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  2. Ignore, I got an answer already, ty
  4. I tried that too, it just closed the connection on me and I had to restart my whole game anyhow.
  5. I just had this same issue, F4 wasn't working and I couldn't close it without restarting the game.
  6. After years in hiding and the death of her two younger brothers' abusive and dangerous father, Rochelle Clarke returns to Chamberlain Hills to find White City Mafia taken over by the Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods and those closest to her little more than memories. Despite successfully assimilating into the new gang and covering her WCM neck tattoo, Rochelle has preserved her WCM chest tattoo, not yet able to fully let go of the past.
  7. The roleplay I've had with SD has always been fun and a positive experience. The names that have been especially memorable are Marisa Savaria, Rudy Benson, Timothy Bowen, Benjamin Molina, and Samuel Vasquez. Big props to them for keeping roleplay standards high while also making interactions enjoyable.
  8. Classy. You’re screaming for a rule to be implemented to avoid rape roleplay and then clowning a woman who has allegedly been actually really assaulted in real life and using it as some sort of leverage in the debate around this rule. Can you say confused hypocrite? Don’t pretend to care about sexual assault occurring in game and then make dumb comments like this on the forums.
  9. Disagree because it’s unnecessary and redundant. Stop being sensitive. It’s words on a screen. Players require OOC consent to perform any type of sexual roleplay whether it’s consensual IC or not, so if you’re uncomfortable with it, then don’t consent to it. That’s more than enough to adequately moderate the rule. Your friend should have thicker skin over a video game. I also don’t see how IC consequences are avoided because 9/10 times rapist roleplayers are CKed, not to mention metagamed by many and crucified by the community on an OOC note. Furthermore, admins get down hard on people who com
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