save cost and improve speed. @Mistery14 Please provide the following.. The specs on your hard drive/SSD. This could be a source of a bottleneck. What other games are you playing, tried or able to play? When was the last time GTA 5 ran properly for you? You have a GTX 1050 with 4GB of memory. Lets be clear when you post your specs, it stats it can utilize up to 8gb of video, meaning it borrows 4 from your ram (memory). In your case that would leave you with 4gb to run Windows and the game, thats pretty slim by any standard today.
  3. Gotta chime in, was on a ride with roughly 30-40 people going through Vespucci with not an ounce of texture loss. Great stuff
  4. Thank you for clarifying this, just want to be sure we are all on the same page, no Ill will meant.
  5. Reinstall will not fix this particular issue, we need more details before making any suggestions. Can you please post your specs and more details? System specs, internet speed? When did this start happening? Have you ever been able to play the game properly? When is the last time you were able to connect and roleplay on the server? Where about are you located, what is your connection like, are you using a VPN?
  6. You mention a VPN, are you stating this only works when you are connected to a VPN or vice versa? My guess is based on your location or connection you may be encountering issues. Keep me posted....
  7. Can we get more technical detail as to what we are randomly downloading off the internet? What is changed, modified or replaced?
  8. Well said and I agree. Figure in the liability, insurance and training it would be quite a cost. If these businesses in game are already operating slow enough to support running a tow business it makes you wonder if planning was even a consideration or if the money was just the primary thought. i open this to anyone, please find me a towing company that also does security… installs camera and offers even half the services Gruppe 6 does. Find me a logistics company that does package delivery and impounds cars for their local law enforcement department, hell let’s make it easier; a logistics company that does any public towing…. What’s next, we allow a car dealership to offer scuba diving certifications? Why not, they sell boats, or maybe they just expanded into another business..
  9. Do yourself a favor and go to G4S website and look at what they offer, towing and vehicle recovery isn't one of them. There are four of them, you just are ill informed.
  10. That would only make sense if we didn't already have four legitimate, contract-based towing companies that don't venture into other businesses, operating in the city. As it stands the PD also doesn't currently have a towing program so they handle all towing internally.
  11. Fair enough, I would agree internal recovery makes sense but a distribution/taxi/security company bidding out contracts with government agencies for vehicle impounding is a stretch. So as the IMEX representative can you give us some details why your towing division is blended into the Logistics company, how come it isn't advertised as service? Sounds like a side gig when your main business isn't very lucrative, like you stated. Almost like you unrealistically expanded to fill a void of inactivity. Your corporate webpage shows no mention of anything towing or recovery related, its a side gig clear as that, I would happily provide copies of my employee handbook and a blank employment contract that clearly states employees must have properly licensing and insurance at your request.
  12. Can you give me a real life example of a company where this exists? I would also argue it makes more sense to have these companies get in touch with a tow company using the mechanic line correct? Maybe setup a contract like they do in real life and have it handled just like the other agencies on the server. On the flip side, should I be able to diversify my towing business into logistics and start hauling packages and shipments? I have a spare seat in my tow truck, i guess I should get the Taxi license and start taking those jobs as well? What about the other companies listed, should I apply for my guard license and move into that business as well?
  13. Detailed Description There seems to be a lack of enforcement on what business companies partake in. There are four corporations who've made the leap from their traditional businesses to partake in vehicle impounds. As someone who went about it the right way, operating ONLY a towing and recovery business; myself and the other three legit businesses are directly affected. Its not realistic, nor fair that the listed companies are granted the ability to bridge over into a whole separate line of work just because they can afford to add a flat bed to their fleet. Every single corporate page does not reflect these towing services, it comes off as a straight money grab. 1. IMEX Logistics - Everything about this company is geared for logistics and package delivery and has been for years. Hence why they are located where they are. We don't see UPS, Fedex or DHL in the impound industry do we? Their line of work is in the name. LOGISTICS - TOPIC Of the four listed IMEX drivers would be the most capable. The Flatbed is based on the Peterbilt 379, a vehicle that would require special licensing because of the gross weight. 2. Gruppe 6 - A GTA5 (lore) SECURITY company is also now an active towing partner under contract with the Sheriffs Department. Again, why are we letting companies jump businesses, this isn't even in the realm of something they should handle. Do these security officers, bodyguards and camera installers just hop into a truck when a call pops up, or do they have dedicated operators? I bet we would be hard pressed to find a security company that also does impound and recovery. 3. Habeeb Transport Union - A Transit company that does Taxis, Tour buses, coach buses, limos and now vehicle impounds and recovery. Where do we draw the line, how does someone have the employees or the training to operate all of these effectively? - TOPIC 4. Transport on Demand - A Taxi company that also has recently jumped into the mix as well. Again, are we just spreading our same employees over both hotlines incase a call comes for a Taxi or a Tow? Relevant Commands/Items n/a How will it benefit the server? Enforcing the standards against businesses is key otherwise no one but the abusers will benefit. The market for these tow jobs is limited and they are becoming increasingly sparse. Looking at all of the listed companies topics you will find that none of them mention anything about towing or offering it as a service. This leads me to believe they just purchased a flat bed and keep it on stand by for when the requests come in, sticking to their traditional businesses while they wait. For legitimate tow companies like myself and others this leaves us at a disadvantage. I don't own any other fleet vehicles and my employees were all required to complete training and read our handbook. When we presented our contract to the SD and PD it was written under the pretense that our drivers are available when needed at anytime. The money and income from it isn't the major problem here; its the role play and the diminished quality. There is no logical reason that these companies would bridge over. This is something you would expect from maybe a mechanic shop, not a package delivery, security firm, or taxi driver. Its no different than having an LEO character deal cards at a casino until a 911 call comes in, only for them to drop everything and head to the call.
  14. Any further issues let me know, the guide is a bit older but still very relevant!
  15. That last clip was mine, that shit was wild. It's a hard proposition to try and enforce this on the server when staff is already fairly taxed. I think in these types of situations its just best to treat it as any scenario, stay with in the rules of roleplay and return to continue after the reboot. This is a perfect world scenario though that likely won't happen. I kind of see both sides, you do not want people doing wild unrealistic things with the goal of reconnecting to a clean slate, continuing unscathed, but I don't think its right to try and enforce a black out time of no RP for these events.
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