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  1. State of San Andreas Official Press Release From the desk of Esme Sheikh-Wade, Director of Strategic Communications and Outreach: For Immediate Release to the General Public: Fireside Chats Ep. 2 - The Magnificent Month of June COLLABORATION BETWEEN SAN ANDREAS STATE GOVERNMENT AND LOS SANTOS NEWS NETWORK May 22nd, 2022: Episode two of the Fireside Chats began with the Secretary of State, Noah Wade, publicly congratulating the newly elected and the re-elected Senators. He proceeded to speak about the month of June, stating that he has been collaborating with Senators from both caucuses to "establish resolutions that recognize widely known celebrations for the month of June", dubbing it "The Magnificent Month of June". Later on in the episode, he further expressed his concerns about the recent issues arising at the ports, addressing the Port Authority, and liaising with Port Director Hank Preston about making amendments to the San Andreas Port Authority Act to further equip and empower the department. (Transcript of EP.2 - The Magnificent Month of June) [Noah Wade] San Andreas, hello again! This is your Secretary of State speaking, Noah Wade. Welcome back to another broadcast of Fireside Chats. These last few weeks have been quite the eventful bunch. We saw an interesting shift in our State senate, breaking the recent historical tie between Republicans and Democrats, shifting to a red majority. In no particular order, I’d like to congratulate publicly, our newly elected and re-elected Senators. Adrian Rossi, Diana Jones, Rudy Benson, Jackie Lu, Bob Williams, Tucker Meier, Scarlet Summers, Andrew Brandenburg and Joshua Shepherd. Congratulations Senators, make your constituents and your state proud! I’ve spoken directly with a few senators, to establish resolutions that recognize widely known celebrations for the month of June in a campaign of mine that I’d like to call “The Magnificent Month of June.” Particularly in the category of festivities, I’d love to see more national, community-focused events to be recognized. One’s we can come to appreciate right here in San Andreas and Los Santos. I’ve made a few suggestions to our senators for celebrations to recognize, Country Cooking, PTSD Awareness, Workplace Safety and even to the extent of further recognizing our Asian-American community. All of these ideas I’ve pitched to law makers and others in my office have seen a wide range of support, you’ll see more to come in local news as these initiatives kick off! Over the course of the last few months, our very own Port Authority has hit a variety of issues and brick walls that have begun to trouble businesses at the Port of Los Santos. Citizens and businesses have begun to suffer due to the lack of, well-.. Protection that the Port Authority can provide. A surge in Grand Theft Auto, vehicle fleets from companies going missing or being sold on the black market for parts, harassment, trespassing and so on. Director Preston has come to me many a time regarding these issues and has begun work on amendments to the San Andreas Port Authority Act. He’s informed me these amendments will allow for greater powers to deter and remove trespassers from the port, better oversight and the end result of becoming better equipped for crime prevention. Director Preston told me directly that quote “Citizens and companies working at the port need us now more than ever, I see it as my duty to ensure their protection and productivity to the fullest extent that the law permits us.” I wish Director Preston the very best in his campaign to amend the law, and I hope to see that hard working men and women at the Port of Los Santos suffer no more. We would like to thank LSNN for collaborating with the San Andreas Government to help make this show possible. Notes:: All current and future media inquiries may be directed to the office of Strategic Communications and Outreach at [email protected] All information contained within this press release is recorded and archived by the State of San Andreas, and can be retrieved via official request. Author Esme Sheikh-Wade is reachable at [email protected] for any inquiry.
  2. I think rare cars should remain rare. While I don't see why certain cars should be locked behind a lease, Sultan RS, Elegy RH8, Tempesta, Ardent etc. These should be available to all, but cars like a RSX, Osiris, Furia, Nero, T20 (the list of cars goes on) are cars that should remain behind a strict background check, it should make sense for the character to have. Realistically speaking, the rare cars I speak of aren't obtainable by normal means of just buying one from a high end car dealer, you'd usually need to wait on a waiting list with said manufacturer for months to years, even after that, if you aren't someone known I highly doubt you could just go out and buy one. Hell, Ferrari don't allow certain cars to be modified and stuff. My personal take on the whole special lease thing is, keep the rare stuff strict but be more lenient with the sports cars. I don't see how a R33 Skyline is available to the masses but not the GTR. I feel like the argument of allowing all cars onto the server with no application would just create the problem of everyone owning a super car, it's no longer special. This could possible create another problem, Jane Doe ripping around in a Bugatti and racing it around doesn't exactly make sense, moderating such a thing wouldn't exactly be easy either.
  3. State of San Andreas Official Press Release From the desk of Esme Sheikh-Wade, Director of Strategic Communications and Outreach: For Immediate Release to the General Public: Senate Inauguration 2022: May 6th, 2022: As elections have come to a close, Secretary of State Noah Wade, acting in the capacity of the President of the Senate, conducted the inauguration of the new legislators at the San Andreas State Capitol. The ceremony was held at 20:30 on May 6, 2022, being observed by both members of the public and government officials alike. The President of the Senate guided the Senator-elects, along with the incumbents through the oath of office. Moreover, Senate Chaplain Gregory Francis was present to deliver a short prayer to mark the start of the session. Democrat Senators (left), Secretary of State, Noah Wade and Senate Chaplain, Gregory Francis (center), Republican Senators (right) Senate chambers The President of the Senate disclosed a list of the newly elected lawmakers and their corresponding districts that they will be representing. The newly elected Senators followed by the incumbents are as follows: Democratic Party District 25, Sen. Jackie Lu District 26, Sen. Tucker Meier District 30, Sen. Diana Jones (Incumbent) District 33, Sen. Kaoru King-Yagami, Esq. Republican Party District 27, Sen. Adrian Rossi (Incumbent) District 28, Sen. Bob Williams District 29, Sen. Scarlet Summers District 31, Sen. Rudy Benson (Incumbent) District 32, Sen. Andrew Brandenburg District 34, Sen. Joshua Shepherd (Incumbent) The fresh batch of Senators alongside the incumbents took the oath of office, solemnly swearing to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as well as the Constitution of San Andreas against all enemies, foreign and domestic; bearing true faith and allegiance to the same; that they took the obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that they would well and faithfully discharge the duties of office on which they were about to enter: So help them God. Republican Senators taking their oath of office Democratic Senators taking their oath of office Shortly after the senators had taken their oath of office, the session was moved onto the nomination of the President Pro Tempore. Out of the total of eight lawmakers present, six had nominated former PPT Adrian Rossi, while the other two did not nominate. Minority Leader Diana Jones further remarked as she recommended her colleague from across the aisle, commending him on his "successful bipartisan cooperation" from previous sessions. After nominations were put forward, Sen. Rudy Benson motioned for a vote to be held. Without objections Sen. Adrian Rossi was elected for his second term as President Pro Tempore. Passing of the gavel, PPT Adrian Rossi (left), Secretary of State Noah Wade (right) Sen. Rossi, having received the presidential gavel, was designated as the chairman for the remainder of the session and recognized the Minority Leader for a short remark. Diana Jones stated the following: "As the longest sitting senator, I've watched colleagues and friends come and go. Brilliant mentors such as Frank Ernst, principled gentlemen like Marty Haney. Men and women that we have to thank for the state of our State. It's not the most common scenario that a Democrat nominates a Republican for such a position. But that is what sets us apart from legislatures that get stuck in their endless fights. We are the ones who work together.” “Adrian Rossi here has been a tremendous leader, a cunning politician, and a great friend. I am grateful to get to work alongside him again, and I have the people to thank for that. All of you who voted, who put your trust in all of us. There is much to be done, and our state is far from perfect. And yet, it is on days like these that I feel proud to be a citizen of San Andreas. Thank you, everyone, and thank you and congratulations, Adrian.” President Pro Tempore followed it up with a speech of his own, the following is what he stated: "Thank you everyone. Thank you so much, to the voters, to our Constituents, to my colleagues, and to those that supported me throughout this endeavour. I know that we've been standing around for so long, so I'll speak for just a minute before we are dismissed. — Well, we've given speeches left and right these past few weeks. Everything we have said reflects the principles of our Democracy from those that run to represent the People and those the People elect. All I can give today is my unending gratitude to those who continue to support me. There was overwhelming support. I cannot thank you all enough.” “Now is a time where we work together with one another, where we come together willingly and hear each other out. This is how civilized societies work. We will not divide, we will not be a source of harm for one another. At the end of the day, we're each pushing to do good. At the end of the day, we are all Americans! God bless the State of San Andreas, and may God bless These United States of America. Thank you!” Minority leader, Diana Jones (left) and PPT, Adrian Rossi (right) On behalf of Strategic Communications and Outreach, we’d like to thank both LSNN and LSPD’s H-Platoon for attending and securing tonight’s remarkable event. Notes:: All current and future media inquiries may be directed to the office of Strategic Communications and Outreach at [email protected] All information contained within this press release is recorded and archived by the State of San Andreas, and can be retrieved via official request. Author Esme Sheikh-Wade is reachable at [email protected] for any inquiry.
  4. State of San Andreas Official Press Release From the desk of Esme Sheikh-Wade, Director of Strategic Communications and Outreach: For Immediate Release to the General Public: San Andreas Government Announces Elections: On the 22nd of March, the State of San Andreas announced it will be holding a general election for its State Senate. The announcement serves as a formal notice of a month-long process. The last Senate election was held back in early 2021. Discussions regarding the lengthy pause on referendums have been vital for Secretary of State Noah Wade's administration. The election system will follow the D'Hondt method. The application process for candidacy will last for a total of 13 days from the 1st of April to the 13th of April, followed by a campaign period for another 13 days from April the 14th to April the 27th. This will be followed by polls which look to open from the 27th of April to May the 4th. Below is the official Senate election schedule. SENATE ELECTION SCHEDULE APPLICATION PERIOD: APRIL 1st - APRIL 13th CAMPAIGN PERIOD: APRIL 14th - APRIL 27th ELECTION POLLS OPEN: APRIL 27th, 11:59PM ELECTION POLLS CLOSE: MAY 4th, 11:59PM With elections close by, the state will be seeing new candidates emerge with strong political backgrounds who will be looking to run for a political party. We shall be seeing candidates organizing campaigns and meeting with the public to gauge their views on opinions and what they hope to see from their state representatives. This will also provide a chance for the public to voice their concerns to be addressed in the Chambers. Notes:: All current and future media inquiries may be directed to the office of Strategic Communications and Outreach at [email protected] All information contained within this press release is recorded and archived by the State of San Andreas, and can be retrieved via official request. Author Esme Sheikh-Wade is reachable at [email protected] for any inquiry.
  5. Job Posting — Communication Officer / Specialist Strategic Communications and Outreach GS-5 to GS-7 Final Filing Date: Until Post(s) is Filled Job Description and Duties As part of the Strategic Communication & Outreach team, the Strategic Communication Officer / Specialist will develop and conduct media advocacy training for the State Government in various settings, from health departments to community-based grassroots organizations. The strategic communication personnel will also author SCO publications and provide tailored technical assistance to support advocates in developing and carrying out their medio advocacy plans. Minimum Requirements Officer This position does not have a Classification Specification. Specialist Requirements and qualifications for this position can be found in this announcement. For additional questions, please contact the Director of Strategic Communications and Outreach. Position Details Job Code # - SA 126039 Position #(s) - 680-250-7500-008/7 Working Title - Communication Officer & Communication Specialist The San Andreas State Treasury designate a single salary range for all entry-levels, GS-5 to GS-7 to provide delegated departments flexibility within an established salary cap, discretion to establish salaries above the approved levels. # of Positions - 2 Work Location - Los Santos, San Andreas Job Type - Communications - Full Time Who May Apply? Individuals who possess previous experience / a degree in this domain may apply for the Specialist entry-level. Those who do not possess any of these two requirements should apply for the Officer entry-level. How To Apply? Complete a basic Application Package (including previous employment and applicable or required documents such as Identification Card) must be submitted to apply for this Job Posting. Application Packages may be submitted electronically through your YourGov account at https://sagov.gta.world/. When submitting your application in electronical copy, a completed copy of the Application Package with the individual's signature must be included. What is normally required in a job application package? Typically, an Employment Application Form (STD 678) and resume will be the most common requirements for an application package. However, some other documents may be required, such as a SOQ, cover letter, a typing Certificate, or a copy of your degree. (( To apply for this position, you need to send a small resume of your character, alongside Administrative Record and a character stats picture. Make sure you send the resume with the title "Application Package - Firstname Lastname" to the Chief of Strategic Communications group role on the SAGOV forum. )) Knowledge and Abilities Applicants must demonstrate the ability to perform with high confidence and English proficiency and policy-influencing functions effectively. Such overall ability requires possession of most of the following: (1) Knowledge of the organization and functions of San Andreas State Government, including the organization and practices of the Legislature and the Executive Branch; principles, practices, the trends of public administration, organization, and management; techniques of organizing and motivating groups; program development and evaluation. (2) Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of professional communication and administrative relevant assignments within SCO; integrate the activities of a diverse program to attain common goals. Equal Opportunity Employer The State of San Andreas is an equal opportunity employer to all, regardless of age, ancestry, color, disability (mental and physical), exercising the right to family care and medical leave, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, military or veteran status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religious creed, sex (includes pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and related medical conditions), and sexual orientation. It is an objective of the State of San Andreas to achieve a drug-free work place. Any applicant for the state employment will be expected to behave in accordance with this objective because the use of illegal drugs is consistent with the law of the State, the rules governing Civil Service, and the special trust placed in public servants.
  6. I currently have a character and a few friends that I RP a racer with. Majority of the time we're not even racing, we don't primarily base all our RP around racing. Some of us are involved with different factions and gangs. Most of the time we'd go to a "well known race track" and just do a couple of laps and call it a day before we park up and just start socializing. I feel like racing has become a very niche thing on the server and there's a lot of people who judge others who race, racers get criticized a lot and to be honest, it's for good reason. The majority of the scene is littered with people who simply just want to race, minimal RP, no consideration for their character and safety. Sadly this is what the majority of racers are. Being labelled a racer on the server feels like a bad thing because of the way people have portrayed them in the past which sucks because there's actually a lot of RP potential around it. The way I see it is that you need to have a group of people who don't just want to set lap times and do laps all day. The actual racing aspect should be more of a side thing.
  7. Looking to sell my ZR-350. Great looking car, fast and stylish. Interior maintained to a top standard, built 13B REW. More info regarding the vehicle can by found out by emailing me or calling 14000. The bidding starts at 120,000. There is no buyout, open to offers.
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