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  1. Username: BonsaiMom Comment: Oh, that's tragic.. But you're still getting impeached. (Commentator has utilized a VPN).
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  7. Stay connected with us by clicking the image below: Icydoll's Makeup Guide to Basic Icydoll Day-to-Day Makeup Shot 1 (Fresh Face) [As an introduction, Icydoll’s hand wafts in a welcoming gesture. She begins to stunt, and pose for the camera, highlighting her angles for the audiences’ amusement. With a bad bitch attitude, and a doll face, Icydoll greets the viewers into her makeup routine.] Icydoll says: “Hey Diversify! It is currentlyyy… almost 6AM here in the city of Saints and today I’m bout to show you my simple day-to-day makeup routine. This is basically just sheer and dewy skin with smokey chocolate eyes and my usual lip. You’ll see what I mean.” Icydoll says: “Please bear in mind that I am NOT a makeup artist so if you catch me doing some ghetto shit– wait I don’t know if I can cuss in this…” Icydoll says: “Anyways, y’all get what I’m saying. This is just some lowkey basic Icydoll makeup.” Shot 2 (Cleanser) [Secondly, the woman’s phrasing idles a conversational sentiment to the audience. She begins to showcase the following products; the Glamglow SUPERCLEANSE™ Cream-to-Foam Cleanser, the Mario Badescu™ Glycolic Acid toner, the La Mer™ Revitalizing Hydrating Serum and lastly, the La Mer™ Creme de la Mer Moisturizer.] [After the presentation of said products, Icydoll begins to execute her skincare routine to appropriately prep her skin ahead of showcasing her makeup routine.] Icydoll says: “Okay so the first step is to wash my face using the Glamglow Supercleanse cleanser… y’all remember when everybody was using Glamglow back in the day? Yeah well I never stopped.” Icydoll says: “Some people used to swear by that Glamglow mask but to be honest it never really gave anything for me… masks in general, I’m like… go get a facial baby.” [Icydoll photogenically adjusts her frame into a lowering positioning, circulating the tap to ensure that its liquid begins to splash against the sinks’ crevices. She’d dollop a singular formation of the cleanser against her palm, issuing the cleanser in a circular motion against her skin, albeit briefly.] [With the appropriate cleansing occurring, and her perception halting in its clenching motioning, Icydoll begins to immediately reach her palms towards a clean towel. Her perception enables its sight as the towel prods, and pats against her eyes, and skin accordingly. A refreshing sigh releases past the woman’s lips as she blinks to the camera lens.] Icydoll says: “PAT dry, baby, PAT. Don’t rub. This is why y’all get fine lines. You not drying the kitchen counter, take care of that skin for me, okay?” [Icydoll emits a single laugh.] Icydoll says: “Now I’m gonna use the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner, guys if you’re not using glycolic acid you need to start tuh-day, okay? I’m not even lying.” [Icydoll perches her handling against a bottle of toner, lubricating a cotton pad with its contents. She begins to dabble the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner’s liquid against her skin, peering towards her reflection in the mirror as the cotton pad swaddles the toner across her skin.] Icydoll says: “Basically glycolic acid exfoliates your skin without disturbing your skin’s PH balance. I love it, personally. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work for you though cause y’all like to believe everything on the internet. Do your research or whatever…” [Momentarily, Icydoll verbalizes a passive aggression. She, however, amends her tone by presenting a charming smile to the audience.] Icydoll says: “Okay now I’m using the La Mer Revitalizing serum. If you know you know.” [With the woman’s hands perching against the serum, her digits pump against the product, squirting various droplets against her palm prior to circulating the product against her forehead.] Icydoll says: “Wait, talking about PH balance. Y’all I got a bone to pick with y’all cause y’all got me tight sometimes. So why am I seeing more and more of these weird ass brands selling vitamins and products for your kitty? You know what I’m talking about.” [Icydoll continuously converses with the camera, idling the moisturizer bottle towards the camera; highlighting its existence in a generic influencer-style. She’d immediately unfasten its lid, kneading its contents against her skin in upward motioning.] Icydoll says: “It’s a whole new year so it’s time for everybody to stop inserting unnecessary shit inside them, okay? You just eat some fruit and stop drinking that Migos everyday and that balance will sort itself out, okay? Like… and if it don’t? You go see a doctor, not no Coochievitaminsbykayla…” [Icydoll temporarily judges the audiences’ lifestyle. I mean, how could she not? As her perception lingers towards the camera lens, a deadpan sentiment conveys within her eyes. A pursuing emotion tremors within her lips as the camera pans appropriately into the third-step within the woman’s makeup application.] Shot 3 (Applying Concealer) [Throughout this step, Icydoll relatably utilizes her finger for concealer application. The Dior™ Backstage Concealer obscures any imperfections residing against the woman’s skin, although few in its presentation. “4W” bestows against the concealer’s surface, indicating as a preference to Icydoll’s shade range. She appropriately gestures the products in front of the camera during this segment to ensure the viewers’ brand awareness.] [As for foundation, Icydoll utilizes Dior™ Backstage Foundation as her foundation choice during this process, blending the product into her baby-face by utilizing the glamorous Fenty Beauty™ Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110.] Icydoll says: “Alright guys so now my skin is ready for makeup. I personally don’t use a primer before doing my makeup cause I keep it sheer for the skin and also I have like three layers of skincare on my face… like how primed do you need to be girl?” [Icydoll stifles a singular braid back into its initial positioning, prodding the braid into the contents of the bun, resuming her makeup routine despite the braids’ tendency to waver beyond its bun.] Icydoll says: “First step is concealer for me, I use the Dior Backstage concealer in shade… 4W. I only put it on any sort of scar or blemish I have and to highlight a little. Some people like to go heavier on concealer, do your thing, but I don’t want my face tats to be hidden so I keep it sheer.” [Icydoll slathers select applications of concealer against her skin with the tip of her fingers. She’d target the concealer against specific areas, such as the woman’s z-tone area and any suitable ‘problem areas’. Although the guest, Icydoll, has no problem areas; her application of the concealer manoeuvres in an unnatural premise due to her acrylic nails. In this moment, Icydoll pats her digits against her bare skin in a strategic manner.] Icydoll says: “Don’t tell me nothing, I know I’m using my hands. I told y’all I am not a makeup artist this is the real me.” [Icydoll emits a subtle giggle. Her hands begin to prod against the concealer, wherein the product begins to blend in its consistency.] Icydoll says: “Okay so now that this is done, I’m gonna use the Dior Backstage foundation in the shade 4W0. I like to use the Fenty Beauty foundation brush to blend but I actually don’t really like the Fenty Beauty foundation so… yeah.” [Momentarily, the woman flashes the foundation bottle, and accompanying brush to the audience.] Icydoll says: “I like to use a brush to blend the foundation because I think it melts into the skin better than with a sponge or my fingers. Again I don’t want it to look like I have a whole caky wall of foundation on, I like to build it up.” [The foundations’ application process transpires in swiftness; wherein Icydoll’s grasp against the brush circulates against the product layering against her skin. After brief circulating motions of the woman’s brush ensuring that the product blends against her skin, the camera pans to the succeeding step of the beauty routine.] Shot 4 (Blending Contour & Highlight) [During this segment, Icydoll supports black owned businesses, utilizing the Fenty Beauty™ Match Stix Skinstick in the shade “Truffle” to contour, wherein said contour blends in its transparency by the woman using the Fenty Beauty™ Precision Makeup Sponge.] [Towards the finalization of the fourth segment, Icydoll begins to sway rhythmically, and sing to “Ride” by Stunna Girl. Various bleebing overlaps the profanity within the context of the song as it blasts throughout the bathroom environment from the woman’s cellular device.] [Noticeably, during the panning into the third segment, Icydoll’s eyebrows were filled-in during the cameras’ temporary halt. The woman’s eyebrows, in particular, appear to be micro-bladed to the trained eye. Additionally, viewers may notice the unblended concealer fluctuating around the woman’s eyebrows prior to the defining stages of the application process.] Icydoll says: “For contour I like to use the Fenty Beauty Match Stix cream contour in shade “Truffle”. I just did my eyebrows off-camera too, it’s not that interesting. I just fill in any light spots and cut them with the Dior concealer and an angled brush.” [In an initial application, Icydoll clutches against a stick contour cream, applying its long, thin lines below her cheekbones. Afterwards, Icydoll postures her hand against a beauty sponge, and begins to blend the beauty streaks appropriately.] Icydoll says: “Then I blend out the concealer around my eyebrows first, then the contour using the Fenty Beauty sponge. I don’t really contour my nose cause I think it’s cute the way it is but if you need to then now would be the time too.” [A stillness rekindles within the woman’s wording as she showcases her blending technique to the audience, accompanied by her stray perception idling towards the mirror in a fluctuating manner.] Icydoll says: “Y’all, you know one of my guilty pleasures? Ahhhh, I can’t believe I’m saying that out loud.” [Icydoll emits a single laugh.] Icydoll says: “Y’all know Zeus Network right, ahaha! Bruh these Baddies West auditions have me listening to Stunna Girl again.” [Momentarily, Icydoll clasps her hand against her cellular device. She’d begin to blast ‘Ride,’ by Stunna Girl for the audience. An audible singing verbalizes from the woman as the beauty sponge’s prodding consists in a blending momentum against her skin, and her footing appropriately side-steps to the beat.] Icydoll sings: “I’ma ride yo ni- *beep* face, he looove how my pu-*beep* taaaaste!” [Icydoll’s fingers prod against the phone, immediately halting its music from blasting to the impressionable audience. A light-hearted embarrassment conveys against her facial demeanour as the camera pans into the beauty’s routine following step of the routine.] Shot 5 (Eyeshadow) [With a stern handling in Icy’s grasp, an appropriate brush utilizes as a tool for the palettes application process. Her brush dabbles against the neutral Mario™ Master Mattes Eyeshadow shades, with an index finger pointing towards the specific shades during the transgression of said brush blending against her eyeshadow.] [Momentarily, Icydoll’s cellular device acts as a necessity during the application of her lashes. She showcases True Mink Lashes, presenting the PR box in a temporary state. Her handling perches against tweezers as she manages to place the false lashes against her own in underneath a minute duration; indicating to the woman’s expertise.] Icydoll says: “Okay so now I’m gonna start working on these eyes y’all. Everybody knows the signature Icydoll look is the dramatic lashes. You will never catch me with no lashes on, like I just think it doesn’t look as glamorous without them, you know?” [After announcing her intentions, Icydoll grasps her hand against the Mario™ Master Mattes Eyeshadow palette; exhibiting its exterior to the audience prior to dipping the brush in a neutral brownish shade. She’d begin to strategically contour her lower eyelid to increase its presenting warmth.] Icydoll says: “I like this palette by Makeup by Mario. I just use my fingers and I place it on the lower eyelid, just a bit like this.” [A halt occurs in the routine as the woman’s hand grapples against her cellular device, utilizing the front camera to examine her makeup progression closely. Her perception ogles towards the camera in a squinting manner during this specific step.] Icydoll says: “I just try to smoke it out a little bit and then I use this lighter shade to blend it out a little.” [Yet again, the palette exhibits its presence towards the audience, as Icy’s index finger points towards a specific shade. Her words spiral into nothingness as she begins to process onto her second eyelid, pausing momentarily to converse with the audience.] Icydoll says: “So for years I used to get lash extensions, right? But lately I’ve stopped because it’s honestly annoying how you can’t really rub your eyes and how you have to be careful when you do your skincare and everything. I’m back to falsies now and I’ve been happier, I can’t lie.” [Recounting her return to false lashes, and her spiral into makeup obsession, the woman’s handling adjusts as her hand positions against True Mink Lashes. Without a doubt, the brand would be recognized by few as a small beauty brand. After displaying a humble sentiment in her conveyance, her digits clamp against a pair of tweezers to acquire the lashes; positioning them appropriately against her own lashes to extend said lashes, and to enhance a sentiment of glamor within her appearance.] Icydoll says: “So today I’m gonna use these lashes I got sent the other day. Thank you… “Nubian Beauty” for these lashes.” [The finalisation to this specific step includes the Valentino Beauty™ Twin Liner and Essence™ I Love Extreme Mascara as application products. Simply, Icydoll curls her eyelashes to precision, gesturing its wand in an extending manner beneath the lash in various strokes.] Icydoll says: “Alright… purr. I like these lashes, I see you Nubian Beauty. Now I’m just gonna do a simple liner and add mascara to blend the lashes. I don’t like to do a really long wing, I just like to darken the lash line to make it look seamless.” [An appropriate cut occurs in the videos’ footage; transitioning the frame to the next step.] Shot 6 (Setting Face) [In the sixth segment, Icydoll applies a light layer of Anastasia Beverly Hills™ Loose Setting Powder in the shade “Warm Peach”, utilizing an Anastasia Beverly Hills™ A19 Pro Brush to set the baking powder.] Icydoll says: “Okay we almost done now. I like to set my face after I do my eyeshadow so I can dust off any fallout. This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills loose powder, the girls that get it get it. I been loyal to this shit for yeaaaars.” [Icydoll flashes the powder product to the audience; flashing the brush in a similar manner. The brush patterns against the powdery substance prior to Icydoll’s elegant hand powdering the product subtly against her face.] Icydoll says: “So I don’t really believe in baking guys. I feel like it just makes me look flat and cakey so I really only use a small amount to set everything in place. But if you’re going for a look like them London girls or something then I would recommend baking with a lighter shade or you could even go translucent, to be honest.” [The woman converses to the audience whilst circulating the brush against her face. Without a doubt, Icydoll’s complexion is beat to the Gods. Her lips, however, remain undone in the moment.] Icydoll says: “There we go. I look cute right? I’m playing– well no, I actually am cute.” [After powdering her face, the woman ensues into a necessary tangent, ogling her gaze towards the camera after momentarily blinking towards her reflection.] Icydoll says: “Y’all, it’s time for another little rant. Even though I’ve been more quiet than before online, I’ve still been keeping up with what’s been going on and everything.” [She clasps her palms against each other, pursuing her words with a deadpan intent, wherein a serious expression emerges across her face.] Icydoll says: “Why are there so many brands today and why are they putting zero effort into what they’re putting on the market? Let me explain. And this is no shade to no brand in particular but if the shoe fits… wear it, baby.” [A noticeable pause emerges in her speech, as the woman’s hand grapples against the tweezers to adjust her right eyelashes prior to proceeding advising the audience.] Icydoll says: “Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing people making moves and trying to be entrepreneurs. I’m all for that and I support hard work. But lately I feel like people have been releasing shit without even thinking of a brand identity or who they’re marketing to, you know?” Icydoll says: “And I know some of y’all gonna be like “Who is she to talk? She’s from the hood” and all that. But let me tell you something baby: you can turn a drug dealer into a stock broker but you can’t turn a stock broker into a drug dealer, mkay?” [Yet another pause in her speech, Icydoll’s lips purse as she raises her eyebrows, indicating a “Don’t you dare play with me!” attitude and sass in her expression. She’d immediately resume her speech after offering the audience the blessing of said reaction.] Icydoll says: “There’s a reason why your brand is selling latex dresses, then the next day random shoes and the next week partnering up with a security firm. That reason is called marketing myopia, look it up. You need to know exactly who you’re developing your products for and try to figure out what they really need. People don’t need another brand who sells white tank tops, people don’t need a new brand who sells lipsticks. It might work at that very moment but I already know it won’t last, because you’re not seeing the bigger picture.” Icydoll says: “And this is some free knowledge from a bitch who started from the bottom and got no outside help, take it or leave it. The reason why these brands come and go is because they have no identity. Slapping a logo on something doesn’t make you a brand. All the partnerships and events you’re sponsoring won’t make you significant, your customers will. So please, to my fellow brand owners, take some more time to figure out what makes YOU unique, how YOU can respond to people’s needs and THEN work on these products. Anyways, I’m really giving away my secrets like… enough rambling let’s finish this look.” [As Icydoll’s tangent halts in its notability, the camera promptly pans to the following segment of the makeup guide.] Shot 7 (Applying Lipstick) [As the seventh segment advances, the audience would be notified about Icydoll promoting the several following products; the Dior™ Contour Lip Pencil in the shade “824 Saint Germain”, Dior™ Rouge Lipstick in shade “505 Saint Germain” and “Premiere,” and lastly, Fenty Beauty™ Gloss Bomb in the shade “Glass slipper”.] Icydoll says: “Okay guys, this is the final step. So first I’m gonna line my lips using the Dior Contour lip pencil in the shade “Saint Germain”. I like to overline my lips a tiny bit to give more definition to the top but we wanna avoid the double lip line so don’t go too crazy.” [Icydoll’s right hand entwines against a Dior™ Contour Lip Pencil in the shade “824 Saint Germain”, strategically lining her lips as her left palm positions against her phone to examine her actions carefully.] Icydoll says: “I usually do a nude lip, I don’t really like how bright colors look on me unless it’s some editorial makeup. So next I’m gonna use the Dior Rouge lipstick in shade “Sensual” all over my lips. This one is the one with the matte finish but I think you can find it with a glossier finish too, I don’t know.” [After overlining her lips, the woman’s hand grapples against Dior™ Rouge Lipstick in the shade “505 Saint Germain”, applying said lipstick application to the centre core of her lips. She’d highlight both products to the audience prior to moving onto the next product line-up.] Icydoll says: “Next I’m gonna use the same lipstick in shade “Premiere” in the center of my lips. My makeup artist taught me this technique and I love it, it gives way more definition to the lips. And it’s lowkey reminiscent of the 90’s which we all love. Then I just blend a little with my finger.” [Icydoll’s finger taps against the fresh coat of lighter lipstick, blending the product seamlessly against the previous coat; forming a gradient transition in the lipstick color.] Icydoll says: “And finally, it ain’t an Icydoll look without some lip gloss. I like using the Fenty Beauty Gloss bomb, the transparent one. Just to add some shimmer.” [Her grasp adjusts to position against Fenty Beauty™ Gloss Bomb in the shade “Glass slipper”, wherein Icydoll embodies an authentic hoochie mama style, puckering her lips against each other after the application process. Icydoll momentarily examines her icy pearly set of veneers to ensure her teeth remains stainless before directing a cheeky smile to the audience.] [Icydoll’s veneers reflect an innate shine, prompting the camera to transition into the concluding segment of the woman’s makeup guide.] Shot 8 (Final Look) [With a gleaming reflection bedazzling from Icydoll’s veneers, the screen flares a photography-esque effect during the woman’s posing. Stylistically posing with an expertise, Icydoll’s head motions to display to the audience the final makeup routine product. Unquestionably, Ms. Icydoll is amidst the allure and is in the process of feeling herself, disregarding the audience’s presence momentarily.] Icydoll says: “Aaaand this is the final look y’all.” [Momentarily pausing, the woman’s hand positions against the MAC Cosmetics™ Prep+ Prime Fix+ mist bottle, spritzing and dousing her face with the product excessively. She’d display the product to the camera in a generic influencer-esque manner prior to prompting the bottle against the bathroom counter yet again.] Icydoll says: “Actually, this is the final look. Thank you so much for watching, I had so much fun. Thank you Diversify for including me in this. Love y’all, mwah!” [Straightening her stature forth, Icydoll blows a singular kiss in the camera’s direction. She’d present a hypnotizing smile in the aftermath of the kiss, wiggling her fingers to signal an appropriate send-off to the audience. Afterwards, Diversify’s logo displays across the screen in the aftermath of the woman finalizing her makeup routine.] Leave a review for our magazine: Username: Rating (1-5 stars): Comment:
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    *Username: GottaHaveFaith *Rating: 5 *Comment: Only the haute girls shop at Haute. Period. Excellent services, and excellent staff, too. The girls that get it? Get it. The girls that don't? Don't. If you have taste, shop at Haute. It's that simple.
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  10. Username: VespucciLocal Comment: If loving her is Ada Wong, I don't want to be Ada Right
  11. Username: HopeN Comment: The best, and most credible journalist in this city. Love 1870! Cannot wait for more.
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  13. Username: FaithL Comment: Can confirm. One of our sleeping bag dresses suffocated me during my sleep after the initial release. x
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  15. Username: transbiblegirl Rating: 5 Comment: Beautiful store, even more beautiful assistant workers at the cashier desk. An extremely pleasant and welcoming establishment. Great products, too. Scarborough Clarke's products diminished my acne scarring, cleared my skin, and replenished my lifesavings. Additionally, these products made me attractive enough to score a well-paying job. Thanks, Scarborough Clarke!
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