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  1. Sam2

    Cops and Robbers

    No. We do not have the ability to see who went out in what car. Cars are in a pool assigned to each division/bureau. You can't narrow down most cars to a particular person.
  2. Sam2

    Rest in peace, dude. 

  3. Unsure if a bug or intended for this specific business type, but you can't pay with card at jewellery stores for watches. Either way, would be nice to be able to choose payment method.
  4. Sam2


    The main problem with robberies is the usually poor roleplay around them. Rarely are you robbed by a struggling crackhead/desperate person with a knife next to a dark alley. Instead you're robbed by four eighteen year olds in a Bravado Hellhound all armed with handguns/shotguns with the speed and efficiency of a trained robbery crew. Noone enjoys this. It's not good RP. It's why robberies have a bad name, people chasing OOC assets rather than focusing on char dev and a good reciprocal interaction between robber and robee. Punishment tier/severity does not deter bad roleplay. Bad roleplay must be fixed in other ways. Robbery quality must go up, and robbery crews must be fixed for things which robbery crews make sense for.
  5. I find the best thing to do is keep it simple in the /me's, keep them descriptive of what's going on for the patient, and leave as much medical babble out of them as possible, but use that babble aplenty when discussing what's being done with someone in the know (transferring care, etc). Interact as much as possible when the person's conscious, let them know what any drugs would do to them so they can RP the effects/impact of those drugs accordingly via PM, and when taking information, usually I just PM them and ask them if they're cool with me making up their vitals based on their injuries/time since wounded/other factors. Most of them say sure, just do your thing. If they say no, I walk them through it all in PM's. Be descriptive, be straightforward, don't be overly complex, and let people get a feel for what it is you're roleplaying so they can reciprocate. And, try not to make it take too long unless it's something they're engaging in themselves or it has to be longer by nature (cardiac arrest, so forth). All in all, it's a balancing act. Keep the medical babble for IC communication and out of /me's when possible. When it's not, explain what's happening. That being said this is for an ideal injury RP person who is willing to go along with it. More often than not you get someone who just wants to skip everything, rush it all, and go right back to doing things on the street, so, eh. Swings and roundabouts.
  6. I don't understand why the opening of this thread is claiming issues with SAPR for the whole hunting thing. Don't treat the hunting job like a script money farm. It's meant to be a good RP experience. Not a way to bring in $$$. Outside of that honestly I don't have much interaction with SAPR, but I don't feel like this thread is particularly genuine in its attempt to address problems with SAPR, rather, it's blaming them for getting in the way of OOC money farming "hunting runs?" My few interactions with SAPR have, however, been pleasant and nice and a decent experience thus far.
  7. Just a clear up on the whole Penn v Mimms thing. People actually misinterpret this because they only read one line off the top of the wikipedia page. Penn v Mimms in and of itself only allows an officer to order the driver out of the vehicle for safety reasons. This is what it, specifically, allows. Once out, they need the circumstances from terry v ohio to actually pat the driver down. They can't just go "penn v mimms I frisk you now." To clarify, Terry v Ohio requires the officer to have reasonable suspicion that you are armed and dangerous in order to pat down. Just wanted to put that out there because I see rather a lot of people who think that Penn v Mimms = pat down permission and that Terry v Ohio also = magic pat down permission.
  8. No. It hasn't. Again. "- One of 3 factions (PD/SD/FD) handles the 911 dispatch compeltely on their own, having their own internal 911 Dispatch Division." -Nope. Can't even get sufficient manpower for existing civilian jobs (ones that are by far more interesting and engaging, at that). If you go onto the old system as a "backup" it's what's going to get used 99% of the time. Having a lot of script support for 1 dude whose going to burn out hard doing something pretty stressful isn't great either. You aren't actually going to get the staffing numbers that makes this worthwhile. "with this system, there is no longer inefficient emergency calls, with either the agency having to call back or dispatching wrong units based on wrongfull or incomplete information. The Dispatcher decides which department and which units to send. This makes the job safer, more efficient, and 911 more reliable." - This is a little anecdotal, ignores the logistical realities of the game, and doesn't factor in things like unit spread, or reasonably ensuring no one thing is dumped with the duff calls or a lack of calls or an abundance of calls. Being a dispatcher is actually complicated. You also can't rely on unit assignment via dispatcher in the one moment and then on whatever each faction currently does a second later, which you'd have to do. It's messy. It is not practical for the reality of the situation in such a manner that it can be done with any regularity.
  9. The question is one of who will these players be who will man dispatch, as it always is, then it's coupled with the problems of manpower and unit assignment that comes up on a video game. Units aren't divided into restricted geographical patrol areas with overflow and support units mixed in to supplement the primary response units for an area, nor can you enforce that on people. (Forcing someone to patrol a certain square for an hour, especially when that square is empty and devoid of RP, is not fun). The backlog thing with the please hold system isn't practical for the 1 dispatcher you'd have online half the time. They'd be easily overwhelmed. You aren't going to get a large group of people for this offering ample coverage. "''1-Lincoln-12, what is the reason of your code 3?'" - This isn't really a job for dispatch. Dispatch isn't there to enforce policy. This suggestion just doesn't work. You can't expect there to be a regular or good staffing of people who want to be 911 dispatchers around the clock. There aren't that many people interested. I don't think you understand how hard it is to get people to fill the civilian job section of things. PD has a wide variety of civilian jobs and not many takers. It's just not practical for a video game setting.
  10. Don't quote me on it but I'm 80% sure it's just street gangs. You'd have to ask FLD for a better answer. Also r.e. letting things play out icly via the courts. You can! If you're a prior felon (preventing you from getting a PF) you can petition a judge to have your record expunged, thus allowing you to acquire a license again.
  11. Hi. The only OOC rule for firearms licenses is: "(( Must not have any previous or current Gang Affiliations with the applying character or have intentions of Gang Affiliations in the future without notifying a member of Firearms Licensing Division Command to have the license removed.))" This does not prevent you from using it for IC badness, though generally speaking, acquiring a legal firearm just to go robbing people with it (for example) is a bit derpy. This specific OOC rule exists because it would be very silly to see a small army of 21 year old gang members running around with their lawfully purchased firearm engaging in street gang activity. You can find more rules/information here: https://fld.gta.world/info/pf.php
  12. Sam2

    Corrupt LSPD

    Hi. Just to clarify. That's 42k for a maximum of 20 hours every seven days. So, to get that 42k, you have to actually play for 20 hours in that 7 day period. It's not a flat payment every week. And if you play for less than that, you only get $2100 for every hour put in. Just so noone thinks people are making money hand over fist at the baseline rank for the PD.
  13. I have a lot of concerns and I am rather unhappy. I am disappointed in a number of things that happened and the way they happened, and I do not believe things were done correctly, justly or in a way that is conducive to good conduct, stability and quality. I'm sorry, I don't have a way of phrasing that more constructively, as I believe there is little constructive to be said about the entire process. It is not, and was not, acceptable.
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