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  1. There are many things that people don't roleplay because they are boring, tedious, or unnecessary. Guess what SFM inspections fall under for the majority of business owners? All of the above. Lol.
  2. LOL. What incentive would someone have to roleplay a businessman going into debt? Maybe people aren't roleplaying these things because they're not fun. The main priority of this game is to have fun within the parameters of realism and immersion, but if you're going to try and make it hyperrealistic, we might as well log off and go touch grass instead. Also, just because someone decides to roleplay something "unique" (edgy and different) doesn't mean they're bringing good roleplay (e.g., ERP-crazed transsexual characters), so maybe don't put so much emphasis on concepts you've never seen roleplayed before when there's probably an obvious and logical reason as to why they aren't roleplayed. Who enjoys the "boring" side of anything? Something can't be fun and boring at the same time. If I spent hours online on a video game each day I want to be having fun, not doing boring shit. Why do we " need" SFM to be able to shut a business down? I don't think that is a NEED at all. And what do you mean by "inept"? Inept as in they don't meet your roleplay standards or something subjective like that? Your opinion is really unpopular so this was a good thread to post it on.
  3. "Why aren't people receptive to the tedious roleplay that I'm forcing them into?"
  4. I don't know if you're talking about me, but if you are, I was pretty clear and purposeful when I said hermaphrodites, not transsexuals, and did not mention transsexuals anywhere on my topic. To add-on, transsexual/hermaphrodite roleplay is highly sexualized and fetishized on this server. I don't think people are becoming aware or are shocked that transsexuals exist (we have a large NA population that most likely have interacted with transsexuals before), but overly-sexual characters are nooby, and fetishizers go for characters like lesbians and transsexuals, and as a result people don't want to interact with them. Who specifically has roleplayed a transsexual decently in your eyes?
  5. Give me a good reason why not then Mary Banta.
  6. Detailed Description Ban people from playing as hermaphrodites (e.g., women with penises/both male and female reproductive organs). Alternatively, at least make it require admin approval. Relevant Commands/Items N/A. How will it benefit the server? It will help with immersion. No one roleplays them correctly anyhow. They're just fetishized and mostly used for ERP. There is also way too many of them lurking around San Andreas considering they make up an extreme minority of the global population IRL.
  7. "A few people." Lol. Try everyone on the server. If you ever get someone to PM you and say "yo I love that cologne" then show me and I'll eat my words. Until then, enjoy your 10k deduction and your cologne name that no one recognizes.
  8. Yeah I agree with you. I should reword what I originally typed. I'm talking about people using specific perfume names, not just generic scents. Most know what vanilla, bubble gum, coconut, etc. smells like, so I think that's fine.
  9. Anyone who puts their cologne or perfume in their /examine is a certified noob. I don't know what Lovely Cinder 20c by Cosmopolitan Limited Edition smells like and neither do most people, so why even include it? Whoever started this trend to put perfume or cologne in /examines needs to be banned. I'd rather someone put their tit size in their /examine than their choice of perfume because at least I can actually envision 38DDs.
  10. Not the most cringe I've seen but rather most recent cringe. My female character and her female friend got kicked out of a club by a group of hard ass bikers for gossipping about random women's clothes in /low. They also managed to hear us from like twelve feet away, so they sorta powergamed in order to be white knights which was a fun experience.
  11. Name: VallyGirlxo Comment: Amazing job by Kaylee. She finished my nails quickly and in the exact shape and style that I wanted! She was friendly, socialable, and personable. The staff have so much respect and courtesy for their clients. Will definitely be going back! Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  12. Please contact me at your earliest convenience! I have given you my information.
  13. Acknowledged, leaving 24 hours for other bids. (( Edited buyout price to accurately reflect the maximum price per the guidelines. ))
  14. Acknowledged, leaving 24 hours for higher bids.
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