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  1. Just limit the /sellvehicle script to 4 cars per month. If you're switching out cars like I switch out my dress suits for work, then it's a portrayal issue and not my problem. Anything more than that, you apply to become a dealership. Simple as that. Exceptions can be made through /report and justification to an Admin, if its really something that drastic.
  2. Generally speaking if enough RP were to develop that results in the arrests of the top members of a criminal organization leading to a collapse of the group? Then it should be allowed to happen without any interference. That means enough was going on to warrant such a move by law enforcement and if the criminal organization was careless enough to let it happen? That's on them. As you said, they'll start another faction afterwards. Fine by me. More development. More great stories. I don't see the issue here. Granted, shutting down a faction shouldn't be the main goal. But if it does lead to that point on rare occasion? Let it happen. A couple people have already commented that it has once or twice already without RICO, so it's not actually necessary. You can't push groups and factions to get better & evolve if neither side never has anything to lose 🤷‍♂️
  3. I wonder the same thing on a lot of suggestions here lol. Support for the idea.
  4. When did I ever say they didn't give enough money? Read again more carefully please. I said to stop saying, "Don't worry about the money". Many people have motivations to grow their wealth, whether it's at a 24/7 job or whatever it is. The fact of the matter is that these specific jobs are held to an unreasonable standard of having to find a way to RP an action every 60 seconds. Sometimes RP doesn't happen organically that fast, even in a player-owned business setting like a restaurant or a coffee shop. That's the issue. I never once said the amount was the issue. It's how it's obtained through forced, unnatural role play at times. Especially when it's not busy.
  5. @Fergie I know, I re-read and edited my entire post. Apologies!
  6. Re-read the suggestion and completely changing my post. I agree with removing the “Checkmark” being purchasable, but just leave the rest of the package the way it is. Let the check mark become something that must be applied for, like an application. I don’t see many people getting all worked up if all they lose is the checkmark, but keep the rest of the package the same.
  7. What's next? Stamina script? Hunger and thirst? No thank you. These things can be role played and if they aren't done correctly, that's what player reports exist for.
  8. Also to add onto the people saying, "It shouldn't be about the money, it's all about role play" --- Then paychecks should be removed and every player immediately given enough from the start to be able to do anything they want. With the argument that it's all about the role play, money shouldn't be a barrier to something I or anyone else wants to do then. Now I'm certainly not advocating for this, but I'm making a point. Money is needed to get around in this server in many cases part of a character's story and IC motivations. So I find it ridiculous when people use that blanket statement that it's all about role play. I'll reiterate what I said previously:
  9. This is again something that you can keep track of through role play. Keep screen shots so that when situations arise, you can justify the reasoning behind your character being naturally stronger. A script isn't needed. This isn't an RPG where you work for stats. Going to be a no from me.
  10. This isn’t hard to grasp. Players will still have to report through an Admin to commit the robbery. They will still have to go through a process to justify a realistic robbery. Nothing is going to be abused. The only thing that he’s advocating for is to not take the money from the cashier’s wallet, but rather the business itself. As a few have said, Admins have done this in the past where they take from the business bank instead. So maybe this should be more of a clarification across consistency between Admins handling the robberies. Obviously some Admins approach it this way and others don’t. Let’s just make it so that when a robbery occurs, cash is taken from the business bank instead of the bystanders working the counter. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be done. It makes complete sense.
  11. Didn't fully see this before. Brewers can make "Craft Liquor" which can be renamed to anything they want as long as it's RP'd correctly. It's a better system than it used to be, only issue is that most brewers are in it for the quick buck and not the brewer role play and thus don't stick around very long to make a lasting impact. There are a few, but not many. Not to digress from the suggestion, but just wanted to clarify.
  12. I don’t see a reason not to add this. It helps keep people honest. Unfortunately, there are people always looking for ways to game the system.
  13. I’ve already seen people say that Admins paid money out of the business bank to these kinds of robberies when the cashier had no money. Obviously it’s their discretion if the robbery is done well or if it’s seemingly just to grind cash. Seems like this is already in place, based on Admin discretion. It’s not an automatic thing when you walk in the door. I do agree that it shouldn’t come from the cashiers bank at all though. With these kinds of robberies, they always go for what’s in the till.
  14. This. Pretty simple concept and easy to implement I would think.
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