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  1. The issue isn't with modded clothing, purely with the fact that people install mods that don't quite match up with the equivalent object/item scriptwise. E.G. Installing a "hood up" mod on a default hood down clothing item. In this instance, it is not reasonable and you should not expect someone to roleplay you having your hood up based on what they can see. The other problem is with the failing to ensure that the selection you pick for your mods often does not match up with what's ingame on a physical body level. E.G. utilising torso options that are, by default, missing limbs/entire torso's. So, rule of thumb, only expect people to RP what's actually there server side. It is not reasonable to expect otherwise. And, make sure you use torso options that don't miss parts of the body for others, as this is terribly immersion breaking.
  2. Don't want this to die, so supporting it. It seems you only get to be on the list of open businesses if you do a /bad or put down a blip. Frankly, something like this is sorely needed to at least give non-paying persons some chance to operate and run a business. Because right now? Unless you pay actual, real money, you cannot really run, say, a coffee shop, or a bar, or some other static business of that nature. People look for the blips, or they look for the list open businesses list. You cannot run one of these businesses and create good RP off of using /cad. I've tried occasionally, and I know others have to, and you get a trickle of mildly interested persons who soon leave because, hey, the place is dead. This needs to happen to prevent attempting to operate a business from being a pay-to-play formula.
  3. I can't turn off my indicators. I am left handed and drive with my arrow keys. Other things can have their buttons rebound (like /menu) Why can I not disable indicators/rebind them to other keys so I can drive around without constantly indicating? It would be such a simple QoL improvement for me.
  4. Hey, so recently we've introduced categorical use of force reporting. What does this mean? Every time an officer uses force in the field that falls into this definition (neck holds, baton strikes to head, use of deadly force, use of force requiring hospitalisation, etc). They have to file a Categorical Use of Force report. This report is a short report detailing what happened and their decision making process, and reason for actions undertaken. This is then reviewed by our Force Investigation Section to determine legitimacy of action. They're also required to call a supervisor down to the scene when it happens, who then arrives, reviews statements and evidence. If there's doubt it's a good use of force/there's doubt as to it's legitimacy, they page Force Investigation Section, who come on down and investigate. Both of these processes are entirely IC and serve to provide IC accountability to officers in the field for their IC actions. I hope this meets the expectations of your point.
  5. Sam2

    Case Files

    Unfortunately /createscene vanishes after 30 minutes (max) and if it's too long, it cuts off your name. It might just be that noone noticed. Sometimes areas go under-patrolled because things are kicking off elsewhere/overabundance of backup requests/it's just dead at that time of day. Coverage varies, unfortunately, and it is unfortunate that your thing went unseen. It happens, though. Can't catch everything. And, I'm glad that happens in your area. Many other places are not so fortunate.
  6. Sam2

    Case Files

    What did you actually leave? Just the body and the casings? Were there any OOC indicators for people there to know how to contact you? Because if it's just the body and the casings, honestly, those are a dime a dozen, there's very little people can do anything with or interact with when it's just those two things and nothing else to go on. Your part about noone else actively roleplaying in the area would call the police because they're all part of the gang is part of a wider community issue that effects an investigative roleplay. It is exceptionally difficult to get some realistic leads/witnesses when everyone in an area is just, and just, a gang member or a cop. For this kind of thing to be improved, there needs to be a willingness for people to roleplay people in a community, who just live and exist there, and not just the gang members. There is a completely absent dynamic from the distinct lack of people roleplaying this. IF you want things to be really great, you need a good mix of government/law enforcement, illegal individuals and grey area/"regulars" in an area for things to really, truly work well. Part of what I'd say to this: Encourage people in your gang turf to roleplay being members of a community, and all the trials and tribulations that come with trying to be a person existing and getting by in a low come area riddled with gang crime. This would open new and excellent and interesting avenues of roleplay that would change the dynamic for all involved. For goodness to happen here, we cannot keep up having areas of the city which are simply just police officers and gang members in the 14-24 range. It doesn't work. Bit of a tangent but it's one of those things that comes back into investigations and good RP. These things are necessary. Rather than just forming a gang, we need people to form neighbourhood communities from which a gang (at least semi-organically) develops, or, at least, forms based upon the RP and community already existing within the area.
  7. Sam2

    Case Files

    That new persistent form of /createscene they've implemented should be good for that, honestly. Unfortunately it's restricted to administrators until they've rolled it out fully and tested it, I believe. Or a /createscene (short term) can do the trick. That at least leaves a name to PM.Unfortunately I don't know what else you could do that wouldn't open up unfair channels for you to get caught (sticking around longer than you would have realistically just to PM an officer) or opening funky avenues of metagame by notifying people of your crime oocly. Both of these are, of course, undesireable options, so we'll have to make do with leaving those /createscene notices for now.
  8. Sam2

    Case Files

    Utilising /setinjuries as accurately as possible, Behaving more realistically during interrogation RP, being willing to go along with and divulge what forensic evidence would be left behind and generally being good sports about the fact their characters may get arrested. It's a give and take thing, and you have to be willing to give a lot on both sides for the RP to be good. Unfortunately this is fairly difficult and is why the main change that needs to happen is increased script support to crush ambiguity on both sides and to erase reasons to argue and points of contention. As the forensic side of scripting expands, the happier everyone will be.
  9. Sam2

    Case Files

    50-50. A lot of investigations tend to unfortunately go into /b or OOC, or claims of metagame (either against PD or the other offending party.) a lot of things get voided as a result. Investigations on this front are, generally, hampered by script issues, a lack of forensic script support, missing some things that should, realistically, be there or that an investigator would have access to, etc. Other issues are that people will kill someone and all evidence will be removed by a lack of persistence of some things. On top of this, sometimes, someone will commit a quadruple homicide then not log in on that character for three weeks, thus disrupting the entire effort. Generally, if three weeks have passed, it is difficult to pick up and deal with things. This is because many investigations are reliant on communication both icly (actual normal RP stuff you have to do) and OOCly (You have to ask them questions about the scene, about the evidence, etc.) This OOC communication is necessary because, as I said earlier, much of the things you would reasonably be able to find out on a scene are not actually doable because the script provides no means to do those things, thus necessitating the asking of questions. That being said, sometimes, you get things and they go well, the other parties are good sports oocly and don't do things which lead to a void or spend two weeks trying to get aspects of evidence voided (they don't get voided) that are legitimate and evidence can be collected and things are roleplayed well. One aspect that comes across as an issue on a purely IC level, supposing other OOC issues don't come up, is a general lack of fear in interrogations. Many interrogations (Including those where people are presented with a CCTV still of them murdering someone) don't really get met with a realistic response from the other party. You tend to get a lot of /me remains silent, or you get met with a complete lack of and absence of nervousness or fear from the other party for their fate. Which does not strictly line up with what is expected of people in that situation (IRL, if the DA's about to put someone away for life, they generally plea-bargain or give up something). CK's are almost impossible to investigate if they're done out in the county/a house randomly and noone who witnessed it calls it in. The body vanishes, the person namechanges, and suddenly that sofa with a corpse on it now belongs to an entirely different person and it may as well have never happened. Not that this applies to every case of course, but it happens to rather a lot of cases, very unfortunately, and I will say that for every two or three cases like this there's a couple really good ones that go pretty darn well and people generally thoroughly enjoy. In short, like anything, there's good and bad aspects, and sometimes things work out, and sometimes, sadly, they do not. Not as such, though we have a thing called the SANGANG database where people who meet STEP act criteria are given an individual file. If people have the time, and are inclined to go into it, we have comprehensive tattoo reports we do up to go over and cover an individuals tat collection as it pertains to their "gang." We don't tend to immediately open casefiles on every criminal organisation we come across unless there's good cause and reason to invest more time and effort into them. That being said things are still documented (typically in misc intelligence reports, area incident reps, gang files, etc).
  10. Sam2

    Case Files

    Hello, person who runs PD Detective Bureau (DB) here. We're not really focusing on faction takedowns right now for a myriad of reasons, including a general lack of need to shut down factions, the generally volatile nature of illegal RP right now (as in, many factions which make a lot of "noise" tend to shut down within 2-6 months, negating any effort put into dealing with them), a lack of standardised rules and takedown regulations relating to the dismantling of factions and also just a general lack of need to do so. Unlike LSRP (where I also ran DB for quite some time) there's less a need to focus on takedowns. There's not a competitive aspect, things are a little more refined in terms of roleplay expectations, etc. Generally what we're focusing on is just providing good, and hopefully for the most part, realistic portrayal of police detectives (taking much from the LAPD where we can) and a focus on good character development and progression. Hopefully, if we ever do go into a position where we "need/want" to take down a faction, it will come about organically. As it stands at the moment, we mainly go through the standard initiatives to engage criminal activity proactively (stings, busts, gang enforcement, vice enforcement, etc) and reactions to the activities of criminals which necessitate investigation. In short, if you make heat, we bring heat. If you have any other questions about this or Detectives, please let me know.
  11. Once a year, on average. It's not even a question of people asking for it and getting denied, people just, generally, don't have much interest in doing that level of corruption.
  12. So there is a limited "no permission needed" tier of corruption anyone can do as long as they properly develop their character and demonstrate good cause/rp around it. Stuff like moderate overuse of force, ignoring minor crimes, having a drug addiction, CPR violations, etc. Then there's stuff you need perms for. Like, committing felonies, ignoring felonies, destroying evidence, causing other people to commit felonies intentionally, tortue, all that kinda stuff. You have to explicitly ask for permission for that and demonstrate how your character would get into doing x particular thing, and you generally need a long history of character development to do that (so you aren't getting these extended corruption perms just because you're fresh off FTP and have been a P-two for a month) The Chief of Police approves it, as does Legal FM.
  13. Literally no cruiser outperforms sports cars. The Scout, VVPI, Granger & Buffalo all top out in the 100-120 range. The only thing that goes faster is the interceptor, and that still has its limits. The interceptor is also massively limited and restricted. I am unsure where you are getting these speed assessments from.
  14. Honestly dude it's very difficult to tell the difference between a cop baiter, someone lagging horribly, general desync on the road, and someone legitimately roleplaying a DUI unless you're hammering out the /me's about your activity. Make sure the people you're trying to RP with know you're actually RP'ing something and you'll get a more definitive reaction, is my recommendation.
  15. San Andreas is a single party notification state. That means you can record a conversation so long as one party is aware they are being recorded. Absent this awareness, a warrant is required.
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