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  1. Unpopular opinion: people saying gangs steal their cars and rob them everyday everywhere are lying. I personally have never been robbed or had cars stolen both on legal and illegal characters nor do I know of any faction that encourages this behavior. If you think the entire city is safe that’s your loss. Just because real estate prices are high in an area doesn’t make it safe. Gangs have territories AND there are resources ICly for your character to know exactly where they are. Stop leaving your car in dark alleys in Vespucci when you carelessly rush to the next club or café to stand in /anim partydance like it’s a Habbo chatroom and you probably will find your car. Unpopular opinion: A HUGE part of this server speaks and acts like life is My Little Pony and it’s very weird. I understand that a lot of the playerbase is heavily influenced by… video game culture… and it might explain some of the questionable fashion. But the personality? People just live in a super positive world praising the "courage" of their "BFFs" and whatnot and it feels like I’m watching a Barbie movie sometimes. Unpopular opinion: NOT ONE SINGLE person portraying a "femboy" is portraying a femboy or a femme gay man which would be so much more interesting. Again y’all are portraying weird internet culture cosplay anime shit and when people understandably reject it you deem it homophobic or whatever. It’s not. Your portrayal is just shit and weird. Using the super thicc Nivinha body mod and just claiming "I am a boy" in your FB bio does not make you a femboy RPer. Whipping out a 9inch dick when you erp female characters because your character "isn’t gay just because he’s a femboy" isn’t unique portrayal. It’s bringing your weird lesbian + shemale + other fantasies to life. I’d be so down to see people RP femme gay men like Saucy Santana or even fucking James Charles rather than these jokes of a character. Unpopular opinion: The very obvious FB only "shitposter" or "troll" characters isn’t giving what y’all thought it was giving. Most of them have the wit of a goldfish with Down syndrome. It’s never creative, it’s never funny. It’s always memes from 2014 that you probably have found on some sick incel subreddit. I miss smart trolls. Most of them are watered down and uninteresting now and just a way for virgins to share their IRL bigot opinions on FB without any consequences (i.e. white supremacy, incel shit etc. I don’t need to name it we all know the kind of people I’m talking about.) I can tell y’all still use XD and ^^ in 2022.
  2. In a real life setting yeah anything can happen. My point is on GTAW you can't just use the pretense that "this could happen in real life" because there's a certain level of respect to have for other people's experience. Hence the existence of the DM rule. Serial killers exist out there but you can't just randomly kill someone "because it happens in real life". I'm in no way defending whoever punched the guy, I don't know the details and I can't stand people who don't /me before fighting. I'm just saying when literal gang characters are watched very closely and have to pay attention to who and why they shoot, CCW characters who aren't even used to that life should think twice before taking a life especially during what initiated as a simple brawl. There was no IMMEDIATE threat to the character's life, it would have been different if the guy was holding a bat or something.
  3. It's not metagaming to script fight after you get hit for the first time, especially if the person didn't provide any /me. I was replying to "A sucker punch in GTA W almost always results in one party being downed" and the part where you reached for the stars "that skinhead could have easily decided to end OP's character's life by throwing punches until they were in a downed state, looted them, and leave them for dead". My point was, if that was the case then fucking press left click too instead of pulling a gun and killing someone for a punch.
  4. Also perhaps don’t go to skinhead bars in Vespucci if you’re not a skinhead/don’t want ro run into skinheads. This topic is giving the same vibe as people who go to South Central with no means of protection/not knowing how to act there and act surprised when trouble comes to find them.
  5. what… you can literally dodge punches all u have to do is fight + if someone kills u from a fight and loots u thats literally rulebreak u cant just shoot people to "prevent" shit that clearly would never happen just report if they break rules, like OP did
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