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  1. No. It hasn't. Again. "- One of 3 factions (PD/SD/FD) handles the 911 dispatch compeltely on their own, having their own internal 911 Dispatch Division." -Nope. Can't even get sufficient manpower for existing civilian jobs (ones that are by far more interesting and engaging, at that). If you go onto the old system as a "backup" it's what's going to get used 99% of the time. Having a lot of script support for 1 dude whose going to burn out hard doing something pretty stressful isn't great either. You aren't actually going to get the staffing numbers that makes th
  2. The question is one of who will these players be who will man dispatch, as it always is, then it's coupled with the problems of manpower and unit assignment that comes up on a video game. Units aren't divided into restricted geographical patrol areas with overflow and support units mixed in to supplement the primary response units for an area, nor can you enforce that on people. (Forcing someone to patrol a certain square for an hour, especially when that square is empty and devoid of RP, is not fun). The backlog thing with the please hold system isn't practical for the 1 dispatcher you'd hav
  3. Don't quote me on it but I'm 80% sure it's just street gangs. You'd have to ask FLD for a better answer. Also r.e. letting things play out icly via the courts. You can! If you're a prior felon (preventing you from getting a PF) you can petition a judge to have your record expunged, thus allowing you to acquire a license again.
  4. Hi. The only OOC rule for firearms licenses is: "(( Must not have any previous or current Gang Affiliations with the applying character or have intentions of Gang Affiliations in the future without notifying a member of Firearms Licensing Division Command to have the license removed.))" This does not prevent you from using it for IC badness, though generally speaking, acquiring a legal firearm just to go robbing people with it (for example) is a bit derpy. This specific OOC rule exists because it would be very silly to see a small army of
  5. Sam2

    Corrupt LSPD

    Hi. Just to clarify. That's 42k for a maximum of 20 hours every seven days. So, to get that 42k, you have to actually play for 20 hours in that 7 day period. It's not a flat payment every week. And if you play for less than that, you only get $2100 for every hour put in. Just so noone thinks people are making money hand over fist at the baseline rank for the PD.
  6. I have a lot of concerns and I am rather unhappy. I am disappointed in a number of things that happened and the way they happened, and I do not believe things were done correctly, justly or in a way that is conducive to good conduct, stability and quality. I'm sorry, I don't have a way of phrasing that more constructively, as I believe there is little constructive to be said about the entire process. It is not, and was not, acceptable.
  7. The issue isn't with modded clothing, purely with the fact that people install mods that don't quite match up with the equivalent object/item scriptwise. E.G. Installing a "hood up" mod on a default hood down clothing item. In this instance, it is not reasonable and you should not expect someone to roleplay you having your hood up based on what they can see. The other problem is with the failing to ensure that the selection you pick for your mods often does not match up with what's ingame on a physical body level. E.G. utilising torso options that are, by default, missing limbs/en
  8. Don't want this to die, so supporting it. It seems you only get to be on the list of open businesses if you do a /bad or put down a blip. Frankly, something like this is sorely needed to at least give non-paying persons some chance to operate and run a business. Because right now? Unless you pay actual, real money, you cannot really run, say, a coffee shop, or a bar, or some other static business of that nature. People look for the blips, or they look for the list open businesses list. You cannot run one of these businesses and create good RP off of using /cad. I've tried occasiona
  9. I can't turn off my indicators. I am left handed and drive with my arrow keys. Other things can have their buttons rebound (like /menu) Why can I not disable indicators/rebind them to other keys so I can drive around without constantly indicating? It would be such a simple QoL improvement for me.
  10. Hey, so recently we've introduced categorical use of force reporting. What does this mean? Every time an officer uses force in the field that falls into this definition (neck holds, baton strikes to head, use of deadly force, use of force requiring hospitalisation, etc). They have to file a Categorical Use of Force report. This report is a short report detailing what happened and their decision making process, and reason for actions undertaken. This is then reviewed by our Force Investigation Section to determine legitimacy of action. They're also required to call a su
  11. Sam2

    Case Files

    Unfortunately /createscene vanishes after 30 minutes (max) and if it's too long, it cuts off your name. It might just be that noone noticed. Sometimes areas go under-patrolled because things are kicking off elsewhere/overabundance of backup requests/it's just dead at that time of day. Coverage varies, unfortunately, and it is unfortunate that your thing went unseen. It happens, though. Can't catch everything. And, I'm glad that happens in your area. Many other places are not so fortunate.
  12. Sam2

    Case Files

    What did you actually leave? Just the body and the casings? Were there any OOC indicators for people there to know how to contact you? Because if it's just the body and the casings, honestly, those are a dime a dozen, there's very little people can do anything with or interact with when it's just those two things and nothing else to go on. Your part about noone else actively roleplaying in the area would call the police because they're all part of the gang is part of a wider community issue that effects an investigative roleplay. It is exceptionally difficult to get so
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