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  1. Looking to sell my Banshee, immaculate condition. Finished in gloss black. Asking for $250,000
  2. I'll offer 420.
  3. Someone I know in game lives two doors down from me, they posted a picture of their car in a discord, next day on my way back home I see said car parked on my road. Small world.
  4. Drafter Sold, Dominator GTX still available.
  5. Ocelot Lynx has been sold. Obey 8F Drafter is being held for @Jura Dominator GTX is still available.
  6. Looking to sell three brand new vehicles. All three vehicles are stock and have under fifty miles on the clock. Vehicles will come with one day drive away insurance. Buyout for the Obey 8F Drafter is $290,000 O.B.O [SOLD] Buyout for the Dominator GTX is $290,000 O.B.O [Starting Bid: $220,000] Buyout for the Ocelot Lynx is [SOLD]
  7. 165 for the Jester, number is 7176,
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