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  1. Rest In Peace ❤️

  2. Tunnel Rescue Exercise USAR Task Force 3
  3. Recruitment for LSFD is open: https://lsfd.gta.world/viewforum.php?f=316
  4. Cat Rescue Quint 2 retrieved a stray cat from a tree at ULSA's Richman campus.
  5. The Tongva Incident Engine 3, then Chief 3, then Engine 3 were Tongva IC Water Rescue for USAR Task Force 3, Chief 3 and RA-71
  6. General Images USAR Task Force 3 Grove Street Shooting Detective, I think the evidence points to a shooting. Hose Training Cleaning the Sheriff Deputy's car Reported Structure Fire
  7. ULSA Community Event Los Santos Fire Department and State Fire Marshals attended USLA to demonstrate the apparatus, perform a Rescue Air Cushion (RAC) demo and give a speech.
  8. Rescue Air Cushion (RAC) Training Firefighters from different fire stations practiced jumping from the drill tower at Fire Station 1 onto an inflated air cushion.
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