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  1. Selling a cozy 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment located on Spanish Avenue. Exterior Interior OOC Info Starting Bid: 200,000 Buyout: 425,000 All offers above the starting bid will be considered.
  2. it makes the map less empty and looks better with it tbh, keep it, just dont need all those hotdog stands
  3. I can't believe you wrote this while completely zooted but I agree with it all
  4. Property has been sold. Please L&A
  5. Willing to sell on this price but will wait 48 hours to see if any other replies are sent.
  6. Selling an (mostly) unfurnished apartment located in the heart of Little Seoul. It has room for one bedroom, one bathroom, and it has a generous living and kitchen area. Market Price: 105,000 Furniture Price: 17,925 Starting Price: 122,925 Buyout: 300,000 Location Interior Images ((OOC INFORMATION))
  7. 90% of the people I know IRL have meaningless tattoos. I literally have a tattoo that doesn't hold any particular meaning just because I wanted it. I think this isn't exact something that makes something not-realistic. People can have tattoos with or without meaning
  8. family knew about it when i lived at home, housemate found out about it when i was asking about what particular drugs do over vc. she asked if she could play but i told her to buy gta and she decided against it. best friend has known ive been rping for a long time, she used to watch me rp and randomly hit the space or enter buttons so sentences were posted incomplete or fucked up all in all, not something i talk about in general but a manager in the company i work for asked me to join his fivem voice rp server when i said i gta rp when he asked, so, yeah
  9. For the price of it, it's OP. If people want a hit bike in general, they can invest in a Manchez, and that goes fast but it's not crazy unrealistic like the BF-400
  10. I completely agree with this. Only a few select times I've been robbed without having to showitems to the robber and they tend to actually RP searching instead of /me takes obsecure item that wouldn't make sense to steal.
  11. mggy

    [4SALE] Q-TEA

    Issue has been resolved, I'll be paying the buyer 26k.
  12. mggy

    [4SALE] Q-TEA

    Property has been sold. L&A.
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