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Found 23 results

  1. SILVER SQUARE CREATIONS - INFORMATION - Website: https://silver-square.online To book a photoshoot or any other services: https://silver-square.online/services To learn more about us and join our team: https://silver-square.online/about Facebrowser page: https://face.gta.world/pages/silversquare Terms & Conditions of Service: https://silver-square.online/extra/Terms_and_Conditions.pdf - CONTACT INFO - Phone: 7208 Email Us [Click!] ((Discord server))
  2. About HAUS HAUS Institute originates as a creative collective dedicated to celebrating diversity and advancing inclusion across the industries of fashion, media, and beyond. Founded in 2023 by Mila Bojchenko and Faith Labelle, HAUS' umbrella unites talented individuals with shared values to empower underrepresented voices. Operating as an umbrella comprised of successful subsidiaries, HAUS provides an organization to strategically support and share resources needed to realize each brand's full creative potential. HAUS' independent subsidiaries, Vom Moda and Diversify, aims to utilize their collaborative partnership to push creative boundaries in the fashion industry. Our primary brands, Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine, exemplify HAUS' mission through their respective fields. Vom Moda establishes new standards in high fashion with avant-garde designs championing self-expression in all its forms. Whereas Diversify builds an alternative media platform representing diverse subcultures and empowering emerging talents. Beyond our subsidiaries, HAUS aims to establish an influential creative collective for its respective field. By cultivating an inclusive community and nurturing the next generation of leaders, we aspire to make a positive social impact. It is through creative expression and empowerment that lasting change can effect Los Santos' fashion industry. At HAUS Institute, diversity is our driving force. We aspire forward to connecting our subsidiaries with open-minded collaborators who share a similar vision to us. Together, through collaboration and creative freedom, we will continue challenging conventions to forge an ethical future for the fashion industry. Our Blog Here you'll discover insights and stories from the creative hearts of HAUS Institute. Through our words and photography, we strive to share our vision of an industry shaped by diverse voices and fresh perspectives. Meet the talented individuals behind Vom Moda and Diversify Magazine. Gain inspiration from their journeys as they help establish HAUS. You'll also receive an inside look at our productions, from behind-the-scenes snapshots to commentary on our latest collections and issues. We aim to provide an authentic view of our process - the moments of innovation and inspiration as well as overcoming challenges as a team. Vom Moda presents 'Alien Superstar" - May 16, 2024, 1:21 pm. Cultivating Creativity in the Great Outdoors - May 6, 2024, 5:58 pm. Introducing HAUS Institute - May 2, 2024, 9:54 am. Contact Us We want to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or inquiries. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days. For urgent matters, please call our main phone number during business hours. We look forward to connecting and advancing important conversations together. Business ID: 032/APR/24 | City of Los Santos www.haus.institute | Facebrowser | Discord
  3. Want to join our diverse team? Click the link below! https://gtaw.gg/WeJobs For business inquires and any other questions, please contact Raen DeJager through Facebrowser here: https://face.gta.world/Fuego or call 14000 Join our discord: https://discord.gg/ufynXmDN2R WE® GTA:World
  4. ABOUT ME: “Well, Hi! My name is Sakura Mori, or Kura, and I’m a hobbyist photographer and workaholic as my friends say. I’m best known for producing and hosting the Track Record Podcast, presented by WeStudios, and I was the Race Director for the recent Coalition Motorsports of San Andreas’ Rallycross series. With the season concluded and my workload shifting despite being promoted to a Board Director for CMSA, I decided to compile images I take throughout my ongoing life as photography has always been a true passion of mine. Whilst most of it will be motorsports related, I am excited to explore the great city that Los Santos is and test my knowledge as I go, learning about photography more and more. I spent most of my life growing up in rural Japan and I have always admired the way photography has the ability to capture a singular moment for such fleeting moments of performance. So bare with me whilst I build up this portfolio to be the learning experience I am hoping it to be, I hope you enjoy my learning process and feel free to reach out!” PORTFOLIO DIRECTORY ADAGIO AUTO EXOTIC PRACTICE GT3 PRO SERIES 24/MAR/24 GT3 PRO SERIES 28/JAN/24 DEMOLITION DERBY 04/JUL/23 AUTO EXOTIC KING OF THE CONE 30/MAR/24 MY FAVORITE SHOT TO DATE © 2024 Sakura Mori. All Rights Reserved. DEMOLITION DERBY 04/JUL/23 "Photographing high speed vehicles and impacts was always something that fascinated me, that ability to capture a potentially life changing moment. This was the first time I had ever seen a demolition derby but I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to test my knowledge and learn from the fast paced dynamic. Capturing this shot is a highlight on my journey so far - the scrap metal, the sparks, the ruin. You almost feel like you are there - the car hurtling towards you, the glass shatters ringing in your ears and the smell of gasoline rampant throughout the air." All content is copyrighted to Sakura Mori. If you'd like to use any content on my portfolio you may contact me directly to obtain direct rights to use the content with watermark and credits. © 2024 Sakura Mori. All Rights Reserved. CONTACT ME: | Phone: 9867 | Facebrowser | COMMENTS ARE ENABLED Username: Comment:
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((Comments enabled, with a name / comment format. Comments are taken completely IC. ))
  6. PARADISE is a neo-noir crime drama series inspired by works such as 'Nightcrawler', 'Drive', 'Max Payne', and 'Shot in the Dark'. Currently ten acts in length, this thread follows the gradual development of Ashton Love, a gonzo photojournalist here in Los Santos to cover crime and urban decay. PARADISE features some adult themes and references to real-world social and political issues, including human trafficking, the drug epidemic, and the destabilization of the East. Some content written around the Ukraine conflict was written prior to invasion. Thread quality drastically improves over time (as I learn to edit!) LATEST CONTENT (UPDATED 29/JANUARY/2024) PARADISE PROJECT WEBSITE CLICKING EACH IMAGE BELOW WILL BRING YOU TO THE CORRESPONDING ACT (Click with middle mouse to open in new tab. Individual scenes contained in spoilers.) BEST BROWSED TO THE ATTACHED MUSIC ON EACH SCENE EACH TRACK IS CHOSEN TO FIT THE THEME THE POST IT'S ON RECOMMENDED & RELATED READS 'Katya Annikova', a story of struggles and sensuality 'The Truth Will Set You Free', story of Yunisa Flores of the LS Daily News One call, that's all! - An Episodic introspective to law and corruption Investigating the Void: A '70s-chic Gumshoe Story
  7. Photography by Sam Preston Specializing in portraits of any kind, individual/couple/group, engagement or wedding. I'm here for you! * Now open for commissions through my website here.
  8. WeDONTLIFT: Muscle Mania - Issue 1 Click the image above to read (( https://discord.gg/VVfNwRZz7s )) Leave us a review and feedback! Name: Rating: 1-5 ⭐ Review/Feedback: We Studios 2022 © GTA:World
  9. Welcome to the portofolio of Nils Photography. Landscape: Interior: Human interest: Vehicles: You can expect nothing but quality when you hire me. (No picture here is edited)
  10. Please visit, and leave nice comments about my work! http://allison7521.weebly.com/ WELCOME TO WEST VINEWOOD! (( Comments are enabled ))
  11. Where to begin... You'd imagine it to be quite easy to start a Journal, to share your ideas with the world, your personality, struggles and expressions due to being an Artist and it already being what you do, but, it's not. The life of an artist, especially a Model and Photographer from the outside looks like glitz and glamour, like you're ontop of the world and everyone is watching you. Only one of those things is true, there is a spotlight on you and it's not always bright. Sometimes it's dark, gloomy and full of terror, this little journal is my way of sharing my passions, it's ups and it's downs and to hopefully help others who might be going through the same or looking to in the future. Being a public figure, a model and artist atleast is like standing on the edge of a cliff. Overlooking the sea as a great storm approaches, you're unsure if you'll find your way, if you'll come out the other side... but no mater what, no matter how scary it gets you keep trying, you keep trying to find your path. So, that's where this story begins, a time of my life that looks the scariest. I've just come out of surgery, having my Throat Reconstructed, so I'm bed ridden. Unable to move around much and too confused to operate a camera, so for the next few weeks a pen is my tool. I might aswell start at the beginning, why I got into what I do, what inspired me and the struggles I have now. I'm 24 years old, born in Croulebarbe in the South of Paris in a dainte little town house along the sides of a small alley, dotted with fresh fruit stalls and artists offering to paint portraits for money. Every morning as a child the house would fill with the smell of fresh roses, cheese and oil paint, it was always so exciting because I never knew who I would meet that day. I'd run out of the house and down the alley, smiling at everyone as I stop at each artist and look at their work. I knew, as the bones are to my body that I was going to be a painter. I was going to inspire and give others the same feeling I felt everyday. When I was just 6 I picked up my first paint brush, dabling with my fathers oil paints onto the white washed lounge room wall. I still remember the look on his face as I filled with terror, thinking I was going to be scolded. However, he encouraged me but told me the wall is not a place to capture my feelings, to use the canvas instead. He took me by the hand and led me into his little studio, plopped another brush in my hand and told me to close my eyes. To smell the paints and just feel the canvas, not look but to feel and hear as I attempted to paint a Pink Rose. It was so exciting, I was so giddy. For years after I would steal away at midnight into my fathers studio and just paint whatever I was thinking, flowers, people, animals. Over the years as I grew from child to young adult I developed my skills and learnt a profound amount about composition, lighting, color theory and more. I'm not sure what I loved the most, learning the foundations of art or the feeling of getting lost in a world of my own. By the age of 18 I had enroled at Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University where I took an undergraduate of Photography & Visual Design, encapsulating my favorite areas of art and learning a new one, Photography. It was around this time that I got into a very unhealthy relationship with a older man, I was barely able to leave the house as he kept me inside... barely, just barely graduating due to innatendance. He was an aggressive man and everything that happened during our relationship would later effect my life as an artist, both online and independantly. I suffered severe damage to my wrist, leaving me with a lack of movement and shakeyness. It felt like my world ended, not the troubles of my life but the fact that I could no longer paint, I spent weeks, months, crying and trying to paint.. but I simply couldn't anymore. A straight line would turn into a squigle, a face would turn into a blur of badly painted features. I felt frozen, unable to go on. It was due to my twin sister Elyna that I was able to find myself again, she taught me what it meant to be strong and independant. She was heavily into Fashion & Design and would often ask me to take photos of her, letting me put my time earnt skills to practice. Through her, my beloved sister I found myself again. I used all the money I had saved from my childhood to buy my first, very own camera. I remember it vividly. The feeling of the cold metal, plastic and glass against my finger tips as I picked it up for the very first time, a Canon EOS C300 Mark III EF. It felt magical, although it cost me almost $18,000. Over 15 years worth of savings, leaving me with just a tiny bit left. As a present from my sister she bought me a lens for it, the 35mm DGO sensor. Little did I know, at this point that I would be seeing my sister for the last time in over a year. I took my camera and the little bit of money I had left and bundled up in a small yet long wagon. One of those types you'd see in the 1950s hippie movement, being my base and centre of life for the next year as I traveled across most of Europe, through Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Romania and Austria. During those 12 months I took over 5,000 photographs, photographs I still have saved to this day. Memories, possibilities of the future from actions of the past. In Germany I got the chance to capture a stunning Brewery, in Romania a small Vampire-esque town, Sweden the icey mountain peeks and deep valleys. My journey across Europe had to end somewhere though, and that was with me boarding a permanent flight to America, the "Land of The Free". I touched down in Southern Los Santos, the warm summer air shocking me as I had never felt such intense sun and heat before, yet for the minutes it took me to take it all in I fell in love. The rest, well being for another page, another day.
  12. Looking for work - Professional Photographer, and Graphic designer. Call, text or email!
  13. WELCOME TO NORTHERN STUDIOS Join our community hub here to book your photoshoot: www.northernstudios.hub Check out our gallery website here: www.northernstudios.gallery Check out our Facebrowser here: www.face.gta.world/northernstudios Contact us here: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Need some hot pictures for Quickdate?? We got you! Join our community hub above for more information. Artistic. Joyful. Creative. Passionate. "We're here to help you capture moments today, create memories forever." Currently hiring following positions: - Photographers ((prefer having experience in menyoo)) Currently partnering with NEWSX, SAASCAR, The Garden Nightclub, Coffee Sense & Los Santos Auto Group Portfolio Section CONTACT Facebrowser PM @Northern Studios Join our community: www.northernstudios.com ((Discord Server)) Contact us here: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Founded by Brodie Linhares EST. 2021 We are currently working towards getting a studio location within Los Santos
  14. Nyheim

    My Artworks

    Some of you might or might not know me - I was pass content creator in FiveRP 2017 before the merged Either way is time to show some activity around the forum (which I am mostly active in-game and facebrowser) As part of my artworks that I am mainly creating for my characters and overall community members along the road (To be clear - all my shots been taken through SP (Menyoo) while having everything to look identical as possible in terms of IC) (And no graphic mods whatsoever - all been taken through vanilla with high max settings through the Rockstar Editor) (I am using heavy third software such as Adobe Photoshop mainly / Lightroom / Illustrator / Spark / and so on) This is one of my most if not my main successful Artist / Designer / Photographer character of mine That responsible for basically everything that I do - as he known by the name - Yoel Lewis ( For his entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Yoellewis ) My second and most favorite character of mine known as - Jenny Nyheim ( As most of my time I am playing with her mainly as being a model and so on ) ( For her entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Jenny ) ( As well as having her own website page that dedicated to her whole modeling profession www.Nyheim.me ) Community Artworks As part of my contribution to this beloved server where I work alongside with players nor editing or photograph them ( Check my main Artist page at - www.Yoellewis.me for more artworks of mine that I continuously doing ) In-game 100% IC Capturing ( Before and After ) Overall I will keep pushing my limits and do arts as far as I am part of this community Thanks for all the support and requests that I am getting from you guys! Much more to come! ( I'll keep updating the thread which I have more behind the scenes ) And please bare in mind that as much as I would love to keep contribute and to be able to help everyone out I might not be able to do so due to a health condition of mine that takes most of my time from being 100% and do so for everyone around.
  15. hey im mfinda aka erp. (when ppl say theyre gonna erp theyre talking about me) i do alot of work in photoshop. in fact i have a character whos entire career revolves around working in it, alyx rodriguez. on her i run a business, ALYX Digital, that sells graphic design, photography, etc. when people dont want their logos to look like booboo, or they want their business card to instantly grant them erp perms when they /shownote, people come to me. however im showing none of that in this thread, because even if the idea is interesting to me, a thread full of logos is fuckin boring so, alyx is also the creative director for elegance, as well as a model for it. when i have an idea for a photoshoot, a photo for facebrowser, for elegance, or whatever, most of the time my ideas are outside the range of what mods or just in-game assets can provide. so, i use my experience with photoshop to complete these ideas. im not a professional or anything, im actually a baker irl but yeah man heres my works! ill show you the befores and afters of each edit, and a bit on how i did it. thank u for looking!
  16. Since I'm really into photography and specificaly automotive photography, here I'll show some of my ''shots''. These are from a small car event I attended a few weeks ago called ''Chill and Ride Summer Opening'' which a car club I'm in hosted. It was sure fun and eventful. Comment what you think, what could I improve and which picture or car is your favorite. The camera I'm using is a Nikon D3300 with the original lens. Only a few are post processed, the rest are just as they were straight from the camera.
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