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Found 7 results

  1. WELCOME TO NORTHERN STUDIOS Join our community hub here to book your photoshoot: www.northernstudios.hub Check out our gallery website here: www.northernstudios.gallery Check out our Facebrowser here: www.face.gta.world/northernstudios Contact us here: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Need some hot pictures for Quickdate?? We got you! Join our community hub above for more information. Artistic. Joyful. Creative. Passionate. "We're here to help you capture moments today, create memories forever." Currently hiring following positi
  2. Some of you might or might not know me - I was pass content creator in FiveRP 2017 before the merged Either way is time to show some activity around the forum (which I am mostly active in-game and facebrowser) As part of my artworks that I am mainly creating for my characters and overall community members along the road (To be clear - all my shots been taken through SP (Menyoo) while having everything to look identical as possible in terms of IC) (And no graphic mods whatsoever - all been taken through vanilla with high max settings through the Rockstar Editor)
  3. These are some of the best pictures i took: Landscape: Human interest: Hope y'all liked them 🙂
  4. hey im mfinda aka erp. (when ppl say theyre gonna erp theyre talking about me) i do alot of work in photoshop. in fact i have a character whos entire career revolves around working in it, alyx rodriguez. on her i run a business, ALYX Digital, that sells graphic design, photography, etc. when people dont want their logos to look like booboo, or they want their business card to instantly grant them erp perms when they /shownote, people come to me. however im showing none of that in this thread, because even if the idea is interesting to me, a thread full of logos is fucki
  5. Since I'm really into photography and specificaly automotive photography, here I'll show some of my ''shots''. These are from a small car event I attended a few weeks ago called ''Chill and Ride Summer Opening'' which a car club I'm in hosted. It was sure fun and eventful. Comment what you think, what could I improve and which picture or car is your favorite. The camera I'm using is a Nikon D3300 with the original lens. Only a few are post processed, the rest are just as they were straight from the camera.
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