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  1. Any update? It's been 3 days since I submitted my bid.
  2. Praise the Curia, I listen to this during my daily bicycle ride through the park, very soothing!
  3. Professional gang stalkers at work.
  4. Glad this change has gone through. It’s about time. Something that we’ve been working for, for months has finally come into fruition.
  6. Username: patriot1973 Comment: The immense amount of bravery it takes for you and your partner to run into an actively burning with no protective gear on shouts going above and beyond in the name of preserving life. Amazing job to those two deputies and as well as all that were involved.
  7. 1.1 is solid as fuck. The bugs are minimal and with how great 1.1 is we just need to keep it right now, the bugs seem easily fixable.
  8. I couldn't care less how poor the role play on those servers are, plus they're voice RP, they're meant to be RPG-trollish fun servers, I see the appeal. It's just easier to explain "hey I play GTA V role play" and then people will just instantly think of those examples and be like "oh that's cool"
  9. Everyday I thank XqC, Sodapoppin and Summit1g for helping popularize GTA voice RP. Though, I have never told anybody except from a really good friend of mine that I haven't spoken to in years. My sisters boyfriend also asked once what I was playing back in the SAMP days when and I just played it off as some cops and robbers shooter game, he definitely thought I was weird.
  10. That's breaking the rules— report them. Why does your one shitty experience have to punish the 90% of the illegal role play community that puts a huge amount of time role playing and developing their characters? I could easily say the same about legal role players, being a legal role player I've had some of the most sub par role play dealing with legal role players that I have seen on this server, but you don't see me witch-hunting legal role players at every given opportunity because of a suggestion that will merely benefit their scene. Plus, with nearly 1000 hours on
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